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Sometimes it seems like there's nothing quite right to put in that corner of the living room. Yet things aren't neccessarily hopeless as they are Extra seating, a wet bar, or even a home office can all fit comfortably into the corner of a living room. Follow this link to learn 22 different ways to decorate the corner of your living room.

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Two extra chairs can be comfortably tucked into the corner of a living room. When you have guests over or are hosting a party, having a few extra seats in the living room is always a good idea.

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In search of some extra desk space to get some things done or take notes? Put a tiny desk in a spare corner of your living room. Small, stylish, and not overly industrial, simple vintage writing desks are ideal for this.

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It is essential that a living room corner's design work in harmony with the rest of the room's furnishings. When deciding how to decorate a corner, look around the rest of your room for ideas.

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Put the L-shaped sectional in the corner of your living room. L-shaped sectionals are an excellent piece of furniture to place in corners because they provide ample seating while also making efficient use of an otherwise awkward area.

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Houseplants are the universal solution to the problem of what to do with any kind of unused space in your home. Indeed, this is also true for the corners of living rooms. Put in some houseplants to give your living room some lush color and texture.

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Add some height to that empty spot in the living room if you want to fill it with just a few houseplants and give the room a more natural, harmonious feel. Start by placing the plants atop a simple, small table. (And if your nook is situated next to a tall window, it will also benefit your indoor plants by increasing their exposure to natural light.) )

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Corner shelving units are another simple solution for the living room. Put your favorite books and games on display with some new shelving. You can make a stylish addition to your living room by placing a chair next to the shelves.

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The corners of living rooms are frequently overlooked despite their frequent appearance. Take advantage of this area that is not quite out of sight by installing a shelf unit or display case to showcase some of your most treasured possessions, such as mementos or a small collection. They are prominently displayed without overwhelming the rest of the room thanks to their corner location.

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What if a bare spot appeared in the corner of your living room? A wall can serve the same purpose. Putting up a gallery wall in an otherwise wasted nook is a fantastic idea. On top of that, what better way to inject some character into your lounge

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Add a small conversation set to the corner of your living room or great room. This will make for a pleasant retreat from the main area, as well as a cozy spot to curl up with a good book.

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Built-ins are a popular choice for maximizing limited space in the living room. Extra storage is provided by built-ins in the living room, and they can also serve as a decorative focal point.

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The shiplap wall covering in the space's corner up top is just one example of how wall coverings can add visual interest; other examples can be found in House 9. If your living room is already a little too full, these are a great way to add texture and character without adding more furniture or decor.

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Any living room can benefit from the addition of a small side table (or two nesting tables) for additional seating or meals in front of the television. Plus, it's a perfect spot for those occasional tables In the nook of the family room

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It's not uncommon for a home office of today to be set up in a spare bedroom or even a corner of the living room. You can pull this off by placing a corner desk in the room and making an effort to keep it neat when it is not in use.

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A window seat on a rainy day is one of life's few true comforts. The coziness of your living room can be amplified by the addition of a window seat (or a bench) to an unused corner.

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Want something different to put in that spare nook of your living room? Don't bother looking any further than a chaise. The chic and stylish chaise lounge chair is sure to be the focal point of your living room decor.

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Putting a console table in the corner of your living room is a great way to gain some extra storage space (not to mention a touch of elegance). A few remote controls, a couple of magazines, and a set of keys all fit nicely on a console table. They provide adequate real estate for setting out some adornments, as well.

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Living room corners aren't always built as smoothly as the rest of the room, and they may feature nooks and crannies that are deeper or of a different shape than the rest of the room. Take advantage of this fact by selecting pieces of furniture that will fit snuggly in even the tightest of quarters.

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Putting a potted tree in a corner of the living room is a great way to bring nature indoors and give the room a more open feel. The best dwarf plant choices are those that can withstand a wide range of moisture and temperature extremes, can grow in less direct sunlight, and have attractive foliage to boot.

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Corner bars are another living room match made in heaven. Make your living room into a bar with the help of a few cabinets, a wine cooler, and some extra shelves, and get ready to host some guests.

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The majority of living room corners feature windows. Windows in the living room should be emphasized as focal points because they let in much-needed natural light and, in some cases, provide a lovely view of the outdoors. Use high-quality curtains with a pattern that coordinates with the rest of the room to draw attention to a window in a corner.

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Add a compact table and a couple of chairs if you need a second place to eat or work on a puzzle. The final touches are a large piece of art and a statement light.

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