Transform Your Bathroom Countertop: 9 Simple and Speedy Decorating Ideas

It is surprising that I have yet to create a post on quick and effortless ways to spruce up your bathroom counters! Achieving a luxurious look on a budget can be done with the help of a pretty toothbrush holder and glass jars. Creating a bathroom counter vignette is one of my favorite easy home improvement projects, as it can change the overall appearance of your bathroom counters with minimal effort and time. This is my go-to trick when preparing our home for guests or entertaining. The best part is, you can mix and match these ideas to suit your own taste, color scheme, and style. Here are nine of my top bathroom spruces:

    9 Quick and Easy Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counters

    1. Fresh Flowers and Greenery: A simple glass vase of fresh flowers elevates any counter space and the overall feel of your bathroom. Pick some blooms from your own backyard or purchase a simple flower or two from your local supermarket to add a touch of elegance, even in the colder months. For a low-maintenance option, place a pretty succulent or a beautiful silk arrangement on your bathroom counter.

    bathroom counter with fresh flowers to easily spruce it up

    2. Chic Trays: I never tire of great-looking trays for my home. They are one of the easiest ways to make a counter look neat and tidy, extending to my bathroom counters as well. A decorative tray gives everything a place, from vanity and cosmetic items to beauty products like cotton swabs and cotton balls. Trays add an air of tidiness by making your counters look neat and organized.

    3. Luxe Hand Soap and Lotion: Upgrade your hand soap and lotion bottles to a luxurious brand for a high-end touch on your bathroom counters.

    4. Unique and Decorative Soap Dish: Ditch the plain soap dish and opt for a unique and decorative one instead. It can be a small showstopper on your counters.

    5. Towels: Upgrade your towels to complement your color scheme and style.

    6. Decorative Boxes and Containers: Utilize decorative boxes and containers to store and display everyday items.

    7. Artwork: Add a piece of artwork that complements your overall bathroom style to elevate your counters.

    8. Scented Candles: Light a scented candle to add an aromatic touch to your bathroom counters.

    9. Perfume Display: Place your favorite perfumes on a pretty tray or in a decorative dish for a chic and elegant display.

    close up of flowers and Easy Ideas for Bathroom Counters

    Recently, I came across a lovely wooden tray and it caught my attention. It's amazing how a simple addition to your bathroom decor can transform the space.

    A few years ago we partook in the One Room Challenge and created our guest bathroom, featuring a stunning marble countertop. It's still one of my favorite decor pieces to this day.

    3. Elegant Hand Soap Dispensers

    I am a huge fan of liquid hand soap dispensers for the sake of practicality and hygiene. I use them in all of our bathrooms, including the guest bathroom.

    The best part is that most liquid soaps come in tastefully designed containers. However, if you prefer, you can also choose decorative soap dispensers that match the aesthetic of your bathroom. To me, it's all about adding visual appeal and functionality to the space.

    9 Quick and Easy Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counters

    This image is from our blue and white bathroom renovation.


    4. Personalized Monogrammed Towels

    It's no secret that I adore monogrammed linens, especially hand towels. I've even written an entire post on the topic.

    Monogram Towels

    My go-to source for these custom towels is Etsy. The personalized touch adds a luxurious and thoughtful element to any bathroom.

    5. Indulge in High-Quality Candles and Artwork

    Can you ever have too many candles or pieces of art? The answer is an unequivocal no! Incorporating these elements into your bathroom decor adds character and style.

    Invest in Fancy Candles

    A beautiful candle can also serve a practical purpose, such as eliminating odors or creating a relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, consider incorporating a cute decorative matchbox to complement the candle's aesthetic.

    These are my current favorites.

    6. Personalized Accessories to Beautify Your Space

    Apart from elegant monogram towels, a pretty monogram tissue box cover adds a charming personal touch that can brighten up your space. But of course, style is subjective, and you may prefer a more streamlined and modern accessory. The key is to personalize your space with whatever finishing touches make you happy. There is no limit to what this can mean for you, whether it's framed photos, beautiful art, or a lovely vignette of decorative items such as perfume bottles. Get creative and experiment with different decor pieces to find the perfect fit for your bathroom countertop. You may find that functional items such as lotions, soaps, and even toilet paper can also be quite pretty and add to the overall aesthetic of your space.

    close up of flowers and Easy Ideas for Bathroom Counters

    7. Organization and Storage Solutions

    Keeping your bathroom area tidy and organized is probably the most budget-friendly tip on this list, yet it can make a huge difference in the look and feel of your space. Once you've decided on what you want to display on your bathroom counter, the trick is to neatly store away everything else, especially any unsightly bottles, lotions, and other products that create clutter. Check out this post for more tips and tricks on how to organize your bathroom: How to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger.

    Easy Ideas Bathroom Counters

    8. Elegant Guest Towels

    While fancy monogrammed guest towels are lovely, disposable paper guest towels are much more practical, especially during the holiday months when guests tend to visit more often. Not only do they provide a convenient and sanitary option, but there are also plenty of stylish options available on Amazon and other retailers. Consider setting them out in a clear acrylic holder for a chic and minimalist look, such as these striped tissue box covers.

    9. Attractive Storage Containers and Counter Accessories

    Pretty Guest Towels

    Keep all your bathroom essentials within reach by storing them in attractive containers designed for this purpose. This bathroom vanity countertop organizer set is a great option, but there are endless other decor options available out there to suit your personal taste. Scroll through for more ideas and inspiration and find the perfect set of bathroom accessories to complete your space.


    We hope that the ideas we've presented here have sparked some inspiration for elevating and refreshing your bathroom counters, giving your entire bathroom design a fresh new look.

    PS: If you're in the market for new countertops, be sure to check out this post on the difference between marble and quartz countertops.

    9 Quick and Easy Ideas To Spruce Up Your Bathroom Counters


    More Inspiration

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