Ten Great Ways to Dress Up a Mantel That Has a TV Above It

Putting together a mantelscape that includes a television is more difficult than usual. You can still have a beautiful home and display your television proudly with the help of some fantastic TV mantel decorating ideas.

To mount or not to mount the television over the mantel: that is the question when you move into a new home. The physical location of the plugs and switches will give you that information. The final say is often left up to the individual.

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Putting a television above a mantel is an idea I've always been opposed to. However, after we rearranged the furniture in our current home's living room, that's the only spot it would fit.

The advent of the Frame TV, however, altered the landscape for interior designers forever. Putting the television above the mantel no longer poses the age-old dilemma of where to put it. The TV's ability to display artwork when it's not in use completely alters how one would normally decorate around one.

Even if you don't own a Frame TV, this post will serve as a source of creative stimulation. Plus, you'll find out how to spruce up your mantel for a massive television.

I get so much pleasure out of discussing with you various methods of interior design Extra suggestions for enhancing your living room's aesthetic include picking out and arranging throw pillows, adorning nightstands, and arranging a console table in one of four distinct ways. All the best in making your house a home.

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Mantelpiece TV Mounting: Design Tips

To sum up, you should strive for simplicity. To decorate around a large black box without making the room look cluttered, avoid using a lot of accessories. So, less is more But before we dive into creativity, there are a few basics to keep in mind.

  1. Put some long, low pieces of decor under the TV, and use larger, higher pieces to anchor the sides. The taller sides can be decorated symmetrically or asymmetrically; however, the design shouldn't be overstated. Something as basic as a lantern, vase, or plant will do.
  2. Light up the TV wall with sconces. If you don't have the ability to hardwire a light, you can use a battery-operated bulb or candle instead. The alternative is to hire a professional electrician to install hardwired fixtures.
  3. Check out some artwork on a Smart TV, like the Samsung Frame TV.
  4. Cover up the TV completely. Make something to hide your TV if you don't like having it in the room all the time.

10 Stylish TV Mantel Display Ideas

First, Add Some Art to Your New Smart TV

If you want to put a TV above the mantel, this is your best bet. Not everyone can afford it, but if you can wait for a sale, it's worth it. The alternative is to save up for the TV that shows art when it's not being used.

That way, your artwork can stand on its own as a piece of decor, and you can spare yourself the effort.

This spring, I tried to streamline my mantel display by reducing it to just two chinoiserie pots and two boxwood topiaries. They didn't clutter up the space with unnecessary ornamentation, instead making the artwork the focal point.

Maximalist Furnishings

As shown here, Thrifty Decor Chick placed two topiaries on either end of a low, linear decor piece in a wooden tray.

Gorgeous Mantel with TV Above It

She then hung a basket from the ceiling and hung candle holders from the walls. Her walls are finished with shiplap millwork. As much as I enjoy decorating, this is the most effort I would put into a TV stand.

3 Decorate with Plants to Distract from the TV

The mantel at Blesser House was especially lovely thanks to Lauren's autumnal decorations of pumpkins, magnolia leaves, and lanterns. The lush vegetation softens the otherwise industrial setting.

Beautiful Mantel with TV from Blesser House

You can get this look by draping any kind of garland under your television. Garlands made of evergreens should be used during the winter months, while garlands made of eucalyptus should be used during the spring and summer.

Decorate the Mantel with a Wreath

Decorating the mantel was a tradition of mine long before I installed a television above it. Garland is the first thing I put up when it's time to decorate for Christmas, and I always hang it in front of the mantel. To my mind, it's every bit as lovely.

Beautiful Christmas Garland on the Mantel

With glass Fair Isle trees, books, and brass candlesticks, I decorated the nooks and crannies of the mantel. These beautify the room without interfering with anyone's ability to see the television.

Fair Isle Glass Christmas Trees

Set the TV in a frame

A Frame TV frame is something that can be bought separately. Okay, but what if your TV isn't one of those? Creating a frame for it is possible. Any TV will be upgraded to a new level thanks to this.

Framed TV over a fireplace mantel in living room

Actually, I made my own Frame TV frame because I didn't like the ones available to me. Plus, it elevates the whole thing to a completely new level. There isn't a TV on the market that this won't work on. Frames for a Frame TV can be purchased if you'd rather not make your own.

Install Wall Sconces

Using wall sconces is a great way to draw attention to the intricate millwork on your fireplace surround. It's sufficient on its own; no further action is required

Built-in Bookshelves with TV and sconces Studio of Lee Owens Design1

Lighting Options for Behind a TV

Think about the distance between your TV and the mantel when deciding where to place your sconces. Place the wall sconces in the empty space between the TV and mantel.

The upper one-third of the TV screen should be illuminated by the sconces. Sconces should be placed 8–12 inches from the edge of the mantel and TV.

Place lamps and a console table in the room.

Do not use a sofa table as a substitute for a mantel; rather, invest in a TV console. Also, if there's enough space, flank it with a couple of lamps. In the evening, lamps cast a warm glow against the wall.

A Simple Summer Living Room

Mantelpiece and wall covering for emphasis

Put up some art on the wall to draw attention away from the TV. Adorn the area around the TV with bricks, shiplap, or wall moulding.

Lauren McBride made a warm fireplace by installing a brick surround and a wooden mantel with a rustic feel. Besides a few nondescript candles, no additional embellishments are required.

The following fireplace is a work of art thanks to the exquisite trim that envelops the TV mantel accessories.

N. 9. Keep It Under Wraps

If you can't stand having an exposed TV, then hide it. When it's not in use, you can conceal it behind barn doors, a piece of art, or a screen.

Create a gallery wall effect by placing framed artwork and photos around the TV. Thus, the large black box will be less dominant, and the attention will be drawn to other features of the wall.

Using this method, you can easily make a gallery wall in front of a television. Therefore, a lovely display can be made without a mantel.

Some Answers to Your Most Common Concerns

Is there a recommended size for a TV to be placed atop a mantel

The answer to this question is contingent upon the dimensions of your mantel. Don't get a TV that's wider than 3/4 of your mantel. At most, the TV should take up no more than two-thirds of the mantel's depth. Get a 50-inch TV if your mantel is 76 inches wide.

Decorating a TV mantel for the holidays?

Decorating the mantel for the holidays includes draping garland across the top and hanging stockings from the bottom. If you want to minimize the damage, use command hooks.

Is your TV mounted atop the mantel? If so, how do you like to decorate your TV mantel the most?

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