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Improve the Ambiance of Your Kitchen

Add some character to a plain kitchen by painting it a cheery hue. New white cupboards contrast with vertically installed, eye-catching yellow subway tiles. Add matching planters, dishes, and pendant lights to finish the look.


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Hanging Pictures

Put up some art on that bare wall in the kitchen. Frames in a variety of finishes, from shiny silver to aged gold, can be combined to great effect. A gallery wall is an excellent home decor choice because you can enjoy its unique aesthetic every time you do the dishes.


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By Using Contrast

The contrast between the white wall cabinets and the dark gray island cabinets in this contemporary kitchen is stunning. The room feels complete thanks to the black-and-white patterned backsplash.


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Kitchen Sink Faucet, Brass

A brass kitchen faucet has a way of making a room feel more refined. To pull the look together, use similar knobs and a pendant light made of aged brass.


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Backsplash in Blue

Changing the backsplash in your kitchen can completely transform the space. This pretty light blue and white design looks great against the white walls and modern open shelving.


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Farmhouse Cooking

The distressed wood island and lantern-style pendant light give this light-filled kitchen an air of country chic. Put the finishing touches on your home's design with rustic elements like wooden cutting boards, glass jars, and old buckets.


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Go Green

The kitchen is a great place to use bright colors. Add some texture and color to the monotone. Jean Stoffer, an interior designer, says of her West Michigan kitchen, "Our eye adjusts to the range, and it all feels right." "The abundant use of green is a statement in design that I anticipate will hold up well over time," ”

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Natural Wood Details

With reclaimed wood shelving, you can make your home feel more cozy and rustic. The open shelving is a stylish way to show off your best dinnerware. White subway tiles with contrasting black grout are installed to add depth to the interior.


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Embellish with Plants

Houseplants that double as wall art are a great way to liven up your kitchen. Herbs like basil and cilantro, which simplify cooking immensely, are easily grown.


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The Big Stuff Deserves Some Glory

Designer Lance Thomas of Thomas Guy Interiors explains how the original shiplap walls and antique Blue Willow dishware contribute to a cozy, homey vibe by working in harmony with the retro-inspired Smeg refrigerator. Having an overflow of dishes on top of the fridge gives it a more cozy, at-home vibe, which I really appreciate. ”


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The Floor Is Checkered

These timeless checkerboard floors are always in vogue. Update the flooring's vintage vibe by surrounding it with all-white furnishings.


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Tradition and Modernity Intersect

The farmhouse sink's base, a repurposed piece of furniture, features weathered wood. According to designer Leanne Ford: "I asked a friend to help me cut up my favorite old table to turn it into the cabinet front." "This cherished relic brought just the right amount of character to the cooking space." ”


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White Is Always A Safe Bet

The neutral palette of your kitchen need not be boring. Natural stone like marble or quartzite, along with pops of wood, brass, and textured accessories like a rug or window treatments, are featured throughout the home of Havenly's Vice President, Creative & Design, Shelby Girard. "I like to add ornamental items that make the kitchen feel like a true living space rather than merely a place to prepare food." Girard describes its aesthetic as "classic meets California cool."


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Use Vivid Cupboards to Make a Statement

Cabinets can be painted any color you like if you're into unconventional design. According to Shelby Girard, VP, Creative & Design at Havenly, "a pop of color can benefit from modern, luxe, and even boho aesthetics." However, blues, greens, and blacks are tried-and-true hues for personality-packed impact, so think timeless rather than trendy. ”


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Set Up a Morning Area

A gathering spot by the window can bring the outdoors in, even to a modestly sized kitchen. According to designer Alan Tanksley, "the corner orientation of the banquettes produces a view inward, toward the soul of the house," as well as "outward," toward the river and kids playing in the yard.

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Low-Maintenance Tile

Mary Patton, an interior designer, makes it a point to use long-lasting, cost-effective materials whenever possible: "For this Houston kitchen, we went with a user-friendly porcelain tile that looks like marble." It is cheap and simple to clean. ”


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Play around with Shiny Extras

The island and matching tile backsplash in Benjamin Moore's Almost Black serve as a striking focal point in this otherwise open kitchen. Brand director of color marketing and development Andrea Magno explains that the tile's high gloss adds dimension and radiance and contrasts well with the lower sheen of the walls and ceiling to bring in another layer of contrast.


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Adaptable Pendant Lighting

Shelby Girard, Havenly's VP, Creative & Design, has funky wicker pendants hanging above her small wood island in the kitchen. Heather Goerzen, a member of Havenly's Creative & Design team, explains, "They can be positioned in a number of ways, or extended straight out." I adore the poles' unique arc. ”


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Multi-Surface Splashback

The use of texture is essential when designing around neutral colors. Beth Diana Smith, the designer behind this kitchen, didn't stop with the cabinets. Smith explains that they framed the window with a textured backsplash, painted the waterfall peninsula's back black, and installed stunning walnut counter stools to add visual interest and depth.


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Assign Shelving for Decorative Items

Cabinets don't have to be strictly functional. Allison Caccoma, the designer, set aside some space above for knickknacks like flowers, vases, and other trinkets. She explains that because "kitchens are full of cabinetry and millwork," adding a few decorative accents "softens the room."


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Exhibit Ceramics

Caren Rideau of Kitchen Design Group installed a marble backsplash with inset tiles from Portugal to complement the homeowner's ceramics collection, which are displayed in the cabinets.

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Harmonize Wood Shades

A cypress wood ceiling adds warmth to this Charlotte, North Carolina kitchen. Designer Gray Walker says, "My clients, a young, modern family, wanted a kitchen that felt more like a living space." "The corner banquette has a clean, modern upholstered back and seat with French legs, and the island has a Louis XVI leg, making it feel more like an antique." ”

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Upholstered Bench

Designers' go-to solution for a warm and inviting kitchen is banquette seating. Increase the eye-catching potential by incorporating a number of decorative pillows and high shelves on which to showcase a collection.


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Relaxing Spot

The best way to make use of a kitchen nook is with built-in seating. Pile on some decorative pillows in a fun pattern.


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Daring Seating

Chairs (or stools) can do wonders for a room. in a vivid shade Here you can see how well they go with various kitchen gadgets.


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Appealing Wooden Particulars

Elevate a white kitchen with wood accents in varying shades for a country feel. Add some pendants and other brass accents to finish off the design.


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Framed Blackboard

Putting a chalkboard panel on the side of your refrigerator is a fun way to add some character to your kitchen and make the kids happy. You can use this space to keep track of your weekly purchases.


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Exposed-Wall Exhibit

Having open shelving allows you to showcase your interior design skills. Put in all of your favorite kitchen storage and presentation items, such as glass containers, white plates, and more.

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Traditional Colors

According to interior designer Kevin Dumais, "Add warmth to a kitchen with a versatile paint color like Benjamin Moore's Sag Harbor Gray, which takes on a different tone as lighting changes throughout your home throughout the day."


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