There are a plethora of creative ways to accentuate a water feature.

Garden fountain There is no pond that wouldn't benefit from the addition of a water fountain. A garden fountain can be customized to serve your specific needs with just a bit of ingenuity. Source: Acabashi, CC BY-SA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons

A water fountain, a work of art and engineering, is one of the most eye-catching ways to bring nature into an indoor or outdoor setting. It can be an ecologically and aesthetically beneficial addition to any garden. Many people's mental images of fountains include imposing marble structures with sculpted details. However, with careful consideration of decorative details, even a modest fountain can be captivating and long remembered.

Coming up with a unified layout is less of a challenge when you have clear goals and an audience in mind while you design. In the case of water fountains, simplicity is often preferable because the sound and feel of the water itself is a major draw.

The following are some things to think about and some great benefits of having water fountains that can help you achieve a design that is perfect for your space. Also listed are a few suggestions for usable layouts. With just a little bit of imagination, you can come up with a layout for your garden that is uniquely yours and perfectly suited to its function.

There Are Five Things to Think About When Redecorating

1) Situa-

Small outdoor fountain in a back garden Subtle decorations made of natural materials look great around outdoor fountains because they don't steal attention from the vibrant hues of nature. image by gardener41 / CC BY-SA 2.0

To a large extent, the ornaments you choose for your water fountain will depend on its placement. Decorations for an outdoor one, for instance, might include plants that need a lot of light, as well as those that can withstand the elements (such as rain, wind, or snow). One inside can be embellished with inorganic materials chosen more for their aesthetic value than their practical one.

Your fountain's design should also be a reflection of the aesthetic of the space it's in. Avoid decorations that compete for attention with fish or pond plants if your fountain or fish pond is nearby. Decorations that aren't too flashy, like those made from natural materials, can look great outside because they don't steal attention away from the vibrant hues of the natural world.

2) Scale

Small fountain in a pond If you want to decorate a fountain, you should give some thought to the scale of your ornaments. For instance, a smaller fountain shouldn't be masked by bulkier features. Credit: Karen Roe / CC BY 2.0

Decor for small or miniature fountains shouldn't obscure the water's flow or detract attention from it. Instead, life-size decorations can increase the wow factor of large fountains. It's important to know the exact measurements of the ornaments you want to use so that you can picture how they'll complement your fountain's design before you go shopping. Experiment with placement around the fountain if you've already bought items of varying sizes. They can be used to add visual interest in two different ways: larger ones in the background, and smaller ones in the foreground.

3) Style

Small garden fountain with statue To be effective as a focal point in your garden, your fountain needs to be both unobtrusive and eye-catching. Image by anoldent / CC BY-SA 2.0

You should style your fountain (within the constraints of practical design) to complement the aesthetic of your home or garden. Instead, it should be subtle enough to not stand out too much, yet noticeable enough to be an attractive focal point in its environment. Adding a few simple fountains to a very textural area can help bring it closer to nature. In a static room, they can introduce a subtle sense of movement. Marble and other polished stones allow for more intricate ornamentation of fountains. The softness of its form would look great with the addition of ornate sculptures and rough plants.

4) Upkeep

Fountain lit up at night Keep in mind that some additions to a fountain, like lights, can have a hefty impact on your budget. An image sourced from

Make sure you can afford the upkeep and maintenance that the decorations you pick will require. Having lots of lights circling a fountain is pretty in concept, but it can get pricey to keep the electricity going and to replace the bulbs.

To avoid dust, algae, or bacterial mats from colonizing or discoloring their surfaces, some ornaments will also require routine cleaning. Likewise, it may be necessary to perform periodic pruning on vines and other live plant decorations used as accents. You should think ahead to the upkeep requirements of each fountain accessory before committing to their use. This is a case where one's common sense can be extremely helpful.

Fifthly, the influence of the seasons

Frozen garden fountain Extreme weather, like extremely cold temperatures or persistent snow, may be too much for some fountain accessories to withstand. CC BY-SA 2.0 Alexandre Duret-Lutz

It's possible that the purpose of some fountain ornaments is more fleeting than permanent. They can be harmed by long exposure to wet or cold environments. After a year in the elements, they may be completely useless and significantly depreciated. This is especially true for seasonal decorations like plants and organic wreaths.

How to Adorn Outdoor Fountains

One) a wide range of vegetation

Fountain with plants around it Decorating your fountain with plants is a great way to soften any hard edges and add a dash of color. Author: Jo Naylor / CC BY 2.0

Plants are the most suitable outdoor decorations to think about if you feel like your fountain needs a splash of color. There are countless plant and animal species that would flourish in the mist of a fountain. These are a low-cost way to add some natural beauty to your water features while also smoothing over any rocky areas. A beautiful setting for the fountain can be achieved with groundcover plants, while artificial appearances can be concealed with potted plants. Because of their portability, they are also useful for combining seasonal variations of different species.

Other plants that would look nice in and around a water fountain are floating fronds, ferns, vines, grasses, and epiphytes. They are useful because of their ability to insulate the water, reduce the amount of algae, and house passing wildlife. The look of the fountain can constantly change as different flowers bloom at different times of the year, attracting a wide variety of pollinators. In contrast, the use of evergreen foliage ensures that color is maintained throughout the fall and winter months.

The sheer variety of plants available can make it difficult to choose the ones that will thrive in your fountain. Keep your options manageable by focusing on local, water-loving species that are relatively disease-resistant and low-maintenance. Having one of these that can easily take up residence next to a water feature and thrive in the local climate would save you a ton of time and money in the long run.

2) Seating in the open

Square garden fountain with a bench There's nothing like sitting on a bench next to a fountain to help clear your head. Photo by Simon_sees licensed under CC BY 2.0

Who wouldn't want a place to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds of their prized water fountain for hours on end? Garden furniture that won't get damaged by water can be set up near a fountain. From this vantage point, visitors can spend pleasant afternoons basking in the calming effects of moving water. Sitting by a fountain can be very relaxing and could be just what you need to clear your head.

Furniture should be chosen so that it enhances the shape and scale of the fountain. Keeping garden furnishings to a minimum will help a small fountain retain its charming appearance. If possible, choose ones made from more eco-friendly materials like wood or stone. It's possible that fountains with lavish themes and sculptures with vignettes will look right at home next to one another. When shopping for furniture, it's important to remember your primary design goals.

Stones, rocks, and gravel

Garden fountain with pebbles You can give your fountain a more natural look by arranging rocks and pebbles around it. CC BY 2.0 Mark

Rocks of any size can be used to create the impression of antiquity, stability, and weatherproof strength, as well as to add a more natural look to a space. Because of their roughness and organic shapes, they may lend a more architectural quality to water fountains by contrasting the smooth curves and textured surfaces of other materials. These can be strewn around the fountain's foundation, deposited in the fountain's pool, or used to build a panel over which water can cascade.   

4) Splashes of vivid color

Fountain with vivid red flowers Adding splashes of color to the area around your fountain is a great way to draw in guests and give your garden personality. Photos by Listener42 / CC BY 2.0

While modern fountains tend to feature few appliques and muted hues, a splash of bright color is sure to grab people's attention. It can also serve to distinguish the garden by adding personality, surprise, or whimsy. Add a splash of color to your fountain in the form of steel blue irises, a bright red modern sculpture, or a rainbow-colored dragon inspired by Oriental mythology, and you'll completely alter the impression it makes.

Metal water fountain Metal fountains eventually rust and discolor from the elements and spillover. This image was retrieved from

Copper's durability and inherent beauty make it a popular material for fountains and their accessories. A lot of the little frogs and animal-shaped spitters you see in ponds and fountains are actually made out of metal. These may start out pristine and shiny, but they may get worn down and stained over time. If you must, buy high-quality metal objects that won't rust, wear away, and eventually contaminate the fountain's water.

(6) Housing for birds and watering holes

A bird resting by a fountain Your day will be brightened when you see a bird taking a dip in your fountain. Putting up bird feeders and avian shelters can help bring them back. Photo on Pixabay by user GeorgeB2

Numerous species of birds, as well as smaller animals and even deer, are known to congregate around water fountains. Taking in the sights and sounds of a baby bird splashing around in a fountain can be a real mood lifter. It's a great learning opportunity for kids and an unforgettable sight for grownups. Add birdhouses and baths to the area around your water feature to attract more birds. Please keep in mind that if they decide to make your garden their home, you may have to clean up after them.

Connecting Dots

Water fountain with stone path A natural stone walkway is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of a fountain. Image by Mark / CC BY 2.0

One surefire way to get people to visit your fountain is to pave a path leading up to it or around it. Natural stone pathways are great for large gardens because they help visitors find their way. In addition to providing a safe walkway in wet or snowy conditions, it can improve a fountain's aesthetic appeal.

Use local materials whenever possible to maintain a uniform appearance. If your home or fountain has many concrete features, for instance, a stone path may be more aesthetically pleasing than a brick one. No one wants the walkway to draw more attention than the fountain. Instead, it should subtly direct your focus to the water's movement.

8) Statues made of marble

Marble statue Marble statues can be found in a wide variety of forms to complement any size fountain. Credit: photo

Because of their durability, marble statues are often used to decorate fountains both indoors and out. They come in a wide variety of forms, so you can find one that works with the design of your fountain. No need to pick something that looks like it was made using the Trevi Fountain in Rome as a template. A tranquil water feature needs only the tiniest of finishing touches, and a marble frog can do the trick. It would be funny to see it next to its real-life counterparts, some of which are bound to pay a visit from time to time.

Nine) Illumination

Lit-up fountain at night You can illuminate your fountain in a variety of ways, from the traditional white to a kaleidoscope of colors. Picture by Orin Zebest / CC BY-SA 2.0

Nighttime views of fountains and other water features with lighting effects can be breathtaking. For maximum durability, all lighting fixtures, whether installed inside or outside the fountain, should be completely waterproof. Water reflecting or rushing over an outdoor light source can look either very lively or very tranquil. Waterfalls retain their aesthetic value all through the night thanks to lighting and sound systems.

You can find a wide variety of waterproof light fixtures, from simple white to bright primary colors, at aquascaping stores. It is possible to change the color of some of them remotely so that they fade in and out as the night progresses. Even though you probably won't turn these on every day, you should still check their wattage requirements and think about the costs associated with their regular use. Keep in mind that during the warmer months, these could attract a large number of insects.

What a Water Fountain Can Do For You

Frog resting in a fountain In the absence of chlorine or other chemical additives, water fountains provide highly oxygenated water, which is why amphibians sometimes rest in them. Pixabay image by user Greenshire

Similar to other types of water features, fountains are primarily used for aesthetic purposes. They have the power to dramatically alter the ambiance and complexity of both outdoor and indoor environments. They are thought to bring prosperity to a house or garden in accordance with Feng Shui principles. This translates to the fact that they can effectively block out the noise of passing traffic and increase a home's resale price. Both the visual and auditory aspects of these tools are effective stress relievers.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, water fountains also provide many practical benefits for local wildlife. As long as they are free of chlorine and other chemicals, they can be used as highly oxygenated water sources. Fountains in open areas attract a variety of wildlife, including deer, rabbits, birds, and amphibians. And because water constantly moving in a fountain can affect both air temperature and humidity, fountains are a great way to maintain a comfortable environment. All of these advantages add up to improved air quality and a higher quality of life.

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