The Top 75 Christmas Tree Decorations for 2019

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Alexander Ashley

Christmas decorations that are whimsical and rustic are very popular with Ree Drummond. That includes the trees at her store The Mercantile, which are decorated every year with cosy twinkle lights, homey blown-glass ornaments, and unique ornaments like football helmets and cowboy boots. Ree says of the trees, "I love them because none of them are fancy—no gold lamé here."

To be honest, The Merc's holiday decorations are all beautiful. But those Christmas tree decorations have an added element of fun. If you still haven't purchased your tree, start by reviewing the various real Christmas tree varieties or looking for the best artificial Christmas trees to use year after year. The rest is up to you to decide after that. You can go all out with various color schemes or keep it classic with plaid accents and minimal ornaments.

This list of holiday decoration ideas will be helpful if you're looking for inspiration or just want to change up your collection of Christmas ornaments this year. We have pom-pom garlands, western themes, heirloom ornaments, a few Merc-inspired designs, and even some kid-friendly designs for you to choose from. Ashley Alexander Christmas decorations in pink and in a rustic style win. Finding a ceramic Christmas village set amazing enough to go with it all will now be your only challenge. )

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Generally patriotic

The traditional color combination of red and blue brings a touch of Americana. This tree evokes classic charm and has a hint of shimmer from silver and gold, but it also looks quite contemporary.

Visit Citrine Living to access the lesson.

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Incorporate Plaid Like The Merc

The Mercantile always seems to be able to add the ideal finishing touches for the holidays. The ideal amount of rustic charm is added to this beautiful tree by the draping plaid ribbons and the coordinating plaid ornaments.

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Add a few flowers

Isn't it amazing how much a few inexpensive paper ornaments can enhance a tree? Making gorgeous, enormous flowers is a fantastic idea, especially if your tree is lacking in detail and could use some filler.

Find the instruction at Fancy Blooms.

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Make Christmas more enjoyable

One of the best things about Christmas is indulging in sweets, and this candy-covered tree enthusiastically celebrates that. This holiday season is merry and bright thanks to lollipops, cupcakes, and candy-colored ornaments.

Visit Turtle Creek Lane for the instruction.

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Everything nice and pumpkin spice

With this adorable tree featuring a pumpkin theme, you can extend the fall season if you can't bear to say goodbye to it just yet. You can erect it as soon as you feel the first chill of autumn.

Visit Home with Holliday to learn how to do it.


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Consider a Ribbon Topper

Nothing like this conveys "Merry Christmas." Well, a glittery banner reading "Merry Christmas" Here, the oversized ribbon topper is the ideal final touch.

Learn more at The Tomkat Studio.

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Fresh and Earthy

This tree is only embellished with shimmering lights and vibrant red berry sprigs, which manages to be both timeless and refreshing at the same time.

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Keep everything simple.

Although it may not be common, a black and white color scheme never goes out of style. To give your tree a little extra glitz, incorporate neutral metallic colors like gold, silver, and bronze.

Access the instruction at Just Destiny

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Frosted in blue

A "blue, blue Christmas" will be yours with this lovely flocked tree around. The tree and presents are decorated with peacock blue ribbon, which unifies the entire ensemble.

Learn more at Centsational Girl.

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Cute and vibrant

Contrary to popular belief, a tree need not be enormous to have a significant visual impact. With its vibrant Christmas balls, shining stars, and delicate snowflakes, this miniature version steals the show.

Access the instruction at Cuckoo 4 Design.


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Maintain the coast

Seahorse and sand dollar ornaments will give your Christmas tree a touch of beachside charm. This is a dream of the coast.

Learn more at Sand & Sisal.

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Any tree can be boosted by dried citrus. Elegant purple roses and other natural, plastic-free decorations help it work its magic here.

Visit She Keeps A Lovely Home for the tutorial.

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Get Innovating

These adorable DIY doughnut ornaments are the perfect way to finish off a stunning pink tree. The peppermints add a cool touch as well.

Find the instructions at Studio DIY

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Metals of Every Kind

The happier, the more metallics Accents in gold, silver, and copper will glam up your tree.

Learn more at Yellow Bliss Road.

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Create a Christmas tree.

Your children will love searching for the tiny gifts tucked away inside the ornaments.

Visit Tatertots and Jello to view the tutorial.


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Green and Blush

Velvet ribbon and handcrafted paper honeycomb ornaments bring an elegant blush pink and deep green color scheme to life.

View more at Persia Lou

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Metallic gold

This all-gold tree has a very stately, and yes, Instagrammable, appearance. It won't be possible for your guests to pull out their phones quickly enough.

Discover the instruction at Sugar and Charm

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Pls. pom-poms

This crazy tree will take your entire family to Whoville. Every time you pass it, you're sure to smile.

Access the instruction at Sugar & Cloth.

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Go All-Out

Goodbye, traditional tree ornaments This incredible tree is a magnificent ode to the rainbow's colors, and it's much simpler to imitate than you might imagine.

Discover the instruction at Inspired By Charm

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Microlights everywhere

Fake trees violate my religious beliefs. " Ree says However, she made the difficult choice to choose one at The Lodge knowing that she might not be there to water a real tree. There are 1,600 microlights strung on it.


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80s Influence

Ree adores the 1980s, and the pink in this Christmas tree is one of her favorite hues. The boughs of the tree are intertwined with dark green velvet and striped ribbons, and the tree itself is flocked. It's ready to shine once you add some golden stars and starbursts as decorations.

Discover the instruction at A Kailo Chic Life

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Twin Trees

This blogger adorned both sides of her sideboard with two all-white trees. Definitely a "winter wonderland"

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White Berries Throughout

By the time December 25 arrives, you're sure to grow tired of all that red and green. Instead, decorate your tree with white fake berries; it's a nice way to contrast the color scheme.

Visit Clean & Scentsible to access the tutorial.

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Color in Layers

For a completely unique, layered look, Baltimore blogger Stephanie Watkins of Casa Watkins uses color-coordinated ball ornaments. Ribbons placed horizontally and wrapped around the layers help to maintain organization.

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Disco spheres

Thanks to this glitzy interpretation of a Christmas tree, disco is still going strong. Only a foam cone or wire tree, disco balls of various sizes, and a hot glue gun are required to make it.

Find out more at Studio DIY


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Wooden decorations

Use vintage glass ornaments and rustic wooden ornaments to give your tree an antique feel.

Discover the instruction at Inspired By Charm

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Copper and Navy

Avoid the conventional color schemes of the past with a captivating, navy-focused tree. The idea is to cover the tree with so many ornaments and decorations that you can hardly see it.

Find the instruction at Jen Woodhouse

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Winter Tree

Positive thinking will prevail. This cascade of elegantly simple snowflakes is ideal for anyone who longs for a white Christmas.

Visit The Yellow Cape Cod for the instruction.

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Pink and Gold Whimsy

This tree feels oh so whimsical thanks to the pink, gold, and playful ornaments that are arranged in stars and bows. A woven basket serves as the look's focal point.

Find out more at Studio DIY

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Decorations in gingham

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