Ten Easy Methods for Adorning a Huge Wall

Can't figure out how to adorn a huge wall Think of it as a blank canvas instead of a vast, empty space that needs to be filled. The chance In this post, I'll show you ten different ways that we've decorated the walls in our home, as well as provide some advice for getting started on your own wall art projects.

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A few things should be considered before you start piling stuff against a wall.

  1. Think Big! A large wall calls for a solution that won't get lost in the crevices. We've all seen enormous walls with miniature artwork; if the pieces aren't the right size for the space, they can get lost or even seem like an afterthought.
  2. Isn't it true that a larger size would result in a higher price tag? Prices for paintings and other large wall decorations can rise quickly. Save up for it and buy it in the right size if there's an item you really want. However, I'll be offering some low-cost alternatives throughout the text.
  3. Consistency: If you have an open floor plan, think about how your walls can flow from one space to the next while still tying together the design of your home.
  4. You don't want to use the same "trick" over and over, so while you might have a favorite go-to for bare walls (for me, it's mirrors), keep your solutions diverse.
  5. Which means I don't play "special meaning police." I'm totally going to buy a canvas if I see one I like at HomeGoods. To me, it's great when we can include things that have sentimental value or remind us of a particular time and place, but simply enjoying the work is sufficient. No need to "settle" for a bunch of stuff you didn't love on a single shopping trip because you think it "may go"

Let's get into 10 different ways to decorate a large wall now that we've covered the fundamentals and what I try to keep in mind when I'm planning wall decor.

If you'd like to avoid spending a lot of money on a single large piece of art, but still get the impact of a statement wall, hang a gallery wall. You can put your own spin on them in countless ways. You can go with the standard option of uniformity, or you can choose from a curated, varied assortment. I hung some travel photos from our iPhones in identical Ikea frames and displayed them in the breakfast nook.

Decorations: Gallery Wall Frames; Curtains; Curtain Rod; Bar Stools; Pendant Light; Beaded Chandelier; Faux Olive Tree; Dining Table; Dining Chairs (similar);

My phone pictures of landmarks and landscapes from across the United States Exceptional in its own right, and acting as a unified work of art despite having been inspired by 12 separate trips. Keep in mind that it also occupies a considerable portion of the wall space; when framing, think bigger than you initially believe to be necessary.

The wall baskets on our porch also function as a gallery of sorts because of their unified design. Despite their similarity, there are three distinct sizes. I hastily arranged them into a natural form, and declared it to be "good." ”

Here are all the details about the porch you've been waiting for:

Our front room's sunburst gallery wall, which used to complement the rest of the house, now looks out of place and will be redesigned soon. However, it serves as an excellent illustration of how to maintain a unifying theme even when incorporating nontraditional elements and metals of different finishes.

Turkish and Ottoman

I have what I'm calling a "gallery wall" in my office; I hung the large piece in the center of a square formed by three identical foil prints that I simply rotated as I hung. The pieces are unique, but they all share the same basic structure.

The following items were used: large wall art, small wall art, desk tray, footed bowls, rattan bin, gray vase, magazine holder box, document storage box, roman shade, rug, drawer pull.

Some of the most beautiful galleries I've ever seen combine black-and-white and color photographs, display identical frames and mats in a variety of sizes, and/or use entirely nonstandard frames, mediums, etc. Cohesive designs are the way to go if you want something simple and soothing. Those who are daring and want to make a creative statement should try something new.

The combination of two or more pieces of art is one of my favorite things to do, especially when I need to fill only a small section of wall space. You'll also save money because the cost of framing two smaller pieces is typically less than that of framing one larger piece. My original plan to hang a wall basket above Eliza's crib fell through, but I'm glad it did because this framed pair of song lyrics is perfect. That was just a stroke of luck The original Etsy shop that printed these lyrics unfortunately shut down soon after the reveal, but you can find a suitable replacement HERE frequently asked questions about them. The 16x20 option is what I went with for my frames, but that only refers to the mat size. Measurements of the actual frame are 23" x 28"

Song Lyrics (or something similar) Frames Crib Macramé Crib Skirt Gingham Crib Sheet Antelope Pillow Bunny Cozy Tassel Throw

I enjoy looking for art collections and picking out my two favorites from each group to arrange in a matched pair. About six years ago, ZGallerie displayed a collection of artworks featuring lily pads. I highly recommend perusing the online art marketplace Minted. Although it's not always possible to "spot" a set, artists have a habit of using Roman numerals to number prints within a series. I plan to type "II," for "2," into the search bar. When I run the results, I filter for "art" to see only artwork (rather than cards, stationery, etc.). Almost all works of art that make it out of that region are sequels to earlier entries in the series. If you like an artist's work and want to see more, just tap on their name. If there is a II (and often a III or IV) label, there is almost always a corresponding I.

Lighting fixture sourced from Chandelier and dining chairs sourced from (similar)

One with more moving parts but greater potential for making a statement Making the walls themselves works of art is a great (and cost-effective! We've customized a few rooms in the house by adding trim and moulding, and while they might look better with some art on top, they look great without anything at all. We installed five individual boxes of picture frame moulding in Eliza's nursery and two rows of boxes in our bedroom. We finished off the cathedral ceiling by adding a molding detail. I hired a contractor to do the work, but I kept costs down by using shoe moulding and by having him build simple boxes that he then drywalled and painted.

Furniture: Chandelier, Bed, Bench, Rug, Nightstand, Glass Lamp, Quilt, Duvet Cover, Wall Art, 1 Wall Art, 2 Wall Art, Moses Basket

There's a huge wall in my living room where the kitchen cutout looked awkwardly exposed. I had a fake half-column installed so that it would be consistent with the real columns on the opposite side of the living room...

Items: Rattan tray, wingback chair, large wall art, round accent table, rattan tray, sofa, and rug.

...and extended this feature under the bar, around the bend, and into the new column. It has also served a practical purpose by making it easier to remove scuff marks made by people's feet in the area where they frequently kick the wall. Previously, the flat paint would only end up looking bad after repeated scuffing. The semigloss surface of the wall detail is much easier to clean.

Accessories: Stools, Lights, and Knobs for Cupboards

Picture frame moulding is what I've used most often, but board and batten and horizontal/vertical shiplap offer a wealth of attractive alternatives.

I've only just begun dabbling in wallpaper this year, but I already love it so much. First, I tackled our tiny powder room, where I felt more comfortable taking risks. The lower two-thirds of the wall got a moulding, while the top third got wallpaper. I don't own any more artwork and am currently trying to decide which wall in my home I should paper next.

The Wallcovering, Vanity, Faucet, Mirror, Sconce, Rug, and Rattan Garbage Can (or Something Like It)

Many lovely, simple-to-apply peel-and-stick alternatives are available if you'd rather not make any permanent changes. Quite a few years ago, I put faux brick in our master bathroom's stall.

See the entire makeover HERE.

Early on, I mentioned that whenever I need a quick and simple solution, my first thought is to look in the nearest statement mirror. The size you pick makes a HUGE difference, just like in a piece of large art. The 48-inch size of this mirror is well-suited to the surrounding decor.

Lighting: Beaded Chandelier; Table: Dining Chairs; Mirror: Round; Furniture: Sideboard; Drapes; Rod: Curtains; Rug:

However, before I made some changes to the breakfast nook, I had a round mirror that, in retrospect, was much too small for the look I was going for...

Seems like a major distinction, no?

I hung a large mirror vertically in our dining room to create the illusion of height. A few years ago, I wrote THIS POST about why you should choose vertical mirrors instead of horizontal ones.

Inspiring Parts: Chandelier, Dining Chair, Dining Table, Rug, Curtains, Hallway Mirror, Hallway Chest, 44-Inch Cherry Blossom Stems, 40-Inch Cherry Blossom Stems, and More!

Our home has several large round mirrors that I've placed above dressers. These can be found in Eliza's room, the guest bedroom, and elsewhere.

We gathered these items from various locations: a mirror, a lamp, a dresser (or something similar), a jute rug, an x bench, a duvet cover, a teddy bear throw, and a fake

In addition, I enjoy installing full-length mirrors in bedrooms whenever possible, including those of guests.

The downstairs guest bedroom has a somewhat complicated layout. One wall is empty, another has a closet and a bathroom door, another has a large window, and the final wall has French doors. Adding large curtain panels on long rods to make walls of curtains served a practical purpose while also concealing potentially awkward blank walls. Each curtain panel is the full width of the windows it is meant to cover, and the width of the window openings can be specified when placing a custom order. (All the room's specifications are displayed HERE for your perusal)

The lantern chandelier, the X-shaped bench, the linen quilt, the duvet cover, the teddy bear throw, the blue Belgian pillow cover (or one of a similar color), the curtain rod, and the curtain rings all came from the same place.

Though we framed the fireplace and television with built-ins in the living room after we moved in, those units were actually installed in the office. Despite the fact that this is more of an investment project, I really enjoy all of the new features, from the roll-out printer drawer to the filing cabinets beneath the window. Two units can be placed on either side of a window in place of built-ins, or you can mount identical floating shelves on the wall.

The following items were used: Chandelier; Fabric Basket; White Ginger Jar; Rattan Bin; Magazine Holder Box; Document Storage Box; File Box; Roman Shade; Rug; Cabinet Pulls

In conclusion, don't think too deeply, shake things up, and keep in mind that size does matter. It's not necessary to spend a fortune to look and feel amazing, but by the same token, if there's a particular impression you're desperate to make, put off the rat race for as long as it takes and go for it. I've learned the hard way (and made plenty of hindsight mistakes) that a bold wall statement can make or break a room, so if you want to see more room reveals and receive helpful tips, be sure to subscribe to my emails HERE.

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