Top 43 Easy-to-Make Halloween Door Decorations for the Front Door

1 of 43 A Door Into A Horror Novel There were horror novels before there were scary movies. If you're going to be trick-or-treating as a literary figure this Halloween, why not incorporate some classics right onto your door? To create the book's door, we used long,

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A Door Into A Horror Novel

There were horror novels before there were scary movies. If you're going to be trick-or-treating as a literary figure this Halloween, why not incorporate some classics right onto your door?

To create the book's door, we used long, narrow rectangles of kraft paper in a variety of colors (red, gray, and black). Write the names of books on the paper. Use gold paint pens to outline the letters. Use a paint pen or gold acrylic paint to fill in the outline. Use double-sided tape to affix to the door. Put in a big bushel basket and a doormat with buffalo checks.

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Giant Ballooning Spiders

If you want to decorate your door for Halloween without making anyone too uncomfortable, try using a balloon spider.

Body: Blow up one big black balloon for the body and one little black balloon for the head. The spider is made by joining the two balloon knots.

Legs can be made by wrapping eight pieces of uncurled wire hanger or 12-gauge craft wire with black faux fur and gluing them in place. Bundle your legs by twisting the ends of four lengths together. Finish the remaining four repetitions.

Put the spider together by tying a black pipe cleaner around the twisted tips of the bundles of legs. In order to make the spider's "neck," wrap the pipe cleaner around the knots in the balloons. Hang from a fishing wire wrapped around the leg.

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Pumpkins, Chopping Block

Use orange wood stain on round wood cutting boards to make pumpkins. Leaves and twigs can be made from green kraft paper and green pipe cleaners, respectively.

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Moss Wreath That Drips

Wrap a wreath form in dripping moss, and hang it from your front door with a skeleton hand and black ribbon for a tastefully understated spooky accent.

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Decor Informed by a Corn Maze

You've visited the pumpkin patch and the corn maze and now you have everything you need to make a beautiful and elaborate fall door decoration. Incorporate mums into apple baskets, stack hay bales for height, frame the area with corn stalks, and station a welcoming scarecrow by the front door. One victory for door decorations

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Suspended Skeleton with Hood

The eerie door decoration requires no DIY skills to make. Easy as going to the craft store, picking up the right supplies, and sticking them to the door. Put plastic spiders on gauze strips or town fabric and wrap them around the door frame for a unique spin.

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A Garter Made of Snakes

Fake snake wreaths are sure to spook trick-or-treaters this Halloween.

How to Make: Weave rubber snakes together with hot glue and attach them to a grapevine wreath.

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Decorating a Graveyard

There are many methods for transforming a standard door into a terrifying gateway, but we find this morgue concept particularly unsettling.

Put together the Morgue Door by spray-gluing three 20-by-30-inch foam core sheets. Cover the exposed foam core on top with black paper cut to size and affixed with spray adhesive. Between the first and second foam core pieces on one of the shorter sides, insert the rectangular piece of two 6-inch stainless steel T-hinges and "screw" it in place. Screw in a 6 1/2-inch handle on the other end. Wrap silver duct tape around the foam core, folding the excess to the back. Put in two more exits Attach to the front of the house using industrial strength Velcro. Make five caskets out of dark gray and black kraft paper. Use red acrylic paint to spell "morgue" on gray coffins, then use double-sided tape to attach them to black coffins. Suspend a plastic chain from the ceiling and hot-glue coffin cutouts to it to create a spooky effect. Add a "Swiss Cross" doormat and a plastic pedestal planter painted Titanium Silver by Rust-Oleum.

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Retro Mask Garland

Are you at a loss for what to do with last year's Halloween masks? Sculpt them into a one-of-a-kind wreath.

To create the mask wreath, gather 10–15 vintage paper masks in a variety of colors from online retailers like Etsy or eBay. Use a small amount of hot glue to adhere to a 18-inch craft ring, stacking and overlapping the pieces as you go.

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Candy Cones in a Ring

While it's tempting to stuff your face with Halloween treats, remember that they also make great decorations! A prime example This beautiful floral wreath

Construct the Candy Wreath by accumulating a wide range of retro candies in warm fall hues like yellow, orange, and magenta. Fasten a length of white ribbon around a 14-inch foam wreath. Hot glue candies on, overlapping and layering as you go. Wrap it up with a sunny burlap bow.

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A Set of Broomsticks for Your Front Door

What better way to celebrate Halloween than with a spooky broomstick wreath on your door if you're dressing up as a witch this year? It is recommended that you coordinate your costume with the party's decor.

To construct the broomstick door, one must drill a tiny hole into the handle of two large outdoor brooms. Nail the front door shut with five small nails. Put two brooms in the holes so that the bristles are facing up. Thread the bristles of a third large broom and two small "witches brooms" over the remaining three nails and hang them. Put out a "Spirit Board" doormat and black plastic Greek urn planters.

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Wreath of Spiders

It's guaranteed that this wreath will give your guests the creeps. If you're brave enough to step inside.

The Spider Wreath can be made by tying six pieces of white string across a foam wreath form measuring 14 inches in diameter, with each string looped at the halfway point of the first piece attached to form a central point. This is the hub of the network, and it needs 12 "spokes" to function properly. You can make a web by tying a long string to the middle and weaving and looping it outwards. If you run out of string while weaving, simply attach a new length to the end. Tie off when you reach the final point of the wreath shape. Adjust the height of the twine to make the web's holes more or less uniform. White burlap ribbon should be wrapped around the wreath form, and fake spiders should be glued on with hot glue. Attach a length of white burlap ribbon to the form's loops and hang.

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Halloween Door Candy

Need some help deciding what to hang on your door? Use traditional Halloween candies as muse.

To create the Candy Corn Door, simply make a quilt out of candy corns. Using acrylic paint (we went with orange, mustard, cranberry, and gray), paint broad stripes on heavy artist paper. When dry, divide into triangles of uniform size. Get some matching colored paper and cut it into a 2-inch strip. Affix to the door with double-sided tape. Throw in a "Lobster Rope" doormat and some whitewashed woven planters.

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Traditional Harvest-Themed Door

The decorations on your door need not be terrifying. Pretty pumpkin and harvest-themed prints from yesteryear will still make you think of Halloween.

Construct a Harvest Door by printing vintage-style autumn seed packets on 8 1/2 by 11-inch cream paper. Stick to the entrance using double-sided tape Put a pumpkin doormat and a planter made from old crates outside.

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A Witch's Wreath

The simplicity of this wreath's construction will astound you. Using only a few simple items, you can bring your eerie masterpiece to life (cue madcap laughter).

Create a witch wreath by slicing 150 6-inch-long pieces of black grosgrain ribbon into a 2-inch width. In order to create the ruffle effect, fold the strips in half and attach them to a 16-inch foam wreath form with straight pins. Construct a witch's outline using a sheet of black kraft paper. Put it on a round piece of clear acrylic that is 16 inches in diameter and secure it with double-sided tape in the middle. Secure the acrylic circle to the back of the wreath form with hot glue. Wrap things up with a big, fluffy bow.

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Constructed from a Web

You can decorate your door with one or more of these easy cobweb wreaths this Halloween.

To create the wreath, stretch artificial cobweb over the inner ring of an embroidery hoop measuring 12 inches in diameter and secure with the outer ring. Remove any surplus of web from the back, and adorn the front with a few tiny plastic spiders.

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Door with Gilded Pumpkins

There's no rule that says Halloween door decorations have to be terrifying. Instead, give off a posh air by decorating your home with these gilded pumpkins.

Take the lesson.

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Everywhere you look, there are eyes searching you out.

Passers-by will be watching your front door and potted plants. Pupils can be made out of adhesive-backed felt and glued onto a variety of Styrofoam balls or half-spheres for a fun craft project. Peepers can be stuck to the door with double-sided tape or skewers can be used to place them in plants.

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Constructing a Spider Web Wreath out of Paper

This eerie black paper wreath is shaped like a snowflake.

To create the wreath, fold two sheets of black paper accordion-style (making about a 1 folds (each one at 5 inches), and then fold each of those in half lengthwise to make two pieces. If you want a pointed tip when the fold is opened, cut the top corner diagonally. Next, on each end of the segment, cut three rectangles out of the paper, leaving about a half-inch in between. After cutting and folding the paper in half, a tight knot should be tied in the middle. Using a glue stick, secure each folded paper's loose edge to the one next to it. When you do this, the paper will unfold like a spider web. Use hot glue to fasten a fake spider to some twine, and then hang it.

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Creepy Foyer

Add a layer of moss, spiderwebs, and creepy critters to your front porch, and finish it off with a threatening tree trunk by the front door.

Construction of the Door: Tape brown kraft paper to your door, then cut out holes for the knob and handle. Make a face out of black construction paper and attach it with double-sided tape to a piece of kraft paper. White craft paint can be used to create the appearance of wood grain by drawing curved lines around the face and then vertically on the door. In order to add some verdant flair to your front porch or steps, you can use preserved moss. Sprinkle pumpkins on top.

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Creature-Inspired Door Wreath

You can confidently approach even the youngest trick-or-treaters with this fluffy purple exterior. (That grin and those winning brow hairs steal the show.) )

How to Create a Monster Door: Paint black circles on two 8-inch foam half balls for the eyes; set aside to dry. White-out accent paint Create fake eyelashes and eyebrows out of black foam. For a wreath that measures 12 inches in diameter, use three yards of faux purple fur, cut into two 16-inch squares, and glued together with hot glue. Put the eyeballs in the middle and the eyelashes across the top with glue. If you want to hang them, tie a string across the back of each eye. Fur taped to the frame of the door using double-sided tape

Eyes can be hung on Command Hooks and placed above the door. Place eyebrows with tacks or tape. Attach foam cones, painted to look like teeth, to the top of the door frame using double-sided tape.

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Do not use as an exterior wall hanging

Only true believers in Halloween should venture into this haunted cemetery. Seriously, though, you'll need serious dedication to pull this off. Cardboard "wood" planks, green "slime," and even miniature gravestones are just the tip of the creepy iceberg here.

Cover the door with spider webs and tape them in place. Construct a wooden-looking backdrop by cutting cardboard into slats of varying widths. Put up two slats and after they dry, paint a "Keep Out" sign on them. Stick bolts to each individual cardboard square. Slats taped to the door

Place tombstones on and around the stairwell. Connect the two door lights with the plastic chain. Hammer in nails above it, then loop a chain through the loops. Put some duct tape on the end of two wooden dowels and cross them to make a ghost. Drape a sheet over the Styrofoam ball and spear it onto the dowel for the head. Two eyes can be cut out of black felt and glued or drawn onto a face. First, insert the bottom dowel into the floral foam block. Put two rocks on top of the foam (under the sheet) to anchor the ghost in place and position the sheet so that the ghost is facing the door. Prepare vinyl sheets to resemble dripping green slime. Stick tape on the walls of the stairwells

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Door Hangings Featuring Crows

In October, you can't swing a cat without hitting a bat. Add some mystery with some black crows to the mix?

Visit Idle Wife for the guide.

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It's the Witching Hour!

This charming front porch is taken to a whole new level by the use of black and white. It will get your neighbors in the Halloween spirit without scaring them.

Learn how at Tatertots Jello.

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Decorations for the Door that Say "Boo"

This leaf-covered door is accessorized with Fun-Kins, artificial pumpkins that can be carved.

To create the Boo Door, cut two Fun-Kins in half lengthwise with a utility knife. Get some BOO stencils printed and cut out. Simply use a pencil to trace each letter onto a cut Fun-Kin. Apply gold enamel paint inside lines using a small paintbrush and allow to dry. Command hooks allow you to attach to a door.

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Costumed Trick-or-Treater Entrance

Are you in need of some last-minute Halloween decorations? Wrapping paper, scissors, tape, and hooks are all that's needed to make this declaration visitor-ready.

Make a Jack-o'-lantern Door by covering the door in orange wrapping paper and securing it with masking tape. Make a face out of gold glitter paper (eye, nose, and mouth), and tape it to the door as shown. Use a craft knife to make a small hole in the top of large pumpkins. Simply insert the twigs and leaves and firmly push them in place. Wrap fishing line around the branches, and use a nail to fasten them to the door. Spray adhesive onto miniature pumpkins; sprinkle with glitter; allow to dry. Place planters containing cabbages and pumpkins atop the stairs. Put in some fake crows and secure them with fishing line if necessary.

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Flying Glamorous Witch

This Halloween door decoration is made from glittery materials, so it will shine brightly in the light of your front door.

Good Housekeeping has the how-to guide.

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Welcome to the Bat-Infested Front Door

If you're going to do a Halloween display this year, you might as well go all out and batshit crazy.

Find out how it's done with the guide.

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Carved Skull Wall Decoration

With the right styling, a set of skulls from the dollar store can look both spooky and stylish.

Visit Pneumatic Addict to learn more.

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Crash Witch

For the foundation of this adorable craft, you'll need a round plastic laundry basket.

The Alison Show has the how-to, so check it out!

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