Make your own DIY Christmas yard decorations to save money this year.

It appears that, over time, the emphasis has shifted from celebrating Christmas and spending time with loved ones to outdoing one another in terms of how much money they spend on decorations and gifts. Putting up Christmas decorations is an annual tradition, but this year you don't have to forego it to save money. The best alternative is to get creative and make some DIY outdoor Christmas decorations that are both one-of-a-kind and visually stunning. Below are seven incredible DIY Christmas decoration ideas that will help you get ready for the holidays on a budget and in style, from repurposing old bottles to making creative use of Christmas lights.

Pine cones are a great way to incorporate a more rustic feel into your holiday decor and add a visual icon of the Christmas tree. Take your pinecone garland and some holiday decorations and make a beautiful wreath for your front door. Use floral wire to string ornaments onto your pine cone garland by looping pieces of wire through the ornaments. When you're finished, hang the garland around the door frame using removable adhesive hooks for a polished look.
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Discounted Holiday Lights

This is a fantastic plan for those who have a set of stairs or a path leading up to their front door. Put up some cheap lights to illuminate the path at night and when guests are expected. Get yourself to the dollar store and pick up some large glass vases, or use ones you already have, along with some large candles and some fake snow. When you get home, place the vases outside on top of fir bundles and cover everything with a thick blanket of fake snow. Place a large candle in the snow and decorate it with cranberries, either real or fake.
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#3 Repurposed Planters

Keep in mind the many planters and flowerpots you have stashed away, waiting for spring. Bring them out from hiding in the shed where they can protect your home from the elements and pests and use them to adorn the outside of your home for the upcoming holidays. Gather some wood, pine cones, and fir trimmings to fill these planters and pots with for a holiday touch. To save on material needed to fill the pot, place something like paper bags at the bottom (especially if the pot is tall). After that, you can stuff the fir cuttings inside and line up the wood around the outside. Then, to finish the design, scatter pine cones around. The addition of snow on top makes these look even more festive and is perfect for filling those odd empty spaces on decks and porches during the winter.
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Sustainable Environment-Friendly Welcome Porch

Do not waste any money on porch ornaments this year. Look for pine cones, tall branches, and fir needles instead. Then, you can finish decorating by digging out that sled you bought but never ended up using from the back of your garage. Put your old sled next to your door and line it with fir trimmings (use fishing wire to attach them together so they look like a garland). Then, place one on either side of your door in an old pot. Fill in the gaps with dirt and insert the trees. Deck the halls with pine cones and (if you have them) Christmas lights. When you're finished, your porch will be ready for the holidays with just a few stray bows and a couple of signs. Find out more about the project and its specifics here.

5. A Christmas Tree Made From A Garage Door

Grab a couple of strands of Christmas lights, some hooks (those outdoor light clips or self-adhesive hooks will do just fine), a few ornaments, a bow, and some fishing line if you want a large decoration that will really attract attention to your house this holiday season. Get outside, clean your garage door, and make a Christmas tree silhouette with hooks and lights. When you're done with the outline, you can use the fishing line to hang the ornaments and secure the bow at the top of the tree. Plug in the lights at night and your previously unremarkable garage door will take on a festive look.
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Turning a Beer Bucket into a Holiday Storage Unit

This repurposed large beer bucket makes a stunning porch decoration and is one of the easiest and most visually appealing outdoor Christmas DIY projects. Aside from the bucket, you'll only need some firewood, pine branches that have been pruned, and an old electrical cord. Even if some of your lights are out, you can still use this method, so go ahead and toss them all in. Arrange the branches and firewood at the bin's bottom to finish the look. Then, add some lights and decorations. You can put it on your front porch as is, or you can decorate it with a big red bow.
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Lights made from recycled beer bottles are number seven on this list.

Last but not least, decorate your Christmas party with a few discarded beer bottles and some lights. Lights should be stuffed into empty beer bottles (with the labels removed, of course) until they are all full. A bunch of empty beer bottles should now be at your disposal, ready to be placed along your sidewalk or up your porch steps. Easy as pie: just plug in the lights and start stockpiling empty bottles.
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It's common knowledge that women enjoy lighting candles at night, so it's only fitting that Christmas in Township features a wide variety of candle holders

Put some holiday flair into your township patterns by creating some candle holders suitable for an outdoor holiday meal. You can make these lovely candle holders out of Mocona coffee jars or any other type of recycled glass jar, vase, or wine glass; all you need is some acrylic paint, small round paint brushes, a can of Santa Snow, wire for a handle, Isopropyl Alcohol Spray, and a clean cloth. ideal for putting some cheer into your holiday Follow along with Shabby Art Boutique as they walk you through the steps of creating these beautiful Christmas Township Candle Holders, complete with a township template to use as a cut out around your jar. or you could just paint the design onto the jar itself. In less than an hour, you can complete this easy and inexpensive decoration.

Crafting Information: shabbyartboutique

Tomato-Cage Christmas Trees, Number Nine

No matter the time of day or night, your yard can be transformed into a winter wonderland with the help of a set of tiered, beautifully lit, and homemade Christmas Trees, crowned with a massive red ribbon. Using only a tomato cage, some colorful string lights, wired unlit garland, bows, and zip ties, you can create this stunning tree decoration. This time-honored home accessory can contribute to the holiday spirit in a charming way, and it can also help you save the significant sums of money you would have spent on similar store-bought items. Tomato Cage Christmas Trees are one of those holiday DIYs that even young children can complete in a short amount of time by following a short set of instructions; they are both surprisingly easy and super adorable.

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Stoop Decked Out for the Holidays

If you want to impress your guests this holiday season, take a cue from this Christmas Decorated Stoop idea, which features a bunch of traditional wreaths and garlands, a hand-drawn welcome sign, and a lovely combination of green, silver, black, and white. windows hung with silver stars, a plethora of shimmering ribbons, a scattering of miniature Christmas trees, and a pair of boots stuffed with enormous round ornaments, just right for Santa to wear Fortunately, the materials for this won't break the bank. Check out the below guide to get a better idea of what you need to gather and do to bring this colorful and appealing decoration to life using items that are probably already lying around your house and a few items gathered from the store.

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