This article will show you 10 creative ways to make a dog crate that won't look out of place in your home

built in kennel


Your dog adores you and seeks out your company, sometimes even more than your own children. You may not want to send the right design message by displaying your dog's plastic and wire kennel in a public area of your home. The time has come to give your dog's crate a makeover with one of these kennel decorating ideas that will make even Fido do a happy dance. When redesigning your dog's crate, keep in mind that function must precede form, and choose a layout that is both attractive and secure for your pet.

Traditional dog kennels were "basic wire, no-frills crates" that were "often hidden away in a spare bedroom out of sight of guests," as Mary R. Fleming put it. According to animal behaviorist and AKC Family Dog Director Burch But dogs are such an integral part of our families that the crate scene as a whole has evolved. Coffee tables, end tables, and credenzas made from crates are now available for purchase online from a variety of retailers. You can also make your own versions of those styles.

According to Burch, a dog's furniture-style crate needs to be large enough to allow the dog to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. In addition to being easy to clean and with good air circulation, this is essential. Make sure your dog's muzzle can't fit through the crate's bars if he likes to chew.

By keeping these practical considerations in mind, we present 10 suggestions for improving your dog's indoor kennel so that it blends in with your home's design and allows him to stay right where he wants to be: close to you.

Modify a dog crate for use as furniture 1.

a woman and her dog sit at a table that was once a dog kennel.

Scheidemann, Greg

Creating a simple DIY table could serve as a dog crate if you're limited on space. Jeanette Lockmiller-Stretch went this route so that her Sheltie, Buddy, would feel safe in his kennel while also complementing the decor of her sunroom. With the help of her husband, Mark, she created a skirted table. They worked for two nights and spent around $100 putting together a table with 28-inch-tall legs and a top. To give the piece the appearance of furniture, they stained it with a sun-bleached gray color. Under the table, Buddy's wire crate has found the perfect home. The crate's wire sides are concealed by cafe curtain panels hung from tension rods, which also allow for adequate ventilation. Kristine Kennedy is the stylist.

Second, put a slipcover on a crate.

Dogs can be anxious in their crates, so covering them up may be recommended by their vet as a purely cosmetic measure. This relatively cheap fabric style allows a kennel to blend in with the decor of a bedroom or living room. Create a cover that can be slipped over the kennel and sewn shut. Finally, a desired surface is placed atop the unit, transforming it from a storage unit to an attractive end table. A cover secured by hook-and-loop tabs rolls down when the kennel door is shut. A dowel is secured by being sewn into the cover's lining. Hairstylist: Jeni Wright

Make the dog crate into an oasis by:

island-shaped doghouses


Think about a high-top solution as a cover for your crate if you have a large dog like Honey the Lab who needs a lot of space. Kristina Crestin, the interior designer, came up with the idea of a central island that fits snugly over a wire kennel in the middle of the family's mudroom. With its spacious repurposed maple top, the island is the perfect place to set down purse, keys, and the dog's dinner. When Honey comes in from outside with muddy paws, Crestin's choice of quartzite flooring that mimics the look of slate makes cleanup a breeze. The crate's island vibe is amplified by the string of pendant lights hanging above it. Honey now has a designated hangout spot where she can relax while the kids get ready for school and practice. Andrea Caughey, Stylist

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Add a Crate to Your Furniture

Three Giovani

A Lab and his camera-shy terrier pal have their own kennel built into the wall of their owner's home office. Stacy Millman, owner of SKM Design and an architect as well, fabricated a bespoke, elongated crate to sit across from the homeowner's desk. According to Millman, "the kennel was built for two dogs, but it's based on the size of the larger dog so both could easily stand, turn around, and be comfortable."

The 80-inch long kennel has a depth of 24 inches and a height of 35 inches, providing ample space for two dogs to curl up together or stretch out on their respective beds. It's elevated just a tad from standard counter height for lab convenience. Millman explains, "When they need the dogs to stay inside the kennel, there is a lock built into the floor on the bottom." For air flow, we installed metal grills in the front. "

Above the kennel, Millman installed new upper cabinets to match those in the kitchen, which is just a few paces away. When guests come over, she says, "it's nice to not feel bummed out about your dog's crate taking over your space." Anna Molvik is the stylist. Stacy Millman, SKM Design, is the designer.

5. Construct a Dog Coop in a Rustic Style Indoors

Constructing a kennel into a lower cabinet or counter base and fronting it with painted beadboard creates a chic, farmhouse-inspired look. Use a decorative floor grate like this one you found at a flea market to make the kennel's door. With the help of an indoor/outdoor cushion, you can make a comfy perch for your furry friend to rest.

Use a Crate as if It Were a Piece of Furniture

Laurey W Glenn

With the right ready-made, furniture-style piece, a dog crate can blend in with the design of a bedroom or living room. To create a curated wall display that is tied together by natural touches, simply hang a floating shelf above it to display your favorite artwork and then accent it with pet-safe houseplants in varying sizes. Kendra Surface, Hairstylist Maria Mendez Reed, the designer.

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Here's a simple guide to dog-proofing your house and yard.

Convert a Bench into a Doghouse, Step Seven

The Honest Truth About Marty Baldwin

Why not construct a kennel right in the middle of the living room for the dog that follows you everywhere? One designed for a small dog can serve as seating for the whole family or as a perch from which your pet can watch the world go by. The sides of the crate have been partially paneled for aesthetic purposes, and simple metal rods provide ventilation. (Just be sure your dog's kennel has adequate head and body room.) Cathy Kramer, Interior Designer

Anchor the Crate to an Important Location

Building shelves around a crate and painting it a bright color, like orange, can help soften the crate's otherwise functional appearance. The shelves liven up the room and provide space for displaying items, diverting attention from the shelving unit's wire structure. When it's nap time for your dog or you just want to keep the kennel out of sight, you can simply untie the fabric shade and let it roll down. Decorating the crate-shelf with artwork and complementary throw pillows and a blanket for a nearby chair will help it blend in more seamlessly with the rest of the room's furnishings.

9 Create a Dog Crate Window Seat

construction of a dog house in the form of a window seat

Both Bill Hopkins and James Carrie

It takes forethought to integrate a dog kennel into a high-traffic area like the breakfast room. Pamela Porter, an interior designer, decided to put her dog's crate in the center of a window seat for a multipurpose built-in unit that also included a seat and a table. She finished the millwork on the crate to match the style of the room. At last, Porter could get rid of the ugly metal kennel that had been in the same spot for so long. What's more, the dog can now be found within sniffing distance of any breakfast scraps that may fall under the table. Author: Pamela S. Porter

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10 Turn a Cupboard into a Crate

constructed into a cabinetry dog kennel

Ms. Laurie Black

A lower cabinet in the kitchen or laundry room is an easy place to transform into a comfortable sleeping space for smaller dogs. The important thing is to have enough room in the cabinet for air circulation. Keep it in a safe place, preferably one that is not near any cabinets containing poisonous or hazardous materials. Make a makeshift kennel for your dog by removing the side of a kitchen cabinet. Suspend an adjustable curtain that can be drawn back or left open.

Your pet's kennel doesn't have to look out of place in the middle of your living room if you put some thought and effort into it.

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