Unleashing the Charm of Industrial Home Decor: Inspiring Ideas and Elements

Are you ready to add a touch of rugged sophistication to your living space? If you're drawn to the charm of exposed materials, raw wood textures, and a dark and moody ambiance, then industrial home decor is the perfect style for you. We have curated a collection of industrial home decor ideas that will transform any room into a captivating and edgy sanctuary. From industrial entryway ideas to modern industrial kitchens, get ready to embark on a journey through the world of industrial design. Let's dive in!

Industrial Decor Elements

These are the key elements of industrial decor that you will often come across. You can find the industrial furniture and decor featured in this post from retailers like Restoration Hardware, Wayfair, and especially AllModern.

Exposed Brick Walls

Many industrial lofts have exposed brick walls to give them a rustic and factory feel. While most modern homes cover the original brick with drywall, exposed brick walls have become popular in homes beyond just industrial ones!

Unknown Rustic wood and exposed metal are a key combination in industrial furniture design. You can find furniture in various styles that mix these elements together to create a gorgeous industrial design.

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Metal and Wood Furniture Industrial Decor ElementsUnknown Keeping the raw elements of an industrial space is essential. To achieve that factory vibe, it's important to reveal the raw structure of the space you're working with! Exposing steel beams, pipes, and ducts will give the area an "unfinished" look, which is exactly the industrial vibe you want.

Exposed Metal Ceiling Beams with Brick Ceiling Industrial Living Room DecorUnknown

A Touch of Vintage & Antique Pieces

Industrial furniture often draws inspiration from antique or vintage design. If you can find antique pieces directly, that's even better!

Vintage Furniture Industrial Style Concrete Floor via VTWonenVTWonen You won't often find bold and bright colors in industrial spaces. Stick to a metallic color palette like silver, gray, and gold, with some browns and dark navy blues.

Silver Metallic Color Palette @amberinteriors@amberinteriors

Distressed Leather

Adding distressed leather to an otherwise cold, metal industrial space is essential for warmth. You'll often see lots of distressed brown leather sofas in industrial living rooms.

Distressed Leather Armchair Vintage Industrial Decor Living RoomUnknown

Bare Edison Bulbs

When it comes to industrial lighting, the edison light bulb is king! Companies like Schoolhouse Electric are popular for creating beautiful lighting fixtures using bare bulbs in their industrial designs.

Cage Lighting

Cage lighting is another trendy industrial lighting option. This type of lighting wraps metal bars around the lightbulb to form a "cage" around it.

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Large metal dome pendants and table lamps are also commonly used to illuminate industrial spaces.

Large Metal Dome Pendant Lights via WestwingWestwing

Open Layout

Industrial interior design takes inspiration from large warehouses and factories, so it makes sense that industrial homes would have an open layout to allow for free movement. Large spaces with expansive floors are ideal for creating an open layout in your home.

Open Layout Loft Space Industrial Living Room Decor via everythingelzeeverythingelze

Copper Cookware

Copper pots and pans can bring warmth to your industrial kitchen. They also add a charming vintage vibe.

Silver Metallic Color Palette @amberinteriors@amberinteriors


Concrete countertops, floors, and other design elements are becoming popular in industrial homes. Concrete, typically dark gray, pairs nicely with different metals and woods. Concrete floors and walls are a common feature in warehouses and storage spaces, making it a truly industrial style material.

Concrete Countertops in Industrial Kitchen with Exposed Brick Walls and Rustic Wood Panels via @cavainterieur@cavainterieur

Draftsman Task Chairs

The industrial draftsman task chair is a must-have in any industrial-style home. These metal chairs are frequently used by craftsmen and artisans when working on artistic or engineering projects. Nowadays, architects and artists also appreciate working from these chairs.

RH Draftsman Industrial Task ChairRH

Coffee Table on Castors

A rolling factory table can serve as a coffee table in your living room. These coffee tables on castors are commonly found in industrial-style living spaces.

Coffee Table on Castors via Renee ArnsRenee Arns

Black Grid Frame Windows

If possible, opt for large black frames for your windows that form a grid. These windows are reminiscent of factory spaces and warehouse windows. They also allow plenty of natural light to enter.

Large Black Framed Windows via Paulina ArcklinPaulina Arcklin

I hope this post has provided you with more insights into industrial interior design and how to achieve that factory chic industrial look in your home! There is much more to discover about industrial decor, and we can't wait to share our top recommendations for industrial furniture and decorations with you on Curated Interior.

Industrial Entryway Idea

A wood and metal hall tree combines form and function to create a stylish welcome in this modern entryway. Multiple hooks and a shelf provide practical storage for shoes and coats, while a wooden bench seat offers a spot to sit and tie your shoes. The industrial materials are softened with a striped blue area rug, adding a whimsical tone and brightening up the otherwise neutral space.

Industrial Shelving Decor

If you don't want to commit to permanent fixtures or furniture, you can incorporate touches of industrial style through decorative accents on bookshelves. These built-ins are styled with a mix of galvanized containers, textured wicker baskets, and rustic wood crates, repurposing salvaged materials into shelf decor.

Exposed Wood Ceiling

In this white dining room, an exposed painted wood ceiling and rustic plank floors create a casual atmosphere. Industrial white metal chairs contrast with an ornately carved antique-style armoire, while a rectangular pendant light adds color contrast and clean lines to modernize and elevate the space.

Floating Pipe Shelf

Give traditional white wainscoting an industrial twist with a floating pipe shelf. Its raw, utilitarian appearance adds a design element to this bathroom, and the wood surface is perfect for displaying seasonal flowers and storing small items. The pipe mounting frame also doubles as a unique towel bar.

Industrial Kitchen Lighting

Warm brass pendants add a touch of elegance to this modern rustic kitchen. The classic industrial light fixtures are complemented by a trio of swivel stools, a wood island, and a white subway tile backsplash, creating a welcoming and warm heart of the home.

Industrial Bar Cart

Instead of incorporating permanent industrial fixtures, consider adding a touch of industrial style with a versatile and movable item like a bar cart. Use trays and bowls to organize bottles and bar accessories while adding texture to the cart.

Industrial Bathroom Decor

Add industrial decor to your bathroom by incorporating a reclaimed wood vanity, black metal hardware and lighting, and a repurposed glass cabinet. These unique pieces bring visual interest to the space, while floor-to-ceiling white subway tiles brighten the room. An unexpected black painted ceiling adds a chic touch that echoes the charcoal gray floor tile.

Industrial Farmhouse Bathroom

Industrial farmhouse styles complement each other beautifully, as both embrace raw and rustic elements with a limited color palette. This charming farmhouse bathroom features a black wall-mounted sink, plain white subway tile, warm wood flooring, and a collection of antique-style gilded gold mirrors.

Exposed Materials

This kitchen's open floor plan, rustic wood beams, tall windows, and minimalist color palette exemplify industrial design. Warehouse-style brass pendant lights make a bold statement and emphasize the island as the central point of the room. A limewashed brick backsplash extends to the ceiling, reminiscent of exposed brick that's a quintessential part of the industrial aesthetic.

Modern Industrial Kitchen

Incorporating a few industrial pieces into your kitchen can elevate its style. Metal counter stools, leather dining chairs, and distressed metal pendant lights above the island add interest and texture to basic white shaker-style cabinets, creating a visually appealing effect while maintaining a neutral color scheme.

Raw Wood Materials

Black metal and raw wood are a classic combination in industrial design, and open shelving provides an opportunity to incorporate both into your kitchen. Square-shaped white and gray tiles serve as a neutral backdrop for these pipe shelves, while a bold black and white star-adorned tile adds a pop of graphic pattern.

Dark and Moody

Glossy black tiles, a black window frame, and a rustic wood ceiling and vanity create a moody atmosphere in this stunning powder room. The industrial features are accentuated by a statement pendant light with an oversized exposed bulb that perfectly suits the style and adds lightness to the other darker materials and finishes.

Industrial Home Decor Ideas

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15 Must-Know Industrial Design Elements

Happy curating!

Incorporating industrial décor elements into your home can add a unique and sophisticated touch to any space. From the welcoming industrial entryway to the stylish exposed wood ceiling, each detail plays its part in creating a distinctive atmosphere. Consider adding industrial shelving for a practical yet decorative effect, or opt for a floating pipe shelf to showcase your favorite items. Enhance the ambiance further with industrial kitchen lighting or a sleek industrial bar cart. Don't forget about your bathroom, where industrial farmhouse décor can truly make a statement. By utilizing exposed materials and raw wood finishes, you can create a modern industrial kitchen that exudes a dark and moody vibe. So, whether you're a fan of rugged charm or minimalist elegance, these industrial home décor ideas are sure to inspire your inner designer.

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