The Top 40 Boys' Room Designs for 2023

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Some children spend inordinate amounts of time fantasizing about their ideal bedroom layout. Some people might not give a hoot. No matter what camp your son finds himself in, you and he should be able to agree on the color scheme and overall aesthetic. And no, you don't have to use only blue hues and images of fire engines Here are some of our favorite boy's rooms to get your creative juices flowing. We are confident that your daughter will adore these design suggestions, which range from soothing and neutral to over-the-top and bold.

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Frances Frank

Crane linens from the Novogratz by Utica collection for WestPoint Home were installed in their son's bedroom; the pattern was inspired by wallpaper found in the Novogratzes' demolished West Village home. A playful touch is the blue locker nightstand and individual furnishings.

Take in McKendree.

While a low-to-the-ground bed won't necessarily grow with your child, it can help smooth the way into the "big kid bed." Designer Chauncy Boothby's family has used the same bed for four generations in their son's bedroom. She put together a nautical-themed room with traditional brown furniture for a growing kid.

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Morrison, Nicole

Designer Kelly Finley built a custom bed with a desk on one side and built-in storage for a young client whose room was too cramped for comfort due to an immovable bump-out.

Photographs by Jared Kuzia

Use beds and ladders of the same height to create visual harmony in a room with exposed beams. Designer Amanda Greaves and architect John Mitchell Fuller created an Americana-inspired space in a Massachusetts home using reclaimed barn wood and patriotic hues.

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A. Laurey Glenn

Buy gently used items that will last through your child's development and into the next generation. Rachel Hardage Barrett, editor-in-chief of Country Living, gives her son's Alabama bedroom a homey feel with antique wall hangings and occasional tables. Collectible vintage items like thermoses and flashlights are a lot of fun.

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Piasecki, Eric

Architect Andrew Howard placed a set of bunk beds in a room's corner so that the family's two sons would have a spacious area to play in and a sleeping quarters for their friends. The bedroom's built-in closet and drawers are a great space saver.


Use the sky as a source of inspiration for a bright and airy interior design. To give the white bunk beds an airy, buoyant vibe, designer Lucy Harris used Bubble wallcovering by Chasing Paper and Benjamin Moore Blue Jean on the ceiling.

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Tennis rackets arranged artfully in a South Carolina home by designer Alaina Michelle Ralph can serve as inspiration if you're stuck on wall decor. Use your imagination to adapt it to other sports, such as displaying a row of baseballs on an open shelf.


The California design firm Studio Life/Style has created the ultimate bedroom. You can stop reading now and just send this to your builder, because it features a hybrid stair and slide, a lofted hangout zone, and a full-sized bed that leaves room for a sitting area.

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Caillier, Heidi

Pick out some fun accents in their favorite color to really make it stand out. The designer, Heidi Callier, used light pink curtains to create a "play zone" under the upper bunks and brighten the space. The earthy tones of the wood and browns provide a cozy base.

Anderson, Gieves

New York designer Alexa Hampton's twins, now 12 years old, outgrew their bunk beds, so she outfitted their room with more mature pieces and a mural by Dean Barger inspired by the family's trip to Rome. Since roommates "can be kind of a drag," Hampton says it helps to "look out of a fake window onto an Italian square."

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Arent & Pyke went with contemporary sculptures that successfully straddle the line between childlike and adult. Everything in the room, from the striped table lamp to the wooden stool, graphic rug, linen bedding, and eye-catching rug, has a fresh and classic vibe that is perfect for a young family.


Aside from the playful motifs, shapely daybed, and hanging chair, the room's soft, pleasant colors are what make Elizabeth Roberts's design for a child's bedroom so calming and cheerful.

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Tong Chango and Company.

Designer Susana Simonpietri of Chango & Co. toned down the bold stripes and colors in this bedroom. tacked up a leather headboard As the seven-year-old boy matures, it can be easily incorporated into a variety of different layouts. "Think about the child's age now and in the years to come," she advises.


Surfboards decorate the room of a 13-year-old boy who lives on the Kona coast of Hawaii. Nicole Hollis, a designer based in San Francisco, understood how important it was for him to have a space where he can relax and socialize with his pals. She explains, "We ask our clients how they live at every age."

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Johnson, Tamsin

Here's yet another instance of artfully blending high-brow and whimsical aesthetics. The Kelly Wearstler headboard in burnt orange is a great complement to the wallpaper featuring a circus.

Garruppo, Genevieve

Choose a paint color that stands out, but one that can easily be paired with other hues. Designer Emily C. Butler says that because it is "less conventional than your typical navy," this striking green works well as an accent color in a bedroom that can easily grow with its occupant.

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Space McGee

When you can have a bunk room designed specifically for sleepovers, why settle for just one set of bunk beds for two people? When there's room for more, the more the better. Studio McGee opted to add twin bunk beds with a crossing upper bunk in the guest room rather than install two standard queen beds.


Make a quiet space for reading by installing a library wall, a built-in daybed, and curtains. The curtains turn it into a cozy nook while also providing some much-needed privacy, making it an excellent choice for a shared bedroom.

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