Unveiling Rustic Elegance: Inspiration and Ideas for Your Dream Wedding Decor

Rustic weddings have become increasingly popular in recent years, as couples seek a more laid-back and natural ambiance for their special day. From the charming simplicity of mason jar floral centerpieces to the warm glow of twinkle lights adorning a wooden wedding arch, rustic wedding decor can create a truly magical atmosphere. In this article, we will explore a wide array of rustic wedding decorations that are sure to add charm, elegance, and a touch of the natural world to your celebration. Whether you are looking for centerpieces, candles, seating ideas, or unique decor items, we have got you covered. So, let's dive in and discover what to look for in rustic wedding decorations that will make your big day truly unforgettable.

Minted Robin Ott A Hundred Years Wedding Invitations

The process of setting the tone for your ceremony and reception begins well in advance of your exchange of rings. If you're planning a rustic wedding, it's important to choose an invitation that reflects the relaxed ambiance and natural influences of your event. This neutral-colored design with a subtle wooden imprint adds a modern and rustic touch to create the perfect invitation.

The Rustic Earth Wooden Bridal Party Sign

Welcoming your guests with a personalized sign showcasing the day's details, seating arrangements, or a special announcement from the happy couple is an excellent way to set the tone for your wedding. While modern weddings often incorporate materials like metal or acrylic, this handcrafted wooden sign is the ideal choice for a more natural and rustic affair. The best part is that you can continue to display it in your home even after your honeymoon.

Talking Loves Monogram Ring Pillow Alternative

For a unique and creative twist on the traditional ring bearer pillow, consider replacing it with an embroidery hoop adorned with monogrammed lace and satin ribbon to secure the rings. This delicate and handmade piece from Turkey is not only a beautiful addition to your ceremony but also destined to become a cherished heirloom.

Build Blueprint Wedding Arbor

Taylor recommends using a wooden arbor to enhance the rustic atmosphere of your wedding. However, she encourages couples to think beyond the traditional arbor and explore various shapes, sizes, and dimensions. This octagon-shaped version stands out for its exceptional design and versatility, allowing it to be dressed up or down with the addition of florals and greenery.

Twinkle Star 300 LED String Lights

Lighting plays a crucial role in any wedding, regardless of its style or vibe. Alongside battery-operated candles and market string lights, twinkle light curtains create a soft and enchanting glow that adds an informal yet magical touch to your celebration.

The Online Artist Personalized Cake Topper

While classic couple figurines atop a wedding cake never go out of style, a personalized cake topper adds a sweet and Insta-worthy touch to your reception. For a rustic theme, an elegant wooden cutout of your names framed by a simple garland is a timeless choice that perfectly complements your overall aesthetic.

Z Create Design Donut Wall Sign

The dessert station often takes center stage at wedding receptions, and it should exude the same rustic appeal as the rest of your wedding. If you'll be serving donuts - a beloved treat for many - this wooden display wall is the ideal and most visually appealing way to showcase them. It also serves as a perfect addition to your after-wedding brunch.

Oh Lilly Designs Charcuterie Cones

Encouraging guests to mingle and snack during the cocktail hour is made even more enjoyable with a customized charcuterie cone. This bespoke cone can be easily printed at home or at a local printing service, and once filled with favorite cheeses, meats, and other treats, it will be a delectable and stylish delight.

ANPROOR Dried Pampas Grass

According to Taylor, the concept of rustic decor has evolved over the years from utilizing reclaimed barn wood and mason jars to embracing a more bohemian style. Dried pampas grass provides an excellent opportunity to reinterpret the rustic theme, adding texture, color, and variety to any setting. Taylor suggests incorporating pampas grass into both the ceremony and reception decor to create a modern and chic ambiance.

Gogu Co Sparkler Tags

There's something about twinkling sparklers that effortlessly completes the rustic setting. These delightful customized tags, featuring the couple's names, truly stand out and leave a lasting impression on your guests. With the added notch for a match, you won't have to worry about finding a light before capturing that memorable photo moment.

RY King Battery Operated Flameless Candle Set

Creating a candlelit ambiance is the epitome of rustic charm, but if your venue prohibits open flames, battery-operated faux candles are the perfect solution. These candles safely set the scene for an enchanting dinner reception and won't burn out before you have the chance to cut your wedding cake.

La Mia Casa Heart Garland

This romantic paper garland brings a whimsical and charming touch to any space. Whether suspended from tree branches at an outdoor ceremony or used as a creative escort card display at the reception, it adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your wedding.

OHC Gifts Laser Cut Wooden Table Numbers

These laser-cut wooden table numbers ensure that all your guests can easily locate their assigned seats as they enter the dining area. Available in black, white, or neutral colors, these visually striking signs add an extra element of visual appeal to your fresh or dried centerpieces.

What to look for in rustic wedding decorations

Natural materials are key when it comes to planning a rustic wedding. Consider the location and venue - whether it's an old barn on a picturesque farm, a pristine beach, a woodland cabin, or a mountaintop retreat. Let the natural environment guide your design choices, and don't hesitate to incorporate customized and personal touches wherever possible.

  • Is rustic decor expensive?

    It's important to plan within your budget, and the good news is that almost any design style can be achieved regardless of the budget. Rustic decor lends itself well to DIY projects and upcycling, making it an ideal choice for couples on a tighter budget. Handmade objects and the use of natural materials are integral to rustic decor.

  • What kind of flowers do you need for a rustic wedding?

    For rustic weddings, Taylor recommends using baby's breath, dried blooms, and eucalyptus. However, don't feel limited in your floral choices. Taylor suggests that florals of all kinds can be used to curate a rustic and romantic space. Instead of formal and structured arrangements, opt for greenery and blooms that exude a more relaxed and natural feel.

  • When is the best time to have a rustic wedding?

    There's no specific time that's considered best for a rustic wedding. However, outdoor settings and open and airy spaces tend to complement the rustic theme exceptionally well. When considering the timing of your wedding, be mindful of seasonal weather and local climate conditions, especially if you plan on hosting the ceremony or reception outdoors.

Rustic Wedding Ideas for Centerpieces

Twine Wrapped Bottle Centerpiece

Paint Stick Basket

Twine Wrapped Mason Jar Flowers

Baby’s Breath in Twine and Burlap Wrapped Vases

Wood Slice Centerpiece with a Lantern and Flowers

Wood Slice Centerpiece with Candles and Flowers

Galvanized Bucket Centerpiece

Lace DIY Wedding Centerpiece

Roses with Chalkboard Table Labels

Flowers in a Wood Crate

DIY Birch Vases

Lavender and Wood Slice Layered Centerpiece

Flowers in Burlap Bags Tied with Ribbons

Burlap and Letter Doily Tin Can Floral Centerpiece

Greenery and Wood Logs Centerpieces

Milk Jug Flower Centerpiece

Love Flower Planter Centerpiece

Burlap Heart Flower Jar

Rustic Flower Centerpiece

Rustic Wedding Candles

Mason Jar Raffia Candle Holder

Twine & Pearls Candles

Baby’s Breath and Floating Candles

Lavender & Twine Wrapped Candles

Rustic Twig Candleholder

Rustic Bark Candle

Twig Candleholders

Burlap Lace Mason Jar Candleholder

Clothespin Candles

Mason Jar Lanterns

Rustic Wedding Aisle & Wedding Seating Ideas

For rustic wedding aisle ideas, you can use galvanized pails. They add a charming touch to the decor.

Another option is to create a beautiful bundle of burlap, lace, and baby’s breath flowers. Place them along the aisle for an elegant look.

You can also hang pails filled with baby’s breath flowers for a whimsical touch.

An alternative idea is to place baby’s breath jars on tree stumps to create a rustic and romantic atmosphere.

You can hang mason jars along the aisle for a simple and rustic decoration.

To add a touch of elegance to the chairs along the aisle, you can use baby’s breath flowers and raffia.

For a unique touch, you can use wood log stands to display flowers along the aisle.

If you're looking for table decorations, a burlap and lace table runner with vintage table numbers can add a rustic charm to your reception.

If you're interested in creating a DIY burlap and lace table runner, you can find a helpful guide here.

For the reception, consider rustic tablescapes for a cozy and welcoming ambiance.

To add a rustic touch to the chairs, you can use burlap chair bows.

For the seating area, you can use Mr. & Mrs. seating signs to designate the couple's spot.

If you're going for a country theme, hay bales can be used as seating options for a rustic look.

Create a charming rustic atmosphere by using wooden benches for ceremony seating.

If you want a unique seating option, consider hay seating for a rustic and unconventional look.

For a more comfortable seating option, you can arrange hay bales to resemble sofas for a relaxed and rustic feel.

Use wood branch place cards to add a natural and rustic element to your table settings.

You can also use wood slices as place cards for a charming and rustic touch.

Create a rustic and personalized display with a chalkboard escort card. It adds a unique touch to your wedding decor.

For a romantic touch, consider using a window pane seating chart with the phrase "God gave me you".

For a unique and nature-inspired seating arrangement, you can use pinecones as escort cards.

Rustic Wedding Cakes, Desserts, and Food Ideas

We have a variety of rustic wedding cake stands and dessert displays that will perfectly complement your rustic-themed wedding. Our Pallet Wood Cupcake Stand, Rustic Wood Spool Cake Stand, Wood Slice Cupcake Stand, Crate Cupcake Stand, and Ladder Cupcake Stand with Wood Slice Letter Garland are just a few options to choose from. These unique displays add a touch of rustic charm to your wedding desserts.

In addition to cake stands and dessert displays, we also offer rustic dessert bars and marquee letter displays on a pallet. These setups provide a beautiful backdrop for displaying your desserts and add a rustic, yet elegant, touch to your wedding reception.

Don't forget about our partially naked wedding cakes on wood slice stands. These cakes are perfect for rustic weddings and add a touch of natural beauty to your dessert table.

For more wedding cake inspiration, check out our Birch Wood Wedding Cake, Semi Naked Cake with Florals, Burlap Banner Wedding Cake on Crate Display, Baby's Breath Wedding Cake, and Birch Wood Wedding Cake with Carved Initials. These cakes are not only delicious but also showcase rustic elements in their design.

To complete your rustic wedding theme, we offer various rustic-themed utensil holders, such as our twine-wrapped cake knife set, burlap cake knife set, and twine-wrapped wine glasses. These details add a rustic touch to your table settings and enhance the overall theme of your wedding.

For drink displays, we have a wooden crate drink stand, galvanized tub drink bar, and a wheelbarrow drink holder. These unique setups provide a rustic and charming way to present your beverages to your guests.

To enhance your table decor, we offer wood slice menus, window pane wedding menus, and lace-wrapped mason jar silverware holders. These details add a personalized and rustic touch to your table settings.

And for those looking for unique centerpiece ideas, our Mason Jar Floral Centerpiece and Glass Holders Centerpiece are perfect choices. These arrangements beautifully combine rustic elements with feminine floral accents.

Take a look at our provided images for inspiration and visit the respective links for more information on each item. We hope these ideas help you create the perfect rustic wedding atmosphere for your special day.

Wooden Seating Card

Credit: Instagram

When organizing a wedding with a specific theme, even the smallest details, such as seating cards, play a crucial role. However, who wants ordinary seating cards when you can provide your guests with unique keepsakes?

What exactly are these keepsakes?

These wooden circles serve as seating cards with a twist. Instead of the typical paper cards, each guest's name is artistically carved onto a small wooden circle.

Simply tie them off with jute twine to complete the rustic look.

Wedding Arch…Or Is It A Hexagon?

Credit: Instagram

As the bride and groom stand at the altar, the wedding arch frames them beautifully, almost as if it is as significant as the walk up the aisle itself.

Take a look at this unique hexagon-shaped arbor featured in a wedding. Its quirky design with hard angles can be softened using the right floral arrangements.

Alternatively, you can create a softer look by wrapping billowy fabric like this around it. Who needs a traditional backdrop when you can have something as eye-catching as this?

Rustic, Rust Colored Table Runner

Credit: Instagram

A rustic wedding calls for the perfect match in decor: rust-colored fabric. And where can you find this ideal table runner? Right here.

Gone are the days of pristine white linen. Instead, notice how the thick, elegantly draped folds of the eggshell-white tablecloth serve as the perfect canvas for the bold, orange table runner.

It's artfully disheveled, creating a beautiful visual.

Under A Canopy Of Trees

Credit: Instagram

For this breathtaking end-of-summer ceremony, let's step outside and immerse ourselves in nature.

Rather than traditional pews, wooden benches are placed, seamlessly blending the wedding decor with the surrounding environment.

Floral arrangements take a backseat in this wedding. Instead, notice how numerous vines of sage or eucalyptus leaves elegantly drape from the ends of the benches.

It's almost as if the natural foliage becomes an extension of the enchanting woods, blurring the line between where nature ends and the wedding decor begins!

Desert Wedding

Credit: Instagram

We're not talking about a dessert-themed wedding here. We're talking about a wedding right in the heart of a desert—complete with scorching heat, sand, and cacti.

This locale takes the rustic theme to the extreme, but the result is undeniably cool. To add a touch of floral elegance, incorporate a few cacti into the wedding decor.

Embrace the unique backdrop nature has provided and create a stunning wedding atmosphere!

Wedding Sign Board

Credit: woodncratedesigns.com

Signs play a significant role in weddings, capturing attention and setting the tone. If you're in the wedding industry, you know the importance of incorporating well-crafted signs into the event.

Consider using a large chalkboard standing sign, like the ones found here. Use it to write a warm and welcoming message for your guests.

Enhance the overall aesthetic by strategically placing wooden candle lanterns around the sign. Need inspiration? Check out some creative DIY wedding sign ideas here!

Wood, Leaves, And Candles In A Jar

Credit:  emmalovesweddings.com

Mason jars are incredibly versatile, and here's a unique way to use them: as vessels for candles surrounded by wood and leaves.

Decorate the jars by placing dark, glossy leaves at the bottom—such as laurels, lemongrass, or eucalyptus—to create a beautiful bed for the candles.

The juxtaposition of the rustic wooden stump stands and the delicate candlelight adds a touch of elegance to your country-inspired wedding.

Browse through some Dollar Store wedding hacks here for more inspiration!

When Weddings Give You Lemons

Credit: Instagram

Berries are a common feature in wedding floral arrangements, but have you ever considered using lemons? Take a look at this wedding decor for inspiration!

The bright yellow lemons hanging from the aisle chairs add a sassy and vibrant touch. It's surprising that lemon-themed weddings aren't more popular!

Lemons bring a burst of color to the decor. For an extra touch of elegance, pair them with sprigs of fresh rosemary.

Wrap the lemon and rosemary bundle with white fabric, tie it to the chair, and appreciate the unique and refreshing touch that lemons add to this celebration.

Barrels and Bouquets

Credit: Instagram

Can you really have a country-themed wedding without the presence of barrels in the decor? Barrels, barns, and wooden crates form a trifecta of rustic charm.

Prop up wooden crates and use them as stands or displays. You can find these crates here. Alternatively, refurbish an old wooden barrel like this to serve the purpose.

Decorate the crates with lanterns and arrange lovely wedding bouquets on top. Alternatively, utilize laurel leaves in another vase to create a charming centerpiece.

Let your creativity flow and embrace the rustic ambiance!

Leaf Table Runner

Credit: Instagram

Imagine a lush, abundant bed of leaves cascading over your reception tables, serving as a captivating table runner. It's not only visually appealing but also reminiscent of the rustic theme. To achieve this look:

Include a variety of leaves, such as rosemary, eucalyptus, olive, ferns, sage, or even paler options like silver ragwort.

There are no strict rules; you simply need foliage that looks great, doesn't interfere with the tablecloth, and preferably has a pleasant aroma.

Seating Board

Credit: pinchmeplanning.com

Forgo the traditional seating cards and opt for a creative and whimsical seating board instead. This woodsy and quirky alternative offers a unique touch to your wedding decor.

An additional advantage? Your cleaning crew won't have to deal with piles of discarded paper after the celebration.

You can find a suitable wedding seating chart board here. It can serve as a practical tool for planning seating arrangements and double as a decorative piece on the big day!

Milk Can Vase

Credit: rusticweddingchic.com

Baby's breath is known for its frothy white tufts on green stems. However, there's something else that fits the description of frothy and white: milk.

As barn weddings often pay homage to farm life, consider incorporating a milk can vase into your decor.

What can you do with it? Once you acquire a milk pail like this, place baby's breath flowers inside. Voila! You have a country wedding with a touch of pastoral charm.

For more inspiration, explore some Dollar Store wedding hacks here!

Wooden Elements

To infuse warmth and organic aesthetics into your rustic-themed wedding, incorporate wooden elements. Consider using a wooden palette for order of ceremony signs, a welcome sign, a ceremony arch, serving drinks on wooden bar tops, or creating centerpieces with wooden boxes or crates. Customize the look by painting the wooden features to match your wedding colors and adding beautiful calligraphy.

wooden wedding welcome signPhotography: Kira Stein

DIY wedding signPhotography: Irene Yap

Order of the Day wedding decorPhotography: Nataly J Photography


Wildflowers have a natural and whimsical aesthetic that is perfect for rustic weddings. Consider incorporating a variety of wildflowers in different shades to add depth and visual interest to your floral arrangements. Alternatively, you can create a cohesive look by using just one type of wildflower, such as sunflowers or daisies. The best part is that wildflowers offer plenty of options for including them in bouquets and centerpieces, making them a budget-friendly choice as well.

wildflowers wedding decorPhotography: Norman & Blake | Design & Planning: Oren Co | Florals: Studio Mondine

wildflower bridal bouquetPhoto: Kamila Nowak

wildflower centerpiecePhoto: Stories by Jules

Barn Venues

Choosing a barn venue creates the perfect atmosphere for a rustic wedding, highlighting the quaint and charming qualities of your theme. Barn venues often have a rich history and unique character, with features like exposed wood beams, stone foundations, and rustic charm. These venues typically offer ample outdoor space for ceremonies and receptions, allowing for flexibility in design and aesthetic.

barn wedding venuePhotography: Megan Kay Photography | Venue: The White Sparrow Barn

bar weddingPhotography: Megan Kay Photography | Design & Planning: Glitter and Glue Events 

barn weddingPhoto: Wild Tide Weddings | Venue: Nancarrow Farm

Pampas Grass

Pampas grass can add a beautiful and elegant touch to any wedding decor, bringing a rustic charm and ethereal feel to the event. It has been a popular choice among brides for a few years, offering a fashionable option to incorporate into their special day. Pampas grass can be utilized in various ways, such as bouquets, centerpieces, and backdrops, allowing for versatility in both indoor and outdoor wedding settings.

pampas grass decorPhotography: Nataly J Photography | Planning: Butler and White | Florals: SASSFLOWER

pampas grass wedding decorationPhoto: Brogen Jessup | Planning: Details Darling | Floral Design: Blue Bell Florals


Outdoor Ceremony

One of the most beloved rustic wedding ideas is to have an outdoor ceremony, as it perfectly complements the natural surroundings and creates a relaxed and beautiful backdrop. The outdoor setting allows for the incorporation of elements like trees, flowers, and wooden features, enhancing the overall aesthetic. This type of ceremony is especially ideal for backyard or garden-style receptions.

garden weddingPhotography: KT Merry | Planning: Rosemary Events | Design: Joy Proctor | Florals: Bows and Arrows Flowers

outdoor wedding ceremonyPhoto: AshGabes | Venue: Franciscan Gardens | Event Design & Coordination: Fawn Events

rustic wedding ideasPhoto: Paige Jones


Including greenery in your rustic wedding ideas can be done in various creative ways. You can incorporate it into wedding bouquets, table runners, and centerpieces, adding a touch of freshness and natural beauty. Greenery can also be used as a backdrop or hanging decor for the ceremony and reception, creating a lush and organic atmosphere. Potted plants and trees can be strategically placed to add pops of greenery to the wedding venue, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

rustic wedding ideasPhotography: Agnes Black

greenery wedding invitationPhotography: Natalie J Weddings

greenery wedding decorationPhotography: Jamie Mercurio | Planning & Design: A Family Affair of Maine

Bottle Decor

Using bottles as a decorative element offers versatility and cost-effectiveness for your rustic wedding ideas. They can be repurposed as vases for flowers, candle holders, or included as part of tablescapes. Bottles of various shapes and sizes can add style and dimension to your decor. You can also incorporate bottles into a DIY photo booth or use them as part of a favor display.

rustic wedding ideasPhotography: Emily & Steve

rustic table decorationPhotography: Francesca Hill | Styling: Peverly Perfection & Bohotanical

bottle wedding centerpiecePhotography: Virginia Photography

Lounge Areas

Incorporating lounge areas into your wedding reception adds a cozy and inviting touch to your special day. You can mix and match furniture for an effortlessly stylish look, and enhance comfort and warmth with the addition of blankets and pillows. To maintain the rustic theme, consider using natural materials like wood, wicker, and cane for the furniture, and incorporate greenery and natural elements into the decor.

wedding lounge areaPhotography: Ashley Ludaescher

wedding lounge areaPhotography: Jenny Quicksall

rustic wedding ideasPhotography: Jose Villa


Macrame adds a beautiful and stylish touch to your rustic wedding theme. You can incorporate macrame as a backdrop for your ceremony or reception, utilize it for your seating chart, or use it as decoration for your cake table or gift table. Macrame can also be used to create unique seating areas or serve as a way to divide spaces within the venue. Adding macrame to your wedding decor creates texture and a laid-back vibe.

rustic wedding ideasPhoto: Alex Mari | Event Planning: Brousseau Events | Stationery: The Bridal Type

macrame wedding decorationPhoto: Jason Mark Harris

rustic wedding ideasPhoto: Oxi Photography

Lighting Decor

Using string lights and hanging bulbs is a simple yet elegant way to enhance your rustic wedding decor. They create a romantic ambiance, add a touch of whimsy, and bring warmth to the celebration. String lights offer versatility and can be draped across the ceiling, wrapped around pillars or trees, or incorporated into centerpieces. Opt for white lights for a classic look or colorful lights for a more playful vibe.

rustic wedding ideasPhotography: Via Imageryrustic wedding ideasPhotography: Pierra G Photography | Florals: Star and rose | Tabletop Rentals: Beyond The Table | Lighting: Lighting with Intent 

hanging lights wedding ceremonyPhotography: Lauren Milhae | Coordination: Leilani Weddings | Venue: Calamigos Ranch

Antique Doors

Adding antique doors to your wedding reception can bring a charming touch of country style. These doors can serve as a backdrop, a sliding door to separate different areas of your event space, or simply as a decorative element in the cocktail area. Depending on the theme of your wedding, you can choose to keep the doors in their natural wooden finish or paint them to match your color palette. To make a statement, you can enhance the doors with flowers, greenery, or fabric decorations.

barn door wedding decorationPhoto: Lauren Fair

wedding ceremony decorationPhoto: The Nichols

rustic wedding ideasPhoto: Tahiry Humrich


Incorporating mirrors into your wedding reception decor can add a touch of rustic elegance, especially when using antique mirrors. Mirrors can create the illusion of more space in a smaller venue or reflect candlelight and other design elements to create a romantic ambiance.

mirror wedding decorationPhotography: Betsy & John | Planning & Design: Savannah Kay

rustic wedding ideasPhotography: Eric Cheng

seating chart ideasPhotography: Caroline Tran | Vintage & Specialty Rentals: Etablir & Miscellanea Vintage Rentals | Calligraphy: Laurensish Design

Picture Frames

Using picture frames as part of your wedding reception decor is a versatile and personal touch. These frames can be filled with photos of loved ones who couldn't attend, used to display seating assignments or table numbers, utilized as a photo booth backdrop, seating chart, or filled with meaningful quotes or sayings. By mixing and matching different sizes, styles, and finishes of frames, you can create a visually unique and cohesive display.

picture frame seating chartPhotography: Kim Fox

rustic wedding ideasPhotography: Brandon Kidd

wedding photoboothPhotography: Gingersnaps


When planning a rustic wedding, consider choosing a venue that aligns with the theme. Barns, ranches, and farms are popular choices as they provide a countryside location and an informal setting that suits the rustic style. Additionally, vineyards, mountain lodges, recreational parks, or campgrounds can also be suitable venues for a rustic-themed wedding.

whimsical woodland rustic wedding backderop under giant tree

Color Palette

One of the great things about rustic wedding style is its versatility when it comes to color palettes. Different color combinations can create unique looks depending on the chosen decor. For a more rustic chic appearance, softer pastel hues like blush, dusty blue, or sage green can be used. Example:

elegant blush rustic chic barn wedding color ideas


For your rustic wedding stationery, incorporate nature-inspired elements such as wood grain patterns, greenery motifs, and floral designs. Consider using wood-burnt accents, burlap ribbons, or lace belly bands as finishing touches to achieve a complete rustic vibe.

Shop the Style: EWWS085

watercolor pink flower laser cut wedding invitations

Shop the Style:EWWS051

elegant rustic chic laser cut wedding invites


When it comes to attire for a rustic wedding, opt for casual and natural styles that complement the informal atmosphere of rustic venues. There is no specific stereotype for rustic wedding dresses, as you can choose a gown based on your personal style and the overall theme of your wedding. Whether it's romantic and ruffled, stylishly vintage, or classic, there are various options to suit your preferences.

sexy boho style rustic wedding dresses


Rustic wedding decor focuses on handmade details, rugged accents, and repurposed vintage items. Before selecting your wedding decor, decide whether you want a traditional rustic look or a more trendy rustic chic style.

Rustic chic style combines a laid-back atmosphere with elegant touches. It retains the fundamental rustic elements while incorporating romantic and classic details, such as loose greenery, whitewashed chairs, and muted metallic accents. The following examples showcase how rustic chic style can be incorporated into your wedding decor.

Wedding table settings with lights

romantic lighting ideas for your wedding reception table

DIY wood slice rustic greenery wedding centerpieces

DIY wood slice rustic greenery wedding centerpieces

Lush flowers winery barrel decor

rustic lush flowers barrel winery barn wedding ideas

DIY rustic wedding seating board with lights

eye catching rustic wedding table ideas with fabrics simple DIY rustic wedding sign ideas

Cake and Dessert

For rustic wedding cakes, buttercream frosting is a popular choice as it gives the cake a relaxed look. Enhance each tier with fresh flowers or greenery or opt for a naked or semi-naked cake for a more rustic feel. Rustic weddings also provide an opportunity to try alternative dessert ideas such as homemade pies, doughnuts, waffles, or pie pops.

non-traditional cupcake wedding cakes

Incorporating rustic wedding decor into your special day adds a touch of charm and elegance that is unmatched. From the beautiful Mason jar floral centerpieces to the soft glow of the Twinkle Star LED string lights, every detail creates a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere. Picture yourselves exchanging vows under a stunning wedding arch, surrounded by lush greenery and wildflowers. As you walk down the aisle, your eyes will be drawn to the wooden seating card displaying your guests' names, and the sweet fragrance of the desert-themed wedding cake will fill the air. Memories are made amidst the antique doors, mirrors, and picture frames that adorn the venue, reflecting the love and joy that surrounds you. So, let your imagination run wild and create a wedding that is truly rustic and breathtaking, leaving both you and your guests in awe of its beauty.

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