"Unleash the Ultimate AC Valhalla Ostara Festival 2022 Experience: Your Complete Guide"

Festival time has arrived in Assassin's Creed Valhalla with the Ostara Season event! Experience the joys of Spring in Ravensthorpe with non-combat and combat-involving quests that will keep you entertained throughout the event. This year's edition takes place from April 21st to May 12th, 2022, and includes familiar activities from the previous year such as egg hunts, decorating the settlement, and aiding village protection. You can even help the May Queen find a new crown and earn Festival Tokens to exchange for cosmetic items and other rewards for Eivor. Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the Ostara Season event.

What is the Ostara Season in AC Valhalla

The Ostara Season is a free update for all players who own Assassin's Creed Valhalla and is available on all platforms simultaneously. The event celebrated in Viking mythology is part of the Wheel of the Year, which is an annual cycle of events cherished by pagans all over the world, even today. It is typically observed on the Vernal Equinox Day, also called the Spring Equinox and marks the moment of exact balance between light and darkness. The Ostara Season in AC Valhalla allows you to enjoy and participate in numerous spring festivities and earn Festival Tokens to purchase cool items from Norvid, the festival vendor.

Ostara Season Quests Guide

Several quests are available during the Ostara Season event, some of which can be completed multiple times. You will automatically receive a notification upon logging into the game during the season, which begins after completing one story arc in England - either Grantebridgescire or Ledecestrescire. To participate in the event, make sure you have updated your game to Patch 1.5.1 or higher, which also introduced the Transmog feature.

How to Start the Ostara Season Event in AC Valhalla

The Ostara Season event is set to kick off on April 21st, 2022, and will introduce minor changes from the previous year. Upon logging into the game, a notification will confirm the beginning of the event. To join in on the festivities, make sure you have updated your game to Patch 1.5.1 or higher.

What is Ostara in Viking Mythology

Ostara is the second of three spring festivals on the Wheel of the Year, which celebrates the balance found in nature's extreme seasons. Although typically celebrated on March 20th on the Vernal Equinox Day, the exact date and time varies from year to year due to a small misalignment between the Gregorian calendar and the Earth's rotation around the Sun. The festival is not only specific to the Vikings, but many pagans all over the world partake in this springtime celebration. For more information on this festival, check out wiccaliving.com.

Participating in various activities during the festival will earn you Festival Tokens, which can be used to acquire cool tatoos, settlement decorations, bird skin, and more from the seasonal vendor in Ravensthorpe. Some quests and activities are recurring from the previous season, Yule event, while others are brand new and complement the Ostara season, such as the Egg Hunt and May Queen's crown.

Look for the quest-givers NPCs situated in the eastern parts of Ravensthorpe, and talk to one of them to start your desired quest or activity. A detailed walkthrough for each quest, including how to initiate, finish, and receive awards, is available below.

Getting Festive

When you arrive at the Ostara festival grounds, stop by the vendor Norvid for a brief orientation and to browse the items available for trading in return for your Festival Tokens. Norvid will also provide you with a mini-quest to decorate the settlement. Place five settlement decorations in various locations throughout Ravensthorpe, using the pedestals marked for this purpose. It is possible to replace an existing decoration or place a new one in an empty spot. However, placing various decorations in the same spot multiple times does not update the quest's progress. After decorating Ravensthorpe, return to Norvid to receive 50 Festival Tokens.

The May Queen

To start the May Queen quest, speak with Mayda, the girl next to the wooden throne, who is dissatisfied with her current crown. Eivor is requested to hunt down an immense wild beast to obtain a new, more appropriate crown for the May Queen. The quest marker leads you west from the settlement. Upon arriving at the marked location, utilize Odin's Sight to track the animal. You will soon discover a man hiding atop a large rock. The mighty wild beast, a chicken, is relatively harmless, and defeating it should be easy. After defeating the chicken, return to the farmer on top of the rock and bring the new crown to Mayda, earning you 140 Festival Tokens.

Braun's Folly

Speak with Braun to embark on Braun's Folly, a regular quest that may be repeated. You have most likely encountered this quest in other regions of Norway or England during your previous adventures as Eivor. Beat Folly in a drinking game by consuming more and faster drinks than he can. This contest follows the typical Drinking game of AC Valhalla. Outplaying Braun will earn you ten Festival Tokens, and you can replay indefinitely.

Viking Brawl

Talk to Sunniva to initiate Viking Brawl, a typical melee brawl fight minigame. Although you have already experienced similar fights during your adventures, the new and distinctive feature here is that each defeated opponent earns you Festival Tokens, but if you choose to continue battling, you must gamble the tokens you've earned in previous fights. Defeating future rivals will earn you more Festival Tokens, but losing the fight will cause you to drop all of your earnings in this impromptu tournament.

Between each fight, Eivor must drink ale, which helps restore lost health during the brawl but also weakens their focus. After a few consecutive fights, Eivor will no longer be able to focus on their opponent, who will grow stronger and stronger. To succeed in the later rounds, patience, quick reactions with dodge and parry, and smart and swift maneuvering are essential. The most potent and efficient attack in the later rounds is running and jumping to strike with both legs. This attack causes opponents to lose focus for a few moments or, better still, fall to the ground for a few seconds, during which you can land a few free punches.

If you manage to endure the grueling challenge of ten rounds, each tougher than the last, victory over the final boss, a hulking behemoth by the name of Goliath, will anoint you Champion. This accolade brings with it 140 Festival Tokens as a reward and opens access to "The Sparring Siblings" showdown for future brawls. The best part is that the quest is repeatable, so you can go on indefinitely.

The Revolving Range

If you participated in the Yule festival a few months ago, the rules of this mini-game will be familiar. Speak with Thyra, who is situated at the festival grounds' northern end on a wooden bridge, to begin. With only two minutes on the clock, your objective is to shoot as many targets as possible as they shift towards and away from you. Whenever a flurry of targets swerves towards you, take aim rapidly to hit as many as you can. Blasting a target before it swerves back scores you additional points. The smaller the target, the more points it earns you. The center of the target need not be your aim, and the red marker, which lags periodically, need not be waited for.

Emerging triumphant from the Revolving Range yields 40 Festival Tokens. And you may play it as many times as you like while the event persists. Moreover, Thyra can be pitted against you in the Viking Brawl mini-game.

Spirited Shielding

Only during the hours of darkness will the mission commence, and you can use the in-game wheel to fast-forward time and meditate until the cycle changes. Speak to Alvis to begin.

The adventure kicks off in the settlement's northern section, on the other side of the lake. Once you arrive and wait for nightfall, Ake will arrive to take Alvis's place as your guide.

Phase One entails lighting up eight firepits outside the settlement. To locate their positions, either use your bird to spot them or follow the directions below:

  • Once you've arrived at a pit, interact with it by clicking or manually light the torch and stand near the flame.
  • The first firepit is in the middle of the lake only a few meters south of the quest's starting position.
  • The second pit is behind the old river raiding building's dock, near the river, in the southernmost section of the settlement.
  • The third firepit is on a cliff in the farthest eastern part of the settlement.
  • The fourth pit rests atop a hill on the opposite river bank, south of Ravensthorpe.
  • The fifth pit lies south of the blacksmith's building on the structure's southern side.
  • The sixth firepit is to the side of the large tree in the graveyard.
  • The seventh pit perches atop a cliff by the waterfall, gazing over the Seer's Hut in the settlement's northwest corner.

The eighth firepit lies directly west of the seventh pit. Jump from the cliff and cross the wooden bridge to reach it.

Once all flames are lit, return to Ake, who will lead you to a nearby hill. Wait for nighttime and interact with the Foul Totem to battle the summoned spirits.

Finally, speak with Ake to bring the quest to a close and claim your 140 Festival Tokens.

Egg Expedition

Speak to Alwin in the festival grounds to commence the Egg Hunt quest.

Here are the notes containing the clues for the eggs:

    Undoubtedly the most protracted and complex quest of the Ostara season event in Assassin's Creed Valhalla requires you to locate fifteen egg-filled baskets. Two papers in your inventory provide clues to six of the eggs, while the remaining nine are up to you to find.

    Uncover the hiding spots of all fifteen egg baskets using the keen sight of Odin, but beware of their deceptively sneaky locations. If you'd rather not go on a wild goose chase, fear not, for I have listed their whereabouts below.

    Whenever you're in proximity to an egg basket, listen out for a curious hissing sound and keep your ears open for Eivor's remarks about being in the vicinity of one.

    One egg basket can be found right beside Norvid's shop, and yet another is slyly concealed behind the majestic May Queen's throne.

    The third basket is cleverly nestled beneath the "Twirling Targets" quest's targets.

    Venture up onto the rooftop of a small hut located adjacent to the festival's brawl ring area to find the fourth basket, while the fifth can be acquired atop a larger hut in the same area.

    You'll find another basket amongst the goods peddled by Reda's shop.

    There are two egg baskets in the Longhouse, one lying on the ground besides the western entrance, and another perched atop the wooden beams.

    The third egg basket in the Longhouse awaits discovery on a wooden beam by the building's eastern facade.

    The next basket is nestled next to the grand tree standing tall outside the Stables, while another can be found atop one of the stone columns tucked away behind the Longhouse at the Museum.

    Make your way to the Blacksmith's workshop to spy one egg basket lying on the ground, and another can be found at your ship's docking point.

    The fourteenth basket can be collected by the lake in the northern settlements, adjacent to a picturesque waterfall.

    Finally, the last basket is conveniently located right beside one of the firepits used in the "Spiritual Defense" quest in the graveyard.

    Upon finding all fifteen egg baskets, seek out Alwin to claim a prize of 140 Festival Tokens and unlock the ability to challenge him in the Viking Brawl mini-game.

    Ostara Festival Vendor Showcase

    Feast your eyes on the updated April 2022 vendor rewards menu, including discounted favorites from the previous festival.

    Head on over to the Festival Grounds, where the vendor resides and has an exciting mini-quest for you called "Decoration Duties", described in full in the previous section.

    Norvid's shop resides at the southern end of the Festival Grounds, where you can purchase all manner of cosmetics and skins at varying prices.

    Settlement Decorations

    The settlement decorations mirror those from last year's festival, but can now be purchased at a reduced price.

    Small Hog Log – 20 Festival TokensSmall Fairy Trap – 20 Festival TokensSmall Floral Shrine – 20 Festival TokensSmall Floral Arrangement – 20 Festival TokensPowerful Tree Warrior – 30 Festival TokensVictorious Tree Warrior – 20 Festival TokensTree Spear Warrior – 20 Festival TokensTree Warrior – 30 Festival TokensMossy Faced Tree – 100 Festival Tokens

    Tattoo Cosmetics

    The same set of Ostara-inspired tattoos from 2021 are back, but at a much lower price.

    Arms Ostara Scheme – 50 Festival TokensHead Ostara – 50 Festival TokensTorso Ostara – 50 Festival TokensBack Ostara – 50 Festival Tokens

    Hair Cosmetics

    The hairdressing options on offer are the same as last year's festival, and they too have been discounted for your pleasure.

    Flower and Floral Festival Gear

    Looking for some fresh festival styles? Check out these Flower Hair and Floral Hair options, available for purchase with just 15 Festival Tokens each. Choose from Blonde, Light Brown, Dark Brown, or Red options, all perfect for adding a touch of nature-inspired flair to your look. And for those who want to really stand out, go for the Flower Beard option and make a statement!

    New Gear for 2022

    Get ready for the new year with two brand new gear options: the Vernal Bow and the Spear of Renewal. These items are exclusive to 2022 and can be yours for just 160 Festival Tokens each. The Raven-inspired Vernal Bow is flawless and perfect for sharpshooters, while the Wolf-inspired Spear of Renewal is also flawless and ideal for close-range combat.

    Opals Bundles for 2022

    Ubisoft is offering a new way to purchase Opals this year through festival tokens. Check out the three different bundle options and pick the one that suits your needs: 75 Opals for 230 Festival Tokens, 50 Opals for 180 Festival Tokens, or 25 Opals for 100 Festival Tokens.

    Ubisoft’s 2021 Free Gifts

    When the Ostara festival launched in Spring of 2021, Ubisoft gave out some amazing gifts to players as a thank you for their support. Here's what you could have received:

    • Godly Reward – Altair Outfit

    Get your hands on an original Assassin's Creed Altair outfit for Eivor! To claim this package, simply click on the tab in the lower right corner of your screen while on the main game screen. Once you log in, the outfit will be transferred to your character. Use the AC Valhalla Transmog system to style Eivor however you like while still enjoying the strongest set bonuses and weaponry of your choosing. Keep in mind that the Altair torso outfit may currently be unavailable in the Transmog section of Gunnar’s shop, but you can still equip it as a standard torso item and look just like the franchise's original hero.

    Yule Festival Gear Set and Cosmetics

    The Yule Season brought some fantastic gear options and cosmetics that are now available to you for free. Show off your festive spirit with this set and complete your look with all the extras available.

    300 Festival Tokens Gift

    Get 300 Festival Tokens just for logging in to the game during the event! Use them to purchase anything from the Festival Vendor and enhance your Valhalla experience.

    Ubisoft's store may have some pricey items, but they definitely know how to give back to their fans. Their free gifts are a testament to their appreciation for the amazing community surrounding Assassin's Creed Valhalla.

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