What Colors Go Well with Black Furniture? Ask Maria.

It's safe to assume that more black couches will be appearing in homes now that the "black trend" has arrived. Learn how to decorate around a fireplace from this Ask Maria column. Exactly which hues complement black furnishings?

Instead of asking what colors go with black leather furniture, you should be asking what colors don't. Many different design and decor choices can be made with black furniture.

But if the rest of the room is all neutral tones, you may be stumped as to what color curtains to use or what kind of throw pillows would brighten things up. Unfortunately, it's probably too late now. Why, you ask? I break it down in this post.

Publishes the magazine Chatelaine

Due to the high number of people who share this kind of living space online, I figured writing this post would be a good idea.

An actual family room

That one where the husband probably picked out the leather furniture to make her feel at home I mean no disrespect to men who choose to sit on recliners, but let's be honest: no husband's recliner ever looks like it belongs in a design magazine.

But I believe that we are capable of making it significantly better.

Which hues clash most visibly against black furniture?

To begin, colors that don't go well with black are either very dark colors or earth (muddy, muted) tones. It will be very challenging to match the style of your current furniture with the addition of sage green, gold beige, dark burgundy, navy blue, or eggplant rugs and drapery.

It's not impossible, but it's recommended that amateur decorators stick to lighter, brighter hues.

Wood-stained furniture can add the much-needed contrast and warmth to an otherwise tastefully decorated neutral room.

Use more dark accents

To get started, select a rug with some black tones. Plus, that makes everything look more put together.

In addition, a reader who already has black furniture has asked the following:

What kind of curtain style do you think would look good in our living room?" Grey, perhaps?

We were debating how to treat the fireplace. A simple electric model Unfortunately, it just doesn't seem to go with the rest of the decor in there.

At the moment, our only means of housing is a modest mobile home. However, I'd like to polish its appearance to the max. ” 

Put simply, a corner fireplace should never be installed. They are popular among builders because of how simple they make venting a fireplace, but they are a nightmare to work with when it comes to aesthetics and furniture placement.

Finding an attractively decorated corner mantel on the internet is nearly impossible. The best one I could find

Putting Together A Cozy Corner Fireplace | House Beautiful

Please understand that the dominant black television is most likely the cause of your fireplace's annoyance.

You could paint it the same color as your trim if you like, as there is no other oak furniture in the room. Nonetheless, you seem to be out of luck if you want to hide your TV because it needs a home.

To begin, you should take stock of the colors already present in the space. In determining what must be kept and what must be discarded

It was her room, and she sent me several pictures of it. One of the benefits of shopping for paint colors online is the ability to view a room from a variety of perspectives. This helps you better understand the underlying tones of different color options.

The rug is more pink than violet (above), while the walls look like a green beige that doesn't go with the rug's color scheme.

It's not like green and pink are incompatible or anything. You should not choose a paint color for a room merely because it goes well with another color (like pink) in the room.

I recommend the buffalo check drapes (on the left) if you decide to keep the current rug. That would make the lightest shade of pink beige in my palette the ideal complement to these hues. Here is my collection of carefully selected hues.

What Colors Go Best with Black Furniture

Here are some IKEA curtains and pillows to help you get started, but if you want to add color to the space, you'll need to invest in a new area rug.

Accented with an IKEA rug, curtains, sofa, and cushions in blue, white, and light blue.

Remember that a larger window calls for two panels rather than one on each side. Once you cover the curtain with just one of the large window's panels, it looks like a sheet flapping in the wind. You should make your curtains appear as though they have a closure, even if you never intend to use it.

For the rods to stack against the wall and not obscure the windows, they should extend at least 10 inches beyond each side of the window. Take a look at this blog entry I made about determining curtain rod sizes.

Rug from IKEA, curtains from IKEA, sofa, teal cushion, turquoise cushion, and lamps from IKEA.

As a third 'neutral' option, this rug's cream and grey color scheme isn't as dreary as an "all grey" aesthetic might suggest. The black couch is brightened by the cream-colored pillow that serves as a visual contrast.

Furniture, drapes, pillows, and a lumbar support all from IKEA

My brand-new eDesign add-on for interior design features two different sets of two decorative pillows, a coordinating area rug, and a three-color accent palette (created to be used while shopping, so that lamps, accessories, etc. can be purchased to match the scheme). It can only be bought in conjunction with one of the paint color sets shown below.

Online Colour Design Consultation

Select this upgrade under 'Customize Your Package' when purchasing one of these bundles.

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