Studio Decorating Tips

In this post, I'll show you how to decorate a studio apartment, which requires a combination of creative and practical thinking due to the confines of the living space.

Studio apartment layouts demand innovative and resourceful thinking. I'll be discussing how to furnish a small dwelling here on my blog. Tips on how to make the most of a small living space and creative layout options for a studio apartment are provided. As well as text, this article features a plethora of images that will inspire your studio apartment's interior design.

Although studio apartments are typically smaller, that doesn't mean you can't have a lovely and practical space. The tips in this article will show you how to make the most of a small space. Okay, so what is a studio apartment, exactly?

For those who are unfamiliar, what exactly is a studio apartment?

The kitchen, bedroom, and living space in a studio apartment are all condensed into one compact space. However, some studios feature a full kitchen. This apartment is still a studio because the living area and bedroom are combined, despite the fact that there are now two separate rooms.

Though I myself spent my first year of independence in a studio, the common perception of a studio apartment is that it is only suitable for students.

In this article, I will demonstrate how to make a small apartment suitable for living, entertaining, and sleeping.

mid-century-studio-apartment-nordroom picture by Ono/Historiska Hem

Layout Concepts for a Studio Apartment

In the beginning of the process of designing your studio apartment, you should consider what you need and want in a place to live. If you plan it out properly, a studio apartment can serve as your permanent home with plenty of room to spare.

Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties and cooking? then the kitchen and dining room should be your top priority. To what extent do you use your home as a place of work or study? Establish a respectable workspace.

This doesn't imply reducing other luxuries in your micro-apartment; rather, it's a matter of deciding which ones are most important to you and devoting space and resources to them.

In this article, I will discuss the best color schemes for a studio apartment, show you how to create distinct areas within a studio, and provide some practical advice for making the most of a small living space.

Separating a Studio Space

To make it seem like you have more space than you do, you should divide your small studio into a living/dining area and a sleeping area.

The interior of a studio apartment can be partitioned in a variety of ways. Loft beds, bookcase dividers, and imaginative use of color and fabric are just a few examples. Check out the following for some creative ways to section off a studio.

Using bookcases to section off a studio

how to design a studio apartment nordroom How To Decorate A Studio Apartment An elevated IKEA Billy bookshelf makes for a pleasant reading nook (photo by Bjurfors).
how to design a studio apartment nordroom1 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment
how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom How To Decorate A Studio Apartment

Put a bookcase at the end of the bed, and voila! Having carved out a private space for your bedroom Make a design statement with your bookcase by filling it with plants, books, and other one-of-a-kind objects (photo credit: Mikkel Dahlstrm).

how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom1 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment Image of York Street

In order to section off rooms, many people use the IKEA Kallax bookcase. It's efficient not only because it makes private spaces for storage, but also because the open cubicles let in light and make the area feel less claustrophobic.

how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom2 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment image: IKEA how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom3 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment A simple open bookcase (photo by Lindsay Brown) can serve as a makeshift partition between the sleeping and dressing areas. how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom4 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment create: Sandy Wen

A fantastic example of do-it-yourself skill is shown above. With the addition of a plywood bookshelf, a studio can pass for a one-bedroom.

The windows ensure that no natural light is lost, and the cabinets beneath them provide much-needed extra space for a tiny house's crowded closets.

how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom5 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment (Ikea photo) A more intimate sleeping space is created by installing open shelving behind the bed.

Using rugs to section off a studio

Rugs are a great way to demarcate space. They are commonly found in the studio's sitting area. Besides serving as effective dividers, they enrich a room with personality and depth.

studio apartment colorful rug nordroom How To Decorate A Studio Apartment image by: Jacqueline Clair

The bright area rugs not only add style to the otherwise monochromatic studio apartment, but also serve to visually separate the space into a living room and bedroom.

how to dvide a studio apartment nordroom6 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment Photographer Jonas Berg and stylist Emma Fischer.

The carpet delineates the sitting area and adds a splash of color to the otherwise monochromatic studio.

studio-apartment-design-nordroom The studio's sitting space is delineated by a large striped (IKEA) rug. pictures by Bjurfors studio-apartment-design-nordroom1 Stadshem photo

Not only does the rug serve as a divider, but the artwork can also serve this purpose. To demarcate spaces, hang art only above the sofa and leave the bedroom's walls blank.


Cozy seating was facilitated by Amelia Widell's rug (photo by Andrea Papini).

Studio space can be partitioned using (relocatable) screens.

The adaptability of screens makes them a great choice for a small space like a studio. It is portable, so you can hide whatever you want (you know, to hang clothes or other items (like when you haven't done the dishes or made your bed), and to hang these things from.

studio-apartment-layout-nordroom Pictured: The Makleri Lobby

The benefit of screens is that you can remove them whenever you like. Having not yet made your bed Okay, let's tuck that away, but if you prefer a completely open studio, you can always just roll up the screen and store it.


Incorporating a folding screen like Pella Hedeby's that she made with an IKEA Ivar for a more organic feel in the studio (instructions available here).

The use of a loft bed to section off a studio

Choose a loft bed to create a private sleeping space in a small apartment if you don't mind the extra climbing and aren't too worried about falling out of bed each night. It's a space-saver and keeps your private quarters hidden.


A loft bed and a comfy seating area beneath the bed in a brown and red IKEA studio apartment. We can tell this is a hygge room just by looking at it because of the rich textures, cozy colors, and cozy furnishings.

studio-apartment-layout-nordroom capture by: Alvhem

There's a walk-in closet beneath the loft bed in this girly pink studio.

studio-apartment-loft-bed-nordroom Henrik Nero, interior designer and photographer, in his lofty studio. studio-apartment-layout-nordroom3 Ragnar Omarsson (photo by)

If extreme heights aren't your thing, settling for the middle is an option. Pella Hedeby's design for IKEA's micro studio includes a loft bed that stands at a comfortable middle height and has storage space below.

studio-apartment-loft-bed-nordroom image: Amazing Frank

This is a project for the do-it-yourselfers out there. It's multifunctional as a loft bed, sofa, and shelving unit, and it's mobile for convenience.


IKEA has the perfect solutions for apartment decorating. The loft bed in this IKEA studio apartment doubles as a comfortable seating area and a convenient storage space for books.


This Scandinavian-style studio apartment has a loft bed, which allows for a sizable desk and living area. The curved loft bed is a lovely design detail.

how-to-design-a-studio-apartment-nordroom how-to-design-a-studio-apartment-nordroom In this house, the alcove was converted into a loft bedroom with storage below. how-to-design-a-studio-apartment-nordroom

Scandinavian minimalism, complete with a loft bed perched above the kitchen and a tiny dining area. The loft steps serve a dual purpose as extra closet space.

Decorating a small bedroom?

Curtains can be used to create separate living areas in a studio.

A studio apartment's use of a curtain to create a division between living areas allows the occupants to conceal an unsightly feature. In addition to serving as a divider between the living room and the bedroom, it can be used to conceal messy bookcases. And bringing some texture into a home is always a good idea to add warmth to a space

studio-apartment-design-nordroom picture: Amazing Frank studio-apartment-design-nordroom Photographer: Ellie Koleen

The bedroom area of the studio above has been elevated, and a curtain can be drawn to separate the sleeping quarters from the living quarters.

studio-apartment-layout-idea-nordroom Genevieve Garruppo (photo by:

Multiple partitioning options are available in this studio. Room decor consisting of a large rug in the living area, a curtain around the bed, and a bookcase to demarcate the workspace

studio apartment design nordroom7 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment By drawing a curtain over the space behind the sofa (photo by Benjamin Edwards), a private sleeping quarter can be created. studio-apartment-design-nordroom8

Sheer curtains are another option for making your bedroom feel more private without sacrificing any of the natural light that comes in through your windows.

A (glass) wall can be used to partition a studio.


To divide the sleeping quarters from the living space, I installed Ivar cabinets from IKEA and a glass wall from an industrial building supply store.

studio-apartment-glass-wall-divider-nordroom Image by: Bjurfors

Living and sleeping quarters are separated by a thin glass wall. Glass walls allow light to enter even if the room is enclosed, which is useful if there is only light coming in from one side.

studio-apartment-glass-wall-divider-nordroom studio-apartment-layout-nordroom

Putting up a half-height wall won't make your bedroom feel small or dark while still providing the privacy you desire. And you can hang pictures or a TV on the wall.

gray-scandinavian-studio-apartment-round-mirror-nordroom Bjurfors/Alen Cordic photo

Set up a canopy bed to section off your studio

With a canopy bed, you can divide your bedroom into distinct areas, and you can use the space above your bed for anything from displaying your wardrobe to growing plants.

studio apartment canopy bed nordroom How To Decorate A Studio Apartment studio-apartment-canopy-bed-nordroom Chelsae Anne has a stunning canopy bed in her bedroom.

Room dividers are essential for a studio apartment.

You can divide up your studio into distinct areas simply by rearranging the furniture. By putting your couch at the foot of your bed, you can avoid having to look at it all the time (and a screen will help even more).


The sofa in an industrial studio apartment is set at an angle to the bed, creating a sleeping area. Separate the living and sleeping areas of the studio with a cozy rug.


As far as compact furniture goes, IKEA is unrivaled. In the image above, you can see a studio apartment with a sofa (or bed) and a desk in the corner.

studio-apartment-layout-ideas-nordroom The separation of the sleeping and living areas is as easy as placing a small low bookcase behind the bed. studio-apartment-layout-ideas-nordroom photograph by: Melanie Rieders

The separation between the living room and the bedroom is accomplished by a vintage L-shaped Arne Vodder desk.


Separate living space achieved by placing an antique sofa at the foot of the bed. I really like how it is angled, which can be practical if your studio is small.

studio-apartment-layout-ideas-nordroom Anna Spaller (in a photo)

The studio's living and sleeping areas are subtly but effectively separated by the sofa.

Use the crannies in your studio to create separate areas.

The nook in your studio apartment is an amazing luxury. If your studio needs distinct areas, this is what you need. Although the bedroom is the most common use for the nook, a home office can be set up in the corner of a studio apartment if its occupants frequently conduct business from home. In this article, you will see some creative ways to set up a small office at home, such as using a nook or closet.

studio-apartment-layout-ideas-nordroom Pictured: BOSTLHM

Those lucky homeowners up top have a cozy little nook that can be made into a double bed and hidden away with a curtain. Obviously, the nook's primary function is to house a bed, but it can serve other purposes as well; for instance, if you share a studio apartment with another person and you conduct business or pursue academic pursuits from home, you could partition off a small work area in the nook. For example, a hobby room that you don't want people wandering into


A bed built from IKEA Malm dressers provides extra room and storage in a small apartment.


As you can see up top, if your studio doesn't already have a nook in the floorplan, you can easily make one by incorporating a closet wall. You can hide away during the day and get some shut-eye at night.

studio-apartment-layout-ideas-nordroom image: IKEA

Bedroom alcove with dark paint and slanted ceiling; can be partitioned off with a curtain.

Studio apartments can be subdivided using color to create separate spaces.

The use of a paintbrush is another option for delineating space. As an optical trick, you can create the impression of a distinct area by painting one section a different color. (if you want your studio to have an air of tranquility about it, use just two colors from the same palette. Read on for more info about color schemes.

Studio with multipurpose and adaptable furnishings

If you have a small space, like a studio, you need furniture that can serve multiple purposes. I've already mentioned the aforementioned bookcases, which serve both as a room divider and a storage area.

Furnishings with multiple uses


IKEA's latest release is the PLATSA bedframe. That's because it's a system you can tailor to your specific requirements. There's a closet with open shelves up top, but you can customize it by adding more or less shelves, or even drawers. It serves many purposes and can be used to make a private bedroom. As an added bonus, there is space for additional items under the bed, which is perfect for those with limited floorplan options. Optimize the available area.

studio-apartment-multifunctional-furniture-ikea-platsa-nordroom studio-apartment-multifunctional-furniture-nordroom Balázs Glódi (photo by)

Modular sleeping quarters featuring a versatile pegboard wall and ample under-bed storage

studio-apartment-multifunctional-furniture-nordroom VT Wonen (photo by:

One can use the space above their bed as a desk or bookcase.

Sofa-bed-equipped studio


A murphy bed in a small apartment

If you're short on floor space and would like to conceal your bed during the day, a murphy bed is the way to go. In the morning, all you have to do is flip it up, and you'll find that you have a lot more room to move around in.

studio-apartment-murphy-bed-ideas-nordroom studio-apartment-murphy-bed-ideas-nordroom studio-apartment-murphy-bed-ideas-nordroom studio-apartment-murphy-bed-ideas-nordroom

This studio's murphy bed is concealed by custom-painted panels, making it both a space-saving solution and a stylish focal point (photo by Elaine Musiwa).

A workshop with collapsible desks

A folding table is perfect for a cramped apartment. There are a number of ways you can implement this space-saving concept. You can buy a variety of foldable desks and tables (like the IKEA Norden), build one yourself, or even mount one to the wall.


IKEA's Ivar system in action in a custom-built office When you're done using the table, simply fold it up (also, awesome paint concept). )

how to design a studio apartment nordroom3 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment

In addition to being a mirror when folded up against the wall, this folding table can also be used to display artwork (as demonstrated in a tutorial available on Handimania).

how to design a studio apartment nordroom4 How To Decorate A Studio Apartment

The Urban Outfitters fold-out desk is a stylish and practical mid-century modern design.

Studio apartment color schemes

While the majority of resources on studio apartment decor will tell you to use a pale color palette, I find that limiting. Please don't take this as me suggesting that there is only one acceptable color scheme for a small space like a studio apartment.

Some people prefer a more minimal, neutral aesthetic, while others like to make a bold statement with bright colors in their homes. Worry less about the opinions of others and more about your own needs. What hues do you find most uplifting and want to see every day?

If you like a lot of bright colors in your home, that's fine, there's no rule against it. You can use a variety of methods to bring color into your home, such as painting the walls, purchasing and arranging colorful furniture, and accessorizing with colorful fabrics and accessories.

If you're having trouble making the right color choices, you're not alone.

  • Similar in temperature colors look good together. The spectrum of visible light includes both warm (like beige and brown) and cool (like blue and green) hues.
  • All black or all white Although a color temperature covers a wide range, it can be simplified by selecting only one or two colors. Similar tones include the soft pink and bright pink of the pink color family as well as the white, grey, and black of the traditional Scandinavian color scheme.
  • Color contrasts are visually appealing. By pairing colors from opposite ends of the color wheel, you can make a bold, eye-catching statement. Take pink and blue as an example.

You'll see that there is no one "perfect" color scheme for a studio apartment by looking at the examples provided below.

studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom

The purple walls and white furniture in this studio apartment are a perfect example of the concept of contrasting colors. red and yellow versus blue Even though there is a lot of color going on, the result is a lively, cheerful, and uniquely the owner's home (photo credit: Mathieu Lacote).

studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom

Switch to the gloomy side This striking studio is decked out in all black, from the walls to the furniture, and even has a canopy bed. White walls in a small house? (Rydman did the styling, and Boukari took the photo)

studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom Jonas Berg (photo by)

This studio is less extreme than the last one we saw, but it too is painted a dark color and furnished with antiques. If you want to make your home more welcoming, try adding some pink as a contrast to the blue. (Check out the ingenious shelf installed over the doorway. )

studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom model: Rima Brindamour

Studio apartment with brightly colored walls and varied textures

studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom Laura Metzler (photo by) studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom

It's easy to associate monochrome with sterile white or grey rooms, but this is also a monochrome design. The room is colorful but soothing, with pink walls and a darker pink velvet sofa both from the same color family.

studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom Snapshot: Bjurfors studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom

This apartment's color scheme of grey and green is chilly. When you want to add color but don't want to paint every wall, a statement wall is an option.

studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom Anders Bergstedt (in a photo)

To liven up the basic shade of grey, blue and delicate pink have been added. When put together, pink and blue make a beautiful contrast.

studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom studio-apartment-color-scheme-nordroom

Tendency toward the mellow and light Light greys, beige, and light wood furnishings (with a brass/mustard yellow color touch) can create a minimalist look that's perfect for a studio apartment.

Tips for making the most of a small dwelling

It seems obvious, but if you have a studio apartment, make the most of the square footage you have. Usually, this means you'll have to take an ascent. In this article, I've already demonstrated some loft ideas that can be used to partition off a bedroom, free up additional space, and accommodate a variety of purposes.

Curtains or sliding doors can also be used in place of conventional doors to save on square footage, as the latter require more room to swing open. Don't forget about out-of-the-way places like above and behind doors.

how-to-design-a-studio-apartment-nordroom5 Copparstad on styling, and Boukari on photography

The studio maximizes its storage space by installing floor-to-ceiling shelves along the walls. As an added bonus, the shelves can be used as a desk.


Storage units take up the entirety of one wall in this IKEA room. A curtain is a simple way to conceal the clutter and make the space look neater.

how-to-design-a-studio-apartment-nordroom5 photographer: Jonas Gustavsson

Adding storage and a visual barrier between the sleeping area and the rest of the house can be accomplished with a bed that has drawers or a shelf underneath.


One advantage of a storage bed like the one shown above is the ease with which it can be accessed. Unlike beds with drawers, this choice doesn't necessitate as much clearance around the bed in order to be opened. A must-have for storing away seasonal wear and other seldom-used items.

how-to-design-a-studio-apartment-nordroom how-to-design-a-studio-apartment-nordroom

Shelves are a great use for the often-overlooked area above doors.

What, if anything, can we learn from this guide to decorating a small space like a studio apartment?

  • prioritizing your primary home function is the first step.
  • evaluate the room's layout to see if there are any tucked-away Would you like to divide the space into various areas? what direction is the source of the light coming from
  • buy pieces that can serve multiple purposes
  • Consider what sort of color scheme you'd like to use in your home (and don't listen to those who say that small spaces must be decorated in pastels).
  • go up , as well as make full use of the available room

First and foremost, this post on studio apartment design demonstrates that just because your living quarters are compact, that doesn't mean you have to skimp on style.

If you're looking for more ideas for your studio apartment, Browse The Nordroom's studio apartment category or visit their studio/loft apartment board on Pinterest for more inspiration.

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