The Best Instagram Accounts for Home Decor Inspiration: Top Influencers and Design Studios

Are you ready to transform your space and create a home that is both stylish and inviting? Look no further than the best Instagram accounts for home decor. With a combined following of over 7 million, these influential interior designers and home decor enthusiasts will inspire you with their stunning designs, creative ideas, and expert tips. Get ready to dive into a world of beautiful spaces and endless inspiration.

Kelsey McGregor @kelseyleighdesignco

Kelsey McGregor is an interior designer based in Oklahoma City and the founder of Kelsey Leigh Design Co., an interior design firm that consists of ten talented women. With clients all over the country, Kelsey's firm has gained recognition for its exceptional work and has been featured in publications like Magnolia Journal, Rue Magazine, and House Beautiful.

Blog Post Image📸: @kelseyleighdesignco

Kelsey's design style is a beautiful combination of warmth, modernity, and vintage elements. She effortlessly blends different design elements to create texture, layers, and personality in her projects. One of her key focuses is creating spaces that are both comfortable and practical for families. Kelsey believes in designing spaces that reflect the history and values of a family, while also leaving room for new stories to be written. Her fresh aesthetic is a favorite among Instagram users.

Erin | @mytexashouse | 595K Followers

If you love Southern-inspired homes with a touch of luxury, you'll be captivated by Erin's stunning home decor content. Known as "My Texas House," Erin showcases her unique style which combines farmhouse chic with traditional decor. She skillfully incorporates soft neutrals, wood elements, rich upholstery, and elegant light fixtures to create spaces that are cozy yet luxurious.

Randi | @randigarretdesign | 295K Followers

For those who adore metallic accents in their home, Randi is the perfect influencer to follow for design inspiration. Her style can be summarized as glamorous, white, and traditional. Randi's bright white color palette, metallic details, and elegant decor pieces perfectly embody the essence of traditional interior design with a hint of glam. She showcases how vibrant accents can beautifully complement a neutral base.

Home with plant decor

Brittany | @the.beautyrevival | 84K Followers

If you're looking for plant decor ideas, Brittany is the go-to influencer. Her page is filled with beautiful plants that add life to every post. Brittany has created an intimate and warm home environment by emphasizing wooden furnishings and a mix of textures. As you scroll through her feed, you'll notice a subtle bohemian vibe that is perfectly balanced with modern elements like a white color scheme and neutral decor pieces.

Melike | @easyinterieur | 728K Followers

For those who are inspired by pink, white, gray, and metallic accents, Melike is the perfect influencer to follow. As a home decor influencer and interior design blogger, Melike curates sophisticated and glamorous interiors. Her feminine style is characterized by shag carpets, throw pillows, flashy mirrors, pretty pastel shades, and lots of candles. If you're looking to create an elegant aesthetic, Melike's page will provide you with amazing ideas.

Grace | @lovefordesigns | 1.3M Followers

Prepare to be enchanted by the world of luxury interior design through the eyes of Grace, a home decor influencer with a massive following. Grace showcases countless high-end decor inspirations that could easily be seen in the homes of celebrities. From marble flooring to ornate chandeliers, plush fabrics, and elaborate decor pieces, her page is a feast for the eyes. Even if you don't plan on turning your home into a palace, it's still fascinating to admire the beauty of these designs.

Glamorous and chic bedroom decor

Amber | @amberinteriors | 1.3M Followers

If you prefer laid-back interiors that exude simplicity and warmth, Amber is the influencer to follow. Her "California aesthetic" is characterized by light-filled rooms, colorful textiles, natural elements, brushed metals, and earth tones. She effortlessly blends plants, wooden decor, and woven textiles to create spaces that prioritize relaxation and comfort. Amber Interiors is the page to follow if you crave a relaxed and cozy home environment.

Justina | @justinablakeney | 471K Followers

Get in touch with your artistic side by following Justina, a creative director with a unique and vibrant aesthetic. Justina breaks away from the typical trends in interior design and creates her own style. Her home inspiration revolves around vibrant colors, bold patterns, natural elements, and of course, art. Her style can be described as "contemporary bungalow," and her page showcases how this style comes to life.

Modern traditional living room

Becki | @beckiowens | 1.2M Followers

Becki distinguishes herself by embracing an eclectic mix of decor inspirations. From contemporary homes with black color schemes to rustic interiors with exposed beams and stone fireplaces, Becki covers it all. Her page offers a daily dose of unique home decor content that may inspire a completely different interior design style for your home.

Angela | @angelarosehome | 1M Followers

No Instagram influencer list is complete without including a DIY fanatic like Angela. Angela is a down-to-earth homeowner and mom who shares her DIY projects with the world. Her interior design style can be described as modern with touches of boho and contemporary decor pieces. Her page offers an abundance of inspiration for those who are tired of simply saving DIY projects on Pinterest and want to bring their ideas to life.

Niki | @myscandinavianhome | 355K Followers

Scandinavian-style homes have become popular worldwide, and Niki is the perfect influencer to follow if you want to adopt this minimalistic and simple design style. Niki is from Sweden, one of the birthplaces of Scandinavian interior design, and her page offers inspiring ideas straight from the expert. Scandinavian homes are known for their modern furniture, muted colors, minimal decor, and wooden accents.

Blog Post Image📸: @myscandinavianhome

Casa Canvas - @shopcasacanvas

If you're a fan of bust sculptures, nude sketches, and abstract paintings, Casa Canvas is the shop for you. This account offers unique and stylish home decor items. One of my favorite purchases from this shop is a miniature bust that I styled on my built-in bookcase. It adds a stylish touch to my home and always receives compliments.


@restoring_home / Instagram

Whether you're a fan of neutrals or not, you'll appreciate Angela Mueller's eye for design. She skillfully combines a color palette of white, beige, brown, and black with greenery, accent walls, and wall hangings. Her feed is filled with inspiring home decor ideas.

Heywood Home Company - @heywoodhomecompany

Heywood Home Company is a small business that specializes in vintage decor. If you love vintage styles, whether it's grandmillennial or French-inspired, this shop is a gold mine. You'll find unique items like framed "lover's eye" artwork, candles shaped like Staffordshire dogs, marbled bookends, and more. I personally own one of my favorite framed black-and-white intaglio prints from this shop.

Udarbe Studio - @udarbestudio

I highly recommend checking out Udarbe Studio for their wide selection of artwork and decorative objects. Some of the art pieces are handmade by the shop owner and reflect a contemporary, neutral aesthetic. My most recent purchase from this account was a charming weathered vase that I use to display fall branches on my mantel. Finding unique vessels like these can be challenging, so I appreciate Udarbe Studio's collection.

Athantique Vintage - @athantiquevintage

If you're a fan of bust sculpture-themed products, you'll love Athantique Vintage. This shop offers a variety of intaglios, candles made from vintage silver dishes, and marble decor pieces. One of my favorite purchases from this shop is a small white bust sculpture. If you appreciate marble, intaglios, and other vintage-inspired decor, Athantique Vintage is a must-follow shop.

Studio McGee

Studio McGee, founded by Shea and Syd McGee in Salt Lake City, UT, specializes in modern farmhouse styles. Their Instagram account showcases minimalist-organic interiors that exude elegance. From paint colors to light fixtures, Studio McGee provides tips and eye candy for anyone looking to elevate their home's design.

Justina Blakeney @justinablakeney

Justina Blakeney is an interior designer, author, and founder of the popular brand and blog, The Jungalow. Starting as a design blog in her living room, The Jungalow has grown into an interior design empire. Known for her vibrant plant decor, bold patterns, and global inspiration, Justina's Instagram is a treasure trove of creativity and positive energy.

Blog Post Image📸: @justinablakeney

Chris Loves Julia @chrislovesjulia

Chris and Julia Marcum, known as Chris Loves Julia, share their design, DIY, and lifestyle adventures. What started as photographing their first home has evolved into a business and career. Their work has been featured in top design publications and they've collaborated with major brands. Chris Loves Julia is relatable and provides tips for embracing imperfections and celebrating progress along the way.

Young at Hart Vintage - @youngathartvintage

Young at Hart Vintage offers a wide range of decor items, from bust sculptures to mirrors and vintage books. Their collection is similar in style to Athantique and includes unique pieces like magnifying glasses and curiosities. I love finding treasures from this shop, like a black-and-white framed leather art piece that adds a touch of elegance to my bookcase.


If you're a plant lover, you'll be inspired by this Instagram account. @thishouse5000 showcases the beauty of incorporating plants into home decor. Their bright and airy shower, featuring trendy subway tile and lush greenery, is just one of many inspiring photos you'll find on their feed.


Justina Blakeney's Instagram, known as @thejungalow, is a paradise for plant decor enthusiasts. Her feed is filled with vibrant patterns, bold colors, and a plethora of plant inspiration. Justina's unique aesthetic embraces free-spiritedness, fun, and a touch of wildness.


Jonathan Adler, an interior designer known for his bold use of color and patterns, shares his exciting and inspiring work on his Instagram account. His feed is a wonderland of vibrant home interiors that showcase his distinctive style. His designs prove that you can update your home while staying true to your own personality.


Melissa Michaels, the creator of @theinspiredroom, urges you to love the home you have. Her spaces embody a charming fusion of coastal and farmhouse styles, creating inviting and budget-conscious designs. Her focus on creating beautiful homes at every stage, from fixer-uppers to finishing touches, resonates with many homeowners.


Interior designer Emily Henderson's Instagram account is the perfect starting point for home update ideas. Her feed features stunning interiors and provides practical tips and tricks that you can apply to your own space. Emily's stories are also entertaining and add an extra element of fun to her content.

These home decor influencers and shops offer a wealth of inspiration, from diverse design styles to unique decor items. As you explore their content, you'll discover ideas that resonate with your personal taste and help you transform your home into a space you love. And don't forget to check out the 9 interior design themes to follow in 2021 for even more trends and ideas!

In a world where home decor inspiration is just a tap away, Instagram has become the ultimate go-to platform for design enthusiasts. Whether you're looking to revamp your living space or simply seeking a dose of creativity, these top Instagram accounts will leave you feeling inspired and excited to transform your home. From Kelsey McGregor's elegant designs to Amber Interiors' eclectic style, these talented influencers will help you discover your own unique taste. So, grab your phone, hit the follow button, and get ready to embark on a journey of endless home decor possibilities. Happy scrolling!

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