Transform Your Bedroom Decor with Modern Bohemian Style

The resurgence of the boho aesthetic is undeniable and does not seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! As a seasoned designer, I am a huge proponent of incorporating a touch of modern bohemian flair into every room I create.

Bedrooms are especially ripe for incorporating this style, as the boho look is effortlessly natural while modern elements bring in clean lines and striking contrast. When merged together, these features create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere perfect for bedrooms.

In today’s article, I will explore ten simple concepts that you can employ to enhance the modern bohemian look in your bedroom. From selecting appropriate color schemes to discovering the best throw pillows and sheets, I’ll provide you with plenty of shopping ideas and inspiration!

It’s important to note that this article contains affiliate links, but I assure you, every item I recommend comes from my heart. You can find my full disclosure here.

To incorporate the

Refreshing your memory, the modern boho style is comprised of ten core elements that I will describe in greater detail throughout this article.

Check out these geometric lumbar pillows for a contrasting look like the ones found at Main Mesa on Amazon. Incorporating light and neutral bedding promotes the light and airy aspect of modern boho décor. White or tan fluffy bedding with cozy throws for added texture yields a comfortable and warm feel.


For a touch of contrasting hues and fun patterns, consider layering several throw pillows.

Take a look at this wooden spindle bed from Target. To achieve a truly modern boho look, implement streamlined and clean lines that represent the modern aesthetic. Selecting a wooden bed with sleek lines like the one displayed above or any of the options shown below will easily accomplish this. The wood tones of the bed frame add warmth to the color palette, preventing a stark atmosphere.

You definitely need to have cozy textures for your modern boho style bedroom. You can accomplish this with the use of throw pillows, blankets, layered boho rugs, and woven wall hangings.Bold paint colors and accent walls are elements that bring drama and vibrancy to your design. It may seem like taking a risk, but it typically pays off big time!To add more character to your modern boho bedroom decor, get creative with the patterns! You can incorporate patterns into your bedroom with the bedding, throw pillows, curtains, blankets, or area rugs.The boho style is all about texture! One of the most quintessential textures that you see repeated over and over in bedrooms with boho style is rattan.You can't have a bohemian bedroom without some sort of plants! There's just something about that natural vibes that get brought in with plants.There are several ways you can incorporate light wood tones throughout your modern boho bedroom - from hardwood flooring to a light wood bed frame.We incorporated a high contrast color scheme into our modern boho bedroom with dark green and white two-tone painted walls, combined with other neutral decor and textiles.

Shop the look: wooden beds

More of our modern boho bedroom can be found here.

A key component of modern boho style is a high-contrast neutral color scheme, usually including black and white. However, black and white are not the only options to choose from.

In our modern boho bedroom, we infused a striking high contrast color palette by using our two-tone painted walls in dark green and white, coupled with neutral decor and textiles. To maintain this aesthetic, we suggest incorporating light wood tones throughout your bedroom. You can achieve this through various means, such as hardwood flooring or a light wood bed frame (like this one from Urban Outfitters).


However, it's important to mix and match different wood tones to avoid uniformity. By pairing light and dark wood shades, you can create a striking and refreshing contrast, as demonstrated by our use of dark walnut stain on wooden coasters in our modern boho living room.

Of course, no bohemian bedroom is complete without some greenery! Plants bring a natural and calming energy to any space, and there are countless ways to incorporate them into your bedroom decor. Even if you lack a green thumb, you can start with beginner-friendly houseplants - they're surprisingly easy to care for! Or, if you're feeling adventurous, try DIYing your own wooden dowel wall planter rack using this tutorial from Vintage Revivals.

For those seeking a low-maintenance aesthetic, opt for faux plants in your bedroom. Here are some fantastic choices!

Browse these options: artificial plants for your bedroom that require no upkeep

Purchase this Anthropologie headboard with woven cane Textures are key in achieving a boho style bedroom. Rattan is a particularly prevalent texture that is often incorporated into bedrooms with boho decor.


This can be achieved through wicker baskets for storage, or cane furniture such as a cane headboard and cane nightstand. There are endless opportunities to imbue your bedroom with this texture!

Do not hesitate to layer other textures as well, for example, with extra pillows, throws, or even layered rugs on the ground.

You may be interested in: Take a look at my preferred rattan furniture and decor, available in this guide!

Browse these options: furniture and decor featuring woven cane


Purchase this Boutique Rugs patterned area rug To add more character to your modern boho bedroom decor, get creative with patterns! You can implement patterns in your bedding, throw pillows, curtains, blankets, or area rugs.

The variety of patterns may feel overwhelming, so start by looking to geometric, Southwestern/Aztec, or vintage designs, as they are frequently featured in this modern boho decor style.

Browse these options: patterned area rugs for a boho ambiance in your bedroom

Discover the striking paint color "Ocean Abyss" from Behr Paint by following this link. Bold paint colors and accent walls can add dynamism and liveliness to your design, and though it may seem risky, the reward is often worth it!

If you're not ready to commit to painting all of your bedroom walls in a dark, bold color, start with an accent wall like the stunning Blossom Silhouette painted wall behind this bed by Clark & Kensington. Alternatively, consider a two-tone wall look by painting only the bottom part of the walls.

A big part of the modern bohemian style is abstract shapes. You can add abstract shapes to your bedroom in several different ways. Whether it is a patterned throw pillow on the bed, a painted arch on the wall, or abstract boho wall decor.

For those who aren't quite ready to use bold colors on bedroom walls, painting furniture such as your dresser or headboard can be a fun way to inject some daring color into your space.

If you're struggling with choosing a color for your bedroom walls, browse these 20 master bedroom colors for inspiration.

Elevate your modern bohemian style by incorporating abstract shapes into your bedroom décor. Consider adding patterned throw pillows, a painted arch on the wall, or abstract boho wall decor like these items available for purchase on Etsy: abstract boho shape printables or skinny dowel bench featured in this gorgeous White Picket Farmhouse bedroom.


Finally, make sure to incorporate cozy textures into your modern boho style bedroom. You can achieve this with throw pillows, blankets, layered boho rugs, and woven wall hangings.

Hesitate not to indulge in the luxury of more than one rug in your boudoir - in fact, why not two or three? Yes, indeed! Layered area rugs are a significant design trend, and you can take a cue from these inspiring layered rugs before discovering the secrets to creating the perfect layered rug look here.

If you're seeking ways to elevate the modern bohemian style of your sleeping quarters, behold these ten methods!

Dabble in the art of greenery, real or artificial, add some new pieces of artwork, or experiment with textured layers in your sanctuary. Alternatively, unleash the inner designer in you and embark on a complete boho-styled bedroom metamorphosis, complete with new furnishings and customized wall colors. We're eager to know your thoughts, so feel free to share them in the comments section below!

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