Transform Your Rental into Your Dream Home with These 30 Apartment Decorating Ideas

Most Lovely Things has added pops of warm colors to a neutrally-toned apartment in NYC through the use of a vibrant overdyed rug, wall art inspired by mid-century modern designs, and plush velvet throw pillows in sunset hues of pink, gold, and orange.

This small galley kitchen is situated in a charming Georgian-style Bath apartment from deVOL Kitchens. A small, cafe-style breakfast bar for two has been placed beside the window, forming a cozy nook for having a cup of coffee or a meal.

Fantastic Frank recommends choosing multipurpose furniture to save on space and minimize visual clutter in a small apartment. High-end Murphy beds that double up as sofas or compact dining tables that double as sitting areas, home offices, or activity centers are all useful. In this Scandinavian apartment, the bed is pushed into the corner, with the windowsill serving multiple purposes as a bedside table for a lamp and reading materials, while a space-saving wall-mounted magazine rack forms part of the gallery wall.

Desiree Burns Interiors believes that by using darker tones, an apartment bedroom can look and feel more snug. In this bedroom, the wall behind the bed has been painted in matte black to create a grounded effect, with the large window providing plenty of natural sunshine.

Neva Interior Design's photo by Agathe Tissier.

To infuse some color into your cozy dwelling without sacrificing its light and neutral ambiance, opt for gentle natural shades similar to the muted greens and blues in this 205-square-foot studio flat in Paris designed by Neva Interior Design.

Moving on to the living room of this home envisioned by Joshua Smith Inc., a pair of loveseats have replaced a large sectional couch, providing ample seating while working around the room's original layout.

Thanks to the addition of a distinct entry point painted in a warm mustard yellow hue, this Parisian abode by Neva Interior Design spanning less than 400 square feet feels more spacious, lending it a welcoming air and depth when viewed from the main room.

Featuring splendid riverside views of the Hudson River in Hoboken, NJ, the coziest of touches like a bulky wooden dining table and a metal-wood sliding barn door in this apartment from AHG Interiors exude an inviting warmth.

Finally, this chic apartment in NYC designed by Tina Ramchandani Creative boasts a smartly incorporated dark wood accent wall with a built-in recess for a large screen TV that can easily be concealed when not in use.

For renters looking to save money, consider utilizing removable wallpaper behind your TV to help it blend into the background when not in use. You could also create a gallery wall around it to avoid it being an eyesore.

Next up is an apartment kitchen with limited counter space. Try incorporating a lightweight, portable island on wheels, such as the one painted in a soft sage green by Becca Interiors, to add prep space and provide a casual dining spot.

If you're new to studio apartment living and working with a tiny bathroom, a streamlined wet room like the one in Fantastic Frank's Scandinavian apartment may be the answer.

Mirrors are a simple way to give the illusion of a bigger, brighter space. In a West Village apartment, Tina Ramchandani Creative placed two tall mirrors on either side of the bed to reflect and enhance the natural light, creating an enhanced sense of spaciousness.

In small apartment bathrooms, a modern suspended toilet can save space and make cleaning a breeze. Neva Interior Design's bright Parisian bathroom features a sleek toilet with hidden plumbing for an open, airy aesthetic.

Moving on to number 14 out of 30.

Check out this railroad-style apartment adorned with a black and white color scheme, clean lines, and partitions made of metal and glass that define space without compromising sunlight. Fantastic Frank, a Scandinavian design company, is responsible for this elegantly simple and modern apartment.

Number 15 on the list was designed by Tina Ramchandani Creative, and boasts floor-to-ceiling drapes that create the illusion of taller ceilings and grander spaces. The drapes also pair well with solar shades or sheer curtains, allowing light to enter while blocking unwanted views and snooping neighbors.

At number 16, K Shan Design created a stunning bohemian living room complete with a vintage rattan bar cart, where retro drinkware, black-and-white photographs, and plants come together to create a stylish and entertaining decor.

Lastly, in this NYC kitchen styled by Sissy and Marley Interior Design, swapping out a dull or outdated overhead light for a delicate pendant will transform your space in no time. The pendant serves as a statement piece without obstructing natural light or stunning city views, making it a perfect addition to any apartment.

Take your apartment to the next level by adding a one-of-a-kind custom storage wall that can accommodate all your belongings, including clothes, shoes, and accessories, along with a sleek and stylish disappearing wall desk. Check out this gorgeous Parisian mini studio from Caroline Andreoni Interior Design for inspiration.

If you're looking to add character and style to your bathroom, consider a vintage-style sink with a wall-mounted mirror cabinet, like this small bathroom from Becca Interiors. You can create a charming and functional space without sacrificing valuable square footage.

Don't let a dated backsplash bring you down! Try a DIY removable peel-and-stick tile to spruce up your rental kitchen without breaking your lease or budget. A Beautiful Mess offers an easy and affordable solution that will brighten up your space in no time.

For a versatile and open feel, try using an industrial-style glass and black metal partition to create a casual and airy bedroom, as demonstrated by Fantastic Frank in this stunning studio apartment.

Compensate for a lack of natural light in your apartment bathroom with a backlit mirror over the sink. This will add a warm and inviting glow while also providing a flattering reflection. Check out this NYC apartment bathroom from Tina Ramchandani Creative for inspiration.

Looking to create a warm and cozy environment in your apartment but don't know where to start? How about adding a small table and chairs to your kitchen for meal prep and dining. Check out this light-filled kitchen space from Fantastic Frank for inspiration.

Feeling like your apartment needs a pop of personality and spirit? Bubblegum pink walls and a giant neon yellow pencil light sculpture are sure to do the trick. Take a look at this otherwise neutral-toned apartment from Fantastic Frank for some ideas.

Struggling to find enough storage space in your apartment bathroom? Try adding shelving in unexpected places, like a recessed window. Emily Bowser's bright modern bathroom design for Emily Henderson Design provides some inspiration.

If you're lucky enough to have a larger open plan kitchen in your apartment, consider adding a banquette along one wall to make the space feel more inviting. This NYC apartment from Tina Ramchandani Creative shows how it's done.

Adding metallic accents to a small space can make all the difference, providing shine and light. Check out this apartment kitchen from Desiree Burns Interiors for inspiration, where metallic accents are carried throughout for a cohesive look.

Keep exploring with number 28 of 30 below.

This fascinatingly neutral-toned apartment living room hosts a mesmerizing blue painting, boldly displayed, adding a striking dash of color. The living room's design is that of the celebrated and lauded Joshua Smith Inc., whose skillful work moves steadfastly towards the modern, with an eye for trends that could stand the test of time.

Let enthusiasm and personality animate a neutral kitchen space like the one fashioned by K Shan Design — this vibrantly patterned area features removable wallpaper that screams attitude, all while being budget-friendly. It's apparent that the designer fully understood how to integrate an array of colors and bring them all together, adding a touch of bling that makes the space pop.

Achieving a cozy feeling in an apartment living room remains critical, especially when working with limited square footage. This brilliant living room from Joshua Smith Inc. features a small but perfect sectional with arms, creating a sitting area that provides comfort and preserves the area's natural flow.

Allow your style to flow alongside the current trend by embracing quality and long-lasting decor. Depending on the trend, you can effortlessly rotate affordable and trendy accessories, refreshingly updating your apartment's look without breaking the bank or undoing all your hard work.

Decorating on a budget requires strategic decision-making when it comes to the purchase and sourcing of decor and accent pieces. Try sourcing for vintage pieces or obtain high-quality secondhand items, either from local thrift stores or online marketplaces of your preference. Keep sustainability in mind and stay within your budget, knowing you're doing your part in keeping the planet healthy.

Embrace your small apartment's space with respect, understanding that your design decisions will impact your comfort and convenience. Scale and proportion play crucial roles here, especially when incorporating big furniture like beds, dining tables, and seating like couches. Developing a neutral palette to help your space feel open and airy, accentuating it with metallics and vibrant colors, and including mirrors to make your apartment appear more prominent are also design tricks to keep in mind. Furthermore, don't underestimate how fresh greens, ideally adapted to indoor environments, will spruce up and enliven your apartment in no time.

Take a tour of this remarkable NYC apartment, showcasing charming and lavish boutique hotel vibes.

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