The Easiest, Most Stunning, and Most Fun No-Carve Pumpkin Decoration Ideas

1 of 80 Hollow Pumpkin Skeleton When you put this creepy guy in your home, you can rest assured that monsters will stay where they belong. After cutting the stem off the bottom pumpkin, stack them upright. A skeleton's face and bones can be made using white spray paint

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Hollow Pumpkin Skeleton

When you put this creepy guy in your home, you can rest assured that monsters will stay where they belong. After cutting the stem off the bottom pumpkin, stack them upright. A skeleton's face and bones can be made using white spray paint and black circle and oval stencils.

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Mutant Jack-O'-Lanterns

The Halloween masquerade ball is going to be a blast, so start carving those pumpkins! Put these different masks around the outside of a pumpkin and secure them with straight pins. Your finished group of gourds will be ready for their Halloween spotlight moment.


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Squash for Cupcakes

Baking cupcakes isn't the only use for a cupcake liner. Simply by stacking a few dozen on top of your chosen pumpkins, you can add a new dimension to your spooky display.

Get some cupcake liners.

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Monster Pumpkin

Decorating a pumpkin with fake vampire fangs adds a spooky touch to the traditional porch display. Round paper doilies will finish off the look.


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Halloween Pumpkins Decorated with Washi Tape

You need not look any further than your roll of washi tape to remedy a battered pumpkin or bring life to a lifeless plastic pumpkin. In order to decorate a pumpkin, simply wrap patterned tape around it, making sure to cover any holes or voids, and then seal it with mod podge.


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Stylized Pinstripes

Make a pumpkin with black and white stripes the focal point of your mantel to complement the spider webs. Use candlesticks and string lights, preferably decorated with skulls, to tie the look together.

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Pumpkin from the Hood

Make a statement about your hometown with this unique pumpkin carving idea. Get started by printing a decal in the form of your state. Apply two coats of acrylic paint after applying it to your pumpkin. (Remember that each coat needs at least 30 minutes to dry.) Once your pumpkin is dry, take off the decal.


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Studded Pumpkins

These trendy pumpkins with gems are sure to impress party guests. You can either buy gold studs with prongs to push into your pumpkins, or you can use hot glue to attach them.


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Insects and other Animals in Nature

Greetings, and please welcome our tiny friends Collect some toothpicks, some nuts, some acorns, some sunflower seeds, and some dried leaves. Then, simply use hot glue to attach them to pumpkins to make cute animals.

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Paper Pumpkins

The kids will have so much fun with this project! To make, fold a sheet of tissue paper over itself a few times and place a thicker sheet of paper underneath to give the punches something to grip onto. After that, cut a variety of circular shapes from paper. Now, using the paintbrush, apply a layer of Mod Podge to the surface where you intend to begin affixing the tissue circles. A circle is then placed on top, and Mod Podge is painted over it. To complete the look, overlap the circles and repeat Step 3 until you're satisfied with the coverage.

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Mini Pumpkins with Ribbons

We love how a few simple black bows can transform a plainly painted pumpkin into a truly one-of-a-kind decoration. To begin, you should either cut equal lengths of ribbon (ours were about 5 inches) and tie them into bows, or you could purchase pre-tied bows. Then, attach the bow to the pumpkin with a dab of hot glue. Let the pumpkin dry, then do it again all over.

Buy Ready-Made Bows

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Pressed Flowers Pumpkin

The design is the most beautiful addition to any room. You can make your own by painting a patch of Mod Podge on the pumpkin surface that's just big enough to hold your flower or leaf. Carefully position the flower atop the Modge Podge using the tweezers. Then, dab some Mod Podge onto the brush and use it to polish the flower's or leaf's petals. Allow it to dry completely before applying another coat. When the flowers and leaves are dry, add another coat of Mod Podge to seal them. Several hours of drying time is required for proper curing.

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Sculpted Pumpkin with Pressed-In Feathers

To finish this pumpkin idea, which features a wide variety of artificial feathers, repeat the process described above.

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Toenail Polish with a Pumpkin Marble Design

It's easier than ever to try one of this year's most popular Halloween trends—marbling your pumpkin with nail polish. To get started, fill a plastic container with hot water. Then, choose a shade of nail polish, give it a good shake, and remove the cap. The next step is to slowly pour in different colors of nail polish near the water's surface, and then to swirl them with the toothpick to create a marbled effect. Quickly dipping the pumpkin on its side along the water's surface and twisting it as you see the polish adhering will ensure that the pumpkin is polished all the way around. Then, put it somewhere out of the way to let the polish dry completely. Finally, you can wipe away any polish you don't like with a tissue or Q-tip.

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Punkin Lace

Wrapping your pumpkins in lace is a sophisticated way to decorate for Halloween. To make, remove the stockings' waistbands, leaving you with just the legs. Next, lop off the end of each foot. You can cover multiple smaller or medium pumpkins with each leg if you cut it into smaller pieces, as we did. Then, secure the snipped end of the stocking with a rubber band. Wrap the fabric around the pumpkin, excluding the stem (you can secure the rubber banded section to the bottom of the pumpkin with a straight pin). You can make the lace pattern bigger by pulling the fabric tauter. Wrap the stocking's top around the stem using a second rubber band; then, cut off any excess. Finally, cover the rubber band with a decorative ribbon and secure it around the stem.


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Pumpkins Carved With Crayons

Take apart a box of crayons, or use bits from an old set, and you've got the materials for this look. Put crayons near the pumpkin stem one at a time and melt them with a low-heat hair dryer. As they start to melt, you can direct the dripping by shifting the pumpkin. Cover the entire pumpkin in this manner, and then wait for it to dry.

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Pumpkins for Attaching to a Map

These map-tack pumpkins are a creative way to repurpose old office supplies. After a pumpkin has dried from being painted a solid color, you can decorate it by sticking map tacks all over it.


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Gourd as a Spa Treatment

Some pumpkins need time to themselves, too. Simply paint a "face mask" onto a real or fake pumpkin, leaving openings for the eyes, nose, and mouth to create this spa-themed pumpkin face. Dry it completely. Pin a shower cap decorated with ribbons or other embellishments over the pumpkin's "head." You can make the cucumber eyes by printing out pictures of cucumbers online and gluing them on.


WATCH: Cute and Creative Pumpkin Face Carving Ideas for Fall

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Splatter Paint Pumpkins

This concept is both easy and enjoyable to implement, and can be customized to fit any color scheme. To begin, paint your pumpkins a solid color and allow them to dry completely. Acrylic paint can then be thinned with water until it has the consistency of heavy cream. To make the paint splatters, simply cover a craft brush in paint and tap it lightly and repeatedly over the pumpkin's entire surface.

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Pumpkins made from candy wrappers

This Halloween, decorate your pumpkins with candy wrappers for a sugary twist. Cut your favorite Pinterest candy labels into 1-inch strips and print them out. Use Mod Podge to affix the labels to the gourds.


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Unicorn Pumpkins

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Pumpkin, Buffed

The next time your nail polish drawer gets stuffed, try this trick: put a few drops of polish in a bowl of warm water and mix it with a toothpick. You can create a unique pattern by dipping the pumpkin by its stem into the water and twirling it around.

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Stitching a Pumpkin Using Cross Stitches

There is some work involved in this project, but it is well worth it. Get started with our Cross Stitch Pumpkin templates that you can print right now or make your own. Stick the pattern onto a pumpkin, either fake or real (hollow). Make holes in the pumpkin by inserting an awl through the pink holes on the paper template. Take off the pattern and embroider "X"s between the dots using a needle and some thread.


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Miniature Pumpkin with a Spider

Your Halloween table wouldn't be complete without this creepy crawler centerpiece. Method: Take a small pumpkin, cut off the stem, and cover it in a glossy black paint. Once dry, display it as a decoration. Separate eight pieces of wire, either floral or craft, into equal lengths, and pierce four of them into each side of the pumpkin. In order to create the legs, bend each wire twice. Attach several googly eyes to the pumpkin's stem using hot glue or craft glue.

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Pumpkins with a Spider Web

Put a web design on a pumpkin with tape. Then, using a light, even hand, spray the entire surface with paint, waiting for it to dry, and applying additional coats as necessary. After the adhesive has dried completely, remove the tape carefully. Embellish with a fake spider and glue it on.


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Luminous Pumpkins Made From Neon Tape

Make a statement with these stunning pumpkins in no time. It's easy: just snip off bits of fluorescent tape (or blacklight tape, if you prefer). ) and affix them to a pumpkin that has been painted white


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