The UESPWiki, covering The Elder Scrolls since 1995. Breezehome is a Whiterun-available home. During the main quest, you will be presented with Breezehome as your first housing option. Since there is no arcane enchanter in Breezehome, it is also the cheapest house in

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Breezehome is a Whiterun-available home.

During the main quest, you will be presented with Breezehome as your first housing option. Since there is no arcane enchanter in Breezehome, it is also the cheapest Skyrim:Houses" target="_blank">house in Skyrim.

It's right by Warmaiden's, the inn just inside Whiterun's front door. A convenient set of Smithing stations is located next to Breezehome, making it a good place to live for someone who uses that skill frequently.

First, you must finish the quest Bleak Falls Barrow for the Jarl of Whiterun so that you can buy the house. After it's done, Proventus Avenicci will sell it to you for 5,000 gold. The full price of the house (with all upgrades) comes to 6,800 gold, or 6,550 gold if you have Hearthfire installed and forego the alchemy laboratory in favor of a children's bedroom.

You can get a quest marker for Proventus from his daughter Adrianne Avenicci, who can usually be found outside of Warmaiden's, just inside the gates to Whiterun, if you're having trouble tracking him down.

After you finish Dragon Rising, you'll have to give Lydia a small room in the attic so she can serve as your housecarl. A dresser, an end table, a sack, and a bed she owns fill her room.

Whiterun Home Decorating Guide, a book provided by Proventus upon purchase, lists all of the interior decoration options that can be made to a home by using materials sold by Proventus. While in Dragonsreach, Proventus will only sell upgrades. If he is in his bedroom or on the Great Porch, decorating your home will be disabled.

Proventus will relocate to Solitude and stop selling upgrades if the Stormcloaks conquer Whiterun. Instead, from then on, Brill can offer you Dragonsreach expansions.

There is just one single area inside of it.

Residents [ edit ]

Residents Lydia Follower

Articles for the Home [ edit ]

Access to the Master Bedroom

It's filthy, dusty, and covered in cobwebs when first purchased, before any upgrades have been added. On the second floor, there's a double bed and a chest that's currently empty. One can find a long wooden table and bench in the basement. Crates, a few broken chairs, and a fire pit with no fire are the only other furnishings. You will find Lydia's room fully furnished, cleaned, and partitioned off from the rest of the loft if you have already been made a Thane. No other partitions exist inside.

When you make upgrades to your home, you gain access to certain features and furnishings (detailed below).

Breezehome House and Improvements
Bought From Either Provencal Avenicci or Dutchman Brill Cost of a House Payment OBValueIcon small.png 5,000 Housecarl Lydia Price Tag for All Improvements OBValueIcon small.png 1,550HF to 1,800 Upgrades The Alchemist's Lair Accoutrements for a bedroom Decorations for the Dining Room Equipment for the Kitchen Furnishings for the living room Designing a Loft HF Kid's Room Housing for Housecarls Prior to ID: ( 00 0e4ef9 )
ID following: ( 00 0e4ec8 ) I.D. before: ( 00 0e4ecb )
Next: (ID after) 00 0c6e3a ) Indicator of Identity Prior to: ( 00 0e4ef1 )
Following the ID: ( 00 0e4ec9 ) Prior to ID: ( 00 0e4ee3 )
ID following: ( 00 0c6e3c ) Followed by an ID after: ( 00 0c6e3b ) Prior to ID: ( 00 0e4efb )
Affirmative after: ( 00 0c6e39 ) ID before: ( 00 0e4ef9 ) , ( 00 0e4ec8 )
Next: (ID after) xx 004274 ) Indicator of Identity Prior to: ( 00 0e4f0a )
ID following: ( 00 0e4eca ) 500 gold 300 gold 250 gold 300 gold 250 gold 200 gold 250 gold Raise to the position of Thane of Whiterun

Double doors and an interior wall are installed. The Number One Alchemy Laboratory One (1) Medical Bag 1 shelved bookcase 2 Chairs 1 Chest % 1 Table Assorted Wall Artwork

1 Rug

Double doors and an interior wall are installed. 2 Chairs 1 Dresser You'll need three end tables (one of which should be placed in the loft). 1 Table A plaque depicting a shield and two crossed iron greatswords Two Artwork for the Wall

2 Rugs

Replaces the standard wooden dining table with a higher-end model Only 1 Useable Barrel * 1 Chair 1 Cupboard Double Wall Shelves

1 Rug

2 Chairs
1 Saucepan 1 Shelf Unit 1 Table Plants that can be harvested: 3 wall hangings 1 rug

3.Elf Ear

Reapable Garlic Fish 3

2 Salmon

You Get 1 Shelving Unit With This Bookcase 2 Chairs 1 Cupboard There Are Three Shelves On The Wall 2 Tables Wall Plaque, Number One, for Arms 2 Slots for Weapons Rack

1 Rug

2 Chairs 1 Cupboard 1 Table Wall Plaque, Number One, for Arms 4 Ornaments for the Wall

1 Rug

Two Twin Beds for Kids Relative to the Chest, the Proportion is 2 one wall shelf For Kids: 1 Practice Mannequin Assorted Wall Artwork, Number 4

1 Rug

It involves the construction of a new wall and the installation of two sets of doors inside the building. Belonging to 1 Person; Owned One Single Bed 1 Dresser An Accommodating Table, Number 1

1 Rug

† The Kid's Room is available if Hearthfire is set up. If you decide to go with this update, the Alchemy Lab will be retired.

This pair can be replaced with another at any time, and the option to do so is always available to buyers. The chest in the Alchemy Lab's bookcase holds the same items as the chest in the Children's Bedroom's wall shelf, and vice versa.

A Children's Bedroom replaces this, and if you later convert that space back into an Alchemy Lab, it will be empty.

Notes [ edit ]

  • You don't need to buy this or any other house in the game to become thane, but it's still the only one you can buy in the base game. Complete Dragon Rising while Balgruuf the Greater is jarl, and you will become thane regardless of whether or not Breezehome is around.
  • The Alchemy Lab can be transformed into a Child's Bedroom by installing the Hearthfire expansion, but you may want to clear out the books on the bookcase first. Those books will stay in the room, but they'll be hidden under the bed so that only those on the top shelf are visible.
  • Everything in the apothecary's bag is secure. The contents of the Children's Bedroom won't change if the Alchemy Lab is relocated there.
  • If you change to a child's bedroom and then back, the contents of the floor chest will be moved to the top chest and remain there. That's a claim that needs checking [citation needed]
  • All other containers are safe and do not respawn unless otherwise specified.
  • Adopted children in Whiterun will make some interesting observations in conversation:
    • To put it simply, I enjoy my time here. What a lovely tree we have in the park. (girls)
    • To put it bluntly, Braith is a jerk. She is always giving Lars and me orders. I'm done playing with her. (girls)
    • Today at the park, Lucia and I played. My heart goes out to her (girls)
    • What a fantastic place Dragonsreach is! However, every single one of the children there is cruel. (boys)
    • What a milk drinker Lars is. It's embarrassing that he can't even defend himself against a female opponent. (boys)
  • In response to the question, "How are the kids?" Depending on their voice type, they may respond with one of the following options:
    • To a reasonable degree This house is fine for the two of us, but if we have kids it will be too small. It's time for us to move into a more spacious location.
    • Just fine Whiterun is a beautiful town, and the kids here have a blast playing with one another.
    • Optimal in every way Whiterun has everything a kid could want: beautiful weather, wide open spaces, and fun neighbors. What else is there to ask for
    • Fine, fine There are a lot of kids around to play with and fight with. Numerous vocations to explore A family could feel safe and secure here.
  • In the original concept, the player would have met a squatter named Terek in Breezehome, but he was cut from the final product.

Bugs [ edit ]

  • See the Houses page's Bugs section for information on these and other issues that affect every home.
  • On the main floor, beside the fire pit, there is a bookcase. Removing a book from this bookcase could cause it to freeze, preventing you from retrieving any of the books inside.
    • Release 1 includes a fix for this issue. 3 Patch 7.0.0 for Skyrim Official Release
  • You may have heard that Lydia is supposed to sleep in the housecarl's bedroom, but in practice she has made a habit of crashing in your space and hogging your chair.
  • If you install Dawnguard after you've already decorated Breezehome, you might run into a glitch when trying to do so. Unlike other items in Breezehome, the alchemy lab will remain in your inventory even after you've bought it.
    • PC Only Version 1 has the fix for this problem. Unofficial Patch 1.0 for Dawnguard
    • PCThe problem can also be resolved by entering the following commands into the console: The purchase of the alchemy lab upgrade is not a prerequisite for using these commands. prid e4ef9 disable prid e4ec8 enable
  • It's possible that the weapon plaque in the loft and the weapon rack by the entrance are out of reach.
    • PC Only Version 2 eliminates this issue. Unofficial Patch 1.0.0 for Skyrim
  • Even if you haven't bought Breezehome yet, you will be able to access it once you've won the Battle for Whiterun. The steward, however, still insists that you pay the 5,000 gold price for the home.
  • Even if you decide to swap out your alchemy lab for a kid's room, you won't lose that option once you've made the purchase.
    • PC Only It has been fixed in the latest version 1. Hearthfire Unofficial Patch Version 0.
  • While Avenicci is out there on the balcony, it's possible that the option to also buy a kid-sized bed will disappear.

Gallery [ edit ]

  • In the main bedroom

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