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  • Sara Tramp / Jess Bunge for Emily Henderson Design

    Not every studio apartment has a built-in entry, but if you have some spare wall space in a hallway near the door you can create a landing area with simple wall hooks or floating shelves and a small bench if space allows. Otherwise, install transparent removable hooks on the back of a closet door to store coats, bags, keys, and umbrellas. 

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  • s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    Creating multiple zones will help enhance the impression that your studio apartment is more spacious than its footprint. Even small distinct areas for activities such as sleeping, eating, relaxing, and working will give you a sense that there are multiple rooms within a single space. 

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  • Sara Tramp-Ligorria / Emily Henderson Design

    Add area rugs under your desk, dining table, bed, or sitting area to give each zone a self-contained feel. Don't be afraid to layer rugs in different patterns, textures, and styles, but keep a common color theme for cohesion.

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  • Jessica Nelson Design

    A pendant lamp over the dining table will define your dining area from above in the same way that an area rug defines it on a floorplan. By lighting your dining, kitchen, living, working, and sleeping spaces separately, you can illuminate areas in use and dim unused zones, giving you the sense that your one room apartment contains multitudes.

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  • Becca Interiors

    Choosing lots of small furniture pieces for your studio apartment will create a cluttered and uncomfortable dollhouse effect. Select the largest pieces you can fit comfortably, taking care not to use oversized furniture, such as king size beds and overstuffed sectionals. Vintage midcentury modern pieces with slim profiles and quality kids furniture retailers are good sources for stylish small space décor.

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  • Becca Interiors

    If you feel awkward about entertaining in a studio apartment with a visible bed, or don’t like looking at the bed during waking hours, install a sofa bed, a Murphy bed or a multifunctional piece of furniture that turns from a bed to a dining table or desk. Make and style it up to function as a couch when not in use, hide your bed behind a screen, or if you have the space and wherewithal, install a retractable bed that disappears into the wall when not in use.

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  • Hotel Henriette

    If you choose a bed that fits the space, there’s no reason to camouflage it. Instead, make a feature or even a focal point out of your bed. Give it a sense of presence with an extra-tall headboard that will take advantage of untapped vertical space and create an expansive feel. Have fun with linens. Add dramatic sconces or hang a bold piece of art above the bed.

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  • Sara Tramp-Ligorria / William Hunter Collective for Emily Henderson Design

    Too many small pieces of art scattered on the walls of your studio apartment can make it look busy. Focus a collection of small paintings and photographs by creating a statement-making gallery wall above the sofa or a casually chic space-saving daybed.

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  • House 9 Interiors

    Utilizing vertical space will draw the eye upward and make your space feel larger than it is. Extend shelving to the ceiling, or hang plants, pendant lights, or art in the empty space above furniture. If your ceiling is high enough, paint it in a different color to create a sense of expansiveness.

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  • Esther Schmidt / Instagram

    One key strategy for small space living is freeing up floor space and surfaces to create an airy feel, and make cleaning a breeze. Using hanging or wall mounted lighting fixtures is a great way to save space and decorate your walls. Choose vintage lighting to create a cozy feel, or industrial black metal task lights to add a graphic punch to a neutral space. 

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  • Hotel Henriette

    In a studio apartment, every inch counts. To create a tiny desk corner, choose a wall-mounted secretary desk, or a two-legged, wall-mounted desk with a slim midcentury vibe.

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  • Sara Tramp / Emily Henderson Design

    A pretty vintage or modern bar cart is multi-purpose small space wonder. Park yours in a corner and style it as a place to house your vinyl collection. Use it to store magazines, books, keepsakes, glassware, or plants. Or keep it free and clear so you can swoosh it around as needed for extra kitchen prep space, or a serving station when entertaining.

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  • Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Julie Rose for Emily Henderson Design

    Carefully placed decorative mirrors are a studio apartment’s best friend. A mirror hung on the wall opposite a window will multiply natural light and add new perspectives. A giant leaning floor mirror will visually double the size of your room by increasing sightlines.

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  • Sara Tramp / Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design

    While it's often a good idea to incorporate hidden storage into a small space, too many closets, cabinets, dressers, and armoires can also eat up precious square feet. Incorporating open shelving can keep a kitchenette feeling light and airy and encourage you to edit your possessions to the essential.

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  • mixetto / Getty Images

    There is nothing sadder than a studio apartment lit by a single overhead light. Combine task lighting with ambient lighting and add decorative lighting that will function as décor. A good rule of thumb is to light all four corners of your space to minimize shadows and create an overall glow. Having multiple lighting options will also help if you live with a partner whose sleeping schedule differs from yours. 

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  • Tessa Neustadt / Emily Henderson Design

    The bathroom is usually the only part of a studio apartment that isn't constantly visible, making it an oasis and a decorating opportunity. Turn a tiny bathroom into an art gallery with inexpensive colorful art or photographs. Add a shower curtain with a wild pattern or an unexpected color palette, or install some splashy removable wallpaper in a fun pattern that gives you a boost.

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  • Cathie Hong

    One key to creating a well accessorized but uncluttered studio apartment is to treat everyday objects as décor. Take care to select functional and aesthetically pleasing essential items. Natural wood cutting boards in different shapes and sizes and thoughtfully selected dishware, glassware, copper pots, or colorful dishtowels will make even the tiniest kitchenette look homey and effortlessly appealing.

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  • KatarzynaBialasiewicz / Getty Images

    Resist the instinct to push every piece of furniture against the wall in a small space. Pull your desk away from the wall and float it in a corner, facing out into the room. Float the bed in front of the windows at the far end of a narrow apartment, and place a small sofa with its back to the bed, to create a sitting area that faces away from it so you'll forget it's there when you're entertaining or relaxing.

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  • Home and Spirit / Instagram

    While you can’t fix thin walls and shoddy construction with décor, you can reduce noise from neighboring apartments by layering sound-absorbing textiles such as plush wool rugs, pillows, throws, drapes, and upholstered furniture.

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  • Helin Loik-Tomson / Getty Images

    If you’re sharing a studio apartment with someone else, or live alone but want the option to camouflage certain areas of your space, use room dividers such as screens, open-shelf bookcases, curtains, or even large potted plants to create a sense of privacy.

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  • A Beautiful Mess

    If your studio apartment is lacking in the storage department, remember that there are plenty of ways to store your clothes without a closet. The simplest solution is to install a simple, stylish clothes rack out in the open that will give your well edited wardrobe the air of a home boutique (and double as an eco-friendly drying rack).

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  • Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Emily Bowser for Emily Henderson Design

    If you are lucky enough to have a window in your studio apartment bathroom, you might be tempted to keep the sill bare. But if you need additional storage, adding glass shelving and neatly displaying items in transparent bottles can create a de facto medicine cabinet that doesn't block natural light.

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  • Sara Ligorria-Tramp / Velinda Hellen for Emily Henderson Design

    Conventional wisdom tells us to use light neutral colors in a small space. But if you like it dark and moody, painting your small space in a dark color can also make it seem bigger than it is by creating a sense of depth and tricking the eye into not seeing where the wall ends. Lighten the mood with metallic pieces, lacquered finishes, and decorative mirrors that will bounce light around.

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  • A Beautiful Mess

    Identify dead or empty spaces that can be transformed into bonus areas like reading nooks, desk corners, or dressing tables, and decorate them with care and attention, like this cute reading spot from A Beautiful Mess.

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  • @s.u.s.a.p / Instagram

    If you are lucky enough to have even the tiniest amount of outdoor space, do not let it languish. Outfit a small balcony with a café table and chairs or an oversize pouf and an outdoor rug. Add plants and outdoor string lights or a portable USB lamp and you’ve got an extra room for drinks, reading, or contemplating life. 


1 Hang "Floating" Art

Interior designer Max Sinsteden's made his sleep zone feel separate from the rest of the studio apartment by hanging a floor-to-ceiling curtain and then suspending a "floating" painting to distinguish it even more. "I hate seeing a bed from the front door, so I added a curtain to partition that space. When you close it, you honestly feel like you're in a Parisian hotel," he tells House Beautiful. A small space doesn't hamper him from hanging out with friends in the makeshift living room.

2 Install a Glass Partition

If only one part of the room is windowed (and privacy isn't an issue), try a glass-paneled screen—it adds just enough visual separation to a space while still allowing plenty of light to flow through.

3 Use a Room Divider

When you want to break up an open loft or studio apartment but don't want to—or can't—install permanent dividers, just use a folding screen to create the illusion of privacy and separateness. Designer Maureen Footer also accentuates the vertical space in this apartment, drawing our attention up with a super tall bed cornice. "There's no room to be timid" in a small space, she reminds us.

4 Make a Mini Mud Room

Even in a studio, there should be a section carved out to make a grand entrance. This foyer designed Tamsin Johnson proves that you just need a corner, not a designated foyer. All it takes is a chic mirror, accent chair, umbrella holder, and a couple of hooks. If you don't have room for any of that, a mirror and a pedestal with a small catch-all for keys and mail will do.

5 Be Resourceful

Use a partial room divider to have some privacy when changing, and opt for a slim sofa for extra seating when guests come over.

6 Take Advantage of Architectural Quirks

Every single inch counts, so be sure to take full advantage of architectural quirks. That radiator by your window? Invest in a pretty radiator cover and customize a cushion so you can use it as a window nook to read and relax in. (And you'll be able to forgo the bulky couch that'll take up half the studio!) Pile on the pillows and add a pendant light for tasks, like Jae Joo did here.

7 Customize a Work Space

A custom fold-out desk is the perfect solution as far as tiny work-from-home spaces go. Just close it up and tuck it away when you need to convert your home office back into the living room, dining room, or bedroom. This one designed by Brockschmidt & Coleman proves that any corner can look and feel elevated, no matter the size.

8 Use One Paint Color

So you need to transform a big white box into something suitable to live in? Here's your blueprint, brought to you by Leanne Ford Interiors. Different flooring in the sitting reinforces the idea that the space has "rooms" too. If you don't want to redo your floors, just add an area rug.

9 Hide Your Bed

If your studio apartment is too tiny to fit both a little sitting area and a bed, consider a DIY trundle bed or a solid platform with a retractable bed under it. In this space, the wooden platform makes room for a sofa so there's somewhere to sit instead of the bed (this way, it doesn't have to feel like a bedroom if you want to have guests over). It's kind of like a Murphy bed but easier to create yourself.

10 Choose Curtains Over Doors

Installing a sliding door would take up precious space, so in its place, hang a curtain to create privacy around the bed. A more diaphanous fabric means light can still stream through and doesn't weigh down the room, like in this attic by Leanne Ford.

11 Think in Terms of Zones

A bench at the end of the bed signals a conversation area, keeping your sleeping area separate from the hangout zone. Reath Design used a small side table in lieu of a coffee table to save space.

12 Use Smart Storage

Open shelving is also a great way to use your vertical space. And curtains hung from the ceiling will give your bedroom area an extra boost of privacy.

13 Make It Your Happy Place

Designer Krsnaa Mehta painted each wall in his apartment a bold jewel tone, hung meaningful artwork, and blended tons of fun prints. The actual furniture pieces, though bold in design, feature sleeker profiles so they don't take up too much physical space.

14 Go Dark

Though light walls tend to be the go-to for opening and brightening up smaller living quarters, a dark paint job can actually do wonders. Here, photographer Bjorn Wallander used a deep chocolate brown hue to make the studio feel cozy, intimate, and warm.

15 Float Your Furniture

Sometimes floating furniture instead of shoving everything against the wall can make a space feel bigger, even if that's not your initial instinct. For example, placing a desk at the end of the bed signifies a transition to a new activity zone, and you won't have to stare at a wall while you work.

16 Hide the Kitchen

If you can't wrap your head around sleeping in your kitchen, this is the tip you'll want to write down. Here, Matthew Ferrarini, used folding wood pocket doors to conceal the entire counter and cabinet area against the wall.

17 Tuck The Bed Away From The Door

Establish the nook inside the front door as its own entryway with a sitting area. Then shove your bed as far away from the door as possible. Also, sconces by the bed free up space on the surfaces of the bedside tables.

18 Use All Available Space

Create room for storage under the bed by putting your mattress on top of a custom storage unit, or have it sit on a set of simple risers to create space for storage underneath. A bed skirt keeps the storage out of sight, or you could roll with an industrial look like this one.

19 Make Everything Count

Yes, everything, including—no, especially—your bulky appliances. Since there's limited space for extras and less room to pile in all your favorite items, you'll need to beautify everything. Here, Anthony Dunning turned a regular old refrigerator into a design opportunity by dressing it up in removable wallpaper.

20 Edit The Space Down To Basics

A well-edited area gives you room to breathe. With a neutral color scheme, this space is anything but cluttered.

21 Create Cohesion

Using the same black paint throughout the space makes it feel cohesive and put-together. The pops of blue makes the sleeping area feel distinct.

22 Hang Tons of Mirrors

In small spaces, mirrors are your best friend. They bounce light off of windows, tricking the eye into thinking the space is much brighter and bigger, as exemplified in this apartment designed by Shari Francis.

23 Loft Your Bed

This small apartment went with a strategic layout that keeps the kitchen and eating area under the lofted bed. The staircase also provides a perk, functioning as a hidden closet. Of course, extra storage space is of utmost importance in a small loft.

24 Get Weird

Who says you can't have a floating clawfoot tub in your studio apartment? This chic space by ETC.etera proves that challenging layouts can lead to cool, unexpected solutions that make your space feel extra personal.

25 Pick Low Furniture

If your studio has super low ceilings, you can still include a seating area for yourself and guests to use. Just opt for lower furniture and have fun with color.

26 Create Optical Illusions With Your Curtains

Curtains hung well above the window impart airiness and height. A big mirror can also help brighten up the space and make it feel bigger.

27 Store Things on the Wall

If there's nowhere to tuck extra furniture away when not in use and it's blocking a pathway or simply cramping your style, use your wall space instead. Here, Leanne Ford secured a hook system to the wall to hang some extra folding chairs.

28 Pick Furnishings That Do More Than One Thing

Furnishings that serve double duty are big lifesavers in studio apartments. This corner nook is a great place to hang out when you have a guest, but you can also use it when working from home or as a dining table.

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studio apartment ideas

byryoGetty Images

Whether you’re moving to a metropolitan area or simply prefer smaller spaces, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself perusing studio apartments in the process. While these smaller homes often come with lower price tags, they also come with more stress when it comes to trying to figure out how to decorate them—especially while trying to fit all your must-have belongings within the four walls. That said, it’s not impossible. You just have to be willing to roll up your sleeves and get crafty with your storage options. More specifically, you have to find ways to maximize every inch of your space, which means learning to build from the floor up and getting the most out of those 10-foot ceilings.

To show you how, and to help you make your small space feel bigger than ever, we’ve rounded up the best studio apartment ideas for functional décor that can also pull double duty, whether you want to DIY or buy. From floating nightstands and wall-mounted plant systems to creative room dividers and Murphy beds, you’ll find more than enough inspiration ahead to get the ball rolling. And who knows—you might just want to incorporate more than a few of these genius studio apartment décor ideas into your space.

Even the most stylish of studio apartments can come with design challenges. The idea may be reminiscent of dorm life and cramped quarters, but whether you're moving into your first apartment or living in a city with astronomical rent prices (hello, San Francisco and New York!), sometimes an open-plan space is your best option. Prior to moving, you might be worried about feeling cramped, cluttered, and generally claustrophobic—but with the right design touches, your new studio can easily become your favorite place.

Living in a studio apartment can offer plenty of possibilities that will prepare you to brave the world of micro-living. To get started with the basics, edit down your possessions to the bare minimum by keeping only those you love most. It's also helpful to concentrate on a single aesthetic and use multi-functional furniture pieces to save valuable space.

Keep scrolling to browse the best studio apartment design ideas from some of our favorite interior designers, and remember: Less is more.

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The best way to start designing your new studio apartment is by paring down any items you don't need. Start from scratch with a fresh, clean space that won't be bogged down by clutter—and simplify your life in the process. Start editing down your wardrobe, kitchen utensils, bathroom supplies, and even old décor that doesn't suit your style anymore.

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At first sight, this Swedish studio apartment appears to be quite spacious, but in reality, it's barely 250 square feet. The trick? The entrance, kitchen, and bedroom are all painted in complementary colors, creating a visual progression of space. The sole pop of color is in the back living space—everything else is kept completely neutral.

If your space is mostly bright white, aim for a relatively toned-down version of your favorite hue when choosing accent colors. For example, steer clear of vibrant shades like lime green and hot pink that can make the room feel smaller.

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In seriously cramped living quarters, you have to get creative when it comes to design ideas. In this studio, the bed might be a little too close to the kitchen (out of view) for our comfort. However, because the color scheme is unified and simple, the bedroom and living area have a clean and spacious feel. The teachings of feng shui advise not to push furniture against walls or windows, but this is the perfect case for breaking the rules.

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A creative glass wall in this petite pad separates the bedroom area from the main dining and living spaces, but it still allows natural light to permeate through. The twin bed is surrounded by built-in storage to keep clutter tucked away, allowing the room's vibe to remain clean and bright. If there is a right way to do a bed in studio apartments, this is it. Look for top-notch storage solutions at stores like IKEA, or get creative and build your own cabinetry custom to your room's size.

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Beds in studio apartments can be tricky, but there are a few clever hacks that can quite literally elevate your space. A platform bedroom in this split-level studio not only separates the living room from the sleeping area, but also provides much-needed storage. Granted, this isn't possible in all studios—but if you have the ceiling height, it's an incredibly functional layout for maximizing small spaces.

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In this narrow space, close quarters call for the apartment's original tub to be placed directly next to the kitchenette. A plexiglass divider keeps the spaces separate without feeling cramped, and a floor-to-ceiling tufted-print wallpaper in the sleeping and living areas creates a feeling of luxury.

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When it comes to picking out multi-purpose furniture, take your time to consider just how many functions they can serve. Consider a coffee table like the style in this living room, which along with plenty of surface space, creates room for storage bins that can hold shoes, jackets, hats, and bags. We also love the simple cube ottoman that can be rearranged around the room as a footrest for the sofa or seating for guests.

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If you can't fit a bed in your studio apartment, raise it. Thanks to a loft bedroom, the living area in this space doesn't feel cramped (and we're loving this view from the loft). A small coffee table offers room for dining from the sofa, and thin shelves create extra surface space for storage without extending far into the room.

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While it may be hard to let go of your luxe king- or queen-sized bed, opting for a twin or full mattress is one of the easiest ways to save space in a small apartment. Pair it with furniture like modular ottomans that can be repurposed into a guest bed or extra seating as necessary, and add plush bedding to keep the feeling cozy. Style your sofa on the opposite wall of the bed for a dynamic layout that keeps your sleeping and living spaces separate.

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Extra-high curtains give the room a sense of grandeur. Even if your square footage is on the smaller side, making your room feel taller can help open it up and create the impression that your studio is larger than it really is. Here, creamy curtains add a hint of contrast to white walls while keeping the design neutral and lengthening the space.

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We also love how this storage furniture breaks up space between two rooms by being styled against the back of the sofa. Multiple cubbies can be used to house décor, storage bins, and necessities, or a mix of options for multi-use. This designer created an element of symmetry by keeping storage bins on the bottom and styling two woven polka-dot baskets on each side of the top shelves.

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If your studio doesn't have the square footage for a bed and a sofa, consider designing a stylish daybed to serve both purposes. This functional and attractive piece of furniture can be your go-to seating at home—whether you're hanging out with friends, watching a movie, or going to bed. It's especially helpful when you need to save space for a dining table that can be used for meals and working (or studying) in your apartment.

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Even if you're not lucky enough to have architectural details like this historic fireplace (though if you live in New York, it's not unlikely), you can style mirrors throughout your apartment to visually open up your room. Place a leaner mirror on the mantel, or for a more dramatic effect, style a full-length mirror against a wall. While it doesn't physically make the space larger, a mirror will make your studio feel wider, brighter, and more open.

Place large mirrors on the wall opposite your windows to bounce back natural light for the brightest visual effect.

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We love how this designer styled a small desk next to the bed to use as a side table. When you're working with limited space, it's important to make every inch count—so get creative when you're deciding on a layout. Open and closed storage inside the desk also makes for easy places to store laptops, books, and other necessities without taking up space on surfaces.

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Clothes racks can be a lifesaver in studio apartments with limited (or zero) closet space. We're obsessed with how this designer styled a black clothes rack with dark wallpaper to make them blend seamlessly together, along with wood furniture that features black legs. Even if you have a small closet, a clothes rack is a great place to keep your favorite items easily accessible (and save the closet for out-of-season clothing).

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This creative design adds plenty of storage space for books without taking up precious surface space on side tables and larger shelves. Mount a floating shelf to a wall that's out of the way from your daily walking space, and use it to stack books for a unique, boho look. Just be sure to determine whether you have drywall or plaster before buying the proper hardware—remember that books are heavy, and your shelf needs to be sturdy enough to hold the weight.

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Kitchens are especially prone to clutter, as they tend to fill up with dishware, utensils, small appliances, and food. But keeping your space clear of stacked-up items is important throughout a studio apartment to make the design feel larger. Clean lines, smooth surfaces, and space between items all help to give the apartment a more airy, open vibe.

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Save valuable kitchen cabinet space by styling your most-used pots and pans as décor on the stove. When you've pared back to the bare essentials, your cabinets can be reserved for food and cooking utensils rather than housing larger kitchen items. If you're really feeling creative, you can even hide your microwave inside a cabinet to create more counter space for making meals.

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Rather than using side tables and floor space for lighting, hang your lights from the ceiling or mount them directly on the walls. We love how this designer plays on the classic bedroom sconce look with singular bulbs dangling next to the bed. In the living room, swing-arm wall light fixtures are a great option to save precious floor space and adjust your light for multiple purposes.

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You don't have a lot of space for creative designs in a studio apartment, so it's important to make every detail count. Choose your décor wisely—anything that takes up a significant amount of space should have a purpose. In this airy bedroom, the bed and side table are the only real furniture, while a simple table lamp is styled in the corner. The table itself offers an extra shelf and small drawers to store books and other important items, while a small photo on the surface completes the look.


Studio Apartments have quickly taken over the major sections of the real estate market. These nifty little living spaces are not just cost-effective solutions in high-bustle cities such as New York and Brooklyn, but they are also extremely functional.

However, most people tend to face quite a bit of challenge in these tiny apartments due to their limited square footage.

But what if we told you that you can modify and style your small rooms with these incredible studio apartment decoration ideas and transform them into something more exquisite?

You see, although studio apartments do have a very small square-foot problem, they are also a cornucopia of opportunities for interior designers and homeowners to implement creativity at its pinnacle.

That is why today we are going to share with you a series of home decor and small space living tips that will glorify and brighten your studio apartment layout in no time. So, without much further ado, let us get started, shall we…

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studio apartment bedroom layout

Image Credit: pinterest.com

Here we have listed the best small studio apartment design ideas to transform your home into a haven:

When you have small spaces in your house, you can’t always go for a separate place to instigate a living room, a home office, a closed kitchen, or a dining room. Yet there will be times when you need that privacy. So what do you do then?

Install some glass partitions. Studio apartments are usually accommodated by couples, best friends, or individuals; maybe even small families at times. In such instances, a glass partition offers much-needed privacy while still leaving a sense of camaraderie and care due to the visual aid.

You can also choose some room dividers as they are used in Japanese interior design. You can find excellent choices at Ikea or similar furnishing stores. Even Pottery Barn has a good selection of room dividers that are optimized for the overall style of your studio apartment. These subtle partition products provide a sense of separate living space while still keeping the home décor to a minimalist design plan.

Consider using some DIY room dividers or glass partitions. You can use plate glass or use your sense of art and styling to create beautiful patterns on them. It will add some color and vigor to the overall space, thus making the overall space feel cozier and personalized.

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glass partitions and room dividers

Image Credit: crystaliaglass.com

Just because you live in a studio apartment layout does not mean you can’t have a beautiful entryway. If you have a narrow passage leading to the room, use the space to install a shoe rack or small shelving to keep footwear out of your tiny apartment. You can also install small plants near the door and implement Japanese interior design ideas.

Not only does this create a beautiful foyer for your room but it also keeps the small space clean and makes it easy to maintain. Furthermore, it opens up your horizons to try minimalist Japanese or Scandinavian cultural design ideas. These apartment décor plans follow a minimalist trend thereby reducing the amount of clutter and enhancing its multifunctional aspect.

If you do not have a designated space to create a foyer, consider using a mud path near the entryway for a small welcoming home design. You can add a rug leading to the living area or a floor mat at the very least and a shoe rack next to the main door. Place your furniture pieces at a distance to open up the entire space and create an illusion of an entryway.

studio apartment foyer

Image Credit: trendey.com

Studio apartment layouts often instill bay windows and small secluded spaces that can be used for further separating the space to fit more than you think. These little spaces can accommodate innovative studio apartment decorating ideas such as creating a reading space with bookshelves next to the bay window. You can also convert it into a home office or incorporate it in your living area for extra seating.

Studio apartments are also a cornucopia of opportunities. Architecturally speaking the limited space does offer a variety of options that you never think of exploring in a large house, not even a one-bedroom apartment.

For instance, the window treatments and kitchenette often offer hideaway storage spaces. You will also find that most studio apartments are built in an angular layout in contrast to the regular rectangular or square spaces. This is, of course, implemented to fit the apartment space in the limited square footage while allocating the necessary bathroom, kitchen, and sleeping area. However, these angular corners are ideal to hang clothes, create special storage solutions in the nooks or use the momentum of these spaces to fit some in-built furniture.

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Image credits: homedecomalaysia.com

In a small space living scenario, it can be very difficult to install a home office or a stable living room. Therefore, you can look into convertible workspaces that can be easily utilized for multiple functions.

A desk and chair with preferably a bookcase close by doesn’t only serve as a home office or study area, but it can also be used to hold your cookbooks, small home decor items, an entertainment unit, etc. It is a combo corner designed for double duty (triple even) if the need arises.

Similarly, your workspace in the kitchen can serve as a dining area for intimate meals aside from cutting, chopping, and dicing stuff. In a studio apartment layout, every piece of furniture, every corner of the house can be convertible to serve more than one function. Remember, your space is limited, but you are not.

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convertible workspace for studio apartment

Image Credit: youtube.com

Everyone likes their home to be colorful and invigorating. However, monotones of a color palette actually offer a better vantage point. These days, modern architecture and contemporary home decor are all the rage. These homes are highly functional and optimized for efficiency. What fascinates homeowners of modern homes most is the lack of redundancy in respect to furniture pieces, home decor, and the needless rainbow colors.

Although, the psychology of color dictates that happy colors such as yellow, orange, etc. along with cooling shades of blue and green help to calm the senses while hot colors like red help stimulate the inner drive. It is true, yet there are colors such as white, grey, or black which signifies personality, balance, and organization.

Don’t get us wrong, you can still use bright colors or cooling shades. But whatever color scheme you choose, make sure to keep it as singular throughout your living space as possible. So if you want a powder-blue house, then run wild with it. If you want a completely yellow color scheme, mix it with a little lighter shades of the paint. But if you want a red house, then think it over and refer to our article on the psychology of color to learn the kind of effects the tint has on your mindset.

A studio apartment layout is quite limited as it is. White shades are actually recommended for small spaces mainly because they make the overall space feel and look more expansive. The refractive quality of white tints works wonders in tiny apartment living. You can consider white for the walls and floors. A combo of light shades of blue and green which are close to white tinting may help add some color but still keep the space open and expansive.

You can also take the completely opposite route and go all black. The darkest color of the spectrum makes things appear more organized and helps hide grime and clutter. This solves a major problem in studio apartment living. Although the color scheme may seem a little dull, consider using shining materials such as black marble or tiles. You can add silver to most furniture pieces and use stainless steel appliances, thus, making the home seem more futuristic and functional.

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colour decor ideas for studio apartment

Image Credit: home-designing.com

You know those DIY videos all over Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, what have you… Well, these videos are actually quite useful. The furniture design and home decor ideas that they share are actually very resourceful, especially for small apartment living. Studio apartments with their limited square footage, call for furniture pieces and home decor that can be easily removed or tucked away.

Therefore, consider using folding screens in your home instead of installing massive doorways to separate the living space. You can bring them out when you need them, otherwise, the floor plan remains open and spacious during the day.

Additionally, studio apartments actually, usually, come with optimal nooks and nails. These are optimally located to support wall-built furniture pieces or to create more storage space. You can use the nooks on the wall to install a foldable dining table or coffee table, maybe even your ironing board. They are also great to hang chairs and laundry baskets in enclosed shelving.

You can also use the nooks to mount foldable, wall-hanging closets rather than installing a walk-in closet. They also make great hiding places if you implement some curtains or sliding doors that take up limited space but help keep your clutter away from view.

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Image credits: pinterest.com

Creating doorways tends to block a chunk of the living space. If you have the limited square footage, consider using curtains instead of doors to mark a small bedroom or the home office. You can also install sliding doors which tend to take up less space as compared to ones that swing inward or outward. This frees up more living space while adding a touch of minimalist Scandinavian interior design solutions to your beautiful home.

You can use these little curtains and sliding doors to separate open living spaces to get some privacy or even a little quiet time to yourself when you need to think. They are also great means of hiding clutter or furniture pieces, not to mention creating extra storage spaces away from the watchful eyes of your guests.

Modern studio apartment decorating ideas often instill the use of such creative solutions to increase functionality while reducing the amount of floor space utilized by swinging hinges. These solutions can be easily implemented on walk-in closets and kitchenette cabinets as well.

Scandinavian design for studio apartment

Image Credit: decoholic.org

A lot of the time, people tend to get low-bearing furniture such as a stage bed for a studio or one-bedroom apartment. Although they do look very trendy and save a little vertical space, they tend to miss out on extra storage spaces.

You see, a stage bed is pretty much attached to the ground. Therefore, not only does it stop you from tucking it away when not in use, but it also eliminates a major chunk of the floor space. Instead, if you have furniture pieces that you will not be moving regularly, get high-bearing ones. You can tuck away redundant items under them and cover them up with linen.

Let’s say you have a coffee table or dining table that is constantly upheld. Use the space underneath to store items or create cubbies or pull-out drawers for additional storage space. You can easily cover them with a beautiful table cloth, thus hiding the shelving and storage solutions from sight.

Similarly, using a high bed facilitates storing items under it while you can still cover them up with a bed-skirt or creative linen. All your unnecessary clutter is stored away safely and your home remains a sight for sore eyes.

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storage for small house design

Image Credit: designcafe.com

Who says that your artwork must be glued to the wall?

Embrace this innovative form of hanging up your curated pieces in style. Choose a corner or hanging rods of curtains to display your artwork as a focal point of the room.

Furthermore, you can actually install some hanging furniture in the room too. Studio apartments are highly optimized to accommodate non-intrusive furniture pieces. There are designated corners and hooks where you can make space for a hanging dining table, a bookcase, a removable desk for your home office, or even a stylized hanging wardrobe.

Floating furniture and artwork really are quite trendy in home interior design and add extreme aesthetic value to the living space.

small black and white studio apartment
Image credits: pinterest.com

Cluttering is never sexy. Consider optimizing your storage solutions and use your creative skills to find a place for everything. Although the overall square foot of a studio apartment may be small, you need not compromise on your preferences. You may want a comfortable sleeping area with a headboard or create a proper but small bedroom. Go for it.

Every bit of floor space in a studio apartment can be used for optimized functionality. Space out your furniture to create an illusion of an expansive floor plan while avoiding clutter. It is all about keeping a clean midriff.

Studio apartments tend to be smaller, therefore placing large, overbearing furniture pieces overwhelms the small space. Consider using vertically enhanced furniture rather than horizontally long ones. Keep your furniture and décor closer to the walls and open up the center for entertainment and activities.

This way, every inch of your small studio apartment is optimally used and you can still have enough floor space to move around without bumping into things. Additionally, it prevents clutter which can destroy the overall aesthetics of your beautiful living space.

storage ideas for studio apartment

Image Credit: home-designing.com

Studio apartment layouts are best utilized when everything you have serves an integral function in making your life simpler and easier.

In order to rationally optimize the entire outlay of your furniture pieces, appliances, and home decor, ask yourself, do I really need this?

When you wake up in the morning till the time you go to bed, does the particular piece serve a function?

If the answer is no, then discard it, or if it holds sentimental value, consider storing it away where it won’t unnecessarily clutter the space. Remember, a studio apartment offers limited space, therefore you cannot afford to entertain redundancy.

If you absolutely need to keep the item close by or if it is too large to throw away, find some use for it. For instance, if it is an antique coffee table that you no longer use because you have a brand new one, then convert it into a holder or shelving for your other, more important stuff.

Remember what we said about placing a carpet to create a foyer? Well, you can expand further and differentiate several segments of the house with area rugs and carpeting. Of course, if you use Murphy beds or foldable hideaway bedding then you need even carpeting of the entire floor plan. However, if you have designated areas for each section of the house, then creative carpeting is the way to go.

Bedroom ideas can be incorporated with a plush carpet to line the perimeter of your bedstead while the living room can be an extension of the foyer with long carpeting or serial rugs. You can also place bamboo floor mats for comfort and easier cleaning.

Studio Apartment Decoration Ideas Inspiration Tips

Image credits: pinterest.com

Mirrors and other shiny surfaces are not just for checking your perfect god and goddess-like reflections. You are a prize anyway. But more importantly, these shiny objects actually present an intense potential to magnify the size of your studio apartment, seemingly.

You see, reflective surfaces tend to redirect the natural light streaming through your expansive windows or overhead light fixtures. When properly illuminated, these small studio apartments look much bigger. The refracted light creates an illusion of larger floor space, thus allowing you to impress your guests and yourselves.

Thus, a black interior color scheme with silver, shiny surfaces would still look incredibly trendy and spacious. Don’t even get us started on how much a few strategically placed mirrors in a white room could do. It could literally make your micro apartment seem like a much more accommodating one-bedroom apartment.

As interior designers, choose reflective surfaces not just for mirrors but glass coffee tables, stainless steel appliances, crystal home decor, etc. Modern studio apartments, in particular, can benefit greatly from these exquisite design plans.

reflective items for studio apartment

Image Credit: epsilondesigns.eu

Oftentimes, people tend to cumulate all their furniture pieces along the horizontal surface, thus creating clutter. But this can be easily evaded by exploring the vertical space to your advantage.

Remember those bunk beds you used to fight with your siblings to get?

Well, as a grown-up, consider loft beds. You can have a removable ladder or pulley system to hoist the structure above and create a non-intrusive space underneath. This lofty bed space is great for keeping the living space uncluttered while the bed remains out of view and organized at all times. Not only that but it also rekindles fond childhood memories as well as provides a bit of adventure with your contemporary interior design plans.

Then comes using the vertical spaces for shelving. There is no hard and fast rule that all your shelves must be reachable only up to your tiptoes. Use your imagination to organize storage spaces with increased height and find innovative solutions such as digitized systems, pulley systems, or a simple ladder to access these carefully-created loft shelving. You can keep them covered too if they seem a little haphazard.

Studio apartment decorating ideas are only limited to your imagination. Explore your creativity along with the floor space and vertical spaces for new-age storage solutions.

The best way to maximize the productivity of your living space is to get creative. Conventional purchases from Ikea may not always be the ideal choice. Ask yourself what it is you can do to enhance the multifunctional aspects of your furniture pieces and home décor. You will be surprised as to how much you can accomplish with just a little DIY touch to your studio apartment decorating ideas.

If you still need some inspiration, try our Foyr Neo that allows you to customize your floor plans and create 3D renderings of your interior design ideas. Whether you are a homeowner or an interior designer, the app is a useful addition to your apartment decorating plans. Try out the types of color schemes and furniture design that you wish to install before you implement them.

With a clear and concise idea of how your tiny studio apartment can be transformed into an incredibly small space living, you can definitely make it a happy home. So what are you waiting for? Get started already.

Foyr Neo Free Trial


There are tricky design challenges, and then there’s figuring out how to decorate a studio apartment. How do you fit living room, kitchen, and bedroom into one room and still have room to breathe? While decorating a studio requires a bit more ingenuity, planning, and editing, the end result is well worth the extra effort. To figure out how to make the most of a studio apartment, we looked to some of our favorites designers who have tackled super-small spaces for their clients and themselves. Take a look at these studios and steal their stylish—and space-saving—solutions, from easy additions that can make a room feel larger to renovation ideas that will transform the entire apartment. Put them to work and you may find yourself asking, "Why would anyone want multiple rooms?"

Bring in Standout Elements

Your studio may be small, but there's no reason it needs to be boring. Add bold touches such as a statement piece of furniture or an eye-catching display of art. 

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Hide Everything

A studio needs to serve a lot of purposes, but it doesn't need to serve them all at the same time. Find pieces that fold away when not in use, such as Murphy beds and drop-leaf tables. Or go all out and make everything hidden.

Photo: Bertrand Fompeyrine

Define Your Palette

Keep things cohesive by sticking to the same color palette throughout the entire apartment. Choose a mix of neutral tones or go bold with a saturated shade.

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Separate Your Bed

The number one thing that makes a studio feel like a studio? Having your bed out in the middle of the room for all to see. Create a division between your sleeping area and the rest of the space with room dividers such as bookcases, folding screens, or curtains. 

Page 2

Now more than ever, we're spending more time in our homes and less time out-and-about at supermarkets. The thought of rearranging, let alone fully organizing, your pantry can be intimidating and overwhelming, but the benefits (hello, easily accessible and curated pantry goods) will easily outweigh the one-time headache. Think of it like a treasure hunt: You'll definitely find some surprises. We often stock our pantries high with spices we forgot we already had (this can't just be us) and extra jars of peanut butter for snack emergencies. Take mental inventory of what you have to reduce waste and save you some cash. Stop small items from piling up and can getting lost in pantry chaos. Read on for our favorite pantry organization ideas.

Label Everything

When it comes to having a top-notch pantry, labels immediately come to mind. After you've de-potted your goods, use a label maker or tap into your inner calligraphist and draw one on. This leaves no room for interpretation and won't allow you to confuse the salt with the sugar.

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Build a Mini Wall Pantry

If you need extra pantry space but don't have the extra square footage, build one into a preexisting wall or kitchen island. This compact and space-saving storage solution will keep you organized with your spices at the ready.

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Install Sliding Drawers

We don't have much to say here other than game changer. Opt for drawers that easily glide in and out of your pantry. Invest now, thank us later.

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Add Some Swivel Storage

Turntables, otherwise known as lazy Susans, are a great way to save space and stay organized. No more rearranging jars and cans when searching for the Nutella. Choose a tiered turntable for even more storage.

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Go for Glass Containers

For items like spices, flours and grains, glass containers are the way to go. They make things easy to spot (along with–don't forget–a good label), are reusable (your wallet and the environment will thank you), and they're also easy to clean.

This content can also be viewed on the site it originates from.

Build Custom Shelves

By installing custom shelving units, you're offered the luxury of controlling shelf height dependent on the items in your pantry. Have several juicers or baking accessories? Store these items on the bottom shelf and move your way up with smaller and lighter items.

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Your New BFF: Window Film

If your pantry is equipped with glass doors, cover the glass with window film to block guests from seeing all of your pantry secrets.

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Hang an Over-the-Door Basket

Organization has never been easier with hanging door racks. Place these guys on the inside of your doors and store away.

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Don't Be Afraid to Match

Take advantage of an exposed pantry by styling it with colorful glassware.

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Group Like Items

Definitely one of the most practical pantry organization hacks: Categorize. Pair canned goods with canned goods, cereals with cereals, and you'll never have to frantically search (not to mention, destroy your organized pantry) for anything again.

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Search for Variety

Variety, variety, variety. Organize with a mix of containers, from baskets and mason jars to turntables and acrylic trays. The items in your pantry are endless, and so are the storage solutions.

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Tap Into Unpredictable Storage Spaces

One of our favorite pantry organization ideas is to take it out of the pantry. And we like to think of armoires as the gift that keeps on giving. The storage possibilities are endless, especially if it has opaque doors. No one has to know what you're storing in there. Stock it high with overflowing goods, even glassware and cookware; we won't tell.

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Add in Shelves or a Bookcase

Similar to building a mini pantry into a wall, save square footage by installing tall shelves over your countertops or a lean bookcase on an empty wall for extra pantry space.

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Take Inventory With Chalkboard Wallpaper

If you're looking for a creative way to organize your pantry and get your kids involved, decorate your pantry door with chalkboard wallpaper. Have your kids help take inventory or even write out a menu for the week using what's already in your pantry.

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The studio apartment was once viewed as something of a “little sibling” to the grander apartment, but time has proven its juvenile reputation wrong.

Thanks to stifling rent hikes in America’s biggest cities, along with a new approach to smaller, trendier spaces, the studio apartment is fast becoming the must-have for discerning bachelors and aesthetes alike.

The beauty of the studio apartment is that one needn’t break the bank to achieve the best in design inspiration. From the swinging 60’s pads of James Bond to nouveau chic European models, as well as the timeless Manhattan atelier, there is truly no limit to the ways in which you can transform your studio space into a den worth envying. Bold or understated, well-appointed or sparse in accoutrements, the limited perimeters of the studio make it an ideal backdrop for your own unique taste and perspective.

Every wall and surface will take on a new meaning as you carefully select that favorite framed print or objet d’art to attract the eye and spark up conversation. Space may be precious in the studio apartment, but that is all the more reason to use it to its full advantage.

Along with its cozy intimacy and convenient quarters, these to 60 best studio apartment ideas and designs are a chance to show off your style in a compatible space. Not every man needs a sprawling estate or cosmopolitan high rise to indulge in the finer things the interior design world has to offer. The truly refined soul knows that square feet and an ample budget hardly equate to superior taste, and a studio apartment is standing proof, as well as infinite potential.

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    Druhomes.com – A studio apartment is a rented house that has several rooms in one flat or apartment. You will find this type of apartment in a functional design. It allows you to live simply if you are a single bed with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and small entryway. A studio apartment or studio flat is an exciting choice to rent a house and live in an urban area. It provides all rooms in a tiny apartment with normal functions like other residences. If you live in a studio apartment, it has a defined area to separate one room from another.

    Since it has no walls to separate each room, you need to arrange all rooms in a neat layout to make it looks even larger and uncluttered. We will give you some tips to decorate a minimalist studio apartment. Minimalist design is an interesting interior style to apply in a studio apartment. This design has less furniture and makes your room looks spacious and simple. Here, the tips to decorate a minimalist studio apartment. Let’s discuss!

    Use Lighter Color

    Use Lighter Color

    Room color is the first thing to consider in a small house. It helps you get a spacious look. The white color is a perfect choice to apply in your studio apartment. It emerges a calm atmosphere that you can combine with other neutral colors. There are light grey, soft brown, and soft yellow that have an interesting impression to bring up the large perspective. You will get a perfect studio apartment to start with a minimalist design.

    Install a Mirror

    Install a Mirror

    Mirror has a function to reflect the things in front of it. Installing some mirrors on your wall will help you create a brighter and larger impression. It gives a more shiny accent in your apartment that you can put in some places with high traffic. Moreover, having more mirrors gives a benefit to manage the impression in a room by seeing the reflection. The bedroom, living room, and bathroom are interesting places to get a wall mirror.  Choose the large vertical mirror if you want to make your studio apartment looks bigger.

    Maximize Space and Storage

    Maximize Space and Storage

    The limited space in a studio apartment challenges you to design it in simple decor. Thus, minimalist design is good for your living space. You can use the space under your bed as storage.  It helps you will look messy and saving stuff in an uncluttered way. Other ideas are the wall storage in the corner of the room. You can put your books in the living room and bedroom. Besides, the empty wall also offers you a space to install a mounted bookshelf.

    Create a Vertical Arrangement

    Create a Vertical Arrangement

    This tip relates to the previous tip to arrange storage. The vertical arrangement in a minimalist design brings a simple and neat look. It makes your room ever taller. Then your room saves more space. Arrange your book collection vertically to draw the tall impression. You can put a vertical basket in your kitchen to put your food supplies. Another vertical arrangement is in your bathroom storage. Put white vertical storage to make it looks spacious.

    Uses Different Types of Organization

    Uses Different Types of Organization

    Since you have some storage in your studio apartment, you can try to use some different types of storage. It helps you draw a unique point in every corner. You can manage more than one store in a different room. It makes your room has neat storage to arrange the things inside it. Moreover, it allows you to support the minimalist design by lessening cluttered things in every room.

    Use a Tray to Keep Stuff in a Group

    Use a Tray to Keep Stuff in a Group

    The net tip is how you compile many small things in a group. Using a rounded tray is a nice solution to keep the decoration looks neat and clean. People usually display an interesting tray on a coffee table and a cabinet. This tray will keep your small things in one group, so it is easy to find them whenever you need one thing in that tray. Choose a minimalist tray with bright color and geometric shape.

    Adopt an Open Space Concepts

    Adopt an Open Space Concepts

    We know that a small apartment needs to apply an interior design with a spacious impression. An open space style is compatible with an urban residence. Studio apartment that uses this layout will look larger because it has no wall to separate the rooms. However, the rug is an attractive thing to create a dramatic line for your living room area. A slim and short partition is also good to draw an area for a certain room. You can also choose doorless storage will do just fine to create a neat layout and aesthetic decor.

    Layer Some Accents

    Adopt an Open Space Concepts

    If you have space under the coffee table, you can make a simple layer beneath it. Use floor cushions to make your living room in the studio apartment looks spacious. You can save the floor cushions under the coffee table or even arrange them around that table. Another tip is layering the lights. Installing some small lamps in some different spots will give you layering lights and a dramatic ambiance.

    Give a Small Texture or Pattern

    Layer Some Accents

    Minimalist design looks stunning if it has little patterns. You will get an attractive design by combining white colors and patterns. Since it is a minimalist design, you can add one to two patterns in a room. It is useful to enliven an aesthetic perspective. The texture in your furniture brings a certain impression. The feathery surface from your wool couch gives a comfortable touch. The white molding wall or protruded sticker wall is stunning to create a strange touch on your finger and a striking view for the eyes.

    Thrive Some Green Plants to Make it Alive

    Give a Small Texture or Pattern

    The greenery accent in your studio apartment can invigorate the decoration. It brings a natural ambiance and attractive view. Nowadays, many people like to grow ornamental plants at home during the pandemic. Gardening is an exciting activity to do, especially to make their home looks shady. Do the same way to create a natural ambiance by thriving some plants in the corner of your apartment room. The living room, bedroom, and entryway are the recommended spots to invigorate your apartment.

    Thus our discussion about Tips and Ideas to Decorate A Minimalist Studio Apartment. Studio apartment in an urban area is one of the solutions to get a residence for some people. They like to buy or rent a studio apartment for a single owner or share a home with their roommate. Maybe you do the same for your living space. Even though this apartment is small but it has all you need in one house. It has limited space for each room, but you can manage it with some decorations and simple layouts in minimalist design. The tips above will give a short guide for you to start decorating your studio apartment. Hopefully, you get a nice interior in your minimalist studio apartment. Happy decorating!


    You finally moved into your new place. Sure, it's not exactly what you envisioned. All those years of watching sitcoms set in big cities may have given you some unrealistic expectations of realistic studio decor ideas based on what you could afford. But it's yours and you have big plans for your small space.

    Using the right studio decor ideas will help make your new home a modern, hip place to entertain while making your place seem bigger.

    1. Have less stuff

    This sounds a little reductive, but it's good advice no matter the size of your home. You'll learn the longer you live in any one place, the more stuff you manage to accumulate — stuff that seems to come out of nowhere and you don't remember buying.

    The best way to get around that is to move less stuff into your new apartment. Sort and donate clothes, appliances, gadgets or old furniture that either won't fit or won't serve you well in your new studio apartment.

    It's best to start with a clean slate.

    2. Organize and maximize

    Look for furniture with built-in storage options. Organize your closets so you can fit more clothes in them. The only thing smaller than your apartment will be your closet, assuming you even have one.

    Things like strategically placed bookshelves, entertainment centers, coffee tables and end tables with drawers will be a key part in keeping everything organized.

    Small apartment kitchen.

    3. Keep your kitchen simple

    Don't opt for trendy kitchen items. Kitchen gadgets are like toys for grown-ups. Immersion blenders and standing mixers and French-presses, oh my!

    It is not fancy but go ahead — invest in good, sturdy utilitarian kitchen tools. Kitchens are often the first room in the house to get cluttered with a bunch of gadgets and appliances you thought were good investments at the time.

    Remember to keep it clean to avoid any unwanted critters!

    4. Divide and conquer

    A studio apartment is exactly what it sounds like: one big room for everything. If you're not careful and conscious in how you assemble your space — your bed can wind up in the kitchen and your sofa will be too close to the bathroom.

    So look into room dividers, shelving units or even a well-placed curtain to give the illusion of different spaces. This is an especially good idea if you're working from home.

    5. Make it pop

    You don't want your studio apartment decor to look as bland and beige as the walls. But on the other hand, furnishing your apartment with everything in bright, bold colors will not only clash, but it will also make your new home look like a yard sale.

    Instead, consider small accent pieces that will add a bright pop of color. A bright floral accent wall or nook in your apartment will give it a sense of depth without looking cluttered.

    6. Keep it out of sight, out of mind

    We've discussed storage options for your living space, but if you want to keep your things in your place but not all over the place, look into organizing your closet. Need some ideas? We have 50 for you.

    7. Think small

    There's nothing better than plopping down on the couch at the end of the long week. But perhaps your apartment doesn't have the space for that luxurious seven-foot sofa with a chaise you found on Pinterest.

    Instead of a sofa, consider a smaller love seat. Or if you want to conserve living space for something else, a chair and a half and an ottoman have all the cozy comfort you need and it takes up just a fraction of the space.

    8. Stacks on stacks…of stools

    You have grand plans for your apartment. Cocktail parties, Friendsgiving dinners. Your oven is big enough for the turkey and your fridge is big enough to hold all the wine, but what about seating for the meal? Nesting stools or ottomans are the best solutions for you.

    You can find coffee table options that feature matching nesting stools inside it so when your guests leave, you can get your floor space back. Look for stackable nesting stools that can stack up and be placed in a corner.

    When not in use, consider using it as an end table or use it for a small lamp to improve your lighting.

    9. Keep it bare up there

    This one may seem counterintuitive but trust us. You don't need a ton of stuff hanging on your walls to make your room look complete. In fact, oftentimes, people will go overboard with filling their walls with art and photos — making the room look smaller than it is.

    If you have light walls and low ceilings, consider keeping your walls minimally decorated because it will let more natural light. The more natural light, the larger your space will feel.

    10. Give up some and get way more

    This is your place and you can decorate it any way you like and there's no rule that says you must have a dining room. By sacrificing the space that would house your table and chairs, you open up a good amount of floor space for entertaining.

    Moving your bed to where your dining table would otherwise go gives you a much larger living room space — perfect for having friends over to watch the game or binge on movies or trashy reality TV.

    Small studio apartment.

    11. Create a home away from home…at home

    Have you ever stayed at a super chic boutique hotel and been in awe of how well everything works? Take a tip from microtels and European hotels and layout your apartment like a well-appointed efficiency hotel room — just don't expect maid service or a mint on your pillow.

    12. Look to tiny homes for big inspiration

    You've watched the shows on TV and you've seen the YouTube videos. Why not draw inspiration from your favorite TV tiny homes?

    You can loft your bed, invest in a convertible coffee table that can become a full-height dining table and use all the other tricks of the trade.

    13. Go mad for mid-mod

    A mid-century modern aesthetic isn't for everyone. But if it's a look you enjoy, you have a lot of options for studio decor ideas. Designed sleeky with a smaller footprint — mid-century modern furniture embodies the concept that less is more.

    An open space with an armchair, lamp and end table looks more put together than a room packed to the gills with Ikea's finest.

    14. Pick a color and stick with it

    If the idea is to make a small space feel larger, consider finding a color you like and making it the centerpiece of your design strategy. While bright colors and accent walls may work for some spaces, yours may not lend itself to that plan.

    So instead, pick a color that contrasts with the color of your floors and find bedding, furniture and other accent pieces in that shade, giving the illusion of more breathing room.

    If your floors are nothing to write home about, look around for a rug that will really tie the room together.

    Small apartment space with a white studio decor ideas

    15. Hang in there, baby

    If your apartment is one large cube with no nooks or hidden corners to work with, your options are limited…but not as limited as you may think. If you don't like the idea of room dividers or partitions or bookcases to give the illusion of separation, try hanging art but not on the walls. Try hanging it from the ceiling. Suspending art pieces from filament wires from the ceiling will give your studio apartment a funky art gallery feel on an instant ramen budget.

    If you find a large art piece that would look gorgeous over your sofa, but your sofa isn't against a wall, suspend it from the ceiling.

    16. Get low

    Another idea for fans of a more modern aesthetic: If your room is small and your ceilings are low, consider low seating with an Adirondack chair look.

    Low slung furniture in bright accentuating colors will have the look and feel of a really great beach chair but will be infinitely more comfortable and stylish.

    17. Spread out your space as much as possible

    This is especially helpful if you're a light sleeper. Measure out your room and put your bed at the furthest possible spot in the room away from the door. Make a design plan to put your sitting area closer to your door.

    Installing lighting fixtures or sconces near your bed will eliminate the need for floor-hogging nightstands and lamps that can make the room look more claustrophobic.

    Canopy bed.

    18. Yes, we canopy

    A canopy bed combines a couple of the studio apartment decorating ideas we've already discussed. The canopy can act as a curtain separating your sleeping space from your living space.

    The canopy can provide a nice contrast with your furniture and be used with plants or a floor lamp to not only fill out your living space but the light from the other side of the canopy will soften the light on the bedside of the curtain while you're reading in bed.

    19. Sleep in a big box

    Remember when you were a kid how much fun you had playing with boxes? They were spaceships and caves and race cars and when you'd get tired from using your imagination, you'd just conk out and take a nap. Well, this is DIY project is a more upscale and modern take.

    Constructing a large plywood box on wheels is the perfect size for a box spring and mattress. The industrial strength casters allow you to wheel it to different sections of your apartment based on how you need the space at any given time.

    It's a fun and unique way of solving your space problem (but know you will have to disassemble it when you move out).

    20. Murphy's law doesn't apply to Murphy beds

    These beds are just cool and if you talk to your landlord, they may welcome the idea of installing a Murphy bed in your apartment. For the uninitiated, a Murphy bed is one that folds up into the wall and easily stores away behind a bookcase or French-style doors.

    There are bookcase designs that allow you to fold down the bed without the items on the bookcase falling over. There are dozens of styles and sizes for every taste and preference.

    Plus, if you don't feel like making your bed in the morning, you can fold it up into the wall.

    21. I want to take you higher

    If you think your space is starting to feel a little small, your options are about as high as your ceiling.

    Hang your drapes as high on the walls as possible. Get bookcases that will barely skim the ceiling. Not only will this give you the extra storage options you need but it will take up less valuable floor space in your apartment and draw the eye up.

    22. Go for full transparency

    It may seem a little '80s (you'll have to trust us here), but clear furniture like acrylic tables or Lucite chairs are perfect for a small space because light refracts when it passes through a clear material. This style of furniture doesn't detract from the brightness that would otherwise happen when furnishing a place with standard plastic or wooden furniture.

    studio decor ideas using pillows on a rug.

    23. Try boho

    If you're looking for more of a bohemian, chill vibe then skip the furniture altogether — invest in some high-quality sitting pillows. Yes, that is a fancy way of describing bean bag chairs.

    It's not strictly limited to bean bag chairs thought. You can also get some handsome square pillows or tufted ottomans or footstools. Items like these are comfortable, fashionable and endlessly customizable.

    Stack your pillows in a corner when you need more room or leave them out for a fondue party.

    24. Embrace your inner art collector

    There's an old saying that's been attributed to everyone from Mark Twain to Orson Welles: “I don't know much about art. But I know what I like." So find some really beautiful pieces within your budget that you like (especially if it's coordinated pieces like matching prints).

    You don't need to go overboard with a full gallery wall because not every space will accommodate that plan. However, finding a couple of small pieces that are mindfully hung in a way that accents your space will give the room a brightness and sense of flow. Design your room and furniture placement around what's on your walls, not the other way around.

    25. Float like a butterfly

    Floating shelves are an inexpensive, high-value way of displaying your belongings while adding a sense of space and depth to any apartment while doing minimal damage to the walls. You can find them in a wide array of styles and sizes.

    When shopping around, make sure you pick the right one for the weight of the items you'll be putting on them. Remember, in a studio apartment, hang them as high as you can to take advantage of the dimensions of the wall.

    Studio apartment decor ideas for all tastes

    You will be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed when it comes to an apartment roughly the size of the living room in your family's home — however, this is your home now and you get to decorate it how you please (as long as it's cool with your landlord).

    Deck it out in bright colors or a calming white and top it off with as much or as little furniture as you like. So get low, build high and look for studio decor ideas wherever you can.