Transform Your Home with 51 Cozy Farmhouse Wall Decor Ideas

Displayed in this farmhouse living room, a rustic vintage metal bucket hangs on the wall as a decorative piece designed by Leanne Ford Interiors and captured by Erin Kelly Photography. Leafy green garden cuttings fill the oversized white-washed bucket, aligning with the textured white walls, weathered dining chairs, and pale hardwood flooring to add charm. Alternating the flora with seasonal eucalyptus stems or pine branches allows for diversity, although the bucket appears just as delightful empty.

Moving on to the next idea presented by Ashley Montgomery Design, various vintage-style landscape paintings and empty gilded frames of different shapes and sizes decorate a living room space. Aged with a patina finish, the frames add a sense of character to any modern setting. To achieve an affordable farmhouse aesthetic, Montgomery suggests seeking secondhand frames at flea markets or online, even with visible chips or imperfections that create a weathered feel.

Incorporating functional items for decorative purposes, a painted pegboard enhances storage and display space in a room while retaining a timeless farmhouse atmosphere. This staircase landing pegboard designed by Leanne Ford Interiors, styled and photographed by Hilary Robertson and Erin Kelly, respectively, features hanging baskets, dried flowers, art pieces, and other objects to add warmth to an empty wall without breaking the budget. Rotating these decor elements is an easy trick to refresh the look.

Finally, Michelle Berwick Design displays a light and bright modern farmhouse-style dining room featuring a wooden and metal wall clock with a vintage inspiration from the current market. Clocks like this are a common feature of farmhouse style decor and evoke nostalgia. The addition of such items creates a familiar and welcoming ambiance while maintaining the contemporary feel of the space.

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Becca Interiors

Placing decorative plates on a ledge or wall in your dining room is a timeless tradition of farmhouse style that evokes a feeling of nostalgia and simplicity. To spice things up, Becca Interiors decided to add a row of plates with neutral tones above the windows in the living room. This small, modern twist complements the farmhouse style and gives off a comforting and warm vibe without looking outdated.

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Decorating with mirrors

Mirrors are multifunctional decor pieces that can brighten up any space by reflecting light. Nowadays, a vintage or antique gilded mirror with a rustic look and feel is a staple of modern farmhouse decor. In this contemporary farmhouse hallway, Thistlewood Farms has added a vintage mirror with a gilded frame and mercury glass to a small table, perfectly executing the otherwise simple look while adding panache and charm to the pass-through space.

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Lobster and Swan

Reclaimed materials are sustainable and eco-friendly options that add a rustic and timeless feel to any space. In this English country kitchen, Lobster and Swan has installed a reclaimed wood shelf with a rich walnut stain and decorated it with everyday objects, botanical art, and garden cuttings, giving it a laid-back and cozy feel. Simple brass towel racks suspended from the base provide storage and display for a collection of colorful tea towels.

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Ashley Montgomery Design

Simple yet elegant vintage decor is a hallmark of rustic farmhouse design. Ashley Montgomery Design has installed a vintage gilded bunch of wheat sconce on the wall of this cozy farmhouse room, complete with simple white taper candles. The sleek and refined decor creates an air of sophistication that adds texture to the overall farmhouse aesthetic.

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Design courtesy of Leanne Ford Interiors/ Photo by Erin Kelly

Creating a farmhouse-style kitchen can be as simple as hanging a row of gleaming copper pots from a wall-mounted rack. Whether utilized for cooking or decoration, this aesthetic will add a distinctive touch, as seen in this Pittsburgh kitchen by Leanne Ford Interiors.

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Becca Interiors

For an entry space with a welcoming farmhouse vibe, consider a vintage hat and coat rack, paired with sconces, mounted on a wallpapered wall. Adding a rustic wood daybed-style bench completes the look, like this space by Becca Interiors.

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My 100 Year Old Home

Adding wall decor that exudes a sense of history can be attained by sourcing salvaged items from architectural salvage yards or online retailers. Whether looking for a particular item like an old wheel or clock, or a unique feature from an old room or building, infused archaeology creates curiosity and invigorates modern spaces. My 100 Year Old Home hung vintage porch railing salvaged pieces above beds in a Waco, TX vacation home which added texture to a modern farmhouse-style room.

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Ashley Montgomery Design

Perk up your farmhouse-style bedroom by sourcing affordable artwork from thrift stores and flea markets. A still life painting of fruit mounted on white shiplap walls perches above the headboard and adds warmth, as showcased in this space by Ashley Montgomery Design.

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Crafted by Leanne Ford Interiors, the corner café table of this rural kitchen showcases a slim but exquisite bouquet of blossoms, fastened with cord and hung upside down to dry by the wall. Depending on your preference, you may replace the eucalyptus branches or powerful herbs like rosemary or thyme in the arrangement.

Presenting Ashley Montgomery Design’s painted portrait of a bearded gentleman, taken from the flea markets, thrift stores, and attics scattered all over the world. One can only imagine the stories behind the people in these portraits. Adding this piece in the open-concept eat-in kitchen of your home will bring an atmosphere of antiquity and enigma, and serve as an excellent conversation starter among your guests.

Adornment with wooden cutting boards, regardless of their shapes or sizes, grants the walls with an unmistakable countryside charm, just like in this contemporary farmhouse cuisine from Leanne Ford Interiors. In case you own a variety of cutting boards in different figures, or a vintage set that you prefer the look of but not the use, building a wood cutting board gallery wall can be an exciting project.

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Discover vintage charm in this cozy English country bathroom from Lobster and Swan, complete with an original painted medicine cabinet showcasing decades of wear and tear. The moody black walls create a timeless and soothing atmosphere that invites you to relax while wall decor draws attention, making a statement and imparting a comforting farmhouse feel.

Embrace the fresh, clean look of a modern farmhouse style by limiting your color palette to a variety of white shades. As illustrated in this renovated farmhouse from Leanne Ford Interiors, upcycling a vintage door as a coat rack with hooks and a simple bench for added depth and decoration achieves effortless style while allowing for a blend of different styles, finishes, and furniture and decor from various eras.

Getting the farmhouse look for your open-plan kitchen is as simple as adding a vintage-style dish rack to a shiplap wall. Ashley Montgomery Design demonstrates this with a sleek black metal dish rack that brings modern charm while functioning as an ideational way to showcase dishware and herbs.

Add an eco-friendly decorative touch that delights your senses with natural elements like eucalyptus or preserved flowers. Hung from twin pegboard rails in a bathroom from Leanne Ford Interiors, this decorative style exudes a natural charm and lovely scents, bringing a vibrant farmhouse feel to your home.

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Discover the Liz Marie Blog, where vintage silhouettes interweave with traditional signage and other objects, such as mirrors and brushes, to become an articulated focal point in this elegant modern farmhouse bathroom. The vintage wooden mantelpiece with chipped paint substance is an additional feature that grounds the wall.

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Check out Michelle Berwick Design, where Scandinavian-style wooden round coat hooks capture a graphic vibe that channels modern farmhouse aesthetics, complemented by black-painted shiplap and a sturdy wooden floating bench.

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In this contemporary farmhouse bathroom by Becca Interiors, a combination of vintage-inspired drop light sconces, a polished brass towel ring and simple built-in medicine cabinets work harmoniously as decor solutions.

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Ashley Montgomery Design points out that a simple landscape painting in a decorative gold frame provides a timeless farmhouse-style charm, while pegboards that hang traditional cleaning utensils on the wall lend extra warmth and comfort to your space.

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Thistlewood Farms added a touch of elegance to this modern farmhouse home by installing a collection of mirrors on the staircase wall, creating a charming and characterful space where there once was nothing. Opting to hang a series of smaller mirrors rather than one large one kept costs manageable, and sourcing secondhand and vintage styles from yard sales, thrift stores, or online adds to the collected over time aesthetic.

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Lobster and Swan shows us how to incorporate rustic charm into our kitchen decor with their rows of reclaimed wood open shelving. Functional and stylish, every day items hang from hooks on the wall and double as eclectic displays.

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Kara Mann reminds us that books can add a cozy element to any space. Her cozy Connecticut farmhouse sitting room boasts floor-to-ceiling shelving lined with classic novels, decorated with decorative plates and other charming objects, sure to lure you in on a lazy afternoon of reading.

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For an authentic farmhouse feel, try incorporating vintage or secondhand finds into your decor. Blogger Liz Marie suggests decorating a repurposed wooden shelving unit with neutral-toned accessories such as preserved flowers and a portrait of a horse.

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Ashley Montgomery Design showcases how a touch of greenery can bring a natural vibe to any room. The Glengrove project features tall leafy plants that add height and contrast alongside cozy linens and inviting seating arrangements.

A charming painting depicting a pair of vases overflowing with blooms adorns the backsplash of this kitchen courtesy of Ashley Montgomery Design, complementing the collection of copper pots, as well as the mortar and pestles on display. The resulting ambiance is that of a rustic, country haven that transcends time and place.

Keep your kitchen tidy while adding a touch of vintage farm charm with the ingenious idea by Leanne Ford Interiors. Hang extra folding chairs on a wooden rail attached to the wall, making them readily available while also serving as a tasteful decoration.

Add a touch of the countryside to your urban abode with antlers and trophy heads. This classic farmhouse decor seen in hunting lodges and rural estates, now appears in this historic Rhinebeck, NY farmhouse by AHG Interiors. However, if you prefer animal-friendly options, numerous choices made from wood, fabric, or molded plastic are available, allowing you to adopt the authentic look without compromising your values.

Create a delightful vignette in your farmhouse kitchen effortlessly by combining a DIY distressed vintage-style tin tile backsplash against a modern flower market sign. Take inspiration from My 100 Year Old Home and strike the perfect balance between time-old rustic charm and modern sophistication.

Finally, capture a cozy yet chic farmhouse feel with the ingenious idea by Leanne Ford Interiors to repurpose a vintage tool carrier as a decorative plant holder, as seen in this photo by Nicole Franzen. The result is an effortlessly chic ambiance that exudes an authentic, farmhouse vibe.

To achieve an authentic farmhouse ambiance, aim for an effortless look that doesn't appear overly planned or polished. You can attain this effect by hanging a vintage oval mirror from a simple chain secured by a nail on the wall of your bathroom. This approach gives the space an easygoing farmhouse feel without compromising on style, as demonstrated in a bathroom design from the talented team at Leanne Ford Interiors.

When it comes to wall decor, there's no law that says you must hang it up to be effective. My 100 Year Old Home stepped away from the norm by pushing a vintage French flower rack right against the wall and filling it with a generous supply of faux flowers. The charming rack keeps the flowers organized while filling up a blank section of the wall in the modern farmhouse flower arranging space.

Liz Marie, a well-known blogger, adorned her farmhouse living room by hanging a vintage-style antiques sign above the mantel on the wall, giving the area a timeless appearance. You can source vintage or reproduction signs from flea markets or online.

Renovated farmhouses have a lot of architectural character worth celebrating. Decorators can leverage this strength to create an inviting ambiance in the home. Tyler Karu Design & Interiors, for example, chose to cover the dining room walls of a refined 1700s Maine farmhouse with a jumble of framed art that feels artistic and makes the off-duty room lively and inviting.

Even curvy vintage-style beveled mirrors have a place in creating modern interpretations of farmhouse style. Ashley Montgomery Design demonstrated how this can be achieved by hanging one above a classic wood dresser with a marble top in a mudroom with sage green paint, neutral accessories, a vintage-style rattan table lamp, and a brick floor.

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Add some texture to your modern farmhouse breakfast nook, such as vintage tools, woven baskets, ladles, or fly swatters from Mindy Gayer Design Co.

Unassuming art pieces can bring warmth to your farmhouse kitchen walls. Jessica Nelson Design has illustrated this point with a pair of mismatched paintings in a quiet corner.

Repurposed and upcycled materials and objects can bring a unique and authentic feel to your farmhouse decor. Check out My 100 Year Old Home's vintage crib mattress spring-turned-wall-mounted mug holder for inspiration.

A modern farmhouse feel can be achieved through the use of rustic style open shelving made from dark stained wood and black metal brackets. Check out Leanne Ford Interiors' bright kitchen for an example.

Even a small framed picture can add an effortless feel to your farmhouse laundry room. Jessica Nelson Design uses this technique to complement the shiplap walls, industrial light fixtures, and apron front sink.

For an elegant farmhouse feel, try incorporating a gilded antique French mirror on the wall. Lobster and Swan has done this successfully in their moody English country bathroom.

When sourcing vintage or antique pieces, opt for ones with original paint and finishes. This can contribute to a weathered and lived-in farmhouse feel.

Take a cue from Liz Marie's mudroom and add a wrap-around plate shelf for all your wall decor needs, including vintage coat room signs and a dried wreath.

A round woven basket filled with fresh branches can make a statement on an empty wall, as seen in Jessica Nelson Design's example.

Bring a sense of place and history to your farmhouse decor, as My 100 Year Old Home did with a custom vintage-style welcome sign for a Waco, TX vacation home.

A casual farmhouse vibe is easily achieved with a dark stained wood peg rail, as seen in Mindy Gayer Design Co.'s entry wall.

Functional wall decor pieces that serve a purpose can reinforce a classic and timeless feel, such as the black metal drop sconces and simple brass kitchen towel rod and hooks in Jessica Nelson Design's kitchen.

Add a vintage-style laundry sign and a framed chalkboard for a farmhouse touch in your laundry room, inspired by Thistlewood Farms' modern farmhouse example.

A maximalist take on wall decor, including decorative signage and a multitude of hanging options, can be fun and functional in a farmhouse mudroom. Liz Marie has shown us how it's done.

Whether you prefer rustic or modern farmhouse styles, farmhouse decor is based on a romanticized vision of the agricultural past that celebrates timeless decor accents, weathered finishes, and simple, quotidian objects for a cozy and family-friendly style.

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