The Best Dried Flowers for Decor: A Stunning Collection for Every Style and Season

Are you looking to add an enchanting touch to your home decor? Look no further than the world of dried flowers! From vibrant bouquets to elegant arrangements, these best dried flowers for decor will bring natural beauty and a touch of whimsy to any space. Whether you have a green thumb or not, these preserved blooms will instantly captivate your senses and transform your home into a haven of everlasting beauty. Join us as we explore the enchanting world of dried flowers and discover the perfect floral masterpiece to adorn your living space.

Dried Fall Perennial Garden Bouquet

You can also brighten up your space with a colorful mix, which combines Sweet Annie, yarrow, echinops, globe amaranth, and more to create a sunny combination. For the ultimate “French Girl” look, break this bouquet up into smaller arrangements for your vanity.

Buy: Dried Fall Perennial Garden Bouquet, $48.00 from Terrain

Dried Flower Bouquet Lisa Angel

Lisa AngelThis lovely bunch comes in four different colours (hot pink, blush pink, lilac and cream), so you can pick the best match for your decor scheme. It also comes with a healing rose quartz crystal, so would make a lovely gift for the friend who needs a pick-me-up.

Dried flowers: Eccentric arrangement

Dried Larkspur Bouquet

Switch things up from your usual lavender bunch and try out dried larkspur, which looks beautiful on its own or mixed with other flowers. Paired with a thrifted vase, it’ll give any room a romantic, vintage feel.

Buy: Dried Larkspur Bouquet, $28.00 from Anthropologie

Dried Pampas Grass Three-Stem Bouquet

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Dried Red Eucalyptus Bundle

Spread a little holiday cheer around your home with this red eucalyptus bundle and mix it with green eucalyptus to make it even more on-theme. Then, you can add it into an existing bouquet once the season has ended for a look that’s less holiday-specific.

Buy: Dried Eucalyptus Bundle – Red, $20.00 $16.00 from West Elm

A bunch of dried glixia feels ultra whimsical—cottagecore vibes, anyone? Dipped in this playful pink shade, it’ll make the prettiest statement wherever you put it.

Buy: Dried Glixia Bunch, $30.00 from Terrain

Go bold with this trend with a bundle of dried craspedia. These flowers are essentially a big bunch of sunshine, which, really, is something many of us could use more of these days.

Buy: Dried Craspedia 18″ Tall, Starting at $11.00 for 20 branches from Etsy

Dried White Canary Grass

For a subtle, rustic touch of texture in your space, opt for this neutral dried white canary grass. Too simple for you? Add it to an existing bouquet as a filler to give it some extra height.

Buy: Dried White Canary Grass, $30.00 $24.00 from West Elm

Pink Cockatil Bouquet Haute Florist

Haute FloristHaute Florist, another of our favourite luxury flower delivery services, has some stunning bouquets on offer. If a bright feminine aesthetic appeals, this dried bunch is for you. Pink bunny tails add some fun to an otherwise classic pampas bouquet, making for a bright and cheery bunch to welcome in the new season.

There’s also the option to add one of three vases, some chocolates or a bottle of champagne to your order, should you need.

Dried flowers: Letterbox flowers

Wildflower Bunch Shida Preserved Flowers

Shida Preserved FlowersPreserved flowers: Wildflowers

Mayfair Pampas Grass Vase Set Flowerbx

FlowerbxDried flowers: Pampas grass arrangement

Mixed Dried Flowers Wild At Heart

Wild At HeartLuxury wedding florist Wild at Heart, which has provided floral arrangements for the likes of Kate Spade, Burberry, and Christopher Kane, offers a small – yet very chic – selection of dried flower bouquets. While not as elaborate as some of the brand’s other offerings, this sweet little dried bunch still packs in plenty of rustic charm, with soft pink roses sitting alongside delicate lavender stems and gypsophila.

Dried flowers: Pastel arrangement

Mirabelle Dried Flower Bouquet Rambling Wild

Rambling WildNorfolk-based wedding florist, Rambling Wild, has a lovely selection of fresh floral arrangements available, but an even larger number of dried options, with over 40 pretty bouquets to choose from.

This vibrant bunch, brimming with deep purple roses, warm amber sea lavender, and bleached wheatgrass, caught our eye. There’s a matching wreath in a choice of three sizes, and some very well-priced vases – add one of these retro ribbed pieces to your cart for a final, colorful flourish.

Vauxhall Garden Bouquet Your London Florist

Your London FloristDried flowers: Eclectic arrangement

Pink Dried Flower Posy Graham and Green

Graham and GreenThese blush-pink eucalyptus stems feel really elegant and fresh. Style alongside other flowers, like lavender and gypsophila, to make up your own striking bouquet or show them off on their own in a statement designer vase.

Dried flowers: Pastel arrangement

Pastel Dried Flower Bouquet Catkin and Pussywillow

Catkin and PussywillowDried flowers: Pastel arrangement

Savanna Dried Bouquet With Vase From Your London Florist

Your London Florist

Dried flowers: Subdued arrangement

Everlasting Love Bouquet by Grace and Thorn

Grace and Thorn

London-based florist Grace & Thorn specializes in unique and unconventional styles. This bouquet features a blend of delphinium, yarrow, palak, statice, roses, long-stemmed pampas, and limonium grass. It comes with an elegant glass vase and makes a beautiful gift.

Dried flowers: Colorful arrangement

Selena Bouquet by Ethereal Blooms

Ethereal Blooms

Preserved flowers: Lavish arrangement

Mini Dried Flower Bunches

It doesn't get any cuter than this set of mini bunches. Place them in small bud vases around your room or on your holiday table in mercury glass vessels to create a soft, wintry atmosphere.

Buy: Mini Dried Flower Bunches, $35.34 for 3 mini bunches from Etsy

Dried flowers can be displayed in various forms, and this vibrant mixture is a perfect example. Place them in a bowl or scatter them across a table runner during dinner for a surprising burst of color and nature.

Buy: Dried Strawflowers, $42.00 from Anthropologie

Amber Dried Flowers by Oliver Bonas

Oliver Bonas

Letterbox flowers make a thoughtful gift for a friend. They can be conveniently delivered through the door, ensuring they won't be left at a depot if the recipient is out.

This bouquet from Oliver Bonas is an affordable yet lovely option. It features a vibrant mix of pampas grass, bunny tails, broom, and eucalyptus, enhanced with bold colored dyes.

Preserved flowers: Luxurious arrangement

Lilac Skies Small Dried Flower Bouquet by Amarante


While Amarante is best known for their luxurious hatbox arrangements of preserved roses, they also offer a variety of stunning dried flowers. This grand arrangement features dried lavender and bleached ruscus, beautifully complemented by a lilac rose.

It is available in three sizes: large, medium, and small.

Dried flowers: Eclectic arrangement

In the world of home decor, the possibilities are endless when it comes to adding a touch of elegance and charm. And what better way to achieve this than with dried flowers? From the vibrant hues of the Dried Fall Perennial Garden Bouquet to the delicate beauty of the Lilac Skies Small Dried Flower Bouquet, these unique and timeless decorations are sure to make a statement in any space. Whether you're a fan of traditional floral arrangements or prefer a more modern aesthetic, the options are boundless. So why wait? Transform your home into a haven of beauty and sophistication with the best dried flowers for decor today.

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