The Ultimate Guide to the Best Target Home Decor in 2020: Studio McGee Collections, Fall Trends, and More!

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Get ready to elevate your home decor game with the best Target home decor collection of 2020! Studio McGee has partnered with Target to bring you a stunning lineup of stylish and affordable pieces that will transform your space into a magazine-worthy oasis. From lamps to rugs, mirrors to throw pillows, this collection has it all. Whether you want to give your living room a cozy makeover or create a chic and trendy bathroom, the Studio McGee Target Collection has everything you need. Read on to discover the must-have pieces and get expert tips on how to decorate with this fabulous collection.


Montreal Wren Table Lamp

Part of Target’s Project 62 Collection, these table lamps are a great addition to our bedroom in Vermont. The lamp features an off-white ceramic base and a classic fabric shade. Please note that the online pictures make the base appear stark white, but in reality, it has a beige-white tone. What I really like about this lamp is the three-way switch, which allows you to adjust the level of light output, making it perfect for nighttime reading when you don't want too much light.

Textured Ceramic Accent Lamp

I purchased this table lamp last week at Target for use as an accent lamp in our living room. It sits beautifully on a side table next to our couch and is the perfect size. The shade has a natural cotton beige hue, giving the lamp a high-end look without the expensive price tag.

Ceramic Table Lamp

I'm a big fan of these ceramic table lamps because they are perfect for smaller side tables or nightstands. In our living room, I have one placed on a small side table next to our sofa. Since the space is limited, this lamp provides ample light without overpowering the table.

Shop the Collage Products


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From Left to Right: Copperton Wood X Base Console Table | Artificial Hydrangea & Clematis in Pot White/Green – Threshold™ | Block Print Coir Doormat Natural – Threshold™ | Indoor/Outdoor Plaid Scatter Rug Tan – Threshold™ | Ceramic Textured Decorative Bowl Cream – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee | ‘Keys’ Brass Hook Entryway Sign | Decorative Pandan Basket with Handles | Oversized Reversible Jacquard Sham – Project 62™ | Landscape Framed Wall Art – Threshold™ designed with Studio McGee | Border Stripe Throw Blanket | ‘Feels Good To Be Home’ Wood Sign | Woven Tray Wall Decor | Faux Bleached Thistle & Sedum Arrangement | Large Assembled Ceramic Table Lamp

The Multipurpose Bench

Budget Living photo

If you're in search of the perfect indoor seating, consider expanding your options to include patio furniture. Designer Kate Lester highly recommends the Windsor Metal Stack Patio Bench from Target. Priced at $110, this black metal bench is not only stylish but also easy to clean due to its outdoor design. Kate suggests adding a custom cushion to make it even cozier for family dinners.

The Just-Boho-Enough Pendant

Budget Living photo

Maintaining the popularity of rattan, Dee Murphy suggests this sleek Cabana Large Pendant Ceiling Light as a fresh twist on the material. This light fixture provides a modern touch without being overly trendy. Dee recommends pairing it with a contemporary marble table and patterned upholstered seat cushions for a perfect blend of textures.

Mirrors and Wall Art

Round Wall Mirror

Years ago, I purchased this wall mirror for the smaller bathroom in our Rhode Island house. The quality is impressive, especially considering its affordable price compared to a similar one I own from another store that cost much more. This versatile mirror comes in various colors and is a great addition to any living space, whether you choose to use it in an entryway, bathroom, or bedroom.

Wall Art

Although all the wall art I have from Target is currently sold out, I wanted to mention it because Target offers a wide selection of affordable art options. They have many beautiful pieces that are perfect for rental properties. I personally own several canvas prints, and Studio McGee has some excellent wall decor choices available at Target.

Disclosure: This blog may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase something through the provided links. Please note that we only feature products that we personally recommend. Thank you for your support.

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Bath Mats and Towels

Floral Bath Mat

I couldn't contain my excitement when I found these bath mats at Target. They are nearly identical to a bath mat I purchased from Anthropologie years ago, which I absolutely love but has seen better days. I had been searching for a similar option without success until I stumbled upon these. I bought the yellow and grey colors for our bathrooms in Vermont and Rhode Island. These bath mats are incredibly soft and just the right thickness for a luxurious feel. As someone who is quite particular about bath mats, I can confidently say that these are fantastic and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Sun Squad Beach Towel

I purchased these beach towels at the beginning of the summer, and I have been thoroughly impressed with their quality. They are not overly thick but still provide enough absorbency, making them easy to wash and dry. Whether you're heading to the beach or the pool, these towels are versatile and even work well for drying off pets after a rinse. They are available in a wide range of prints to suit your style.

Throw Pillows

Woven Washed Windowpane Throw Pillow

I have a tendency to stick with what I like, and that's why I have these pillows in yellow for Vermont and blue for our couch in Rhode Island. The woven washed design gives them a lovely texture, and the best part is that the covers are removable and washable. The fabric is soft and has withstood washing and drying with ease.

Woven Striped Throw Pillow

This small lumbar throw pillow is perfect for smaller pieces of furniture or chairs. I placed it on the bench in our dining room and also on our sofa in Vermont, and it pairs beautifully with the yellow pillows mentioned above.

Block Print Lumbar Pillow

For our new living room, I chose this cute green pillow, which looks great on our green couch or tan chair in the seating area.

Faux Rabbit Fur Pillow

I couldn't resist buying these throw pillows for the dogs, although they now end up on our couch. They are incredibly soft and cozy, and everyone in our household loves them.


Harwich High Back Windsor Barstool

I frequently receive questions about these barstools (they are also available in counter height). Overall, they have served us well in our Rhode Island kitchen. One of the stools had a minor issue where it came apart slightly, but my husband was able to repair it by nailing it back together. Other than that, these barstools have been fantastic over the years. They have a sturdy yet lightweight construction and offer a stylish look.

Linden Windsor Wood Counter Height Barstool

After months of contemplation, I finally decided to purchase these barstools for our Vermont kitchen. I originally considered getting more of the same style that I already had in the kitchen, but I found them to be too expensive and impractical with their woven seat fabric, which is difficult to clean, especially with a toddler around. I love the look and size of these barstools, and they are perfectly suited for our lower counter height in Vermont. They will be delivered this week, and I will provide an update on their quality. I also bought gripper chair cushions to enhance the comfort of the seats.

Cindy Console

A few years ago, I purchased this console table in brown to use as an entryway table in our Rhode Island house. It boasts a simple and well-made design with a vintage feel and provides decent storage with its three drawers. Although we don't use it extensively, it serves its purpose by holding keys and sunglasses. It has maintained its great appearance and quality throughout the years.

Windsor Bench

It took a while to find a smaller Windsor bench that would fit perfectly in our tiny kitchen space in Vermont. Currently sold out, Target often restocks items, so I always sign up for notifications when something is out of stock.

Harwich High Back Windsor Dining Chair

I have these Windsor chairs in our Rhode Island house, and I highly recommend them due to their unbeatable combination of price and quality. These chairs are sturdy, comfortable, and available in several different colors.

Woven washed throw pillow | The Best Target Home Decor ItemsWoven washed throw pillowWindsor dining chair & Cindy console tableWindsor dining chair and Cindy console table


Hathaway Rug Denim Blue

I absolutely adore this rug that I found at Target. I bought it for our bathroom in Rhode Island and it's absolutely perfect. The colors are stunning, and it has a vintage aesthetic. Plus, the low pile makes it easy to clean, making it ideal for a bathroom or kitchen.

Vintage Persian Medallion Kitchen Rug

During a visit to Target in New Hampshire, I stumbled upon this gorgeous rug that fits perfectly in our Vermont kitchen. I couldn't resist and ended up buying it in two sizes - one for the sink/oven area and a smaller one for the kitchen's sliding door. The best part is that it has a skid and slip-resistant backing, so I don't need a rug pad. It's also machine washable, making it super convenient to clean.

Printed Accent Rug

This rug from the Opalhouse Collection at Target is similar to the one I got for my Vermont kitchen. It also has a skid-resistant backing, making it perfect for the kitchen. I opted for the runner size for our Rhode Island kitchen and a smaller size for the sliding door in the kitchen area. It has a low pile and is machine washable, and the vintage design is simply beautiful. The colors, with light pinks, blues, and greens, add a lovely touch.

Vintage Persian rug | The Best Target Home Decor ItemsVintage Persian RugWindsor barstoolsHarwich Windsor BarstoolsRound wall mirrorRound Wall Mirror

The Classic Chair

Esters Wood Arm Chair, Target ($285)

Featuring a neutral fabric and a timeless silhouette, this budget-friendly chair from Target is a favorite of mine. It's versatile and can be used in various projects, including both of my homes. The beauty of its simplicity lies in the fact that you can style it with anything you want - whether it's a minimalist approach or bold prints, the choice is yours.

The Mini Table

Lanham Marble Top Side Table, Target ($100)

The combination of mango wood and marble in this side table creates a perfect balance. It reminds me of an antique piece you would find in a French farmhouse. Pair it with a cozy English armchair or slipcovered sofa for a charming living room nook that you'll love spending your weekends in.

The Everyday Dinnerware

Stoneware Mini Bowl, Target ($16)

Open shelving in the kitchen is not only functional but also an opportunity to display beautiful pieces. These stoneware bowls from Target are perfect for that. I mix them with other unique pottery I have collected over time to create a curated look.

The Decorative Object

Wooden Oval Bowl, Target ($35)

Though it may seem like a small detail, this wooden bowl is a lovely addition to any display. It looks great alongside more expensive pieces on a bookshelf. Mixing high and low elements is a great styling technique, and this bowl's natural wood tone and unique shape make it a versatile choice.

Studio McGee Target Collections 2023

Studio McGee Target Spring 2023

Refresh your home with the Studio McGee Target Spring 2023 collection. This collection combines soft spring hues, natural elements, and vintage accents to add a charming touch to your home. It offers a variety of light and breezy colors, textures, and materials, from cozy indoor pieces to outdoor items. Explore the must-have items and favorite pieces from the collection to give your home a spring refresh.

Studio McGee Target Summer 2023

Unfortunately, Studio McGee did not release a Summer 2023 collection with Target.

Studio McGee Target Fall 2023

Embrace the fall season in your home with the Studio McGee Target Fall 2023 collection. This collection is all about bringing cozy fall vibes into your home with warm rich colors and beautiful furniture pieces. Explore the must-have items and favorite pieces from the collection to create a warm and inviting autumn atmosphere in your space.

Studio McGee Target Christmas 2023

Create a festive home this holiday season with the Studio McGee Target Christmas 2023 collection. This collection is designed to bring festive vibes into your home with rich textures, elegant ornaments, and lush natural greenery. Explore the must-have items and favorite pieces from the collection to transform your home into a Christmas wonderland.

What Can You Find in the Studio McGee Target Collection?


The Studio McGee collection at Target offers a range of stylish and modern furniture options that are perfect for any home.

Here are some examples of the best furniture in the collections:

  • Coffee tables
  • Console Tables
  • Accent Tables
  • Decorative Storage Cabinets
  • Bookshelves
  • Ottomans
  • Benches
  • Accent Chairs
  • Nightstands
  • Dining Tables
  • Dining Chairs
  • Beds
  • Desks
  • Sofas

Wall Art and Mirrors

The Studio McGee collection at Target includes an assortment of wall art and mirrors that can add a finishing touch to any room.

accent artwork studio mcgee targetFrom statement-making abstract paintings to vintage-inspired prints, there is wall art to match every style. The collection also includes mirrors in different shapes, sizes, and styles.

artwork on console table studio mcgee targetNo matter if you want a large statement mirror or a small and stylish option, you can find plenty of choices in these collections.


The Studio McGee collection at Target offers a selection of lighting options suitable for any home.

lamp studio mcgee targetFrom stunning pendant lights and chandeliers to floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces, there are lighting options for every space.

Area Rugs

The Studio McGee collection at Target offers a variety of area rugs that can add warmth and texture to any room.

From plush and cozy options to sleek and modern designs, there is an area rug to suit every style. With a range of materials, sizes, and patterns to choose from, updating your area rugs to fit your home style is easy.

area rugs studio mcgee targetWhether you need a statement piece to anchor your living room or a smaller accent rug, you'll find what you need in the Studio McGee collections.

Pillows and Throw Blankets

The Studio McGee collection at Target always features on-trend throw pillows and cozy throw blankets.

Each new collection offers a variety of pillow styles to choose from, including solids, neutrals, stripes, patterns, and textures. These pieces can easily fit into any home decor style.


The Studio McGee collection at Target includes a wide range of bedding options, including stylish duvets, cozy comforters, quilts, and blankets.

All of the bedding is made from durable fabrics that feel comfortable against your skin and hold up well over time.

bedding studio mcgee targetEach collection offers fresh, new bedding options designed to coordinate seamlessly together, allowing you to create a cohesive and stylish ensemble for your bedroom.

Accent Pieces

The Studio McGee collection at Target is known for its beautiful and stylish decorative objects and accent pieces.

You can expect to find a wide range of decor items, including vases, baskets, bowls, jars, candles, figurines, and more. These pieces can be used throughout your home as shelf decor, tabletop decor, or to create a display in any room.

Wreaths, Greenery, and Florals

The Studio McGee collection at Target often includes a variety of wreaths, greenery, and florals that can add a touch of natural beauty to any space in your home.

This part of the collection usually includes faux greenery and florals in the form of stems, potted plants, wreaths, and garlands. They are a great way to bring a natural, organic feel into your space.

Each new collection includes seasonally appropriate greenery and florals, making it easy to incorporate these pieces into your home decor and celebrate the changing seasons.

Kitchen Items

The Studio McGee collection at Target includes a few kitchen items that are both beautiful and functional, perfect for enhancing the overall look and feel of your home.

These pieces are carefully curated to complement the overall aesthetic of the collection and include kitchen linens, storage containers, and serveware.

kitchen items studio mcgee target

Clearance Section

Don't miss out on the incredible deals in the clearance section of the Studio McGee collection at Target, where you can find budget-friendly options from the previous season's collection.

Take advantage of deeply discounted prices on a wide range of items from the collection. These items are specially marked down after each season ends.

You may find the best clearance deals in your local Target store. With a little bit of luck, you might find the perfect pieces to add to your home decor at a fraction of the cost.

Tips for the Studio McGee Collection at Target

Studio McGee Target Pieces Sell Out Fast!

The items in each collection sell fast. The most popular pieces tend to sell out very quickly. If you see something you really love, make sure to grab it.

Set Target Restock Alerts

If something you wanted is out of stock, you can set an alert on the Target website. That way, you'll be the first to know when it's been restocked.

Simply sign into your account and select the option "notify me when it's back" on a specific item. You will receive an in-stock alert email notification once the item comes back in stock online.

Incorporate Seasonal Pieces into Your Everyday Collection

Just because a piece is part of a particular season's collection doesn't mean it can only be used during that season. You can incorporate some of the seasonal pieces into your everyday home decor.

Many of the items in the collections are neutral enough that they can easily mix and match with your existing home decor style ideas. Studio McGee has created beautiful, foundational pieces that will transition easily with your home through every season.

Swap Target Pillow Inserts

Target pillow inserts can sometimes lack the look and feel of down feather inserts. If you buy Target fall pillows with a zipper cover, you can easily swap out the pillow insert. Pair the beautiful Target pillow covers from Studio McGee's collection with down inserts from Amazon to achieve the perfect fluffy, designer look for less.

How Can You Get the Studio McGee Look for Less?

The Studio McGee collection at Target is a great way to achieve the "Studio McGee" look for less.

These collections offer items with the same style and feel as higher-end pieces from McGee and Co, but at a lower price point. This makes them more accessible to a wider range of customers.

studio mcgee target home decorFocusing on accent pieces that can make a big impact on a room is one way to achieve the Studio McGee look for less. Pieces like throw pillows, rugs, and art can change the look and feel of a room and are often more affordable than larger items like furniture.

The new Studio McGee line at Target allows you to get high-quality pieces that fit the Studio McGee aesthetic without exceeding your budget. By mixing and matching items from the collection with other budget-friendly pieces, you can incorporate some of Shea McGee's signature style into your home, even on a tight budget.

Decorating with the Studio McGee Collection from Target

When I decorate my home, I aim to create a mix of modern, classic, and organic decor and furniture.

I want my home to look intentionally collected, timeless, and beautiful. This helps create a cozy and inviting atmosphere while still looking stylish.

studio mcgee target candle holders and decorOne of my biggest inspirations for interior design is Shea McGee. She has mastered the modern, classic, organic look and always balances a bright, fresh aesthetic with warmth and traditional elements.

I love incorporating pieces from each Studio McGee Target collection into my home. The pieces can fit with any style and transition easily throughout the seasons.

studio mcgee small neutral vase on stack of booksBecause the pieces in the collection are so affordable, they can be used for various purposes. If you want a quick decor refresh, grab a few decor pieces from the Studio McGee collection. If you want a full room makeover, the collections include furniture, modern decor, textiles, and more. You can completely transform a space in your home while sticking to a budget.

studio mcgee white vase on console tableIn general, the Studio McGee collection at Target is designed to be versatile, making it easy to mix and match different pieces to create a custom look that reflects your personal style.

What is the Style of Studio McGee Called?

The style of Studio McGee can be described as modern classic and transitional.

The mix of traditional and modern elements is also known as "transitional" design, which creates a cohesive and timeless look.

A key aspect of Studio McGee's style is their focus on creating fresh and airy spaces. They love to create beautiful open concept homes with natural light and neutral tones.

studio mcgee's styleThis approach makes the homes and spaces they design welcoming, approachable, and comfortable.

Many elements of Studio McGee's designs feel intentionally curated and collected. They are skilled at mixing colors, textures, and patterns to create a cohesive look.

shea mcgee styling bookshelvesStudio McGee also incorporates vintage pieces to add character and personality to spaces. These pieces are carefully selected and integrated into the overall design to create a grounded, authentic feel while maintaining a cohesive and polished look.

Their approachable design aesthetic is perfect for creating beautiful and practical spaces.

Are you thinking about fall yet? It's only August, but retailers are already gearing up for the fall season. The focus for this fall, in particular, will be on soft neutrals, lots of brass elements, playful rust and olive tones, as well as using dried plants for decorative purposes. Today, I am rounding up some standout pieces from various Target home decor designers.

Some of the best Target home decor designers featured in these collections are Heart & Hand With Magnolia™, Project 62™, and Threshold™. These lines offer trendy and affordable home decor pieces to add to your home this fall season. Whether you need a new console table for the entryway or some textured throw pillows, Target has it all.

Target Fall Decor in My Cart Right Now

  1. Multi Texture Dash Throw Pillow

    – I love decorative pillows, and I'm obsessed with adding more to my couch! The new throw pillows from Hearth & Hand with Magnolia are perfect for giving a fall touch to the gray couch in our living room. The multi-texture dash pillows have a great design that complements the couch. I usually collect neutral colored pillows, regardless of the season.

  2. Amber Glass Vase – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

    – Another item I plan on getting for my home this fall is amber-colored glass. I can't wait to decorate the living room table with stacks of books and a few of these amber glass vases filled with dried pampas grass. My dream home decor includes a mix of antiques and modern pieces. The rich amber shade of these glass vases (starting at $14.99) helps me achieve a refined-yet-rustic look.

  3. Seasonal Large Ceramic 4-Wick Candle – Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia

    – Brian and I love burning candles in every room of our house all year round. Seriously, I once spent $100 on candles alone at Target! We're not too picky with scents, but I'd say my favorites are sandalwood, peony, rose, and warm vanilla. This warm and inviting terracotta ceramic container will be a great addition to complement the rest of my fall decor as I update my home.

Target Home Haul | Kitchen Utensils & Gadgets | Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia Home Decor Ideas

Hearth & Hand™ with Magnolia Kitchen Essentials

Fall Home Decor From Target

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Target Home Sale Finds

Here are my favorite sale finds! The sale ends tomorrow and is ONLINE ONLY!! So if you see something you want, grab it now and return it if it doesn't work for you!!

Up to 25% off of Home Decor

with code HOME. Online Only.

An Additional 15% off of Candles

with code HOME. Online Only.

30% Off Indoor & Outdoor Rugs

with code HOME. Online Only.

20% Off 1 Furniture Item

with code HOME. Online Only.

The Stylish Storage

Budget Living photo

White Rope Toy Storage Basket, Target ($25) - Anyone who has ever tried to organize kids' toys and knickknacks understands the struggle. Finding storage pieces that are both aesthetically pleasing and durable is tough. "I have two young children at home, and this storage basket is the best of both worlds," says the designer. She loves the rope and fringe detailing that gives it an upscale look—much chicer than plastic bins, right?

See more recommendations from designers:

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The Most Common Decorating Mistakes, According to Designers

The 9 Vintage Chairs Interior Designers Are Buying Right Now

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As you embark on your home decor endeavors in 2020, Target is undoubtedly the perfect destination. With their wide range of stylish and affordable options, you can easily elevate your living space to reflect your personal taste. From the chic and versatile lamps to the charming boho-inspired pendants, Target has the perfect pieces to revamp your home. Don't forget to check out the Studio McGee Target Collection for stunning and on-trend items that won't break the bank. With these top-notch home decor finds, you can create a space that is truly yours. So why wait? Start browsing and designing your dream home today!

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