Outdoor Wedding Tent Ideas That Will Steal the Show

Whatever you know about wedding tents, throw it out the window. Many people are having their weddings outside because of the widespread coronavirus outbreak. Whether you're having your wedding in your own backyard or at a beautiful outdoor venue, a wedding tent is a wise investment in case of rain.

Whatever you know about wedding tents, throw it out the window. Many people are having their weddings outside because of the widespread coronavirus outbreak. Whether you're having your wedding in your own backyard or at a beautiful outdoor venue, a wedding tent is a wise investment in case of rain. Despite what you may imagine a wedding under a tent to look like, any tent can be altered to fit a specific aesthetic. In recent years, as brides and grooms have become increasingly design-conscious, wedding tent decorations have also progressed. You might picture a white interior and plastic flaps on a wedding tent, but modern tents look very different.

Your wedding tent will look and feel extra-special with the help of the professionals you hire for your outdoor wedding. Tent rentals, as well as any other on-site necessities, should be discussed with the event space. To ensure that the main piece of equipment is delivered on time and in good condition, it is recommended to hire a tent rental company. Your wedding tent style should reflect the event's setting, the size of your guest list, and the season. Different types of party rentals have different price points, so it's important to find a provider who fully grasps your requirements.

After reserving a tent for your wedding, you and your florist or event planner (or day-of coordinator, if you prefer) can begin planning the wedding tent's decor. Your wedding tent can look completely different depending on how you set it up with lighting, flowers, lounge areas, and tablescapes. So that you can get some inspiration, we have collected some of our favorite real-life outdoor wedding tent decorations. Feel free to use these images to help you create your own unique wedding tent design. To make your vision a reality (and an Instagram success), collaborate with your chosen vendors.

Entrance with Bold Flower Arrangements

We adore the grand entrance of this sailcloth tent because of the abundance of fresh flowers and verdant foliage. We haven't heard of anything better to do to set the mood for a fantastic party.

Fleur de Suspension

One of our favorite ways to use a tent for an outdoor wedding is this Tents, like any other venue, can be completely transformed with the help of wedding flowers. Maximize your tent's square footage by making use of the canopy's peak. Pay attention to the tops of your canopy as well as the lower branches.

Seating Swings in the Wedding Tent

At the wedding reception, set up a set of swings to take guests back to their childhood. The entire bridal party will want to pose with this photo-opp prop because it looks so good in pictures.

Extensive Arrangements of Pampas Grass

Put money into tall flower arrangements to make a dramatic statement. These pampas grass arrangements are a great complement to the floaty pink curtains and vintage Edison lights.

Lanterns made of rattan

It's possible that crystal chandeliers won't mesh well with the laid-back atmosphere of a wedding held under a tent. Instead, try something more subtle, like some boho rattan light fixtures. The interior of your wedding tent will have a more relaxed, natural vibe with this neutral texture.

Lively Sectional Seating

Some guests will be happy to spend the entire wedding reception on the dance floor, but others will appreciate having other things to do in between the toasts and the formal dances. Think about setting aside some space where guests can congregate that isn't their assigned table. Add soft furniture, throw blankets, candles, and an inviting color scheme to achieve the desired effect.

Decorational Lighting: Christmas Lights on a String

At any outdoor wedding, you absolutely need string lights. At night, a soft glow from miniature bulbs will cast a cozy atmosphere. Our party tent has a transparent top, and the bright string lights really stand out.

Christmas Tree Table Centerpiece with Lights

Use a tree as a focal point in the area above the tent canopy if it is particularly high. To add a touch of whimsy, wrap the branches in thin string lights. Guests will be talking about this magnificent decoration long after the lights have gone out.

Cheers! With Candles Up In The Air

Raise the ambience by draping candles over dining room tables. No matter how many guests you have, this creative decoration idea will make your wedding tent feel cozy and inviting.

Main Stake Encircled by Ivy

A pole tent can be completely transformed with just a few ivy garlands. Wrapping a stick with some greenery can help hide it from view and make it part of the decor at your reception. We're all about practical touches for the wedding tent.

A new chandelier

One of the most prominent 2021 wedding trends, outdoor weddings require particularly creative lighting. Due to the short amount of time that the sun is up, artificial lighting is required to continue the party into the night. Modern chandeliers like these can serve as eye-catching focal points in a room. The tent you choose for your wedding can be updated with a modern look by including some contemporary elements.

Flowers and foliage garlands

Wedding tents that can be opened up to the elements are not only a thing, but a great choice for ceremonies in places where the weather is mild. Tents with vents in the top are a good option if you're concerned about overheating. It won't keep the elements out, but it will give the impression of a tent. Adding garlands of greenery intertwined with the canopy flaps will add visual interest to the peak. It will transform your tent into a verdant greenhouse.

Tent Pole Covers Modeled After Trees

Tent pole tree covers will help you live out your most idyllic country wedding dreams. This luxurious outdoor wedding tent concept is reminiscent of a hidden oasis in the woods.

Lightening Up Slowly

It's a good idea to light up your tent from the ground up. Strategic uplighting will cover your tent in moody shadows, so it's important to pay attention to light sources from above. Place groups of lanterns or tea lights around the tent's foundation. However, you should not use open flames to ensure the safety of your guests.

Canopy of String Lights

As for the traditional wedding tent, who says it has to be made of canvas or fabric? A lack of protection from the elements shouldn't deter you from trying this Instagram-worthy idea. Create an enchanting atmosphere by having your wedding vendors install a canopy of string lights above the reception tables and dance floor.

Themed Lounge with a Moroccan Flair

Decorations for an outdoor wedding tent that are as earthy and bohemian as Coachella The soft poufs can be used for more than just lounging during happy hour.

Lighting strung along a fabric-draped ceiling.

As wedding tent designs go, this one may be the most traditional option. You can add a touch of elegance to your wedding tent by stretching chiffon, silk, or organza across the top. You can decorate with lights in your wedding colors by hanging lights from the ceiling. As night falls, the effect will be magnified.

Boho Rugs

Your wedding tent's decorations should begin at ground level. An antique look can be achieved by layering rugs from different eras. To further emphasize your boho style, you can add in some natural touches such as macramé lighting, dried flower bouquets, and clumps of thick branches.

Vibrant Curtains

Use the top of your tent to hang thematic drapes that complement your wedding colors. A touch of color will look lovely against the white of the tent, and the addition of fairy lights will make the whole thing feel even more ethereal.

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