This article will show you 12 different ways to use wicker baskets as decorative accents.

The use of wicker baskets is a fantastic idea if you're on the lookout for novel ways to give your home a more inviting feel. There is a wide range of sizes available, making them useful in many contexts. 12 unique ways to put wicker baskets to use at home Enjoy

Two baskets ready to be cleaned

Using wicker baskets is a fantastic idea if you're looking for novel ways to give your home a more welcoming feel. They are available in a wide range of forms, making them suitable for numerous contexts. You can use wicker baskets in a variety of ways around the house, and here are 12 of them. Enjoy

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Because I've recently fallen in love with using wicker baskets as home decor, we'll be discussing some strategies for doing so today. Actually, I've had a long-standing crush on baskets. LOL

Now, you may be wondering what it is about wicker baskets that I find so endearing. They're inexpensive, can be found in abundance at thrift stores, and add a dash of personality to any room's decor.

Now that I've come clean and hopefully won you over to the joys of basket decorating, let's take a look at some of the many ways wicker baskets can be used as decorative accents around the home and some tips for doing so.

Wicker baskets: a guide to ornamentation

Where wicker baskets look most at home are

  • Tables for beverages and conversation
  • Shelves for above fireplaces
  • Tables for dining
  • Bookcases
  • Up on the top of the massive pieces of furniture
  • Where the cabinets meet the ceiling
  • Decorative Cabinetry for the Kitchen
  • In-Wall Shelving for the Toilet
  • Affixed to pegs or hooks

There are countless ways to use baskets as decorative accents in the home, but I'll break it down for you.

Use of wicker baskets as table decor

To furnish your living room, you can choose from a wide variety of coffee tables. If you want to display books or other objects, try using a wicker tray. Put the remotes in a wicker basket and set it on a table next to the couch. Instead of a traditional magazine rack, you could use a wicker basket.

Decorating with wicker baskets on a coffee table

This tiny white-painted basket is nested inside a larger woven basket, and it adds a nice touch to our living room. If you want to give an old wicker basket a new lease on life, I explain how to paint them in another post.

Useful Wicker Baskets as Mantel Ornaments

My husband and I recently decorated our spring mantel with wicker baskets. Put fresh or artificial flowers in smaller baskets and display them on the mantel shelf or hang them from the front.

Hanging basket on end of fireplace mantel filled with spring flowers of dogwood

We hung a smaller hanging basket on the wall above the mantel because I am so fond of these decorative accents.

Decorating above our mantel with wicker basket

Our mantel has been decorated for the autumn season with baskets for many years. The look of fall is perfect for wicker baskets. They are very versatile and can be worn at any time of year. Hanging this shallow basket or any of the flat baskets from the wall is a breeze.

Decorating with wicker baskets over a mantel

Stylish Arrangements for the Centerpiece

Centerpieces can be made quickly and simply by placing objects in wicker baskets of varying sizes. You could do what I did and put a pitcher of water in a pretty basket full of flowers.

Wicker basket centerpiece with charcuterie board under it

There is a plethora of options available to you for adorning your dining table.

Using Wicker Baskets as Bookcase Ornaments

A bookcase is one of my favorite places to display baskets. These massive wicker baskets are a wonderful addition to any bookshelf because of the personality and charm they bring to the room. Also, you can put things inside of them. Keeping spare towels and a warm blanket in a tall basket is a great idea.

Put baskets on your bookcase or other furniture, especially old and antique baskets like my bushel basket. I found this basket when thrifting and antiquing. In a different entry, I go into more detail about adorning with secondhand goods.

Decorating with baskets over a bookcase

Put a picnic basket on top of a bookcase. For convenient and attractive concealed storage, consider this sturdy basket.

Decorating a bookcase with a wicker picnic basket

To further embellish the basket, place a small wreath atop it.

Wicker basket with small wreath on top

Having a decorative basket with a lid, like a picnic basket, can simplify the process of preparing for a picnic. All you have to do is grab it when you're ready to leave and go If you are looking for a picnic idea, we used this basket in a post about a vintage tea party picnic.

Use of Wicker Baskets as Home Decor

Baskets are only useful in the kitchen. Don't forget that baskets, in addition to looking nice, can be put to practical use. I keep dish towels in this decorative basket that I hung over my fridge.

Wicker basket storage for towels

No one could have predicted that. Right

And wicker baskets are ideal for cabinet organization. How lovely they are!

Wicker baskets storage decorating

If you're looking for more kitchen organization tips beyond the use of storage baskets, check out my recent post! One can find more attractive and original methods of arranging

Also, wicker baskets can be used to store and organize office supplies and papers in a home office.

For added decoration, I adore using hanging baskets. To illustrate the use of miniature baskets in decoration, consider this And it's convenient for when I want to set the table for dinner with my family.

Tiny basket for decoration in a farmhouse kitchen

The French market basket is one of my favorite types of hanging baskets. In addition to being a beautiful addition to my kitchen, this decorative basket is used frequently. Fresh flowers are one of my favorite things to put in it, but I find myself using it so frequently that it is usually just empty.

French Market basket hanging on a wall

Wicker baskets can be used for both decoration and storage in a bathroom.

Let's go into my bathroom now, where I keep all my toiletries in pretty Ikea baskets. They look lovely on the wall and will help me solve a storage issue in our tiny bathroom.

Master bedroom paint color repose gray

Put your keys in a wicker basket and place it on the console table by the front door so you can always find it.

Wicker basket with a hanging light fixture

Not all woven storage containers are meant for display. Hanging a wicker basket light next to a bed, above a desk, or next to a chair in a reading nook is another option.

How to make an upholstered headboard from an old metal bed and bleached drop cloth

It's a fantastic way to brighten your space without taking up valuable real estate on your nightstand or work desk. Not to mention, you can whip up this basket pendant lamp in no time.

Concluding Remarks

As you can see, wicker baskets can be used in a variety of creative ways for home decor. Since baskets can be woven from a wide variety of materials, you have a lot of design leeway.

If you're in the market for some new baskets, heed my advice! Stores sell new baskets that can be used. Some of my go-to spots to buy baskets from are: Walmart, Target, Homegoods, Ikea, and Amazon. I shop for wicker baskets on Etsy and at local thrift shops and garage sales when I need a secondhand basket. I frequent antique shops and am always on the lookout at secondhand stores and yard sales for old woven baskets.

To get the most out of a secondhand basket, consider cleaning it before buying. I've written a post detailing the best practices for caring for wicker baskets, including two different approaches. When you clean an old basket, you'll be astounded by the difference in its appearance.

All right, so now you know how to decorate with wicker baskets and where to find them. To spruce up your home for little cost, consider using baskets as decorative accents. It's true that some baskets can cost a small fortune, but remember that you don't have to break the bank to bring some rustic wicker basket charm into your home.

It's time to start decorating, so go get some baskets. Have any questions about decorating with wicker baskets? Leave them for us below! Last but not least, do you have a cherished wicker basket of your own? Describe it and show me how you use it if you do; I'm curious about any decorative items you may have.

My best wishes for a wonderful day to you

To Your Decorating Success!

Use wicker trays to display books and other decorative items on coffee tables. Smaller baskets can be nested inside larger ones.

You can place smaller wicker baskets on the mantel shelf or hang them in front of the fireplace, as we did, to hold fresh or artificial flowers for a cozy and welcoming look. Several decorative baskets hung from the mantle can add visual interest to the wall.

Ideas for Wicker Basket Centerpieces: Put a pitcher of water in the center of a pretty basket and arrange some flowers.

Adding wicker baskets as decorative accents and functional storage space is a great way to personalize a bookshelf. Put a picnic basket on top of a bookcase.

Wicker baskets can be used as decorative accents in the kitchen or for practical storage of items like dish towels or produce bins. Wicker baskets are ideal for this purpose, and they can also be used to store other items in your cabinets.

Floral Hanging Baskets/Use as Is for Running Errands or Decorate with Cut Flowers

Use Wicker Baskets for Bathroom Storage and Decorations Small bathrooms often struggle with storage space, but wicker baskets are the perfect solution.

Not all wicker baskets are meant to be placed on the floor or a tabletop. A wicker basket light is the perfect accessory for illuminating the space around your bed, your desk, or your favorite reading chair.

New baskets can be found at retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, HomeGoods, Ikea, and Amazon. Try Etsy for wicker baskets, and your neighborhood's secondhand shops and yard sales, if you're looking for pre-loved baskets. Look in antique shops, thrift stores, and garage sales for rare, old baskets.

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