The Ultimate Guide to the Best Amazon Room Decor for Every Style and Budget

Are you tired of staring at the same old bland walls in your home? Do you want to add a touch of style and personality to your living space? Look no further than the best Amazon room decor options that will transform your space from drab to fab! From elegant ceramic vases to cozy rugs and stunning lighting fixtures, we have curated a list of must-have items that will spruce up your home in no time. Get ready to create a space that reflects your unique style and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who enters.

Puthiac White Ceramic Vase

White Ceramic Vase

Sculptural Vase

Ceramic Vase

white and blue ceramic vase from Amazon on a bathroom countertopThis ceramic vase with blue detailing instantly caught my attention. It effortlessly adds color to any space and I often move it between my bathroom and home office. It has a coastal touch and embodies the popular grandmillennial style.

Der Rose 3-Pack Potted Fake Plants

3-Pack Potted Fake Plants

Faux Greenery

Moss Balls

large white bowl filled with moss ballsMy husband gifted me this large ceramic bowl from Pottery Barn during Christmas a few years ago. I always struggled to find something big enough to fill it, but these 6-inch moss balls are the perfect fit. They add fullness to the bowl and the green color pops against the white background.

Bathroom Mirror

Brass bathroom mirror hanging above a bathroom vanityI recently completed a budget-friendly makeover for my primary bathroom, and this mirror was the perfect finishing touch. Its sleek and modern design makes it suitable for any bathroom. Additionally, it comes in various sizes and colors. The one I chose is brushed brass.

Linen napkins

Amazon french linen napkin swirled into a rosette inside a bowlFor my neutral Thanksgiving tablescape, I purchased these pretty olive green French linen napkins. Although they're not my usual color choice, I love how they complement neutral accessories. It's refreshing to switch up colors sometimes!

Custom pinch pleat curtains

Amazon pinch pleat curtains in a bedroom with bamboo shadesYou've probably seen these viral pinch pleat curtains all over Instagram. What's great about them is that they are custom-made at a fraction of the usual price for custom curtains! The Liz design in beige-white with a triple pinch pleat and privacy liner is my personal favorite.

Soap dispensers

White glass bottles for hand soap and dish soap sitting next to a kitchen sinkI proudly display these elegant glass soap bottles next to my kitchen sink. They add a touch of sophistication and style compared to regular plastic soap pumps. The brass details coordinate with my kitchen hardware, and the labeled bottles make it easy to differentiate between hand soap and dish soap.

Bedroom rug

neutral bedroom rug on top of hardwood floorsI've had this rug in my bedroom for several years, and I still love it. Its neutral tones allow it to complement various decor styles, thanks to the muted colors throughout.

Woven Coir Doormat

Braided coir doormat from Amazon on top of a blue rug.I love layering doormats, and this woven coir doormat looks wonderful on my front steps!

Striped Bath Towels

The striped towels hanging on the robe hooks in our master bathroom remodel are generously sized and have a Turkish towel look, but with absorbent terrycloth. You can find them here:

Loving the striped towels on robe hooks in this bathroom!

Our robe hooks are also an exciting Amazon home decor find! You can find them here.

Dotted Table Lamp

desk with blue Amazon table lampart // desk // lamp // arm chair // bookcaseThis dotted lamp features a lovely shade of blue-gray and complements the decor in our basement. I have two of these lamps, with the other one placed on an end table next to the sofa. They are available in this color, as well as dark brown/black and beige, all of which look equally stunning.

Blue Wall Sconce

twin bed with blue bedding and whale artwork on the wallartwork // brass frame // bed // duvet cover // blue quilt // navy sconceThis navy blue sconce is a charming addition to my 3-year-old son's bedroom. It provides a delightful pop of color and pairs well with the dark wood accent. Instead of hardwiring it, I simply attached it to the wall and used a rechargeable battery-operated light bulb that can be controlled with a remote.

Tapered candles

Two candles in candle holder on the top shelf of a bookcasePlain tapered candles can sometimes be mundane. That's why I love these twisted tapered candles. They come in a variety of colors and add an elegant touch to any setting.

Crystal Urn Lamp

I am the proud owner of a pair of these crystal urn lamps. I adore them because they look stunning in every location! I have used them together on our entryway console as well as separately in our bedrooms:

So in love with this crystal urn table lamp! Source for this light and several other gorgeous lights are linked in the post!

Crystal & Brass Door Knobs

When I decided to upgrade the door knobs in our previous home, I opted for these crystal and brass knobs. Even to this day, I am still enamored by their beauty. They look even better in person than in pictures!

Beautiful door hardware that's the perfect mix of traditional and modern! Love the crystal knob and brass plate combination!

GORGEOUS door hardware! Love the combination of the crystal knob with the rectangular brass rosette! Source linked in post!

These knobs may be pricey, but I only replaced the knobs on our first floor, which didn't require a large quantity. They are definitely one of my favorite additions to our home.

Globe Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan in my girls' room is another favorite find from Amazon. I love the globe-shaped light and the combination of the brass base with white fan blades:

Gorgeous ceiling fan in girls bedroom

If you prefer a non-brass option, it also comes in all white and matte black. Additionally, check out this ceiling fan that we have in our family room. Its simplicity allows it to blend seamlessly with the ceiling.

BSOD Mushroom Lamp

Mushroom Lamp

Bedside Lighting

Round Wood Mirror

This round wood mirror with a barrel frame can be found on Amazon. It has received hundreds of glowing reviews, making it a popular choice. The mirror is available in a 30" diameter size with a natural finish, as well as a smaller 22" size and three other finish options. It is perfect for hanging over a fireplace, but can also be used as a bathroom vanity mirror.

Upholstered Dining Room Chairs

After searching for upholstered dining room chairs for months, I finally found the perfect ones on Amazon. These side chairs are exactly what I was looking for, with beautiful detailing on the back. They are also on casters, making them easy to glide back and forth from the table. The chairs are well cushioned and very comfortable. I was so happy with them that I also bought matching armchairs for the ends of the table.

Round Beaded Tray

This round beaded tray is one of my favorite home decor pieces. I have used it next to our kitchen range and on our guest room nightstand. Please note that there may be some variation in appearance from tray to tray based on customer photos. Some may look similar to mine, while others may have a darker color or a smaller beaded design around the edge. I also recommend the gray striped planter that can be found on Amazon.

Gray Tasseled Tablecloth

I have and love this gray and white tasseled tablecloth on my round dining table in our small breakfast nook. It is also available in several other size options, including rectangular sizes. Despite frequent washing, the tablecloth has remained in great shape, unlike other tasseled linens I have owned.

Quatrefoil Pendant Light

I added this quatrefoil pendant light to my oldest daughter's room and loved it so much that I added one to my other daughter's room as well. It is a medium-sized light fixture that works well with both 8' ceilings and taller ceilings. I have also found some affordable faux florals on Amazon, including faux white blooming branches and faux tulips.

Woven Frames

These woven picture frames from Amazon add a chic and textured touch to any table or bookshelf. I love the scalloped details and the use of rattan. Although I have not decided what to put in these frames yet, they already look cute even without photos.

Decorative Rattan Boxes

Decorative boxes are essential for adding height, color, and texture to bookshelves. These cane and rattan storage boxes are not only beautiful, but also functional. I use them to store office supplies and in the living room, they hold extra coasters and various remotes.

Coffee Table Books

Coffee table books not only make great reads, but they also serve as decorative fillers for coffee tables and bookshelves. I love to display them vertically on bookshelves, stacked with an object on top, or even open on an acrylic stand on a coffee table.

Striped Bath Towels

The bath towels with stripes that you can see hanging on the robe hooks in our master bathroom remodel are generously sized and have the luxurious look of Turkish towels. However, they are made of absorbent terrycloth. You can find them [here](

Loving the striped towels on robe hooks in this bathroom!

Our robe hooks are also a great find from Amazon for home decor. You can find them [here](

Bavcieu Sunset Lamp Projection Led Lights with Remote

[vibey lighting]

Folkulture Beaded Coasters

[Drink Coasters]

Alytimes Mirror Disco Ball

[Groovy Baby]

mDesign Spa Mat Bathroom Rug

[Shower Mat]

Vintage Headline Posters

[Black & White]

Bannifll 110 PCS Dried Pampas Grass Bouquet

[Decorative Plant]

YELLOWBIRD ART & DESIGN Matisse Style Poster Print

[Set of Prints]

Generic Retro Cocktail Print

[Surrealist Art]

LUMNEST Decorative Books for Home Décor

[Coffee Table Books]

Peel & Stick Wallpaper

The peel and stick wallpaper with a damask pattern that I used in my girls' room is another great find from Amazon. You can find it [here]( It is available in white with gray, as well as several other color options.

Damask gray peel and stick wallpaper being installed

I have had it installed for over two years and it has stayed perfectly on the wall. For more details on the installation process, you can refer to my post on [how to hang peel and stick wallpaper](

Side Table/Nightstand

In our bedroom, the only wall that makes sense for our bed is quite short, leaving limited space for nightstands. After much searching, I found [this accent table]( that was the perfect width and height for use as a nightstand.

Blush bedroom lamp on nightstand next to bed

To give it a more sophisticated look, I replaced the standard knobs that came with it with [these long-time favorites](

Trio of Bells

I love using [this trio of bells]( every year for holiday decorations. I have incorporated them into Christmas swags on our front door and added them to traditional greenery wreaths. They can also be tied to a newel post or used in holiday mantel displays.

Love these gorgeous etched bells used as part of a holiday swag!

My Oversized Rattan Pendant

When we were finishing up our master bathroom remodel, I was in search of a striking pendant light for above our bathtub. I ordered [this beautiful rattan pendant]( and was pleasantly surprised by its size when it arrived. To ensure it would work, I had it held up above the tub, and it was a perfect fit!

Love this oversized rattan pendant above our bathtub - a favorite Amazon home decor find!

It can also be used as an overhead fixture in a living room or above a square kitchen island or round dining table. The tub filler that I found [here]( is another Amazon find!

Wood Bead Chandelier

After renovating our kitchen, we decided to give our dining room a mini facelift as well. I chose [this wood bead chandelier](, which turned out to be the perfect transitional lighting choice to bring together our more traditional dining room with our modern kitchen.

Dining room chandeliers

That wraps up my list of 20 favorite home decor finds from Amazon. Do you have any favorite Amazon finds of your own to share?


Blue Ceramic Decorative Balls

I adore these ceramic decorative balls as they make a fantastic addition to any bowl or tray. I have owned this particular set for more than ten years, and miraculously, my children haven't managed to break them yet! It is worth noting that they are quite heavy, so if your children have a tendency to throw objects, it might not be the best choice!

Are you interested in discovering more incredible finds on Amazon? I consistently update my Amazon Storefront to showcase the best deals on home decor!

A vase and ceramic bowl filled with three blue and white decorative ballsvase // bowl // ceramic balls. Aren't they amazing? And that wraps up our list of the best Amazon home decor finds. If you have any personal favorites, feel free to let me know in the comments!

With this wide variety of room decor options available on Amazon, you can truly transform any space into a stylish and personalized oasis. From statement pieces like the My Oversized Rattan Pendant and the Wood Bead Chandelier, to more subtle accents like the Puthiac White Ceramic Vase and the Linen napkins, there's something to suit every taste and aesthetic. So go ahead and unleash your creativity - make your home a reflection of your unique personality with these best Amazon room decor finds.

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