Sliding-door window coverings: 13 chic designs

You can give your sliding door a new look and feel by applying some basic window treatment principles and adjusting for the door's practical purpose.

Brighten up your sliding door with some new paint. The keys to success are using common sense and taking into account the door's intended function when choosing window coverings. One can achieve a perfect balance between form and function with these window covering suggestions for sliding glass doors.

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Large views of the outside can be had through sliding doors, so you may not want to obstruct them with curtains. Select less obtrusive window coverings, such as roller shades, to avoid blocking the view. As it is rolled up, the system's appearance matches that of the door's trim. Light and privacy can be controlled with the simple pull-down window shades.

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Blocking the sun's rays is especially important for rooms with south-facing windows or sliding glass doors. Curtains that are lined will be more effective at keeping the sun out of your home and can be used on sliding glass doors. As a result, your home will be cooler in the summer and your upholstered furniture and area rugs will be protected from sun damage and fading.

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It can be difficult to find the right window treatment for a sliding glass door because you don't want to compromise the door's functionality. When accessorizing a sliding door, remember to keep curtains away from the track and handle by using tiebacks. Window treatments, such as valances and Roman shades, should be hung at a height that prevents the hem from brushing the heads of people entering and exiting the room. To keep them out of the way and out of the dirt, hang the curtain panels an inch above the floor and use curtain rods to open and close them.

Barr, Edmund.

Views and easy access to outdoor areas make sliding glass doors a popular choice. As a result, it's not always easy to come up with the best sliding glass door curtain ideas, and simplicity is often the safest bet. A set of curtains, either sheer or opaque, can be used to create a private space while still letting in some light. Sliding rings allow curtains to be opened easily so the door can always be used.

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Sometimes, sliding door curtains serve no functional purpose but do enhance the aesthetics of a room. Several windows and a sliding door are partially obscured by curtains that hang from short rods. Curtains with a subtle pattern frame and soften the wall of windows without obstructing the view.

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Sliding glass door draperies can make a room feel more refined. Here, black sliding doors are framed by black and white striped drapes. For dramatic flair, the ceiling of the living room is crowned by a massive white cornice that is bordered in black.

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Ideas for sliding door curtains that allow for entry and exit will help maintain a smooth flow of traffic. A curtain rod should be long enough to cover the entire space between the sliding door and the wall. Curtains can be kept out of the way in this manner without being an obstruction. A gentle blue color is used to break up the otherwise monochromatic design of this dining room.

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Space-hogging sliding doors make it harder to decorate walls. Curtains for your sliding glass doors can help you reclaim some of that lost potential. The bold striped curtains in this dining room are a statement piece that also fits in with the casual atmosphere.

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Combining sliding doors and windows is a common design choice. Just use one set of window coverings for both windows instead of trying to come up with separate designs. Just stretch a rod across the entire length of the bank and hang some curtains that complement your decor. Remember to purchase enough curtain material so that they can be drawn all the way.

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Look for long, sturdy rods at home improvement stores, and mount the brackets across the top of the doors at regular intervals to cover the large surface area of the sliding doors. Make sure to secure them to studs in the wall. Then, install curtain rings that slide easily or a cord system that can be opened and closed with a single pull. By purchasing a rod that is longer than the width of your door, you will have enough room to push the curtains to the side, revealing the entire doorway.

Lined curtains can be a great investment if you want to reduce the amount of sunlight streaming in through your sliding glass door. Use a double set of curtains, with filtering sheers (which you can leave closed) beneath solid panels, to hide an unappealing exterior view. Installing a valance or cornice above the curtain rod that is high enough to cover the doorway is the final touch.

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Shades and blinds are great options for adorning the windows of a sliding door. Large, horizontal slats of metal or plastic are suspended from a top rail to create vertical blinds. When closed, they overlap slightly and lie flat against the window, effectively blocking it from view. The slats can be rotated to open the door partially or completely, and slid to one side to clear the way. Sliding door blinds can also be made out of flat, natural or synthetic panels, which are typically overlapped several times. When the panels are opened, they stack neatly because each one is suspended from its own track. These shades come in a variety of weaves, materials, and textures that allow for varying degrees of transparency or opacity, allowing you to regulate the amount of light coming in. Finally, there are cellular shades, which have wide vertical pleats like an accordion and can be opened or closed (or gathered in the middle) as desired.

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Plantation shutters, which are already widely used as window treatments, can also be used to enclose sliding doors. Some are hinged and swing open and closed, while others slide open and closed on a track similar to the track for the door. You can adjust the amount of light and airflow entering your room by rotating the narrow or wide louvers, depending on your preference.

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All of the aforementioned window coverings for sliding glass doors are also beneficial to the environment and can be used to regulate the amount of natural light that comes in while maintaining privacy. Included in the sliding door's construction are window coverings that can be removed for cleaning. Thin blinds or cellular shades can be lowered, raised, and tilted at the flip of a switch to cover the space between the panes of glass. They are protected from dust, dirt, and damage by being permanently affixed to the door. Glare-controlling window film applied to the glass of the sliding door is another device for light regulation and energy savings. This can be done in addition to another decorative dressing, or it can be the only treatment for the sliding door if there is no direct light and no need for privacy.

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