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Space-saving bedroom design: a secret closet

Shelving and additional rails are always useful additions to a small bedroom's storage options. A smaller bedroom doesn't have to mean a smaller wardrobe. Clotilde Passalacqua, IKEA UK and Ireland's Interior Design Leader, says, "With clever storage compartments like GIMSE, clothes can be sorted and stored away while keeping the room looking tidy." "Make the most of your closet by utilizing SLKTING's storage compartments to neatly arrange your garments. '

To get the look, visit IKEA.

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Ideas for a small bedroom: maximize the space you have.

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Ideas for a small bedroom: accessorize to add color

A white room will automatically feel more open and bright, so try adding splashes of color with throw pillows, throw blankets, and throw rugs. The sweet color palette of this design scheme is based on light, chalky pastels that bring visual interest without overwhelming the room's natural light.

House Beautiful's Maisy Ottoman Bed, Available at Dreams

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Storage solutions for a tiny bedroom

The best way to store extra books, magazines, plants, and picture frames in a limited space is on additional shelving. The owners of this tiny bedroom cleverly stacked some inexpensive frames and artwork in a corner to create a miniature gallery wall.

Look for it at IKEA

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Color scheme for a small bedroom

According to Charlotte Cosby, Head of Creative at Farrow & Ball, "sticking to one color will help create the feeling of more space in a small room, as with no point of reference and no contrasts, you're less aware of where things stop and start."

Darker colors, like Sulking Room Pink or Treron, help make a small room seem larger, so long as the light is coming from the right direction. Use whites that are a few shades lighter than the wall color to avoid making the ceiling seem lower if you're not confident using a single color, like Parma Gray or School House White. '

To get the look, visit Farrow & Ball.

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Relaxing boho tones, perfect for a tiny bedroom

When decorating small bedrooms, one of the best ways to maximise space is to use light and fresh colours Colors like sorbet pinks, greys, and whites will make the space feel more open. Boho aesthetics are ideally suited to compact living quarters because of their sorbet color palettes and acceptance of deliberate chaos.

Check out Dunelm to get the look!

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Furniture for small rooms: sofa beds

The best option for compact bedrooms; also useful for those who reside in studio apartments. The convenience and aesthetic options for sofa beds have expanded greatly in recent years. Our personal favorite is the Darcy sofa bed in modern pink velvet from DFS.

House Beautiful's Darcy Sofa Bed, Available at DFS

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Loft bed: a space-saving solution

If your bedroom is limited in width but has high ceilings, a loft bed may be the perfect solution, allowing you to fit a couch or a home office underneath. These are great for accommodating visitors in cramped quarters. Pick something airy and light, like this pine loft bed in a soft white finish from IKEA.

To get the look, visit IKEA.

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Ideas for a small bedroom with built-in storage

Configurable fitted wardrobes, such as the House Beautiful Realm Fitted Wardrobe available at Homebase, are an absolute necessity in cramped quarters. In a small bedroom, these space-saving solutions can bend around corners, provide storage from floor to ceiling, and work with the most atypical layouts.

Look the Part with the Realm Fitted Wardrobe from House Beautiful, Available at Homebase

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Bed as focal point, in a small bedroom

It's okay to put a king-size bed in a queen-sized room. It can be arranged with other pieces of furniture, and it can even be used as a foundation for concealed storage. Under-bed storage allows you to have the eye-catching bed of your dreams even if you don't have a lot of extra space for furniture.

Furniture Village carries the featured look and sells the Vispring Elite Divan Set.

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Storage solutions for a small bedroom above the bed

If you need more storage but have limited room on the ground, installing an overhead unit is a great option. If you have a small bedroom and need somewhere to store your books, accessories, extra bedding, or towels, look no further than these 42cm deep storage units from IKEA. Putting a slim desk there would make it the ultimate multi-use area, and we love that idea.

• Visit IKEA to get the look

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Miniaturize your nightstand if you have a tiny room.

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If your bedroom is on the smaller side, consider making one wall the focal point.

Create a focal point by painting one wall in your tiny bedroom a striking color. When wallpapered throughout, a room takes on a much cozier vibe, but when limited to just one wall, the space feels more open and dynamic. Experiment with wallpaper or wood paneling in a Scandinavian style.

Check out Argos to get the look!

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Invigorating design for a small bedroom

Creating the right atmosphere is just as crucial as using clever storage or visual tricks to make a small bedroom seem larger. Here, even the tiniest of spaces can be given new life with the help of bright, energizing colors and springtime blooms.

  • Oliver Bonas is where to get the look.

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Lighten up your small bedroom.

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Modest bedroom design calls for pieces with a low profile.

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Built-in storage solutions for small bedrooms

Built-in shelving is a great option for adding extra storage to your home. Having more wall space allows for decorative elements such as artwork, ornaments, and books to be displayed, as seen in this lovely bedroom. If you don't have room for a freestanding cabinet, this is a great alternative.

• Visit John Lewis & Partners to get the look.

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Forget what you know about small bedroom design.

If you're okay with your bedroom's diminutive size, ignoring conventional design advice and going for a maximalist aesthetic may be the best option. Regardless of the size of your living quarters, the'more is more' decorating principle of layering color and pattern on top of an abundance of furniture and accessories will help you create a space you love to spend time in.

• Get the look: John Lewis & Partners' Silhouette Upholstered Bed Frame

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Maximize your use of window area for small bedrooms.

A brilliant solution for even the tiniest of bedrooms Look to the windowsill if you need to maximize every square foot of floor space. If there is enough room, you could install a shallow shelf there to store your reading materials. Create a window seat with simple upholstery and scatter cushions if you have the space (you'll need at least 16 inches).

House Beautiful Chalk Pink Shutters, Available at Hillarys •

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The bedside chest: a space-saving solution for the bedroom

The most storage space possible in a small footprint can be found in this bedside chest. Two movable shelves, a hook, and a cable hole are concealed behind the door.

  • Mustard Made Shorty Locker from Oliver Bonas — Get the Look!

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Ideas for a small bedroom: a light carpet

When used on large surfaces like walls and floors, light, neutral colors reflect more light and create a sense of expansiveness. Carpets and wooden floors should be a neutral color like beige or a soft blush to avoid drawing too much attention to themselves. One more space-saving trick in this modern bedroom is the use of a cute little shelf as a bedside table.

Carpetright has the House Beautiful Harbour Beach Saxony carpet, so you can get the look right at home.

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Tips for decorating a small bedroom with paint

Small bedrooms benefit from having no headboard or having one with a painted 2D effect. Annie Sloan says, "It's a great way to make a statement to use paint to emulate furniture shapes into 2D on your wall." "For optimal results, work within the confines of your bed and build outward from that width." '

Annie Sloan has the paint you need to complete the look, including Old Ochre, Honfleur, and Scandinavian Pink.

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Tips for decorating a small bedroom

Decorating a small bedroom calls for some strategic styling. Lighting can be improved by adding mirrors and mirrored furniture. It will make even the smallest bedroom seem spacious and bright. The number of mirrors you use is a variable that should be explored. Whether they are long and flowing or short and round, mirrors are a staple in nearly every bathroom. More can be chosen (within reason) to make the space feel brighter.

Arched Wooden Window Mirror, Available at The French Bedroom Company

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WFH nooks are great for small bedrooms.

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Space-saving furniture for sleeping and lounging

Investing in a bed that can serve multiple purposes is one way to maximize the space in a modest bedroom. Although a soft, supportive mattress is essential, a bed frame with hidden drawers is even better.

Look for it at IKEA

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Space-saving furniture: hidden beds

What a great idea it is to incorporate storage space, like an ottoman at the foot of the bed, into a compact bedroom! It's important to leave enough floor space for easy movement when furnishing a small bedroom so that you don't injure yourself by stumbling over furniture and other items. Caitlin Price recommends measuring the distance from the floor to the base of your bed in order to determine whether or not a storage bed with drawers or an ottoman lift is feasible within your budget. Manager of Home Furnishings and Floors at John Lewis & Partners

• Shop the Look: The Neva Velvet Ottoman Bed, available at Dreams

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Ideas for a small bedroom: less is more

Using colors like white, cream, and tan can help your small room feel more open and airy. Remove any unnecessary items and select furniture in light colors, like oak wood or white gloss. The same effect can be achieved elsewhere by clearing the floor and organizing the contents of cabinets.

• Go to Cuckooland to get the look.

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