The Top 10 Glamorous Bathroom Decoration Ideas That Will Make You Fall in Love.

The bathroom serves as a functional space, but it can also be transformed into a serene oasis that allows you to escape the world sans the hefty expenses of a vacation. These opulent bathrooms will help you relish the beauty of ordinary tasks and lead a more fulfilling life. Every moment in these stunning bathrooms is a worthwhile experience.

Decorating Glam Bathrooms

Before embarking on a bathroom renovation, it’s crucial to have a clear understanding of your expectations. Do you intend to make superficial changes to your decor or replace your home's piping and invest in a new bathroom vanity? Additionally, it's equally important to define your style. Given your appreciation for glamorous decor, you could opt for chic interiors, metallic interiors, or feminine interiors. Once you have defined your aesthetic, it will be easier to select the furnishings that suit your preferences. There are countless options to choose from when it comes to glam bathroom decor, so once you have your goals, budget, and style in mind, it’s time to create a moodboard. We hope this article can assist you in the design process.

Glam Bathroom with Marble Floors, Walls, and Bathtub via ADGlam bathroom with Crystal Lighting via randigarrettdesignGlam Bathroom with Metallic Etagere Storage via Rachel Parcell

Mirrored Bathroom Vanity

A mirrored bathroom vanity is a splendid design concept ideal for a glamorous bathroom. Mirrored furniture is an essential element of glamorous interior design. This double bathroom vanity comprises a wooden-framed vanity with mirrored drawers of varying sizes. The countertop is composed of smooth white marble, while a double sconce is positioned on the wall between two rectangular mirrors.

Glam Bathroom with Brass Fixtures via @swoonworthyblog

@ellenkavanaugh Champagne, gold, and silver are some of the popular metallics used in furnishings and decorations of glam homes. In this bathroom, a gorgeous gold etagere is used for storing bathroom accessories. Additionally, there are metallic accents throughout the space such as a silver bathtub, gold floor tiles, brass drawer pulleys, brass curtain rods, and a gold chandelier. Metallics are always an excellent choice for a glamorous space such as this!

Glam Bathroom with Fresh Flowers via @decorgoldGlam Bathroom with Bathtub for Soaking via Maria Galiani via @southernhomemag

Rachel Parcell

Crystal Lighting

Incandescent crystal lighting can be incorporated into your bathroom lighting setup by using pendant, sconce or flush mount forms. The clear crystals will refract light from the bulbs creating a heavenly effect in your space. In this scenario, a crystal semi-flush mount hangs above a brilliantly lit bathroom. A silver stud mirror is flanked by two brass wall sconces, while the marble bathroom vanity boasts glass jars filled with bath accessories, damask bath towels, and white flowers. This is a perfect glam look for your space!

Glam Bathroom with Bold Walls via @homeandfabulousGlam Bathroom with Incense and Diptyque Candle via Rachel Parcell

Randi Garrett Design

Marble Everywhere

10 Best Glam Bathroom Decor Ideas

Marble is ubiquitous in this design, from the floors to the walls to the built-in bathtub. A glossy marble bathroom is a must-have for any glam bathroom. This luxurious material is timeless and integrates well with many home styles. In this bathroom, the mirrored vanity deepens the marble effect throughout the room. This is one of the most appealing glam bathrooms!

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