Revamp Your Home with Bohemian Style Decor: A Guide to Lively Living Rooms, Whimsical Bedrooms, Vibrant Bathrooms, and Inviting Kitchens

Are you tired of the same old dull and uninspiring decor in your home? Do you long for a space that reflects your vibrant and eclectic personality? Look no further! In this article, we will be delving into the world of bohemian style decor. From lively and whimsical living rooms to vibrant bathrooms and inviting kitchens, we have all the inspiration and ideas you need to transform your space into a boho dream. So, get ready to give your home a much-needed style refresh and discover some fabulous boho shopping tips and resources along the way!


Detailed Guide to Creating a Lively and Stylish Bohemian Living Room Decor


Decorilla is a platform known for its expertise in designing lounge spaces with unique and vibrant bohemian-style furniture.


Bohemian living rooms are known for their dynamic and versatile nature. These spaces feature an abundance of comfortable seating options, including plush pillows, and are adorned with boho-style decor. With the right inspiration and guidance, you can effortlessly transform your own living room into a stunning bohemian-style haven. Explore the following tips to achieve a perfect boho interior design renovation.


1. Incorporate Bohemian-Style Furniture


The first step to achieving a bohemian living room is to carefully select and incorporate bohemian-style furniture. Consider investing in a one-of-a-kind sofa, pouf, or coffee table that will set the desired tone. Look for upholstery with prints, rich and deep colors, or pieces that showcase artisan craftsmanship. Your furniture choices should not only provide comfort but also bring character to your boho living room.


2. Create a Layered Rug Look


A bohemian interior design is all about creating a space with character and comfort. One way to achieve this is by layering patterned and fluffy rugs. This technique not only adds a cozy element to the living room but also creates a striking visual base. While layered rugs are commonly used in bedrooms and living rooms, they can also serve as stunning boho wall decor ideas in any room of your home.


3. Embrace the Greenery


Bohemian living rooms thrive on the presence of vibrant and flourishing plant life. Incorporating thriving plants not only enhances the natural beauty of the space but also helps purify the air by removing harmful chemicals. Consider adding a variety of palm trees and fig trees to your living room, and be sure to display them in artisan and handmade pots for that bohemian-style touch.



4. Opt for Alternative Seating


Infusing a sense of fun and playfulness into a boho-style home can be accomplished through the use of alternative seating options. Consider incorporating a hammock, hanging chair, or floor cushions to add a cheerful and relaxed ambiance to your living room. Additionally, opting for seating fixtures attached to the ceiling can help open up more floor space, creating a more spacious and inviting atmosphere.


Detailed Guide to Creating a Whimsical and Cozy Bohemian Style Bedroom Decor


Experience the ultimate coziness and tranquility in a bedroom designed with intricate, textural, and organic elements to create a stunning bohemian-style retreat.


5. Create a Pattern-Rich Bohemian Bedroom Design


Unlock your creativity and experiment with different patterns to create a visually captivating bohemian-inspired interior. Whether it's a rug, curtains, scatter pillows, or a throw, incorporating stunning motifs can add a unique charm to your bedroom. However, if you prefer a more timeless approach, incorporating a classic white bed linen allows you to easily incorporate solid colors and boho-style patterns through changeable home decor pieces.


6. Incorporate Boho-Style Fringe


Macrame and fringe elements have become synonymous with bohemian style. The modern take on these elements is sleeker and more intricate than before. Incorporating designer boho macrame wall decor can add a special touch to your bedroom decor, enhancing its boho chic ambiance.


7. Showcase Mementos & Unique Items


Use a gallery wall to display unique trinkets and traveler's souvenirs. Your boho bedroom decor serves as a visual representation of your life's story, allowing you to showcase mementos in various formats. Embrace unconventional shapes and sculptures, as they are welcome additions to a bohemian interior. Before mounting any pieces, use templates to determine the ideal layout.


8. Create a Bohemian Bedroom Canopy Furniture


Enhance the dreamy and romantic ambiance of your bedroom with a canopy bed, an iconic element of boho bedroom ideas. Choose a rectangular frame with soft drapery for a traditional look, or opt for a curved frame for a Moroccan-inspired twist. To elevate the magical atmosphere further, adorn the canopy with delicate fairy lights.


Detailed Guide to Creating an Inviting and Vibrant Boho-Style Bathroom Decor


Transform your bathroom into a tranquil haven with unique boho decorating ideas to achieve a vibrant and cozy bohemian-style decor.


9. Embrace an All-Natural Feel


Create a natural and soothing ambiance in your boho-chic bathroom by incorporating plenty of wood, plants, and stone elements. Achieve this look by decorating with organic bohemian decorations, such as a wooden towel ladder, woven baskets, and knotted artwork.


10. Incorporate Patterned Tiles


Unleash your creativity by incorporating creative and colorful tile patterns in your bathroom design. Be bold and experiment with various patterns, such as hexagon tiles for the floor, floral motifs as accents, and grounding metro tiles to tie it all together. Alternatively, you can achieve a burst of boho-style decor by incorporating small feature walls with impactful patterns.


11. Create Soft & Textural Bohemian Decorating Ideas


Bring softness and texture to your bathroom decor through the use of rugs, shower curtains, and vivid-colored towels. Embrace materials that do well in damp environments, such as lightweight and quick-drying fibers.


12. Add a Statement Chair & Comfy Pillows


Create a luxurious and casual ambiance in your boho-style bathroom with the inclusion of an accent wicker or rattan chair paired with plush pillows. A Peacock chair can instantly enhance the attractiveness of the room. For a more lavish look, add a unique chandelier above the bathtub, and incorporate plants, candles, and a fluffy mat.


Detailed Guide to Creating an Inviting and Boho-Style Kitchen Decor


Infuse your kitchen with a welcoming and boho atmosphere by incorporating elements of boho kitchen decor.


13. Add a Colorful Runner Rug


Easily introduce boho room decor ideas into your kitchen by incorporating a colorful runner rug. Whether it's a patchwork, ikat, kilim, or floral pattern, a vibrant and eye-catching rug can add a pop of color to your kitchen. Ensure that you place a non-slip rug underlay beneath the runner rug to keep it secure and safe for all foot traffic.


14. Incorporate Boho Chic Lanterns


To create a worldly vibe in your kitchen, include one, two, or even three striking pendants. The statement lighting piece is best placed above the kitchen island but lantern sconces can serve as a beautiful alternative. Opt for lighting fixtures that boast a natural boho or creative look.


15. Experiment with Wild Wallpaper or Boho-Style Backsplash


Explore inspiring ideas and boho-style decor by incorporating a backsplash or an entire wall featuring bold tiles or kitchen-friendly wallpaper. Creating a focal point within your kitchen can instantly transform the space. Be bold in your choices while ensuring cohesion with the overall boho decor theme.


16. Embrace Rustic Elements


To complete the boho design of your kitchen, incorporate rustic elements. Choose chairs and furniture with a slightly weathered look to add a touch of authenticity. Enhance the boho ambiance by incorporating clay pots, vases, and additional plants. Strive for balance by pairing vintage or weathered elements with sleek modern items for a cohesive and inviting space.


Bohemian Decor Ideas


Embrace the beauty of bohemian decor with these examples of comfortable yet chic boho living spaces. Each room showcases distinct natural elements and offers a laid-back approach to interior design.


Modern Boho Style Living Room


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignIndulge in the captivating boho decor of this living room, which is a vibrant display of colors and textures. The design emanates a free-spirited vibe, with its warm wood tones and kilim patchwork rug that serves as the foundation of the space.


Colorful Boho Style Bedrooms


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignExperience the captivating blend of earth tones and bright hues in this modern boho style bedroom. Its unconventional charm stems from the imperfect styling, which creates a casual and inviting atmosphere that cannot be replicated by pristine, brand-new furnishings.


Boho Style Window Coverings


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignFor a boho-inspired window treatment, consider using original curtains made from bohemian-style dresses, shirts, and scarves. In this example, hot pink boho pillows create a striking contrast against a soft pastel color palette, resulting in a soothing and visually appealing look.


Rustic Boho Style


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignThis boho-style living room seamlessly combines rustic elements with the foundational design. Details such as exposed beams and wood-stained window and door frames contribute to the relaxed and inviting boho atmosphere, while the colors, patterns, and textures add layers of visual interest.

One of the easiest ways to infuse a space with boho vibes is by decorating the walls with eclectic photos, complemented by a kilim-style rug and colorful pillows.


Boho Style Chic Living Room


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignExperience the elevated style of this boho living room, where sophisticated abstract wall art sets a modern tone. The vintage pink sofa and tufted chocolate brown leather coffee table create an intriguing contrast. The designer cleverly incorporates patterns that echo the chocolate brown accents, resulting in a lively and bright aesthetic without overwhelming the senses.


Chic Boho Style Child’s Bedroom


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignTransform a child's room into a cozy and comfortable boho retreat by layering colors and prints. A twin bed adorned with mixed patterns and accentuated by patterned pillows creates visual interest and texture. Complete the look with a vintage side table painted in a beautiful tone.


Boho Style Decor


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignNot every boho space needs to be an explosion of colors. This bedroom showcases a neutral base infused with key boho elements. A throw with a lively and colorful pattern, a set of mixed wall frames, and a canopy attached to a vintage chandelier create a tranquil and relaxed aesthetic. Place a blanket and lambswool throw over a bench to enhance the laid-back atmosphere.


Outdoor Boho Style


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignIf you're unsure about incorporating boho decor inside your home, consider adding the boho look to your outdoor areas. Vibrant furniture adorned with soft, patterned cushions and pillows instantly infuses outdoor spaces with a boho vibe. Layering rugs on the floor and adding a romantic canopy or colorful lanterns further enhances the exotic effect.


Personal Bohemian Decor


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignWhen it comes to bedroom decor, it's important to reflect your personal style rather than adhere to a specific design. This bohemian bedroom embodies an eclectic look that is inspired by personal taste. By decorating with items that spark excitement and delight, you can create a space that truly embodies the free-spirited boho aesthetic.


Boho Eclectic Style


Boho Bedroom Interior DesignThis bedroom seamlessly combines traditional style furniture with bohemian decor, resulting in a look that softens the traditional or modern aesthetic and creates a unique atmosphere. While the bed and color scheme evoke a classic style, the fringed canopy with a flower tapestry adds a touch of boho flair.


Boho Flair


Beachy boho diningFeatured on The Glitter Guide, this boho dining room adopts a pared-down color palette while incorporating classic boho decor elements such as a rattan light and a mixed gallery wall. Achieve this look by starting with a natural foundation, such as a sisal rug, and adding mixed furniture or a mustard yellow accent piece to introduce texture.


Modern Boho Chic


Modern boho chic styleThis example showcases a restrained boho aesthetic, where earth tones and natural fibers are paired with modern decor items featuring tailored furniture and clean lines. The living room exudes warmth and welcoming vibes without overwhelming the space with excessive patterns and accessories.


Give your home a bohemian style refresh!


If you love bohemian style decor but are unsure how to incorporate it into your home, schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to work with a top bohemian interior designer who can guide you in achieving your desired look.



Boho shopping tips and resources


If you're looking for affordable boho-inspired decor, here are some great shopping sources:

Urban OutfittersWorldmarketThe CitizenryZara HomeH&M HomeTarget HomeEtsyAmazonIKEA

When searching on big sites like Amazon and eBay, try using these boho terms to find the perfect items for your space:

  • Ikat
  • Kilim
  • Indian
  • Moroccan
  • Turkish
  • Persian
  • Oriental
  • Mexican
  • Oushak
  • Tribal
  • Southwestern

For an extra dose of boho inspiration, check out these Etsy shops:

The Bohemian Lifestyle, Boho Brick House, Petit Bohemes, Boho Tree, Boho Pillow, Bohome Decors, Boho Linen, Prints2Paper

For more details on where to shop boho decor on a budget, check out this informative article.

If you're looking for some boho reading, be sure to explore Justina Blakeney's book, "The New Bohemians Handbook." It's a comprehensive guide filled with hundreds of ideas and gorgeous images to inspire and guide you in creating a boho-inspired living space.

And if you're specifically interested in decorating your bedroom in a boho chic style, check out this helpful guide on how to create the perfect boho chic bedroom.

Incorporating the colorful, eclectic charm of bohemian style decor into your home is a surefire way to infuse it with personality and creativity. From whimsical bedrooms and vibrant bathrooms to inviting kitchens and lively living rooms, there's no shortage of inspiration to draw from. So why not give your home a bohemian style refresh? With these boho decor ideas and handy shopping tips, you'll be able to create a space that embodies free-spirited beauty and makes a lasting impression on anyone who enters. Embrace the bohemian spirit and let your home become a sanctuary filled with vibrant colors, rich textures, and a sense of carefree joy.

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