The Best DIY Home Decor Instagram Accounts for Budget-Friendly Interior Design Inspiration

Are you tired of scrolling through endless home decor inspiration on Instagram, only to find the same old trends? Look no further! In this article, we have curated a list of the best DIY home decor Instagram accounts that will ignite your creativity and transform your living space into a haven of style and uniqueness. From budget-friendly interior design ideas to jaw-dropping makeovers, these accounts will leave you inspired to grab your paintbrush and get creative! Get ready to be blown away by the talent and innovation of these Instagrammers as we take you on a virtual tour of the most stunning, on-trend, and budget-friendly DIY home decor accounts around. Get ready to fall in love with the world of interior design like never before!

Budget-Friendly Home Interior Design

This Instagram account really resonates with me. I love the minimalist style, with touches of color provided by plants, and the clever use of shelves to maximize space. The captions on these posts are particularly helpful when it comes to designing your home on a budget. They even suggest using Washi tape, which is a creative idea I never would have considered!

Angela Rose Home

Angela Rose is an influential DIYer who showcases inspiring before and after transformations. On her IG, she provides detailed tips and step-by-step instructions for achieving her looks in your own home. I've gained so many ideas just by scrolling through her feed that I would never have come up with on my own.

Chris Loves Julia

This account has a diverse range of content, from DIY projects to lists of budget-friendly options. You can find all the details on their website, including their calming video walkthroughs. Not only are their images perfectly styled and cozy, but I also appreciate their dedication to creating a true home.

Grillo Designs

In a home decor world that often looks the same, it's refreshing to see a Black woman thriving in this space. Medina's website offers budget-friendly ideas, and she focuses on creating "pockets of joy" in her house. This concept really resonates with me, especially during a pandemic. Her unique style incorporates aspects of her culture, which I admire and try to do in my own space.

Making Pretty Spaces

What I love most about this account is how small changes, like adding a new lamp, can completely transform a space. Jennifer emphasizes the power of small upgrades, which is perfect for those on a budget. When I see how these changes completely transform her living space, I feel inspired to make similar purchases for my own home.

Philip Or Flop

I've been pleasantly surprised to discover that many DIY creators are women. It's empowering to see that women can take on challenging home projects on their own. That being said, I appreciate Philip's unique perspective and his passion for his home. It's refreshing to see a male influencer in this space.

Studio Ashby

This talented British designer is one of the most promising talents in the design industry. Studio Ashby's colorful feed showcases beautiful bold colors, glimpses of her life in London, inspiring décor ideas, and her stunning projects. You can also shop for her designer art, furniture, and homewares at Sister by Studio Ashby.

Sara Walk - tellloveandparty


From Lego birthday parties to balloon cakes and rubber ducky baby showers, Sara's work is truly inspirational. She shows us that there are no limits when it comes to celebrating.

Wit and Delight

Kate Arends of Wit and Delight is a Minnesota-based design blogger and marketing consultant. Her Instagram account showcases beautifully styled home images and her dreamy office, along with glimpses of her adorable young children. If you love colorful designs with an eclectic touch, Arends and her unique taste will inspire you.

Eye Swoon

We have a soft spot for Athena Calderone of Eye Swoon when it comes to entertaining, but her Instagram feed is also a feast for the eyes in terms of interiors. From her beach house in Amagansett to the renovation of her Brooklyn home, Calderone never fails to inspire with her stunning interior design.


We already adore the design firm Arent&Pyke, and their Instagram feed is equally swoon-worthy. Follow the lives of these two Australian interior designers as they delve into the world of interiors. They showcase everything from clean, modern styles to mid-century rooms and vintage color palettes, blending contemporary and nostalgic designs effortlessly.

Ashe Leandro

For endless home inspiration with a variety of styles, look no further than the Instagram account of designers Ariel Ashe and Reinaldo Leandro. Ashe Leandro offers a peek into their lives and projects, including the homes of celebrities like Kristen Bell, Seth Meyers, and Naomi Watts. Whether your style leans towards rich, dark colors or earthy neutrals, Ashe Leandro has something to inspire both minimalists and maximalists.

Felix Forest

As one of the interior design world's most prolific photographers, Felix Forest of Studio FF captures endless homes for major shelter magazines. His Instagram account showcases a mix of minimalistic modern and traditional homes, as well as abstract landscape photos from his travels.

The Design Chaser

Michelle Halford of The Design Chaser is a blogger, writer, and stylist with a love for Scandinavian interiors. Her Instagram feed is a must-follow for minimalism enthusiasts. Expect neutral palettes, clean lines, and a modern twist on traditional Scandinavian décor with earthy off-whites, geometric shapes, and inviting textures.


If you're looking for design inspiration to curate your home with perfection, TRNK NYC is the account to follow. Get a glimpse into the stylish homes of New Yorkers, stay updated on what's new and trending, and catch a behind-the-scenes look at the lives of co-founders Nick and Tariq. Their gallery features neutral colors and pops of dark contrast in sleek and artful spaces.

A minimalist redesign of your home can begin by removing everything from the room you're working on. Then, slowly add items back in until you achieve the perfect balance of style and simplicity.

Shawn Henderson

Shawn Henderson is a New York-based designer who expertly blends modern interiors with breathtaking landscapes. His Instagram feed showcases contemporary, minimalist, and eclectic designs, often with stunning views outside the window. If you're seeking design inspiration to combine earthy hues, clean lines, and natural textures in your space, this account is a must-follow.

I Have This Thing With Floors

If you have a fascination with floors (and a deep love for stylish footwear), you'll adore this captivating account. I Have This Thing With Floors features beautiful shoe-floor combinations that will have you brainstorming ideas for your own floor renovations.

Studio McGee

If you're a fan of modern farmhouse styles, prepare to be amazed by the interiors created by Studio McGee. This design firm, founded by Shea and Syd McGee in Salt Lake City, offers a peek into their world through their Instagram account. Expect minimalist-organic interiors, along with tips on choosing paint colors, coordinating light fixtures, and more.

Hunted Interior

When it comes to big décor aspirations on a small budget, Kristin Jackson of Hunted Interior has you covered. She excels at creating beautifully designed spaces through clever DIY projects and resourcefulness. Follow her account for style secrets, how-tos, and glimpses of her impeccably styled home.

Jeremiah Brent

Jeremiah Brent is one of the most buzzed-about names in the design world. His Instagram feed showcases aspirational interiors in his signature modern-minimalist-neutral design style. With decorating tips and the hashtag #JBDesignInspo for easy browsing, Brent offers endless inspiration. He also shares snapshots of his husband, fellow designer Nate Berkus, their family, and playful self-portraits.

Kelly Mindell - studiodiy


Studio DIY is a platform for party planning and fashion tutorials run by Kelly Mindell. She draws inspiration from her own life and encourages readers to embrace color and playfulness to enhance their lives.

ASHLEY ROSE | DECOR & DIY - sugarandcloth


Ashley Rose is the go-to source for all things sugar and cloth. Her focus is on creating a home filled with handmade and vintage decor that you love.

Geneva Vanderzeil - genevavanderzeil


Geneva Vanderzeil's Instagram account may seem like an average DIY account at first glance, but she offers easy hacks to upcycle secondhand pieces. From rewrapping old chairs with used window shades to creating a swing arm desk with tiles, she shares clever ideas to transform furniture.

Right Meets Left Interior Design

This Black-owned interior design company showcases designs from wealthy clients, but the captions provide helpful tips. They emphasize how color schemes and simple furniture choices can help achieve a desired look, whether it's adulting or reflecting one's heritage. The thought process behind their designs is explained in a way that resonates with budget-conscious followers.

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Justina Blakeney

If you have a green thumb and a love for boho design, Justina Blakeney is a must-follow. This blogger-turned-entrepreneur shares photos of plant- and pattern-centric interiors that are vibrant and filled with bohemian flair.

Kailo Chic® Kara Whitten - kailochic


Kailo Chic features unique and inventive DIY projects that are simple and bright. Kara Whitten provides step-by-step instructions using household items, making it accessible to everyone.

Fall For DIY - Francesca Stone - fallfordiy


Fall For DIY offers a mix of easy, modern DIY ideas and product design inspiration. The account showcases lifestyle-styling posts, product design photos, and videos, perfect for those looking for inspiration.

These top DIY home decor Instagram accounts are guaranteed to bring out the creative spark in any aspiring interior designer. From budget-friendly tips and tricks to stunning before-and-after transformations, these accounts provide endless inspiration for making your home beautiful on a dime. So start following, grab your paintbrush, and get ready to unleash your inner design guru. With these incredible accounts guiding you, your home will be Instagram-worthy in no time. Happy decorating!

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