The Top 41 DIY Halloween Centerpieces and Table Decorations

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Ceramic pumpkins are a fun autumn activity and a great way to decorate your Halloween table, whether you make them yourself or buy them. Candles, real or fake, placed inside the design's openings will create an atmospheric glow.


House of Pottery

Glassware is a step up from plastic, and this skeleton hand cup is perfect for serving potions and other Halloween-themed drinks. And if you happen to miss a holiday, you can always use them another time.

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Toss candies and other treats for your Halloween dessert table into spider web baskets. Add a fun tablecloth, some festive cups, miniature pumpkins, and spiders for decoration.

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You can spread Halloween cheer to more than just the table you eat at. You could put some poison apples on a shiny tray with some cobwebs around them and use them to decorate your side table, coffee table, console, or credenza.

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This skull-themed tablecloth is an easy way to transform any table into a spooky feast in no time. For a low-maintenance, high-style ensemble, try it with solid-colored dishes and unadorned accessories.

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Arrange some miniature pumpkins and gourds on a piece of rustic wood and give them googly eyes for a silly take on chic decoration. Both young and old will find amusement in the character's playful demeanor.

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Mr. Mike Garten

There are dripping candles, mystery foods, dark flowers, and even a few Halloween decorations here and there. This table setting meets and exceeds all expectations. And the unconventional color scheme is fantastic. Although everyone is aware that green and purple denote witchcraft and the undead, orange seems to be the color of choice. As a gentle reminder, here's why it's beneficial to shake things up every once in a while:

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Rodriguez, Manuel

Use sophisticated, out-of-the-blue hues that don't scream "Halloween," but still capture the spirit of autumn. A deep blue tablecloth brings out the color in plain plates. The addition of fresh flowers will add a pop of color, and an earthy color scheme will complement the plates and napkins.

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These fake pumpkins will look great with your other Halloween decorations, whether you find a carved wooden pumpkin, carve your own, or go with one of these. If your taste is more minimalist, you can even just set them out on their own with some artificial berries and leaves.

Pumpkins made of wood, $36 each


Small pots That's the cutest thing ever. Mini cauldrons are the perfect Halloween table decoration that also serves a purpose, whether you use them to serve drinks, soup, or dessert. A modern twist on traditional black flame candles can be achieved by wrapping tea light votives in black lace.

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pumpkin soup

Want to do your part for the environment and not wash dishes? According to Barry Dixon, who recommends this butternut squash soup served in a Cinderella pumpkin, "start honing the eye early and eliminate plastic in favor of the real." Plus, it will look much more stylish in the middle of the table than a disposable container.

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You can't go wrong with a lavish floral arrangement in fall colors and some traditional touches like harvest-themed place settings, metallic accents, an orange paisley-print tablecloth, and gingham napkins. The dramatic beauty of this Robert Rufino-styled example is heightened by the addition of feathers.

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Passante, Zan

Add a touch of subtle spookiness to your charcuterie board with a skeleton hand. Put some Sugar & Charm into your look.

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Appealing Sweeteners

Dislike of the color combination of orange and black Ignore them Use white pumpkins instead of orange ones for a classier effect. And for a splash of color, try something unexpected like pale pink. Check out Sugar and Charm for more photos of this lovely setting.

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Sugar and spice

Get your Halloween decorations in the mood for a scary movie night by looking to the movies for ideas. If a skull is too overt, go for something smoky and foreboding instead.

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S. L. Tramp, Ligorra

Dress up the rest of the dining room for Halloween and autumn as well! In this kitchen, designed by Emily Henderson, pumpkin-shaped jars, red nesting bowls, and a pitcher with a rooster motif bring the season to the cabinet. It helps that there's a wreath made of dried flowers hanging above it.


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You're now sitting with the adults. We'll be right here when the trick-or-treaters arrive. Your table can remain simple and rustic with the addition of a few colorful accents, such as purple placemats and orange napkins. And use the food as decoration (figs are a safe bet).

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We challenge you to find a more impressive Halloween spread than this one. This dining room is decked out to the nines, what with the broomstick and black cat chandelier, black fringed tablecloth, gourds, and black candlesticks. The romantic pink and red centerpieces are a great way to break up the monotony of the themed decor.

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