Ten Creative Ways to Use Plants as Décor!

In our house, a room isn't done until I've added at least one plant to it. Whenever I'm on a tight budget and need to spruce up a room in my house, plants are always my first choice as a decorative accent.

With any luck, today's post will inspire you to bring some greenery into your own home by giving you some ideas about how I like to use plants as decor.

Introducing the new generation

My earliest recollections of houseplants stem from trips to see Grandma. Indoor plants were a particular favorite of my grandmother's.

I recall that she had a ledge in her bay window that was always overflowing with plants of all shapes and sizes. When it came to her plants, my grandmother's preferences were all over the place. I remember my grandfather had a fancy bonsai tree, and my aunt had a bunch of geraniums and cactuses. Yet, I think this is the origin of my horticultural enthusiasm.

I don't recall my family ever having many houseplants when I was a kid. My father had a lifelong passion for gardening, but he never developed an interest in producing a wide range of indoor plants like his mother did.

Additionally, there was the time I landed in Grandma's cactus collection, and my hand was full of little needles that he had to pull out while I sobbed all the way home. When I was a kid, I used to be very dramatic, and the thought of getting a sliver and having him use a pin to get it out was my worst nightmare. Now you know how I reacted when I found a handful of "slivers" Perhaps this is why he never brought his passion for plants inside. However, I must veer off topic

It's my turn to bring nature indoors now. Plants not only brighten up a room, but they also help a house feel more like a home by filling it out. In my opinion, a space is lacking something essential if it doesn't have any living plants.

Listed below are the top ten ways that I like to use plants as home decor.

Here are ten ideas for using plants as decor.

One, indoor plants

The adage "go big or go home" can be applied to interior design in general, but particularly to the living room. Larger pieces that completely fill a room are the best value in home decor. In addition to being more aesthetically pleasing, they are also more practical. Sizing up is essential

Large-scale accents can be added to your living room by placing floor plants strategically. They are also significantly cheaper than brand-new alternatives like a dresser, console table, ottoman, etc.

Even if you can't find a plant small enough to sit directly on the floor, you can still count it as a "floor plant" if you place it on a plant stand or table.

Here's a bird's-eye view of our family room: Our Variegated Ficus is displayed proudly on an Ikea coffee table that I purchased recently. To make it visible from behind the sectional, it is raised off the floor. Further, it completes the room and gives it an authentic European farmhouse vibe.

A few of my favorite houseplants that live on the ground

  • Tree Native to Europe
  • Monstera
  •  Schefflera
  • Ficus variegata
a modern farmhouse living room with a geometric shag rug, faux leather and wood armchairs, a white sectional, and plants

2. A grouping

A shelf or set of shelves is a more contemporary way to display a collection of plants, although I have fond memories (other than that cactus) of my grandmother's vignette of plants in her bay window.

A simple pro tip for easy shelf styling is to use your plants as decor. (More details on my failsafe technique for arranging items on shelves can be found at)

If I were to display a group of plants on a shelf, I would prefer to keep it simple. Don't forget to leave some "white space" on your shelves for the eye to rest on.

Here are a few of my favorite plants for decorating shelves.

  • Plants that look like snakes
  • Cactus (Christmas)
  • Philodendron
  • In the Ornate Calathea
  • Money Tree in China
a set of white floating shelves with plants and home decor

True, fake plants are an option if you're not keen on working with the real thing. You can always go artificial first, or try a hybrid approach. Except for the one in the bottom left corner of the shelf above, all the plants I have there are real.

Thirdly, a short story or vignette

Plants can also be used to create a vignette. In interior design, a vignette is a small scene created by arranging a collection of accessories on a tabletop, shelf, or other flat surface.

An entryway table, console table, or long floating shelf above a table like ours in the living room is the perfect place for a vignette composed of a mirror, a piece of artwork, some vintage candle sticks, and a plant.

The artwork and candlesticks round out a lovely vignette, and the plants add a jolt of life.

The possibilities for creating a vignette are endless, but including a plant in the scene almost always results in an attractive end result. Without it, vignettes can appear to be nothing more than a haphazard collection of objects rather than a carefully curated showcase for your prized possessions.

Plants I like to use when setting up vignettes

  • Fern Asparagus
  • Pothos
  • Peperomia
a vignette on a floating shelf with a vase of flowers, plant, mirror candle sticks and art work

4. A mobile work surface

My grandmother also liked to keep her plants on a small bar cart that she kept in the dining room. Her dining room, with its large window, was an ideal environment for plant life.

Having a bar cart to display plants on is another one of my favorite things. If you have more potted plants than you have space for, but still want them to look like they belong in your home, a bar cart or console table is the perfect solution.

Since there isn't enough room in the dining room for a bar cart, I've set up some lovely plants on the slim console table that houses our computer.

My umbrella plant, or Schefflera, is one of my oldest plants. When you were a kid, did you ever hang out under the umbrella tree to watch No just me The plant reminds me of that kid's show from the '90s every time I look at it.

I also put in a plant that looks like it might produce strings of bananas; darn Home Depot for not always labeling their plants with their names. (One is on the mantel of our fireplace, and the other is in a corner of our living room on the floor. That's a good amount of extra green, but feel free to add more if you like.

a dining room featuring an umbrella plant on a side table, a farmhouse dining table and an electric fireplace

5 Suggestions for the Kitchen

In some homes, the kitchen is flooded with natural light, but mine is not one of them. It can be difficult to know where to put plants and how to properly style them in these spaces.

It's best to keep kitchen houseplants to a minimum, rather than returning to the days when ivy was hung from the ceiling and every available houseplant was layered upon one another.

There are open shelves in our kitchen, so I decided to add some greenery for visual harmony by placing three plants along the length of each shelf. Depending on the lighting in the room, artificial plants may also be your best bet here; however, a small plant placed on the sink's counter next to the soap dispenser or a medium plant placed on a riser placed on the counter are also great options. to the cooking area

Herbs are a great alternative to houseplants for use in the kitchen. Not only do they look lovely, but they also add a special touch to your food. Win win

For the kitchen, my favorite plants are

  • Crop of basil
  • mint plant
  • plant of parsley
  • Strand of Pearls

decorating with plants,a boho kitchen with open shelving covered in dishes, plants and kitchen tools

Plants for low-light environments

What about those dark corners of the house? Places where privacy is paramount include the loo, the basement, and any room with curtains.

But have no fear, there are still options for dimly lit rooms Of course, as I've already mentioned, artificial plants are a great option for dimly lit rooms. Follow this link to read my blog post about the best Ikea fake plants I've ever purchased. On the other hand, there are many options for real plants that don't need a lot of light.

For rooms with dim lighting, my go-to plant is the snake plant. I've always had three snake plants, and one of them is currently thriving in our windowless bathroom. These plants are extremely hardy and need hardly any care.

The lighting in our bedroom, like the rest of our home, is very poor. Because of the heat, we have to keep the curtains closed for the majority of the day. My best bet for company in there is a snake plant. During the warm summer months, I use the abundance of our outdoor plants to my advantage by regularly snipping off stems to use in vases on our nightstands.

Low-light vegetation

  • a plant commonly known as a snake plant
  • pothos
  • "Heart-Leaf Philodendron"
  • Roots of Fear
a boho bedroom with plants as decor
decorating with plants,a modern farmhouse kitchen with open shelves covered in plants Our kitchen is a tropical paradise for this heart leaf philodendron, which thrives despite the low light. Several times, I've had to make drastic reductions.

Seventh, filler vegetation

When it comes to decorating our homes, we all have those bare spots where we're just not sure what would look best. I like to think of these little filler plants as a necessary evil.

When I am decorating my coffee table or the dressers and nightstands of my daughters, I almost always use these areas. A cheerful little plant will give them the boost they need.

Tiny succulents are my go-to for filler plants. These plants are perfect for a child's bedroom because they require little attention and can survive even if forgotten about for a while.

a coffee table vignette with a small plant, riser and vase of flowers sitting on it

Using plant holders as ornaments

Hanging plants is another beautiful way to use them as a decorative element. The look of two plants hanging from the ceiling at staggered heights is one of my favorites, but I don't have any plant hangers right now.

It's a fantastic choice if you're short on square footage and a wonderful ornamental addition to any room.

The best hanging plants, in my opinion

  • Pothos
  • Beads on a String
  • Philodendron coronarium
a hanging plant in a bathroom Location: Magnolia.com

Arrangements for the Wall

The photo I took of my daughter's hexagonal wall planters went viral on Instagram. They were something I had found at West Elm and had painted white. They were the ideal creative wall decoration for Elizabeth's room.

Here we are years later, and while I no longer have my adorable hexagonal wall planters, my affection for this type of decor has not waned in the slightest. I would put them up right away if I had the wall space, but we don't.

The best plants for hanging baskets and planters

  • Air Plant
  • succulents
  • pothos
how to decorate with wall planters and hanging baskets, a woven wall planter on a wall Image courtesy of Magnolia.com.

Ten. Use recently-cut plants as decorations.

A final suggestion for plant-based home decor: bring the outdoors in by repurposing cuttings from your outdoor plants. Going outside with a pair of scissors or plant snips and gathering some leafy branches to bring inside is the simplest and least expensive way to add greenery to your home's decor.

One of my favorite things to do is to cut long branches to use as the basis for a striking centerpiece vase for our living room or dining room. The only drawback to bringing in branches from outside is the possibility of inviting in pests.

To get rid of pests on your branches, you can either run them under cold water or create a homemade bug killing detergent.

Mix 1 tsp a tablespoon of vegetable oil and a Mix 1 teaspoon of dish soap with 1 cup of water in a spray bottle, then use it to clean the branches before putting them in a vase.

decorating with plants, a big vase of branches cut from outside on a coffee table

I really hope you found these suggestions useful and that they sparked some ideas for how you can use plants to spruce up your own home's decor.

Bookmark for later use

this is a pinterest pin for 10 ways to decorate with plants

Carry on

For visiting the blog today, I appreciate it. Additionally, I maintain social media presences at Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest. Is it true that we also sell decorative items for the home? Our home goods are available in our Etsy store.

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