The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Wall Art: Uncover Hidden Gems at Artfinder, Society6, and More!

Art has the remarkable power to transform a mundane wall into a captivating focal point, breathing life and personality into any space. From vibrant prints to mesmerizing paintings, there is an abundance of creative options available to adorn our walls. With a plethora of online platforms and retailers offering a vast range of wall art, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect pieces that complement our style and reflect our unique taste. In this article, we will explore a curated list of some of the best platforms and stores to find the most exquisite and inspiring wall art, enabling you to transform your living space into an artistic sanctuary.




Discover Unique and Original Art at Artfinder

Founded in London in 2011, Artfinder is a premier online marketplace that connects art enthusiasts with original pieces of art from all over the world. With over 200,000 artworks available, the site offers a diverse selection of styles and mediums, including abstract paintings, sculpture, photography, collage, and digital art. Each artwork is signed by the artist, ensuring its authenticity and value. Prices for these exceptional works start at just $24 and can range up to over $3000. Artfinder also caters to interior designers, providing dedicated services for procuring stunning artwork for their clients.





A One-Stop Shop For Discovering Emerging Artists



Prices: Starting at $10

Shipping: Made-to-Order Items Shipped Within 3-4 Business Days

Society6 is the ultimate destination for art enthusiasts seeking affordable and inspiring artwork created by over 300,000 independent artists from around the world. As an open platform, Society6 offers a diverse range of art forms, including framed prints, canvases, tapestries, and acrylic prints, all available in multiple sizes. With a user-friendly interface, you can easily filter your search by room type or style, such as 'nautical,' or even explore specific themes like 'botanical.' Additionally, Society6's blog provides useful tips on how to effectively showcase and integrate artwork into your design scheme.

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Saatchi Art




Saatchi Art

Pricing: Starting at $40

Shipping: All shipping costs included in the price

Discover a world of artistic brilliance at Saatchi Art, your go-to destination for an exceptional art gallery experience online. With over 1.4 million pieces of original artwork, Saatchi Art offers an extensive range of paintings, photography, sculptures, and drawings, both in original form and as prints. The platform also features a section dedicated to rising stars in the art world, showcasing the best emerging talent. To assist you in finding your perfect artwork, Saatchi Art provides complimentary support from an in-house curator. If you need more exclusive access to their offerings, consider becoming a member of the Curator's Circle.





A Marketplace Where You Can Connect Directly With Artists



Prices: Starting at $38

Shipping: Free Shipping and Returns

Minted is not just a marketplace for stationery and lifestyle goods; it is also an exceptional platform for connecting directly with talented artists. With a global community of over 16,000 independent artists, Minted offers a unique selection of limited edition fine art prints sourced from these incredible creatives. From removable wall murals to framed prints, Minted's art category has something to suit every taste and style. Each piece is available with a variety of wood framing, finishes, and matting options, and the platform even provides a handy hanging guide to ensure a seamless display.


West Elm


Oliver Gal Calming Waves Framed ArtExperience Serenity with "Calming Waves" by Oliver Gal

West Elm is not just a furniture and home decor destination; it also offers an extensive collection of high-quality wall art. From prints and photography to 3D pieces, tapestries, and macramé art, West Elm has something to elevate every room in your home. Whether you're looking for soothing pastels for a nursery or Japanese-inspired art for a minimalist space, West Elm's diverse range of art pieces has you covered. If you prefer a hands-on approach, you can visit one of West Elm's physical stores to see a selection of their offerings in person. However, their online selection is even more extensive, ensuring you'll find the perfect piece for your space.




Immerse Yourself in the Artistic Beauty of Heshi Yu's "Fishing Village Circa 1980"

Discover a world of extraordinary art at 1stdibs, a renowned platform that hosts a vast inventory of artwork from established galleries. Here, you can explore a wide range of art, from Old Master pieces to contemporary works, with the option to make instant purchases. 1stdibs even has the occasional appearance of original Banksy street art. The site allows you to easily navigate through cataloged works, and you can refine your search to find the perfect piece based on your preferences. As you explore, you'll also discover curated sales that showcase how art can harmoniously complement vintage and antique furnishings while introducing you to new artists.




Transform Your Space with the "Magical Marrakech" Framed Art Print by Deny Designs

While Nordstrom is renowned for its fashion and beauty offerings, it is also a fantastic destination for design-forward decor, including a remarkable collection of art prints, photography, and paintings. Whether you're seeking artwork to enhance your living room or add a touch of elegance to your home office, Nordstrom offers an impressive assortment. The site's easy-to-use filters allow you to find exactly what you're looking for, whether it's based on height, decor style, color tone, or price. Nordstrom also provides an augmented reality tool, enabling you to visualize how an artwork will look in your space before making a purchase.




Create a Stunning Gallery with the Eucalyptus Greenery Wall Art Set by Nursery Home Decor

Etsy is the ultimate destination for those seeking one-of-a-kind, handcrafted art pieces. This global online marketplace hosts a vast array of artwork, ranging from breathtaking black-and-white photography to exquisite oil paintings. By shopping on Etsy, not only will you discover unique and remarkable art for your home, but you'll also be supporting small business owners and independent artisans. Whether you're looking to transform your living room or add a touch of creativity to your home office, Etsy's diverse selection of art is sure to inspire and captivate.




Express Your Individual Style with "Blue Lisbon" by Raisa Zwart Photography

Mixtiles offers a unique and hassle-free way to create a stunning gallery wall. With ready-to-go sets that are specifically designed to complement one another in terms of color, style, and placement, Mixtiles takes the guesswork out of curating your own art collection. If you're not fond of a particular art piece in a set, you can easily remove or replace it with another from Mixtiles' extensive art library. Additionally, Mixtiles allows you to personalize your space by uploading your own photos or artwork, enabling you to create something truly custom and reflective of your style. And the best part? Mixtiles' prints come with sticky strips on the back, eliminating the need for nails or hammers and making it easy to remove and reposition them as desired.





A Great Spot For Affordable Art



Prices: Starting at $10

Shipping: Free Standard Shipping on Select Items

Target, known for its wide range of products, also offers an impressive assortment of framed canvas prints that can add a touch of artistry to any room. With user-friendly filters, it's easy to find exactly what you're looking for based on height, decor style, color tone, and price. Target collaborates with design houses like Kate & Laurel All Things Decor, Studio McGee, and Project 62, ensuring a diverse and stylish selection. From bold abstract watercolors to serene meadow landscapes, Target's art collection spans various sizes and styles, allowing you to find the perfect piece to complete your home. Plus, their augmented reality tool lets you visualize how the artwork will complement your space before making a purchase.


Spacey Studios


Experience the Brilliance of "Connection" by Heather Polk at Spacey Studios

Spacey Studios is an exclusive platform that offers limited-edition framed prints from a curated selection of emerging artists from North America and Europe. With a focus on quality and artistic excellence, Spacey Studios provides archival-quality prints in limited rounds of only 25 pieces per artwork. Each print can be customized with different frame colors and sizes, allowing you to create a truly personalized piece of art. In addition to offering exceptional prints, Spacey Studios also facilitates commissions with the artists in their collection, providing an opportunity to collaborate and create something truly unique.


Good Black Art


Experience the Captivating Appeal of "Voodoo In My Blood Sleeps 6: The Sea In Me" at Good Black Art

Good Black Art is a distinctive platform that curates artwork exclusively from Black artists worldwide. With a focus on nurturing and mentoring these talented individuals while fostering a supportive community, Good Black Art offers an exceptional selection of artwork that beautifully captures various aspects of the Black experience. From ceramic sculptures to futuristic paintings, the range of offerings is truly captivating. Each piece tells a unique story and showcases the incredible talent of the artists. When you purchase from Good Black Art, you not only bring remarkable art into your space but also contribute to the empowerment of Black artists.


Rifle Paper Co


Add a Touch of Whimsy with the "Dog Days of Summer" Art Print from Rifle Paper Co.

Rifle Paper Co. is renowned for its enchanting and whimsical prints, making it a go-to destination for art enthusiasts. With a focus on affordability, Rifle Paper Co. offers a wide range of prints, from sweet florals to captivating cityscapes, all with a touch of charm. Among their bestsellers, you'll find adorable art pieces that pay homage to various dog breeds, perfect for adding a delightful touch to your space. Each art piece is available with or without a frame, allowing you to choose the option that best suits your style. As you explore Rifle Paper Co.'s art collection, you might even find yourself adding their fun wrapping paper or stylish tote bags to your shopping cart alongside your chosen prints.


Tappan Collective


Kiss 6 in Wine by Dana Veraldi

$100 at Tappan CollectiveSunset Wall by James Needham

$375 at Tappan CollectiveFounded in 2012 by Chelsea Neman and Jordan Klein, Tappan aims to support and promote emerging artists by connecting them with experienced collectors. This support extends beyond the digital realm, as Tappan has organized various exhibitions of its artists' work in different locations throughout Los Angeles. While Tappan does feature high-end pieces with prices reaching over $10,000, they also offer smaller paintings for around $175.


The Baltic Club


The Baltic Club Peony Art Print

Image may contain: Home Decor, Animal, Wildlife, Mammal, Deer, Rug, Antelope, Art, and PaintingDeer Art Print by Sarah Walsh

The Baltic Club is a comprehensive source for home decor, offering a diverse selection of quirky art prints. Their collection features contemporary works of art showcasing animals, plants, florals, city scenes, and more. Each piece exudes freshness and is guaranteed to bring life to any space. In addition to art prints, The Baltic Club also offers frames, vases, textiles, and stationary.


MoMA Design Store


Image may contain: Home Decor, Art, Painting, Rug, and PlantKlimt: The Sunflower Framed Print

$225 at MoMa Design StoreImage may contain: Art, Rug, and PaintingAgapanthus Matted Print by Claude Monet

If you're in search of high-quality reproductions of the world's finest art, look no further than the Museum of Modern Art's Design Store. This thoughtfully curated shop offers a wide range of selections, including works of impressionism, pop art, and vintage posters.


BLK MKT Vintage


Vintage 1970's Alvin Ailey Original Photographs

BLK MKT Vintage is a design shop based in Brooklyn that specializes in decor, literature, and records celebrating Black history and artistic expression. Their online shop offers a unique collection of vintage art prints that cannot be found elsewhere. These highly framable pieces include rare posters, magazine covers, movie stills, and more. Additionally, BLK MKT Vintage offers vintage patches, collectible VHS tapes, and trading cards.




Face 1 Art Print by Justina Blakeney

Alessa Art Print by Justina Blakeney

For a fresh take on wall decor and home decor in general, head to Jungalow. This curated collection features fresh, bold, and vibrant pieces. Jungalow showcases collections from artists around the world, including the works of founder Justina Blakeney, with a selection that is bohemian and colorful.


The Poster Club


Anine Cecilie Iversen Cerulean Still Life

The Dream by Hanna Peterson

Discover a wide range of cool prints and modern art posters that are sure to add a touch of sophistication to your bare walls. The Poster Club offers a carefully curated selection at reasonable prices. You can easily browse their collection by size, orientation, price, color, artist, or art category, making the art-buying process less overwhelming. Additionally, you can choose from a variety of frames available in different colors and styles. The Poster Club also offers the option to have your chosen print framed and assembled before shipping.




Image may contain: Art, Plant, Person, and DrawingBuild Your Own by Amberlee Green

Image may contain: Plant, Grass, Grassland, Field, Outdoors, Nature, Flower, Countryside, Meadow, Rural, Daisy, and PersonBiscuit Football by Neals Niat

Swakara Atwell-Bennett founded BetterShared as a platform dedicated to showcasing artists of the African Diaspora. Based in the United Kingdom, they offer wide-ranging shipping options within Europe and the United States. BetterShared provides a wide selection of prints, photographs, paintings, and mixed-media works from various artists. They even have a collection specifically curated for budget-conscious collectors, where no piece exceeds £100.


One King's Lane


One Kings Lane Whimsical Vegetable Couple, 1900

Like West Elm, One King's Lane is renowned for its luxurious furniture selection, but this elegant retailer also offers a delightful assortment of art. Perfect for those seeking whimsical, cottage-inspired English art for a gallery wall or to adorn a new home.


Palomarin Decor


Image may contain: Envelope, Greeting Card, Mail, Art, Painting, Plant, and FlowerBoho Arid, Dusk Lake: 2-Print Boho Set

Image may contain: Animal, and FishPalomarin Decor is a hidden gem in the world of small businesses, offering a unique selection of artwork inspired by cottage, coastal, cabin, and island aesthetics. Notably, Palomarin Decor prioritizes eco-friendliness, using green-certified fine art paper for all of its fine art prints.




This image may contain a landscape, outdoors, nature, art, painting, mountain, scenery, mountain range, and valley.

The artwork titled "Alpine Glow in the Valley" is created by Ariel Lee. It is available on 20x200, a website that aims to make art accessible to everyone. The site has produced 1,000 editions so far, with prices ranging from $24 to $10,000. Each artwork is exclusively produced for 20x200. In order to ensure that customers appreciate and understand the art they purchase, every print or photo is accompanied by documentation about the work. Additionally, the website provides an informative write-up on the artist and project for each new launch.




Boston Warehouse offers a 19x25 piece of art called "Palm Spring Art Under Glass" that can be found at HomeGoods. HomeGoods is known for its wide selection of wall decor items, including canvases, metal wall art, and triptychs. The collection offers various styles at reasonable prices, making it easy to find something that suits one's taste and budget.


Urban Outfitters


Kira Cyan's "Present Time Art Print" is available at Urban Outfitters. The art featured at Urban Outfitters reflects the store's modern and groovy style. The prints and wall hangings offered have a fresh and cool aesthetic, adding a touch of unique character to any room.


Uprise Art


William Luz's "Untitled, (verre)" is available for purchase at Uprise Art. Uprise Art offers a wide range of original artworks in various mediums. It is a great platform for individuals looking to invest in their art collection. While some pieces may be more expensive, the site also offers curated sections with artworks under 0 or under $350. Uprise Art provides art consultations and the option to pay for artwork in monthly installments, making it more accessible to a larger audience.


Paper Collective


Berenice Hernandez's "Flora" is available at Paper Collective. The Copenhagen-based e-tailer specializes in art prints, posters, cards, and accessories. Each artwork is certified eco-friendly by the Danish government, and a portion of the sale proceeds goes to a charity chosen by the artist. Paper Collective is committed to using high-quality materials to ensure the longevity of the artwork.


Herman Miller


The "Nelson Pop Art Blue and Black Poster" is available from Herman Miller. Known for its office chairs and midcentury-modern furniture, Herman Miller also offers a unique selection of home decor, including contemporary prints and posters. The collection includes pop art, typography, and abstract art, all vibrant and colorful.




This image may contain art and painting.

Amazon offers a variety of affordable art options. From retro pop art to anime posters, nature photography, and acrylic art, there is something for every aesthetic preference. The selection even includes reproductions of famous artworks such as Vincent van Gogh's "Starry Night."


Walker Noble


This image may contain a plant, tree, fir, conifer, scenery, outdoors, nature, wilderness, pine, vegetation, mountain, and water.

This image may contain nature, outdoors, landscape, mountain, art, and painting.

Walker Noble is a design studio that offers a diverse collection of artwork. From lush landscapes to desert-inspired art, their collection captures the beauty of nature. They also specialize in abstract and landscape art, minimalist line drawings, and nature-themed children's art.




Inprnt showcases a carefully curated collection of artists. Their offerings include fine art prints, photo prints, graphic art, and metal prints. The platform emphasizes using top-quality materials in order to ensure that the artwork remains preserved and does not degrade over time.





A Beautifully Curated Collection Of Prints, Tapestries And Framed Art


Anthropologie offers a wide selection of art, including prints, tapestries, and framed art. Browsing through their collection is akin to visiting one of their physical stores, where everything is thoughtfully styled and displayed. From hanging baskets with cascading fringe to John Robshaw tapestries and woven wall hangings, Anthropologie offers a range of beautiful and unique options. The art categories include abstract, animal and nature, and still life. Most pieces come with a wood frame and a UV plexiglass panel for added protection.


World Market



A Treasure Trove For Budget-Friendly Wall Art


World Market is a treasure trove of affordable wall art. Their selection includes a variety of options, such as wall hangings, art sets, and even wallpaper. While the category may be smaller on the site, there is still a diverse range of prints available, with abstract and floral themes being popular choices. World Market also showcases works from featured artists, making it easier for customers to find art that suits their preferences. The collection includes vintage-style and traditional pieces, as well as more unique options like white faux deer skull wall decor.


In a world where expression knows no boundaries, these top providers of wall art have succeeded in curating collections that cater to every taste and style. From exquisite galleries like Saatchi Art and MoMA Design Store to the creative marketplaces of Etsy and Artfinder, there is something for everyone. Whether you're searching for a whimsical print, a thought-provoking piece, or a timeless classic, these platforms offer a gateway to transforming your walls into captivating works of art. So, let your imagination soar and explore the vast array of options that await you in the realm of the best wall art providers.

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