Interior Designers Share Their Ultimate Prime Day Selections to Help You Shop Like a Pro

This year, we're fortunate enough to have a second Amazon Prime Day, so if you have buyer's remorse from last July, now is the time to rewrite the past. Amazon has reduced prices on cleaning tools like vacuum cleaners and cozy bedding, but sifting through all those pages of discounts can become overwhelming. Right here is a great place to start instead, because this is essentially a designer-endorsed cheat sheet for purchasing home decor.

We consulted professional interior designers for a comprehensive guide to what you should be purchasing on October Prime Day. We inquired about what's worth buying while it's on sale, which discounts are the most remarkable, and most importantly, how each item should be styled.

"Amazon Big Deal Days are such a fantastic opportunity to upgrade areas in your home," Nichole Ellstrom, co-owner of Nashville, TN-based interior design firm 31 Chapters, tells Southern Living. "We adore how it's a wonderful chance to get those additional pieces that you've had your eye on," adds co-owner Amy Bangs.

Discover Amazon discounts interior designers purchase on Prime Big Deal Days with these 13 selections from professional interior designers.

Shop Interior Designer-Approved Amazon Prime Day Decor

“Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style”

Bethany Adams, a certified interior designer with the Kentucky Board of Architecture and founder of Bethany Adams Interiors, says coffee table books are the home decor item with the greatest impact.

“Every designer knows that a selection of stylish coffee table books styled with a vase of flowers and a candle is a winning combination,” Adams says, adding, “but those enormous volumes can get expensive.”

Luckily, one of her standout book picks, “Architectural Digest at 100: A Century of Style,” is now on sale for 20 percent off. “You can start your coffee table collection out with a phenomenal foundation,” Adams says.

“Living in Color”

The next go-to coffee table book on Adams’ list is by textile designer Rebecca Atwood, who also penned the book “Living With Pattern” (which is 41 percent off right now for Prime Day, too).

“Round out your stack with this one,” Adams says. Vibrant page after vibrant page takes you on a tour of beautifully designed homes that embrace color rather than shy away from it. Atwood also discusses color theory, an essential piece of the puzzle for all interior design concepts.

“Patterns of India: A Journey Through Colors, Textiles, and the Vibrancy of Rajasthan”

For Adams’ final coffee book pick, she recommends “Patterns of India: A Journey Through Colors, Textiles, and the Vibrancy of Rajasthan,” which also delves deeply into the art of embracing color and patterns, as well as Indian architecture.

“It’s as gorgeous as you would imagine,” Adams says, adding, “the faces of your guests will light up as they lean over to get a closer look at your next cocktail party.”

Aoceley Two-Pack Rechargeable LED Table Lamps

Strategic lighting also makes a significant impact in the home. Best of all, opting for wireless lights means no need to worry about intricate wiring, finding an outlet, or hiring an electrician.

“Recently, I’ve come across a new favorite on Amazon. I use it in my tablescapes as a candle alternative since it’s cordless,” Carolyn Cerminara-Kelly, Founder and Principal Designer at Cerminara Design in Nashville, TN, tells Southern Living. “These matte blue lamps are also rechargeable and can be used both indoors and outdoors, which Cerminara-Kelly describes as “truly exceptional.”

She adds, “It’s a fantastic option for creating the right ambiance at your dining table and enhancing your table arrangements with its adjustable lighting.”

Red Co. Transparent Clear Acrylic Book Holder Two-Pack

Coffee table books might be the number-one covert weapon in an interior designer’s arsenal, but a book is nothing without the proper exhibition. "I discover that styling coffee tables with books can add personality, but sometimes you'd like to showcase visuals within the books," Cerminara-Kelly says. "That's where this acrylic book holder comes in as an amazing find."

The Red Co. Transparent Clear Acrylic Book Holder Two-Pack "offers an excellent solution to keep books open," according to Cerminara-Kelly, who adds that it allows you to "highlight and elevate your coffee table exhibitions" by drawing attention to a book's most "captivating visuals."

Samsung 65-Inch The Frame TV

Purchase on Amazon



Perhaps the world's most stunning TV, the Samsung's The Frame TV, is typically on the wish list of most interior designers. According to Adams, it is a must-have that she "recommends every client purchases when renovating a family room or another area where they watch TV."

The artwork displayed on the TV (when it's powered off) can be changed to suit your mood, preference, or even the season. When you're not indulging in your favorite show, the low-light Art Mode blends in so seamlessly, it truly resembles a piece of art rather than a television—especially if you invest in one of the bezel frame options.

"The picture quality is exceptional, and when the TV is off, it functions as a frame for digital artwork," Adams explains. "Fortunately, these exquisite pieces are always on sale for Prime Day, and right now, they're discounted by 15 percent."

Lutron Wireless Caseta Deluxe Dimming Switches

Another general principle in interior design is to never underestimate lighting. With the appropriate lights, lamps, and dimmers, you can effortlessly use lighting to your advantage, enhancing and establishing the atmosphere.

"Lighting is one of the most crucial aspects of creating a opulent and beautiful environment. It's not just the fixtures that matter," Adams tells Southern Living.

It's the light bulbs and even the switches themselves that have a significant impact on the overall illumination plan.

Adams' preferred lighting choice is this pair of Lutron Wireless Caseta Deluxe Dimming Switches, which is currently discounted by 35 percent for Prime Day.

"I strongly advocate for the use of dimmers for optimal control, functionality, and aesthetic appeal," Adams states. "Typically, I specify Lutron's decor collection. However, in historical houses where rewiring is not feasible, I often turn to these switches. They provide the flexibility to place the switch anywhere you desire, regardless of the wiring."

Newly-Designed Apothecary Shampoo and Conditioner Dispenser Bottles

One swift method to elevate your home to the level of a "luxury hotel" is by upgrading your shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. No, you don't need to purchase expensive soaps. Instead, invest in the MaisoNovo Apothecary Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles Dispenser set, which is a one-time purchase of three containers. The sophisticated look of the brown glass, particularly in the shower, is truly remarkable.

"We adore these coordinated shower dispensers," Ellstrom from 31 Chapters explains. "I use them in my guest bathroom to create a seamless, spa-like experience. They are a significant upgrade compared to using mismatched shampoo and conditioner bottles."

With these consistent, hotel-like bottles, no one will suspect that you are using three different soap brands. Furthermore, glass is recyclable, making it environmentally friendly. Ellstrom's final piece of advice is to "mount them for an even more spa-like appearance."

Itsrg Full-Length Arched Mirror

A single mirror can have a tremendous impact on a room, reflecting light and giving the illusion of a larger space," according to Bangs She from 31 Chapters. She explains that trendy arched mirrors are here to stay. "You must have this oversized arched floor mirror. Arches are timeless," Bangs remarks, emphasizing that "large floor mirrors are an exquisite way to illuminate your home."

However, when selecting a mirror, be cautious not to choose an inappropriate size that may be unflattering. "Scale is crucial in a home, and if it's too small, it will appear cheap," advises Bangs. That's precisely why she recommends this particular 30-inch by 71-inch mirror, stating, "I adore its oversized appearance in my bedroom."

Utopia Bedding Cotton Waffle Throw Blanket

According to Ellstrom, "opulent bedding revolves around layering." Layers can add depth and a cozy ambiance, creating a luxurious hotel-like atmosphere.

We frequently utilize waffle blankets as an additional stratum to bed linens.

Inovaday 100 Percent Blackout Linen Drapes

If you enjoy snoozing in, Inovaday 100 Percent Blackout Linen Drapes perform admirably when it comes to obstructing drowsy gazes from unwanted, early-morning sunlight. It's an additional benefit that these drapes are just as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical.

"Linen curtains possess such a splendid way of softening a room," Bangs asserts, referring to these drapes as "a fantastic neutral shade" that can "provide excellent seclusion."

Nevertheless, the correct hanging of drapes is essential to achieve the desired effect. Bangs suggests to "install them close to the ceiling to elongate the room." With the added bonus of receiving two for the price of one, this $40 Prime Day deal is indeed a bargain.

Chakir Turkish Linen Spa Towels

"We adore these towels, and we are not alone," Ellstrom affirms. It's true—the Chakir Turkish Linen Spa Towels boast over 28,500 five-star ratings and an overall rating of 4.5.

"We concur that they are incredibly snug and opulent," Ellstrom adds. "Upgrading to pristine white towels, particularly in a guest bathroom, enhances the inviting experience even further.

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