Stunning Foyer Designs to Inspire You in 2023

While it's true that you shouldn't evaluate a book by its cover, we believe it's often appropriate to do so with a house. Not to put undue stress on the foyer, but it is important that it convey the overall style and mood of your home. ) They're also some of the most exciting places

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While it's true that you shouldn't evaluate a book by its cover, we believe it's often appropriate to do so with a house. Not to put undue stress on the foyer, but it is important that it convey the overall style and mood of your home. ) They're also some of the most exciting places to embellish. Your home's entry is the first thing guests see when they visit, and it's also the first thing you see when you come home each day, whether you live in a mansion or a studio with a tiny nook by the door. Therefore, make it a memorable one Included are 52 of our favorite entryways from the pages of House Beautiful and the work of some of our favorite new designers, ranging from dramatic to cozy.

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Try Using Vintage Items

Although the antiques in this farmhouse from 1910 are beautiful and varied, designer Robin Henry kept the space from feeling stuffy by using bright colors, modern accents, and daring pattern mixing. Walls painted a glossy honey color make for a cozy atmosphere.

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Exhibit Your Childlike Side

This home, designed by the Amsterdam firm Atelier ND, is all about having a good time, and it shows the moment you step foot inside the foyer. The door and window frames are painted a muted lavender, the ceiling is painted a pale peach, and the floors are a lightly stained herringbone pattern. Colors of pink and purple are unified by the wallpaper.

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Keep It Nimble But Powerful

Leaning some oil paintings on the ground under a slim console table is a great way to inject some color into your foyer while keeping the vibe relaxed. The houndstooth area rug, vintage table, and rustic pitcher give this room by Andrew Flesher a cool, collected feel.

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Alter a Storage Area to Your Preferred Specifications

Make your own all-in-one entryway workhorse with your own personal touch. The versatility of a floating bench and storage piece by Kureck Jones is demonstrated in this foyer. This multipurpose built-in features two drawers for storing frequently used items, a top that can accommodate a lamp and a small bench with a soft cushion, and four legs for adding additional support. There is even enough space left over to hang a mirror and several coat racks.

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Mix New with Old

Arent & Pyke, an Australian design firm, is well-known for their ability to seamlessly combine contemporary elements with vintage finds. Even in a confined area like this foyer, it's possible to achieve success. A rich Art Deco rug adds tons of color and fun, and a small marble floating shelf is supported by a bracket that looks like traditional wainscotting.

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Experiment with Gallery Walls to the max

Lathem Gordon, a designer, decided to spruce up the cramped foyer of her Georgia home by hanging a beautiful gallery wall of black and white photographs in gilt frames. A coat of gray paint dampens the glitz and glamour.

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Display a Photo of Your Pet

Hire a professional to paint a photorealistic portrait of your pet to hang in the foyer and welcome you and your guests. The entrance hall was designed by Romanek Design Studio, and we can't get enough of it. The dog's solemn face stands in sharp contrast to the room's casual furnishings, such as the floor tiles, throw pillow, sofa, and sconces, which give off a lighthearted, irreverent vibe.

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Make yourself as small as possible and hide in the corner

With the right furniture and decorations, any nook can serve as an entrance. The designer, Sarah Solis, was unable to fit a large round center table in this entryway, so she tucked a smaller and taller option into a corner for a similar effect and topped it all off with a vibrant area rug.

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Use Your Artwork and Materials to Make a Statement

New York's Bunny Williams Interior Design and architecture firm Ferguson & Shamamian used the loft's entryway to foreshadow the space's impressive art collection, period elements given a modern twist, and bright, airy color palette. To get the most attention from guests, hang a prized piece of art in the foyer. In this foyer, the client's artwork and the building's stunning bones take center stage.

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Incorporate a Striking Color

The foyer of this 19th-century Brooklyn townhouse is painted a shocking shade of lipstick pink. Using Benjamin Moore's Razzle Daz, designer Jonathan Berger amplified the antique glamour with a Louis XV chair, table, and an 18th-century Italian mirror.

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Make Sure to Mix It In

Lauren Waters had to make the transition from the elevator to the open floor plan feel like a foyer, living room, dining room, and home office all at once because of the placement of the elevator. As a result, she positioned a boucle womb chair and a full-length kitty corner mirror in the room's recess. It's aesthetically pleasing, and it speeds up processes like outfit approval and shoe-lacing. A small pedestal table with a key holder sits on the other side of the room. ,

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Dress up in Animal Skins

Animal prints are popular among interior designers for stair runners because they effectively disguise dirt, spills, and other signs of daily use. To pay homage to the fur-trading history of the region, Garrow Kedigian installed Stark's classic Antilocarpa on the stairs of his Montreal townhouse.

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Expose a Notable Musical Device

Making an entrance on a grand piano seems like the most fitting choice. Dallas-based interior designer Jean Liu created this welcoming space, which features a glossy black piano, light wood flooring, modern glass elements, and worn leather pieces.

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Stuff It Full

Even with a small foyer, a home can have a grand entrance. As an example Tamsin Johnson's foyer design. It's as simple as adding a fashionable mirror, accent chair, umbrella holder, and hooks. Few things can be stretched into a sculptural statement if you have the right pieces.

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Consider Using Intelligent Space Savings

The coral table skirt isn't just pretty to look at; it also serves to conceal the family's clutter. The designer, Tom Scheerer, who collaborated with Quadrille to make the lattice wallcovering, says, "It has a lot of stuff stored under it on a shelf—baseball mitts and Wellington boots."

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Get In On The Custom Construction Market

This quaint alcove, also by Corey Jenkins, is a wonderful illustration of a tiny foyer with big style. He made the most of the compact area by installing a bench and a small table for keeping keys and other items within easy reach. Then, to break up the monotony of all the white, he wallpapered the wall in a striking blue pattern. It looks great with the chevron pillow and the graphic paintings.

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Honor the Past in Your Design

This newly built (but old-looking) country house features a low-ceiling entry with an up-and-down stair landing, a design choice made by architect James Carter and interior designer Jane Hawkins. "It's quaint and homey inside, like stepping into a little cottage. Carter says, "We wanted to prolong the suspense."

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Glazed walls allow for natural light to enter.

The foyer is given a touch of old-school opulence by an ornate console table, which contrasts with the inky pigment and sharp angles of the light fixtures and graphic area rugs. You won't find any jarring repetition here. In addition, if you're renovating the foyer, a great idea is to install glass panels on either side of the front doors to let in lots of natural light.

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Mark D. Sikes is the only one who can pull off the classic blue and white color scheme so successfully. Mixing China Seas wallpaper and textiles with Fermoie chandelier shades and an Elizabeth Eakins striped rug, he created a riot of pattern in this Beverly Hills entryway.

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Substitute for a blank

No longer must the area under your stairs be just that: awkward. To complement the room's other design elements, such as the black and white stone tiles and ornate chandelier, Romanek Design Studio placed an elegant settee and a set of small frames in the niche. The harmony is achieved with the help of a contemporary stool and other modern touches.

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Choose Organic Materials

As a wallcovering, a sisal rug Why not as Colleen Bashaw puts it She explains, "I didn't want to cover up that great cement-tile floor, so that sparked the idea of putting sisal on the wall." "[The builder] made a special paste, slathered it on the back of the rug, and tacked it up like wallpaper." "

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Refresh a Coastal Look

Philip Mitchell says of the non-nautical blue and white color scheme, "We found this incredible carpet from 1stdibs and the blue-glass console from Avenue Road and just followed that thread."

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Opt for a Bold Area Rug

The burnt orange rug, double frosted glass doors, and architectural staircase in this entryway by Arent & Pyke show both restraint and personality. The darker elements are warmed up by the rust and sage tones in the rug, and the rug acts as a unifying element.

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Go Grand

One of the most striking features of a Fifth Avenue duplex is its grand staircase. These antique gilt stools in the style of the neoclassical period were discovered by Garrow Kedigian, a frequent shopper at the flea markets of Paris.

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Clear some space for storing

Designers Arent & Pyke state, "'Moments' rather than looks best encapsulate a home's positive impact," and in Magnolia House, "the ultimate moment experienced is the slow and elegant descent down its new sculptural staircase, the metaphorical spine of both the home and the project." Since the jib door serves as both an aesthetic and functional element, it has been designed to flow seamlessly with the pale blue painted paneling.

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Embellish with Worldly Charm

Mally Skok, a designer from South Africa, brought a collection of trinkets from her travels to the foyer of her Massachusetts mansion.

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Update Elements From The 1960s And 1970s

A louvered screen designed by McAlpine's Ray Booth was installed in a 1961 Houston home's entry in place of a conventional movable wall. The screen serves to partition the room from the dining area without closing it in.

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Don't Forget to Be Classy

This Georgian-style Atlanta home, designed by Melanie Turner, is proof that black and white marble entryway floors are timeless.

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Improve Your Landing Site

Is there any reason why a kid-friendly entrance couldn't also be ultra-luxurious? A New York family's circular settee, covered in fuchsia velvet, serves as a catchall for shoes, coats, and backpacks. Kids pass through this hallway and dump their belongings on that ottoman. According to designer Fawn Galli, "it really functions."

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Mix in some Tropical Flavor

Hinson's classic banana-leaf pattern welcomes you to Lindsey Lane's Palm Beach bungalow and the tropics.

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