Master the Art of Fireplace Mantel Decorating: A Comprehensive Guide to Styling Like a Pro

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Are you ready for a makeover that will transform your home this fall season? Get ready to embrace the stunning beauty of fall foliage with our expert tips on how to decorate a fireplace mantel. From symmetrical decor to contrasting styles, we have the ultimate guide to help you create a statement piece that will leave your guests in awe. Discover the secrets of balancing asymmetry, incorporating greenery, and adding a touch of modern elegance. Whether you're a fan of rustic charm or sleek and clean designs, we've got you covered. Don't miss out on these stunning mantel decor ideas that will take your home to the next level.

Embrace the Beauty of Autumn Foliage

Take advantage of the vibrant colors of fall and incorporate them into your home decor. We adore the graceful arrangement of oak leaves, magnolia leaves, and stacked pumpkins that perfectly capture the essence of the season. Going outside to gather these natural elements can be a great source of inspiration.

Transform Your Space for Autumn

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/maxinealamaison

@maxinealamaison gave her mantel ledge a stunning autumn makeover with a mix of small pumpkins. If you have a faux fireplace, the interior opening can serve as a perfect display nook!

Add a Touch of Nature

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/jamb_london

A collection of small glass bud vases is ideal for showcasing flowers and bringing a pop of color to your mantel shelf. You can use flowers from the grocery store or even gather greenery from outside to create a vibrant display!

Add a Touch of Greenery

We all know I’m not a plant mom, but I do love a touch of greenery in my vignettes. When you add a pinch of something organic to your mantel decor, it breaks up a solid structure, softens the stone, and adds life to the space. Since I have a black thumb, I prefer the look of faux plants, and my go-to right now is this maiden hair fern. BTDubs, it’s also one of the most clicked artificial plants in the round-up.

Because I’m a bit more minimal, I chose not to add greenery, but I’ve been playing with it on the hearth of my fireplace.

Showcase Statement Art on Your Mantel

via Instagram/interiorspickle

A fireplace mantel is a perfect spot to display a stunning piece of artwork. @interiorspickle adorned her mantel with a striking modern art piece that instantly grabs attention and adds a wow factor to the space.

A Clean and Modern Approach

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/daniellelancasterinteriors

Here's a modern twist on the traditional hearth, featuring an arched mirror and a trendy loop vase. This design proves that a fireplace can work well in various interior styles, including contemporary spaces.

Inspiring Design Ideas for Your Mantel Decor

Before renovating the brick fireplace, I focused my styling efforts elsewhere. But ever since completing the custom stone fireplace project, I've been experimenting with different mantel decor ideas on a weekly basis. While I may move a vase here and a piece of art there, the basic principles remain the same.

1. Start with a Prominent Piece

Here's where things can get a bit subjective, but let me guide you through it. Choose a large piece of art or a striking mirror as the focal point of your mantel display. If you're using art, make sure it complements the color palette of the room. Speaking of which...

2. Stick to a Consistent Color Palette

Once I learned this design rule, my vignettes suddenly became more harmonious. This principle applies not just to mantel decor but to all aspects of decorating and styling. Take cues from the color palette of your room and incorporate those colors into your mantel arrangement. If your room is a work in progress and you're using art as the focal point, draw your color palette from there.

3. Vary Heights of Accessories

Objects of varying heights add movement and visual interest to your mantel styling. Consider candlesticks, vases, and a plant in a bowl. You may not need all of these elements, as I personally prefer a minimal look. However, you may prefer a maximalist look. Whatever your style, the key is to incorporate elements of different heights (tall, medium, and short) and layer them.

4. Add Something Shiny

I took this rule to an extreme by placing a giant melted disco ball on my mantel. As you can tell, I like things a bit unconventional. However, any metallic element can work just fine, such as a chrome decorative box or gold candlestick holders. This addition adds a touch of sparkle and movement to your mantel decor.

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5. Styling in Odd Numbers

Styling in odd numbers, particularly threes, adds a sense of balance and visual interest to your mantel decor. Even if you have four objects, trust me and add a fifth. Odd numbers create a more dynamic and memorable vignette. While you've already created visual interest with varying heights, incorporating odd numbers takes your styling skills to the next level. It's guaranteed to enhance the appeal of your mantel decor.

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Create Symmetrical Decor

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/sarahrosewheeler

For a more organized and orderly look, mirror your decor on both sides of the fireplace mantel. Instagrammer @sarahrosewheeler beautifully flanked her sunburst mirror with palm fronds, creating a stunning effect.

A Playful Balanced Asymmetry

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/ourss9

We're loving the unconventional asymmetrical design by @ourss9. The sense of balance here is dynamic and adds a playful touch to the space. Not to mention, the color coordination is on point.

Mix and Match Contrasting Styles

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/johnderian

Feel free to combine frames and different styles of artwork to create contrast. A framed magazine cutout paired with an oil portrait or a sketched drawing can make for a captivating combination.

Pay Attention to Proportion

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/theoldhouseonmain

Always consider the proportions of your art when layering it on top of the anchor piece. If the art is too large, it may overpower the centerpiece. If it's too small, it may appear insignificant. @theoldhouseonmain has achieved the perfect balance in proportions.

Create an Organic Vignette

via Instagram/gold_is_a_neutral

When styling your mantel, incorporate organic shapes into your decor. @gold_is_a_neutral has beautifully adorned her mantel with sculptural pieces and added touches of greenery for a soft and natural look.

Make Magic with Mirrors

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/bloom_jennybrooks

If your space is small, consider layering mirrors instead of artwork. Mirrors reflect light and create an illusion of a larger room. We're smitten with the stacked antique mirrors showcased by @jennybrooks. Well done, Jenny!

Display Propped Art Prints

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/kaskaem

Whether you have a non-working fireplace or simply want to showcase art prints, propping them against the fireplace opening creates a casual and effortless display.

Create Overlapping Artwork

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/anthology_creative_studio

Artwork is always a great conversation starter. Gather several prints in different sizes and layer them on your mantel. You can easily achieve this without using nails, making it a versatile and easy option. Add a few trinkets to bring everything together.

DIY Fireplace Mantel Ideas

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/ourss9

If you're looking for unique fireplace mantel ideas, here's one from @ourss9 that you might not have considered. This crafty Instagrammer used round paper fans to add a creative touch to her mantel decor.

Expert Tips for Styling Your Fireplace Mantel

There isn't a one-size-fits-all approach to styling your mantel, but there are some basic guidelines you can follow to make the most of this space. Use these decorating tips to create a stunning mantel display.

Create a focal point using a large artwork, an oversized mirror, or a decorative wall hanging. This piece can be hung in the center above the mantel or leaned against it. You can also place it off-center for a more intentional asymmetrical look.

Add weight on either side of the focal point. To achieve a balanced composition, flank the centerpiece with matching items such as flower vases or candles. Alternatively, opt for an asymmetrical arrangement by placing a botanical element on one side and a collection of candles on the other.

Arrange objects of different heights to create a visually appealing display. Combine a large centerpiece with smaller items or stack objects to add depth. Floral stems, framed prints, and candlesticks are great pieces to incorporate.

  • Follow the Rule of Threes

While even numbers can sometimes appear too rigid, odd numbers create a more natural and visually interesting display. Group decorative items in sets of three or five instead of pairs. This is known as the rule of threes and adds a captivating element to your mantel decor.

  • Take Inspiration from Your Space

To ensure that your mantel decor harmonizes with the rest of the room, pay attention to the colors and textures already present. Incorporate these elements into your arrangement to create a cohesive and unified aesthetic, whether your style is rustic, classic, or modern.

Instead of hanging artwork, consider layering pieces and leaning them against the wall. This technique works well with various types of wall decor, from art prints to mirrors to architectural elements. Experiment with different combinations to find the perfect arrangement.

The changing seasons provide an opportunity to update your mantel decor with a few holiday touches. Add some seasonal elements to your already-styled vignette and give your room a quick seasonal refresh. You can even involve your kids in some DIY projects!

Tips for Styling a TV Over a Fireplace Mantel

Designers often struggle with the challenge of hanging a rectangular TV over a beautiful fireplace, but a television is a necessary element in many living rooms. One way to disguise the TV is by investing in an art TV, such as the Samsung Frame TV. You can upload family photos or digital art or even download free art specifically designed for your TV. Other options to conceal a TV include installing a TV cabinet, painting the wall behind it black, or hanging art over it. However, embracing the presence of the TV and styling around it can also be a great approach.

Love this floral TV art for the Samsung Frame.

Shop This Virtual Design

Digital Floral TV Art (it’s a steal at $1.65)

Samsung Frame TV

Organic Tall Vase

Gold Footed Bowl

Light Brown Ottomans

Decorative Fireplace Balls

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Display Your Collection on the Mantel

If you've started a collection of treasured items, you can proudly display them on your mantel in a maximalist way. However, be mindful of curating your collection. In my roundup of the best interior design books, I shared the book Kabinett & Kammer - Creating Authentic Interiors. The author offers brilliant ideas for displaying vintage collections. If curating proves challenging, consider rotating the display pieces on a weekly or monthly basis.

Upcycled Mantel Decor

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/our1880southerncottage

What if we told you that you can use your collectibles to decorate your fireplace mantel? You can repurpose old Mason jars from your kitchen or use medicine bottles as vases!

Display Your Collectibles

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/theoldhouseonmain

Your fireplace mantel is the perfect place to showcase your favorite collection, such as colored glass bottles or antique vases. By adding stained glassware, you can add a subtle pop of color to the otherwise dark space.

Mantel Plant Shelfie

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/the_strawberry_house_london

Create a lovely mantel vignette by arranging a row of potted plants in the same color. You can choose upright varieties or mix them with hanging vines for added visual interest.

Clothe the Mantel

Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller and Elly Poston Cooper

Customize a festive fireplace garland to match any season. The garland adds a pop of natural color to a monochromatic room. You can switch the garland strands to fit any occasion.

Vase of Blooms

via Instagram/the_ct_colonial

For a more minimal look, place a vase of fresh flowers in the center of the mantel. It can create a sublime effect and add a touch of elegance.

Keep it Bright

Robbie Caponetto; Styling: Kendra Surface

In this living room, the bright accent pieces contrast with the dark stone fireplace, creating a fun and playful atmosphere. Matching the mantel to the ceiling beams adds cohesiveness to the room.

Contrast Focal Points

Laurey W. Glenn, Styling: Matthew Gleason

A white brick fireplace serves as the backdrop for cheery pops of color in this 1920s home renovation. Even though the seating faces away from the fireplace, it still commands attention as the focal point of the space. The fireplace serves as a blank canvas for seasonal changes and creative displays.

Rustic Done Right

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/round_hill_nest

To create a rustic look, incorporate distressed wood decor items like frames, shutters, and wall hanging panels. Pair them with soothing earthy colors for a cohesive and cozy feel.

DIY Flower Curtain

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/sarah.r.gordon

Give your mantel a spring update with a flower curtain DIY project. It serves as a beautiful backdrop for trinkets and other display items, adding a bright pop of color to your mantel setup.

Blend Seasonal Accents

The Frugal Homemaker / Pinterest

Bring the essence of fall into your fireplace display by sticking to a color palette of orange, white, and brown. Fresh fall flowers, like mums, can bring life to this display.

Welcome Natural Light

Photo: Tria Giovan, Styling: Matthew Gleason

This room features various architectural features, including a large arched window and a candle chandelier. The fireplace is tucked away and invites you to sit and enjoy its warmth in this cozy space. The abundant natural light makes this room perfect for winter days and relaxing evenings.

Beauty of Simplicity

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/mcchills_nest

Sometimes, a simple and minimalistic approach to mantel decor can be refreshing. Instead of overwhelming the mantel, opt for a few thoughtfully placed items on the hearth. The simple mantel from @mcchills_nest above proves that less is more.

Use Screens

Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Elly Poston Cooper

A white wicker screen adds a cottagey touch to this living room's decor. It serves both practical and stylish purposes. Upcycling an outdoor screen can add character to a traditionally designed space.

Try Laid-Back Looks

Jillian Guyette

Create a relaxed and uncluttered aesthetic by keeping the black-and-white fireplace mantel simple with a single large framed photo. This arrangement brings serenity to the room and provides a resting point for the eyes. Find something that brings you happiness and place it front and center, without distractions.

Lead with Pops of Color

Photo: William Waldron

A neutral fireplace allows brightly colored accessories to stand out when placed on the mantel. This approach is perfect for displaying a themed collection or delicate accessories that may not withstand high-traffic areas. Use shades of color to add interest and cohesiveness to the room.

Fit the Floorplan

Photo: Helen Norman, Styling: Rebecca Omweg

This fireplace and cherry mantle bridge the two sides of a home in the central hall of a dogtrot floor plan. By placing the fireplace in the center, it becomes a prominent fixture that represents the heart of the home. A painting by South Carolina artist Linda Rorer accompanies this mantel.

Discover Marble Grandeur

Photo: Hector Manuel Sanchez; Styling: Elly Poston Cooper

In this room, the grand marble fireplace remains the focal point among the decor. The white tones and natural green elements provide a sense of relief from the busy shelves and furniture. A marble fireplace setting instantly adds elegance and sophistication to any space.

Embossed Marble Fireplace

Wayne C. Moore of Back River Photography

An antique carved mantle requires minimal dressing up. A fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers and a statement mirror with gold accents enhance the fireplace's traditional character. These classic embellishments add a touch of elegance to your home.

Fill the Fireplace

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Buffy Hargett Miller

If your fireplace is not in use, turn it into the focal point of the room by filling it with logs or other statement pieces. This concept offers a sleek and rustic look. Using the fireplace for decor leaves the mantel available for collectibles, artwork, or other display items.

Fake Greenery

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/zephs_house

If you want to add greenery to your mantel without committing to real plants, fake ivy strands can do the trick! Wrap them around a mirror or let them hang from the mantel ledge for a soothing effect.

Shiplap Feature

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/peoniesandtwine

Incorporate a shiplap feature as a DIY project for your mantel. Paneling that extends to the ceiling can emphasize the height of the room and create a sense of spaciousness.

Combine Classic and Whimsy

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn

Bring together comfortable and formal elements in a vibrant living room. A traditional mantel juxtaposed with whimsical decor creates a unique and playful atmosphere. Surround a classic fireplace with bold colors and modern decor to add personality to the room.

Find Antique Character

Photo: Helen Norman

The distressed finish on this 19th-century relic adds historic character to the new wood-burning fireplace. Preserving original mantels allows the home's history to be incorporated into the new living space. When possible, strive to maintain the authenticity of the woodworking.

Embellish with Mirrors

Laurey W. Glenn, Styling: Heather Chadduck,

Dress up your fireplace with an inexpensive honeycomb mirror hung over the mantel. Vintage or accent mirrors create a focal point in the room without taking up any additional space. Mirrors above the fireplace can also enhance the perception of room size by reflecting light.

Sprinkle of Spook

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/peoniesandtwine

Add some seasonal charm to your space by styling your mantel shelf and hearth area with spooky props. It's a fun way to embrace the spirit of the season without committing to decorating the entire room.

For the Bibliophile


If you don't have enough room on your shelves for all your books, turn your fireplace into a storage spot for your extensive collection. This rustic look is perfect for the fall.

Go for Modern

Costa Christ

Create an easy, breezy, and modern vibe in your space. Hang a television in a tasteful manner that complements the room's color scheme and decor. The simplicity of the surroundings allows the TV to blend in without distractions.

Pretty in Pink

Mary Craven

A pale pink wall color brings a delicate and warm feel to this space. Accentuate the eye-catching wall color with a vase of pink flowers. Add neutral colors to keep the fireplace as the standout feature in the room.

Christmas Mantel

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/helloflorauk

Create a cozy atmosphere by decorating your mantel for the winter holidays. This modern take on festive foliage from @helloflorauk adds a unique twist to the classic Christmas mantel.

Showcase Modern Art

Photo: Laurey W. Glenn; Styling: Elly Poston Cooper

Regardless of your art preference, hanging a statement-making modern artwork above the mantel is an excellent conversation starter. Placing fantastic art prints in vintage or unique frames enhances the visual appeal. Consider adding lighting near the fireplace to highlight your art collection.

Double Decker Style

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/leopard_print_stairs

Take the concept of a mantel a step further by incorporating two shelves filled with knick-knacks and botanicals. Top it off with an oddly shaped mirror for a dreamy and unique look, as demonstrated by @leopard_print_stairs.

Love Is in the Air

fireplace mantel decor ideavia Instagram/timberfields

Repurpose your wedding banner to style your mantel for Valentine's Day, like @timberfields did. It adds a sweet and romantic touch to your space.

Achieve Symmetry and Balance

Laurey W. Glenn

When your fireplace layout has asymmetrical surroundings, achieving formal symmetry can be challenging. However, when surrounded by built-ins or walls, it becomes easier to create a balanced and calm atmosphere. Keep the mantel arrangement simple and elegant.

Go Electric


If your home doesn't have a built-in fireplace, consider opting for an electric fireplace. It provides the coziness of a roaring fire and serves as the perfect spot to hang decorations. Look into this option to be ready for the holiday season and all the mantel decorating fun.

Thanks for your feedback!

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Incorporating these creative and stylish ideas into your fireplace mantel decor will transform your living space into a cozy and captivating haven all year round. Whether you choose to embrace the natural beauty of fall foliage or add pops of color to make a statement, there is something for every style and taste. From rustic charm to modern elegance, the possibilities are endless. So go ahead and let your creativity flourish as you master the art of decorating your fireplace mantel like a pro. Your living room will thank you for it.

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