Putting together an entertainment center's shelving

No matter the size of your great room or living room, the stylish sectional and the entertainment unit will be the focal points of the room.

Your entertainment center combines a television cabinet with a bookcase to give you plenty of storage space in a sleek and modern package. The downside to having so many built-in bookcases is that you'll need to start stocking them.

It's important to find the sweet spot when decorating your shelves, as doing so can unify and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home's design. Empty shelves give off a cold vibe in the home. However, if the shelves are crammed to the gills, the whole area will feel disorderly.

You can easily update the look of your wall units with just a few simple tricks. How to spruce up that media cabinet

The proper and improper ways to furnish a home theater

How to decorate an entertainment center: 3-compartment Bridge Black Titanium and Silver

rules for decorating a bookcase can be applied to anThe rules for decorating an entertainment center, and vice versa. You can start decorating your shelves with things you already have at home if you just follow a few simple rules of functional design. See examples of good and bad entertainment center design below.

The first thing to do is to evaluate the area.

Commonly found in living and great rooms, entertainment centers are also a stylish addition to the master bedroom in place of an armoire and the dining room as a functional server. and in family and recreation rooms, where additional amusement is always appreciated

Keep in mind the purpose of the room when deciding what to keep and what to show off. You can make a practical and eye-catching centerpiece out of your barware and serveware in the dining room. You could put your most prized hats and pieces of jewelry on display in your bedroom. You can also display your collection of classic board games or video games in a game room.

Put too much on one shelf

There's no requirement that your shelves be completely full. Instead, give each component some room to breathe and shine. Fill up between half and seventy-five percent of each shelf.

Try filling 30–50% of the shelf space with decorative items, and look for neutral-colored decorative items or tone-on-tone items (items that are the same color as the wall space behind the shelf). This is especially appropriate if you prefer minimalist interior design. It's easier on the eyes to look at neutral colors. They are patiently waiting to be discovered rather than aggressively seeking it. Tone-on-tone patterns also make your room feel more three-dimensional.

To: Vary your content

Although it may look like a bookcase, an entertainment center can be used for much more than just books. To add visual interest, combine books and other decor on the same shelves.

Instead of separating your books and decorations into two separate sections, try grouping them together on one shelf. This works especially well if the unit in question has open shelves. Separate your library into subsets defined by factors such as subject matter or spine color. Some books can be displayed vertically, while others can be displayed horizontally for visual interest.

Avoid being overly concerned with symmetry.

A room with too much symmetry may not be as appealing to the eye. Instead, you could experiment with asymmetrical symmetry.

Putting two identical baskets on the lowest shelf on both sides of a unit is one way to achieve symmetry. Then, for a touch of contrast, line up a vertical row of books on the top shelf of the left side of your wall unit. Perhaps some books leaning on their sides and a tall vase would look nice on the right-hand top shelf.

Get into the spirit of things by picking a central focus.

An entertainment center lacking a unifying theme will look like a collection of random items, not a carefully curated one. However, the theme need not be blatant.

You can go for a striking color scheme like calming neutrals or a sweeping interior design concept like organic modern decor, or you can go for something as simple as a retro video game theme in a game room.

Many different decorating options become available depending on the theme you choose. If you're going for an organic modern look, for instance, turning the pages of your books so that the white interiors show can help keep your shelves from looking too clinical. A geode, some river rocks, or a piece of driftwood would all be suitable examples of nature-inspired decor. Use your topic as a jumping off point for creativity.

Keep your attention where it needs to be.

The TV stand with your flat-screen TV on it is the obvious centerpiece of your entertainment center. They are situated in the heart of your living room's entertainment system. Having nothing on top of the TV stand aside from the TV can give the impression that a TV wall was dropped in the middle of your home decor as opposed to the TV being an integrated part of the design.

Keep in mind that you'll probably want to watch TV at some point, so make sure that your decor doesn't get in the way or overpower the on-screen action. (No picture frames allowed.) Put them on the standard display racks of your TV stand. )

Set up some potted plants (or fake ones, if you don't have a green thumb) to flank one side of your television set. A bud vase with some dried flowers or a couple of figurines could also work. In addition to its practical use as a basket for the TV remote and popcorn, a small basket can be used as an attractive accent.

Additionally, you should know that your television set has several available configurations. The TV can be a moving work of art when you're hosting a party. If you don't want to stare into a black abyss, fill your screen with a beautiful screen saver or photos of your loved ones.

Layer your thinking.

Your entertainment center's shelves take up room not only laterally, but also longitudinally. In the same way, your furnishings should

Move some things back on the shelf. A gallery wall effect can be achieved simply by placing picture frames along the back of your shelves. Then, stack shorter items on top of the taller ones. To spruce up your picture frames, try setting out tea light candles or a small succulent.

You can use this layered style with any kind of screen. When stocking a bar, a decanter and ice bucket should be stashed in the far back. You should put your rocks glasses just in front, and your jigger, bar spoon, and strainer up front.

Arrange a jewelry stand at the back of the shelf, and an accessories tray and ring holder up front, to create an attractive display for your jewelry.  

If you want to add depth and visual interest to a simple shelf with just two figurines, try positioning one of the figurines behind the other.  

Care too much

Your home and entertainment setup should ultimately be a reflection of your personality. Exhibit your treasured possessions, inject some character, and enjoy yourself. The best way to spend a day is to putter around your house (or favorite home goods store) and gather all your favorite trinkets. Then rearrange them on the shelves of your home theater.

Keep your distance every time you rearrange the shelves. Consider your likes and dislikes, and continue playing. You can locate the perfect screen here.

A focal point of fashion

4-drawer TV Console Cappuccino

You need to know how to decorate an entertainment center because it will become the focal point of any room in which it is placed. Bring out its full potential by learning the ins and outs of effective visual composition. Then, personalize it by including touches that are meaningful to you.

Go to a home furnishings retailer if you're missing some shelf ornaments or if you haven't found the perfect TV stand yet. Not only will you be giving back to the community, but you'll also get to see some real-life examples of styled shelves and browse some real-life home decor accessories, both of which will add some fun to your entertainment center revamp.

2-drawer Media Tower Cappuccino2-drawer Media Tower Cappuccino - Hover

Two-Shelf Cappuccino Media Stand

3-compartment Bridge Black Titanium and Silver3-compartment Bridge Black Titanium and Silver - Hover

Black Titanium and Silver Three-Piece Bridge

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