Twenty-three Christmas Decoration Concepts for Tiny Houses and Apartments

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If you want to make your home look like Santa's workshop but don't feel like spending your Saturday morning trying to fit a 7-foot tree into your studio, you're in luck. You don't need a mansion to get into the holiday spirit; campers, studio apartments, and bungalows of any size will do.

The trick to perfect Christmas decorating for a small space is to downsize and get creative. Keep in mind that huge Christmas trees and boundless garlands aren't the only ways to decorate your home for the holidays; string lights, figurines, branches, and baubles can all add a special touch, too. and tapestries can be used to fill your home with the joy of the season without taking up valuable floor or wall space.

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Looking for a low-cost approach to holiday decorating? Take advantage of the Christmas cards your loved ones have sent you this year. To quickly and easily decorate your home for the holidays, check out Aimee Weaver Designs's tutorial for making a Christmas card hanger.  

You can make it feel like a white Christmas no matter where you are, be it Miami or Manchester, Vermont. Whether your living quarters are large or small, these snowflake stickers from Amazon will add a festive touch for very little outlay.  

Sadly, there isn't enough space for a real Christmas tree like the ones you probably had growing up. No worries This Grandin Road find is perfect for those who want a Christmas tree but don't want to sacrifice floor space.

This tiny California RV is a perfect illustration of how even the smallest of spaces can be decked out for the holidays with a little creativity and effort. Miniaturize the things you would normally decorate with (like wreaths and trees)

A Chicago loft shows that even if you don't have room for outdoor lighting, you can still decorate your home with strings of lights. Lights hung from the ceiling create instant atmosphere and take up very little room.

For an instant holiday makeover, take a cue from this Dallas home's elaborate mantel. Avoiding the hassle of figuring out where to put bulky holiday decorations by finding a dedicated spot for things like Christmas trees and menorahs in a compact living room by keeping them confined to the vicinity of the fireplace

Small changes can have a big impact. Winter elements, such as a tapestry, candle holders, and a wreath hung over the kitchen island, are present in every room of this tiny apartment.

Bedrooms are usually overlooked when it comes to holiday decorating, but this Austin home proves that it should not be ignored. A simple garland can brighten your mood and send you off to sleep with visions of sugarplums.

For those who prefer a more understated approach to holiday decor, the front door is the place to make a statement. This contemporary Christmas tree decoration is sophisticated yet uncomplicated; it will please even the most sparsely decorated homes. For the holidays, there is no shortage of door decorating ideas that won't take up too much room.

If you want to get into the Christmas spirit but don't want to commit to a large pine tree taking up an entire room corner, consider decorating with smaller tabletop trees and potted plants instead. Put in a reindeer ornament and your flora will be holiday ready.

Choose a fake tree that is the same color as your wall paint, and it will blend in and give the impression of more space without preventing you from enjoying the holiday spirit.

Even a modest effort can have a significant result. You won't need to relocate your ottoman just because of this small but mighty bottlebrush tree collection; it will still pack plenty of colorful punch.

One of the best spots in your home for holiday decor could be that odd nook by the laundry room or outside the kitchen door. Why not put your Christmas tree here if there's nothing else? Just make sure nobody is going to trip over any gifts by clearing a path.

You might not want to choose a hip, mid-century modern tree for your farmhouse. Make do with what you have instead by going for a style that complements your current furnishings. In this way, nothing will be superfluous or out of place. Such as this charming Dallas residence with its trendy, rustic-meets-Scandinavian tree

Try substituting a few sprigs of Douglas Fir or another pine tree for your typical weekly bouquet from Trader Joe's for the month. It's gorgeous, appropriate for the season, and incredibly refined for a confined area. The needles can even be decorated with trinkets.

Put your seasonal decorations on your bookshelf. You can easily transform it into a Christmas tree wonderland by removing a few of the current decorations and replacing them with festive replacements. An invigorating dose of holiday cheer!

To be sure, even your bar cart can evoke the spirit of the holiday season. To re-energize your shopping experience, take a cue from this Chicago condo and stock up on seasonal liqueurs, coffee fixings, and warm-weather tea bar accessories.

If you prefer more minimalist decor, a shining star can serve as a constant reminder that it's almost Christmas. The simple yet stylish lantern can be found at the end of the hallway in this English cottage or hung over a table.

Although the tree in Charlie Brown's apartment received negative feedback at first, this Chicago condo demonstrates how adorable (and manageable) a similarly small tree can be. Make it look like it did in the movie by decorating it with a giant blue ornament or wrapping it in a blue blanket.

Not many people put up Christmas decorations in their dining rooms or breakfast nooks. Yet, as this Long Beach, California, home exemplifies, there isn't a single room in the house that can't benefit from some festive garland or string lights.

The incorporation of a tree into this Dutch canal house's design creates a sense of openness and sophistication. Inviting and festive, this white tinsel tree is decked out in bright ornaments.

Those in search of advice on how to maximize a limited amount of space should consider adopting a scandinavian The beauty of this Vienna apartment is a testament to the power of detail. This living room was transformed into a subtle winter wonderland with the help of a miniature Christmas tree, a small wreath, and a white garland of snowflakes.

Take the poinsettias out of the foyer and put them somewhere unexpected but welcome, like the nightstand. Using the Austin home as an example, we can see how to make these holiday plants function in the unlikeliest of settings.

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