There are 51 Easy Ways to Decorate a Table That Will Take You No Time at All

The quality of a centerpiece goes beyond its visual appeal. In addition, it needs to be simple to throw together. Why Although it's simple to get overly-ambitious with dinner party decorations, the reality of juggling daily tasks like cooking, cleaning, and laundry means that things rarely go as smoothly as planned. When something is already cooking, nobody has time to put together a complicated centerpiece. And since there are a plethora of easy-to-make table centerpieces that are stunning, you don't need to go to all that trouble.  

Actually, a simple centerpiece can be just as lovely. It's worthwhile to have a collection of simple table decorations in your back pocket because they'll wow guests just as effectively as their more labor-intensive counterparts, but will only take a fraction of the time to set up.

In the following, we have compiled 51 easy table decoration ideas that will completely alter the look of your table with minimal effort. You can rest easy knowing that at least one of the things on your dinner party to-do list is simple the next time you're running late.

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Need some inspiration for your dinner party centerpieces? You should think about sticking to one color scheme. Though it appears restrictive at first, this is actually quite liberating. If all of your furnishings and accessories are the same hue, you can confidently combine them to create a stunning new look.

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A classic option, plants are a lovely addition to any table, but if you want to elevate your centerpiece to the next level, try encasing them in cloches. Glass covers called cloches resemble inverted vases and were originally made to insulate plants from freezing temperatures; therefore, they can be displayed alongside your prized plants with no shame.

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Dining tables aren't complete without a table runner, but if you're looking to shake things up, try laying yours on its side. Set it so that it spans the width of your table rather than the length, and add a focal point there.

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Place a cluster of candlesticks in the center of the table, illuminated by a single color of taper candle. By clustering them, you'll produce an eye-catching splash of color.

Some of the candlesticks can be filled with candles, while the others are left completely empty for added drama.

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Nothing creates a more intimate atmosphere than candles, and if you want to show off your collection in a unique way, try grouping several of your favorites on a serving tray. This method ought to function with any sort of candle, but if you have the means to do so, stocking up on pillar candles of varying heights will give the most visually arresting results.

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If you want to bring nature into your home but don't want to go the traditional route, try Put topiary balls in a pot. Faux-plant balls, or topiary balls, are decorative accents. That's why (you can probably picture them looking like miniature, spherical bushes. Topiary balls are a fantastic decorative accent due to their eye-catching geometric shapes that place them somewhere between a fake plant and a work of art.

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As a low-maintenance table centerpiece, Discreetly drop off some munchies Prepare the table by placing a few items you were planning to leave out on a counter on a decorative tray. A visitor to your home will be delighted by the display, which will also give your kitchen a more welcoming, lived-in vibe.

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Filling a vase with flowers is a failsafe option for table decoration. But if you want to spice things up, you can put flowers in five vases and display them around the room. Just grab five identical vases and fill them with identical flowers to keep things simple.

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Dinner parties and candlelight go hand in hand. In fact, it remains true even if no candles are ever lit in those candlesticks. Don't worry if you've bought lots of candleholders but haven't gotten around to buying candles just yet. Those candlesticks of yours are probably attractive enough to display on their own. Simply arrange them in a cluster in the middle of the table, and you'll have an eye-catching centerpiece.

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Serving utensils are an essential part of any kitchen, and if you have any that are especially lovely, you may want to showcase them. Locate your table's sleekest serving bowl and place it there. There's no need to add any embellishment to it because it has such a sculptural form on its own. It'll be an especially eye-catching accessory if it happens to coordinate with your table.

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Don't pick a favorite between two sets of vases if you can't afford both. Line up the vases in a row and switch them out at regular intervals. You can make a more striking contrast by filling one set with flowers and leaving the other set unfilled. Even if you don't intend for them to, they will make a bold statement.

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Adding a piece of art to your dining room table is a great way to complete the look of the room. Find a diminutive piece of art, such as a statue, bust, or sculpture, and use it as a focal point. Your next dinner party will have a conversation starter that won't die from lack of water or neglect nearly as quickly as cut flowers would.

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Never forget that you can spruce up your dining room without breaking the bank. Check out the current kitchen inventory first. Where did you get such a lovely teapot and cups? Don't put them away; instead, let them set the stage for any unplanned tea parties or midafternoon coffee breaks.

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Although flowers are typically placed in vases, this is not a requirement. Two beautiful vases can be displayed, but only one can be filled with flowers. This unexpected move will make your centerpiece stand out in a crowd, and the resulting height difference between the two vases will add visual interest.

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Since moss is not very tall, it can be used as a focal point even in smaller rooms. You won't have to squirm to see the person in the seat opposite you. Look for a large planter that will fit on your dining room table, and think about stuffing it with moss.  

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Find out if the vase you like comes in a set. In that case, go ahead and make the purchase, and arrange the vases in a tight group in the middle of your table. You can either vary the color while maintaining a consistent vase silhouette, or you can switch up the vase's shape while maintaining a constant color palette.

Shape and color play an important role in making a bold statement.

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Using a runner as a centerpiece is a simple way to dress up a rectangular table. Using votive candles, make a line that extends from one side of the table to the other. The soft light of the votive candles will create a welcoming atmosphere. And because they are so minuscule, they won't be a distraction at the dinner table.

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Table centerpieces typically consist of a jumble of decorative items, and jumbles are rarely neat and tidy. Making your centerpiece on a pretty tray is a great way to bring some decor harmony into your home. Your centerpiece will feel more organized and, potentially, more eye-catching if you take this one step.

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Typical focal point Fruit in a bowl. There's a simple way to increase the visual impact of that focal point. Please bring another bowl of fruit. Don't forget to mix and match bowls of varying sizes. Otherwise, it could be confusing as to which bowls belong in which spots.

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Air plants are both visually appealing and low maintenance, making them an ideal centerpiece plant. Plants that thrive without soil are known as air plants, and they can be displayed in a variety of nontraditional ways. Given their adaptability, they are an excellent option for focal points.

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Much of the time, table decorations serve no functional purpose. A unique focal point is one that encourages participation from the audience. Prepare a bar area and invite passersby to take a seat and mix themselves a drink.

If it's 9 a.m., this may not be a good idea. m ...but it will be a huge hit at your next get-together.

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Impressive center pieces need not be laborious. Keep things uncomplicated by placing one flower in a tall, thin vase. This method has stood the test of time for good reason: it is simple and effective.

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Consider placing a menu holder, or several, on your dining room table to give the illusion that you are dining in a restaurant. Then, post tonight's menu for everyone to see. The alternative is to have completely empty menu holders. (Many are eye-catching enough to be seen on their own, though you may be asked to define them. )

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We recommend treating your outdoor tables with the same care as your indoor ones, and since parties in the great outdoors are inherently joyful, you can afford to go a little over the top with your centerpieces. You could decorate your tables with seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as watermelons and pumpkins in the summer and fall, respectively. Each of these elements will help set the tone for the meal you're about to serve. And since they originate in the great outdoors, they should be able to weather any storm.

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Pick up four flower-filled vases if one seems too simplistic for your tastes. Varying the vase sizes and shapes can add visual appeal. And maintain harmony by using a limited color palette or a single dominant hue throughout.

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While most people use tables for eating, they have many other potential applications. Just make sure you have everything you need to take pleasure in doing the things you most enjoy doing while at the table. Put together a reading nook if you want to spend your mornings savoring a cup of coffee and a good book. You only need a good book, a warm beverage, and something comfy to curl up with.

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Placemats can be used to bridge the gap between a completely empty table and a fully set table. Your table will have more visual interest with placemats than without them. You'll save time setting the table if you already have them out.

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Floral arrangements and potted plants can serve as beautiful table decorations. But if you'd like something less obvious, try setting your table ablaze with a tree.

Naturally, you'll need a small tree for this to work, but any bonsai should suffice.

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Any dining table can benefit from the addition of taper candles, and if you're lucky, you might even find a candle with enough sculpture to use as a table centerpiece.

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Fake flowers aren't your only option if you have a black thumb and can't seem to keep real ones alive. Plant life can be difficult to maintain, but dried plants like pampas grass can be a simple solution. Put a few in a striking vase, and your table centerpiece is complete.

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Although symmetrical centerpieces are the norm, that doesn't mean yours has to be. And without spending an inordinate amount of time or energy, you can create something far more engaging. How Putting two traditional tabletop displays side by side Combine a taller vase with a shorter bowl of fruit for a striking contrast in heights and textures.

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You can have both form and function when adorning your dining table. Putting the table together is a wonderful way to do both. You can save your future self some hassle and leave the table looking put together if you take the time to set it now.

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Table centerpieces aren't complete without vases, but there are so many options these days that it can be difficult to choose. An approach to reducing options Try to find vases that go with the decor of your room. If you use round glass vases and round glass pendant lights, the result will be eye-catching.

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Candlesticks aren't your only option when it comes to showcasing taper candles. If you prefer things to be more neat and tidy, you can use a candlestick tray; just set a few spare flowers down next to your candles, and you're good to go.

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The leaves of the monstera tree are among the most beautiful I've seen. To make a simple and elegant centerpiece, just pluck a few leaves and put them in a vase of water.  

How lovely You can actually start a new Monstera plant from a cutting if you take your time and do it right. Determine where there is a small bump (a "node") on your plant and make your incisions just below it. This node can be used to grow a root that, after being submerged in water and illuminated, can be planted in a pot of soil.

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Some people consider a bowl to be an attractive enough focal point. Although some may find it too simplistic, Those who fall into the latter category can take comfort in the fact that they have choices besides just piling fruit into a bowl. You can dress up the bowl without making a mess of your table by draping a beaded garland over it.

This garland is easily removable and interchangeable, so you can update your centerpiece with the changing of the seasons.

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If you have two beautiful vases and two eye-catching candlesticks, don't feel like you have to pick just one as a centerpiece. Don't hide either one away, rather show them off You can create something truly one-of-a-kind by assembling a centerpiece out of various personal objects. It's important to maintain harmony by varying the heights of the featured objects.

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Stacks of books are a stylish addition to any surface, including the dining room table. Therefore, if a vase full of flowers appears dull when displayed alone, try setting it next to, or even on top of, a small stack of books.

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Take a second look at the pot you planted your new plant in if you aren't seeing the results you were hoping for. There's a good chance it could look better if you switched it out, and doing so might completely transform your room.

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Think about pairing your standard flower vase with something more decorative, like a unique piece of driftwood. Without putting in much effort, this new element should transform your flower vase into a carefully curated centerpiece.

No, not everyone should decorate with driftwood. For that reason, it's important to pick an ornament that fits in with its surroundings. (Here's a pro tip: Bring the outside in by bringing in a piece of your hometown's history or culture. The sight of driftwood brings to mind the beach; what reminds you of home? )

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You must now decide how to best showcase your newly acquired candlesticks. And one great idea is to lay them end to end across the table. Rectangular tables, and especially long rectangular ones, benefit greatly from this method. While standard round tables work best, this trick can be performed on any size or shape of table.

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In search of a visually arresting replacement for the standard fruit bowl Don't bother with a fruit bowl at all. This daring move will get people talking, and by eliminating unnecessary items, your kitchen table will soon have a clean, modern look.

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If you find that grouping things together looks too disorganized, try working with the rule of three instead. Set a tall plant next to a shorter one, and then set a fruit bowl in front of the two that is even lower. A balanced and dynamic arrangement does not need to look exactly like this, but it should feature at least three focal points.

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You have complete control over how overt or understated your centerpiece is. Gather a bouquet of colorful blooms if you need to inject some life into a dull room. Sunflowers are a traditional option, but any bright wildflowers will do.

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Having a table or pedestal to display your centerpiece on can really help to round out the look of your decor. You need not limit yourself to merely decorative trays, though. Place your centerpiece on a pretty kitchen towel if you prefer a less formal presentation.

Assembling the towel into your decor shouldn't be difficult. (After all, most people keep their kitchen towels there.) Plus, it will serve as a foundation for the rest of your centerpiece.

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A vase's capacity plays a crucial role when arranging flowers. It's crucial that both the vase and the flower arrangement be of appropriate proportions. Naturally, you want the two to complement each other. Finding the right proportions can be challenging, but a large, round vase can help you pull off the look you're going for. The disparity in scale should keep the elements from vying with one another, and the vase's spherical shape should give it some presence among the blossoms.

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Adding some texture to a room full of straight lines and solid colors can be as simple as switching up the centerpiece. The use of a wire bowl is a great option for this, and it will look even better if you paint it to complement the existing decor.

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It's a lot of fun to set the table in an unexpected way. However, you shouldn't avoid the classics just because you think you should. The beauty of a few branches arranged in a tall glass vase can't always be matched by more elaborate arrangements.

This method works equally well with dry vases as it does with living ones, allowing you to create a composition that will stand the test of time.

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The fruit bowl has quickly become a staple in home table decor. Nonetheless, the same fruits are frequently highlighted. Fruits like apples, lemons, and oranges, as well as watermelons, tend to be crowd pleasers. Therefore, if you want your centerpiece to stand out, try replacing these traditional fruits with something less common. You'll get people's attention if you set out a bowl of bananas.

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Find a happy medium between a completely set table and a completely empty table if the former makes you uncomfortable. Put out a fresh set of dishes, a couple of glasses, or some recently washed napkins. Incorporating these elements into your tablescape will add flair without overwhelming your guests. And they'll make quick work of getting dinner on the table.

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An eye-catching centerpiece can do double duty as a decorative element and a unifying focal point for any room. To tie the room together, think about coordinating the centerpiece with other decorative elements. A minimalist color scheme of black, beige, and white calls for an equally minimalist centerpiece. Place a few vases together that all have the same color scheme, and let that be your centerpiece.  

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