Modern Fireplace Mantel Decorations: 36 Creative Ideas

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Ellie Lindstorm, Sara Ligorria-Tramp

The fireplace is frequently the room's main attraction and social hub. It's fun to surround your fireplace with beautiful elements that represent you, whether it's a vintage-inspired brick fireplace, an electric fireplace that feels minimal and modern, or a decorative non-working fireplace. You can start a do-it-yourself project (like painting the bricks) or just decorate the space around the fireplace with things you love. We have gathered beautiful year-round fireplace decorating ideas that can be implemented regardless of your personal style or level of ambition.

Choose vases, artwork, and sculptural elements that complement your design style to display above the fireplace. In addition, if your fireplace serves as a television stand, you may wish to consider coming up with some novel methods to divert your attention. Keep in mind that you can put anything you like inside the fireplace, from plants and books to lanterns and even a candelabra, if you go with a decorative tile pattern. It's not hard to retile or repaint a preexisting fireplace, or even figure out how to construct a fake one, if you have the creative spirit for it.

Changing out the decorations on the fireplace is an easy way to update the look of your living room for the changing of the seasons, whether you're transitioning from autumn and Christmas to spring and summer. If you want to decorate your mantel for the holidays, think greenery and warmth; when spring arrives, think color and flowers. How you want to proceed is up to you.

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Try to locate a place where old and new collide.

You can update a worn brick fireplace by installing a white wood surround. Like interior designer Francesca Grace does here, fill it with fresh flowers and greenery, then layer in an antique-style painting.


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Choose the Blues

Fill your fireplace with a warm color, like this dark blue. Then, choose an accent chair and wall paint that go together, and paint the walls a coordinating color. Make use of a nearby closet by stocking it with firewood and hanging a dried citrus garland from the ceiling to draw the eye.

Buy Some Blue Paint

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Maximize Your Efforts

Union of Art Interiors' Tamarra Younis fills a mantel with whimsical pieces, including a collection of vases in an antique style, an oversize mirror, and two wall sconces.


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Firewood Racks with Built-in Storage

Stack firewood in a long, vertical area you create. Firewood serves a practical purpose, but it can also be used as a decorative accent, such as in this case, where it provides visual contrast in an otherwise all-blue built-in.


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Tv, be hidden

A TV in this Mississippi home is hidden behind wooden doors when it's not being watched. The top is made out of repurposed paving bricks, and the owner painted the floral canvases herself.


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Outdoor Decorations

Make your patio more inviting by highlighting an outdoor fireplace. Go for neutral, yet striking colors and patterns — like these metallic tiles inside the fireplace


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Obtain Some Very Tall Branches

The large sprigs of greenery really brighten up the otherwise white living room. Simply by snipping some greenery from the backyard and placing it in a tall vase, you can add a splash of color and texture to any room.


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Take a Black and White Break

Look for a lovely color and paint the walls, trim, and fireplace (including the bricks and surround) to make a stylish focal point. In this case, a green that evokes the outdoors is appropriate, but the palette is wide open.

Buy Eco-Friendly Paint

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Stockpile Flora

Create some life in your fireplace with a potted plant garden. Set out a collection of mismatched pots ranging in size and shape and filled with hardy (and low-maintenance) plants. or a fern or succulent


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Incorporate Geometric Designs

Switch from plain tiles to those with striking geometric patterns. This light space has a lot of texture and dimension thanks to the blue molding and the geometric fireplace tiles.


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Try Some Contrast

Create visual interest by contrasting a glossy black wall with a white fireplace surround. Here, white armchair and cobalt blue ottoman by designer Anne Hepfer carry the look further.

Go Blue Paint Shopping

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Display Bud Vases

You can't go wrong with a vase full of fresh flowers, but you can make your bouquets last all year long by using dried or fake flowers instead. (Are you kidding me with those tiny pitchers? )


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Produce a Seafaring Mood

Fill a mantel with carefully selected pieces to maintain a theme, such as a nautical theme. There's a ship (and an identical painting over the mantel), some binoculars, and an old set of oars in this room.


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Put a Black Spot on It

Black paint highlights architectural details against white walls. The contrast is heightened by artwork rendered in the same color palette.


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Atmospherics of Contemporary Europe

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Light Candles in an Artificial Fireplace

You can still make a stylish centerpiece even if your fireplace isn't working. Herringbone tiles (pink is our favorite) and a modern candelabra will finish off your masterpiece.


Read more at A Lovely Chaos ».

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Stack Birch Branches

Even if you have no plans to burn the silvery bark, it can still serve as a decorative accent in your living room. The addition of a tobacco basket on top completes the country feel.


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File Books

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Raising the Bar for Decorative Dishes

Make use of the empty wall space above the mantel to display prized ceramics. Mismatched settings acquired from antique stores and garage sales over the years can stand on their own and look great.


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Collection of Totally Neutral Extras

An assortment of prints and found objects in neutral tones of white, beige, and black create a visually pleasing whole. You don't have to have coordinating eyewear, right?


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Hold the Mirror Up to the Light

Modern white-painted wood and brick look great against the traditional touches of a solid-wood mantel and a gilded fireplace screen. Throw caution to the wind and prop a hefty mirror up against a wall to achieve a casual vibe.

Mirrors for Sale

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Show off Your Face by Hanging a Portrait

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Stop Using Red Brick

Taking a cue from this cheerful house, I will now go and paint my dated brick in a creamy white. Howdy, quick lifter of spirits


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Just Toss It All In The Basket

It serves dual purposes as a place to keep things and as an ornament. The mantel is decorated with a framed chalkboard message, tall branches sticking out of pitchers, and some candles.


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