Modifying a Dresser's Appearance

In addition to the bed, the dresser is probably the second largest piece of furniture in your bedroom. So, tidy up and dust off that dresser, because we're about to teach you how to style it so that it combines form and function.

Dresser styling is simple to pick up and all it takes is a few key pieces to make a statement. Both form and function should be considered. And since it's a dresser, you should consider how to combine neatness and elegance in its design. The time has come to start thinking about how to decorate your dresser.

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Dark wood dresser with mirror, lamp, books and vase with greenery

Advice on Dresser Decorations

Dresser tops can house both functional and decorative items, but it's important not to overcrowd them. Personal touches like jewelry boxes, candles, and plants can make a room more inviting while still serving a practical purpose. Although the primary function of a dresser is to house one's clothing and other personal items, the top of the dresser should not be overlooked when designing an attractive aesthetic.

dark wood dresser with vase and greenery

Dresser Decorating Tips

I thought I got a great deal when I bought this Pottery Barn dresser on Facebook Marketplace for $350; it retails new for $1800 plus shipping and handling. Since we lacked a true dresser in this bedroom, I had been concerned about how to style one. So that you can get a feel for the range of styling tools at your disposal, I have designed two sets of dresser tops. Both feature essential components of a dresser top, with the primary distinction lying in the anchor piece—one features a mirror, while the other features a work of art.

Even though a dresser top might seem like a simple, straightforward design project, it's easy to get overwhelmed by all the potential components you'll need.

First, assemble your dresser essentials.

We need actual clothing to style your closet with. Creating a masterpiece without tools is like painting with your bare hands. It's preferable to amass a wide range of resources, even if you don't end up utilizing them all. This way, you can test out different combinations and see what ends up working best.  

The most accomplished architects and interior designers often collect samples of materials and try out various fixtures and furnishings to see what looks best. Until you play around with different parts, you won't be able to tell.

A mirror, desk clock, vase, or candlestick holder can be found at a thrift store. In fact, if you want to avoid looking like you shopped at Target or Pottery Barn for all of your home decor, thrifting is a great option. Don't worry, you don't have to go into debt over this redesign.  

You'll need the following to accessorize your dresser:

  • A Huge Mirror or Piece of Art
  • Lamp
  • Vase
  • Tray
  • Books
  • Vegetation or flowering plants
  • Candles
  • Box for jewelry
  • Printed photographs in frames
White lamp on a dark wood dresser

2. Start from scratch.

Start by taking out everything from your closet. Bring it back to life by giving it a good dusting and a good cleaning. When you clear the area of all unnecessary items, you can better envision its potential uses.  

Don't just reorganize by moving things around or adding new things; empty the dresser completely. Spread it out on your bed or the floor so you can see what you have and decide what to keep, sell, or donate.

books stacked with a clock on a wooden dresser

Three, center your dresser's design around a statement piece

The first thing you'll need to complete your dresser is a substantial centerpiece. Add a mirror or a piece of large art to a dresser for added decoration. The room needs to be rooted in something before you fill it with candles and flower arrangements.

It's possible that a large dresser mirror isn't necessary if you already have a floor mirror in your room. If there is a large mirror in another part of the room, a dresser is not the best place for a piece of artwork.  

An alternative to an actual work of art is a television. This is an ideal use for a Samsung TV. When the TV is turned off, the frame can be used to showcase beautiful wall art, and it can be treated just like any other work of art in your home.  

The centerpiece of a dresser sets the tone for the rest of the furnishings and makes the decorating process more manageable.

dark wood dresser in bedroom with painting, lamp and vase with greenery on top

4. Place Tall Objects at Both Drawer Ends

After hanging a mirror or piece of art, add vertical dimension with tall accessories like lamps, vases, or jewelry chests. They should not be placed in front of the mirror or artwork, but rather to the side.  

You could put your lamp on one side of the dresser and some plants or flowers in a vase on the other. Make sure the vase and lamp aren't the same height to give the eye something to focus on outside of one uniform plane of depth. Just try different things; you never know what will end up working.  

brass lamp sitting on top of books on top of a wooden dresser

Five, Fill the Dresser with Medium-Sized Items

Including a medium-sized component helps even out the size distribution between the larger and smaller ones. Anything from a potted plant and some books to some framed pictures will do. To create a more layered look, lean a framed print against the mirror or other artwork on the dresser.  

Extra moderate-sized items could include:

  • Books piled high
  • Small vase
  • Bowl
  • Candle
dark wood dresser with painting and vase with greenery vase with greenery on a wooden dresser with mirror

To add color and texture, use plants and flowers in your design.

Greenery is a welcome addition to any space. An item that is alive, or at least gives the impression of being alive, is the finishing touch on a well-designed dresser. Use flowers or plants, either real or artificial. Green leaves, delicate flowers, and wispy branches all have a way of adding life and vitality to a room through the movement they create.  

Blue vase with greenery sitting on top of a dresser

Some Closing Remarks on Dresser Decorating

If you follow these six easy steps, you should end up with a dresser that is both stylish and completely original. Never underestimate the value of perusing your own home first; you never know what you might find in the attic or a random drawer. Be cautious not to overthink it, and make a stylish, functional dresser top of which you can be proud. Enjoy

blue vase with greenery on top of a dresser

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