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Can there be a more perfect present than a gift basket? Many different, relatively small presents packed neatly into a reusable container and finished off with a cute bow; this is the one I'd choose every time and keep for future gift-giving occasions. Putting together a gift basket is one of my favorite things to do.

Cozy Farmhouse Gift Basket

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If you want some of my top recommendations, read on.

First, consider the recipient. Do you have a specific event or topic in mind? What are some of their favorite hobbies and books? Do they have any particular interests or go-to stores? When do they sleep, when do they eat, how do they sleep Is it the right time of year to give this present? Do they appear to be packing for a trip? Going into Retirement Relocating to a new residence In need of some tender loving care Festivities commemorating a special anniversary or birthday Feeling homesick and longing for a familiar flavor?

Two - Keep an eye on your finances For both of our sakes, ha, here's a friendly reminder. To save money, prepare in advance and combine high-end and low-end products. Both can exist peacefully in one's life. You don't have to break the bank to make a thoughtful present. Keep in mind the size and weight of the item if you need to mail it as a gift. Make sure your items fit into the prepaid box you buy to mail them in. Found that out the hard way

Third, stop putting all your eggs in one basket. Okay, I admit it: I have a soft spot for a good basket. However, the possibilities are vast, and this is an excellent method of budgeting. Want to invest more in your stuff Dollar store plastic or wire bins are cheap and fun options, as are simple reusable mini totes. Making a kid a birthday present in the summer Simply place your items in a bright sand bucket and label it with a paint pen. Congrats on your acceptance to college! What about a laundry basket or a dorm basket for your toiletries?

Take into account the dimensions of your items, your spending limit, the recipient, and everything else we discussed in the first point. Then, you can use one of many different containers, such as a mason jar, a plastic or metal tub, a colorful cup from the dollar store, or a clear tumbler. All of these things can serve as attractive packaging for presents.

Four, Pick Your Stuff Okay, now we get to the good part, you guys. Please allow me to illustrate with this Cozy Farmhouse Gift Basket. Assembled for a silent auction, this basket was made with the stressed-out mother in mind. It was the middle of winter, and I was thinking about hygge. Do you suspect

Except for the homemade ones, everything here was purchased at places like Hobby Lobby, Ollie's, and the dollar store.

Cozy Farmhouse Gift Basket items: tea, mug, hand knit scarf, candles, coloring book, lip balm, lotion stick, gourmet treats.

And these are the items I chose to put in this particular hamper:

  • You can store a variety of things in this galvanized metal container with wooden handles, such as toilet paper or spices. Alternatively, a bedside table stacked with periodicals and books.
  • Light up your home with candles, because who doesn't enjoy a warm glow?
  • This cozy scarf was knitted by hand, and it only took a few hours because of the loose stitches. I love the personal touch that handmade items give.
  • Cup that says, "Give in. What mother doesn't require that with her morning brew?
  • Because no one likes to drink from an empty mug, chamomile tea. As an added bonus, chamomile is associated with a soothing effect.
  • Coloring books for adults are a great stress reliever.
  • Lip balm with grapefruit mint oil and lavender lotion sticks or bars are two homemade beauty products that will nourish your lips and skin this season. If you want to make your own, you can find the recipes here. These are also perfect for gift baskets for the spa or the classroom.
  • Champagne-flavored gourmet gum and chocolate are always a welcome treat. And if you know what they like, it's a great opportunity to include some inexpensive items in the mix.
Hand knitted gray scarf

Five, set up your gift basket or box. I filled the bottom of the galvanized container with natural shreds purchased from a dollar store. Aside from providing a soft landing for your items, this also acts as a cushion as you set them up. Some of the items, like the candles and the lotion and lip balm, have jute twine bows.

Sixth-Huge Closing Sure, you could just stop at 5, but why not jazz it up a little? So that the contents could be seen, I used a cheap, clear gift basket bag from the dollar store. To complete the rustic feel, I tied everything together with a beautiful black-and-white gingham ribbon.

Cozy Farmhouse Gift Basket

The "gather" tag, which is made of galvanized metal, is like a piece of packaging jewelry. You can reuse this as an ornament by hanging it from a doorknob or a bottle of wine.

Close up of gather tag and natural bow with gingham trim.

I was able to stay within my $35 price range for the basket's container and contents.

7- Always have a dedicated gift closet or drawer For my gift drawer, I like to stock up on unusual little things or things I know I'll use in a basket that are on sale. Tissue paper, ribbons, clear gift basket bags, paper shreds, and paper and cloth gift bags are also staples in my stockpile. For the purpose of creating hand-delivered greeting cards, we stock both white and colored card stock as well as stickers.

Paper shreds and clear gift bag

Do you wish to assemble a similar gift basket via web shopping? The following are some items that are comparable and can be purchased from Amazon:

Cozy Farmhouse Gift Basket Supplies from Amazon

A Galvanized Basket, a Get Cozy Ceramic Campfire Mug, some Natural Kraft Crinkle Shreds, some Cellophane Gift Bags, some Black and White Gingham Ribbon, a Windmill Ornament to adorn the packages, a Knitted Scarf Set, some Chamomile Tea, some of my favorite Beeswax Candles, and a Hardcover Journal.

Cozy Farmhouse Gift Basket

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I hope you enjoy your presents, friends!

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