Inspiration for Decorating Your Living Room Walls

If your living room walls are currently bare and calling out to be adorned with special artwork, wall hangings, and décor, now is the time to bring your vision to life with these creative arrangements. Don't buy something just because you need it; instead, pay attention to what actually catches your eye. Look at these wall decoration examples for the living room before you go and start hammering and nailing. Waiting for ideas

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Space Travel

Use your environment as a source of creative inspiration and proudly exhibit personal belongings by leaning them against a blank wall in the living room. Whether or not you're a surfer, you can put your surfboards on display here as a fun and functional piece of wall art. If you can't find anything as stylish as these boards, hang some paintings or mirrors over your gym equipment.

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Studio DB

Above the mantel, this sculptural piece adds energy and movement in place of a static painting or print. The area above the mantel in the living room is a wasted opportunity. Instead of putting a TV above the mantel, you could fill that empty space with something more interesting and artistic.

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DRAWING: Fiona Lynch; ARTWORK: Sharyn Cairns

Hang a painting on a bare wall to add visual interest to your living room; the larger the painting, the more of a statement it will make. In this case, a tall painting is ideally suited for a narrow wall next to a doorway. Another framed piece of art hangs across the hall, providing the living room with depth and contrast.

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If you like the idea of hanging multiple works but are uncomfortable with a cluster, create an organized gallery by hanging the frames perfectly aligned. Take precise measurements to ensure that each frame has the same amount of breathing room. It's the ideal way to fill up some wall space, no matter how much or how little you decide to use.

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Design by Liljencrantz

To achieve this elegant look, hang artwork on two intersecting walls. Try something daring and hang two completely different pieces of art, or keep things consistent by hanging pieces by the same artist, medium, or color scheme. These pieces flow together thanks to their shared structure and black detailing.

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Maggie Carter's Biography of Katherine Carter

Use a bold combination of a painting and patterned wallpaper. It's a risk, but this room is just the right setting for a bold print. Experiment with different colors, patterns, and materials to make eye-catching wall hangings.

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Helgerson, Jessica

Make use of one-of-a-kind props like this iridescent mirror. The wooden mirror frame, the wooden mantle, and the wooden accents all contribute to the room's vibrant aesthetic while also lending a sense of cohesion. A classic mirror is another beautiful way to bring light into the room and create the illusion of more space.

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ARTWORK: Sharyn Cairns; INTERIOR DESIGN: Fiona Lynch

A built-in bookcase is the ideal place to showcase decorative trinkets and other small items. Enhance the look of your living room by arranging various small objects, decorative boxes, colorful books, and sculptures on the shelves of a bookcase. Even if there is already wall art or other decor in the room, this will still look great.

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Studio DB

A diptych is formed when two artworks are hung next to one another. Measure everything out carefully, just like you would for a gallery wall. When hanging artwork, it's important to think about the piece's size in relation to the wall and the room as a whole.

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Jeremy Helgerson

One creative approach to decorating the walls of a living room involves making use of a bookshelf. One way to make a statement and showcase the things you care about is with a wall-to-wall bookshelf, whether it's filled with books, objects, antique glassware, or vases.

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It may seem obvious to hang a single large painting carefully above the sofa as a focal point of the living room's wall decor. It's a classic style that's flexible enough to suit your personal preferences. Keep the connection between the ground, walls, and ceiling in mind when making your choice.

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Pella Hedeby's designs; text by Kristofer Johnsson

There are still metal clips on the wall holding these three unframed black and white photos. This results in an idealally unfinished appearance, free from the stuffiness of conventional artwork. Consider this the mature version of your early attempts at interior design, when you used strips of tape to affix posters to the wall.

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Dr. Alyssa Rosenheck

You can find drawings among the other visual arts such as paintings, photographs, and sculptures. Although these hand-drawn sketches lack polish and finesse, their placement in this organized gallery wall makes them look like works of art. For an individual touch, include some of your own sketches or those of people close to you.

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Andres Leandro Ashe

Frame some interesting black-and-white or vintage photos and arrange them in a wide gallery wall to spice up your boring old wall of family photos. Try your luck at second-hand stores, art galleries, and obscure locales to unearth some one-of-a-kind pieces to hang in your abode.

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Sharyn Cairns; Fiona Lynch, Designer

Incorporating beautiful artwork into your home doesn't have to break the bank, thanks to the availability of prints. Typically, both original paintings and cheaper prints of the same works are available on online art galleries. You can find a wide variety of prints and works by unheralded artists at stores like Tappan, Twyla, 1stdibs, and Poster Child Prints.

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Large objects, such as the planks of wood in this otherwise understated but incredibly chic living room, can serve the same decorative purpose as sports gear. Unique and unexpected wall decor can be created by elevating everyday objects in creative ways, such as by mounting them, leaning them against the wall, or setting them atop a console table.

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If you're a renter, you'll appreciate that impressive artwork can be displayed without being hung on the wall. For a casual, unfinished look, lean artwork against the wall. Choose a lone large piece, as shown, or mix it up with several pieces of varying sizes.

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When you need something for a wall but have run out of art options, a mirror is a safe bet. Mirrors like this sunburst mirror can add style while also serving their practical purpose. A smaller room will also feel more spacious.

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Danielle Moss and Conor Scanlon on design; photography by Stoffer in the interiors

Putting a light over a piece of art is a simple way to make it more noticeable and add an air of sophistication to your living space. It adds to the aesthetic, but also serves a practical purpose.

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DRAWING: Fiona Lynch; ARTWORK: Sharyn Cairns

This is a little out of the ordinary, but the end result is totally chic. Throw out your bookcases and pile your books as high as you can for maximum effect. The result A warm and inviting nook with all its flaws

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When you want to add some life to a boring wall, one of the simplest ways to do so is with Turn it into a feature wall. It's easy to add visual interest to a room without installing any new artwork when you use wallpaper or a mural like the one shown here.

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Floating shelves are a versatile and adaptable way to decorate your wall. They can be hung like stairs or stacked vertically, and then embellished with artwork, photographs, and other trinkets.

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Plants are a fun and natural way to take your living room to the next level, so consider lining the bottoms of your walls with them. A gallery wall of objects was effectively established here, but the plants on either side of the couch fill in any empty spots.

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Hang less art and make the most of your home's natural charm if you've been blessed with brick walls or wood beams. For an atmospheric effect, the brick fireplace and wood-paneled walls in this living room were painted a dark forest green.

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Emily Henderson Design (design) & Sara Ligorria-Tramp (photography).

Walls can be brought to life with carefully placed lighting. Light up a dark corner of your wall with a sconce, or take a cue from this living room and install two. The sleek modernity of the space is reflected in the clean lines of the black and white silhouette.

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There may only be two works of art in this living room, but their bold use of color and pattern makes them feel much larger. The more daring you are, the more impact your artwork will have (and the less you'll need to create the same effect). )

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Put in windows that reach the ceiling to illuminate your living space. There will be a dramatic improvement in the aesthetic appeal of your walls, and the room will feel much more open and airy as a result.

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Coverings for windows can be used as art on walls. Choose window treatments (draperies, blinds, or Roman shades) in a color or pattern that complements the room while also standing out sufficiently that you won't need to rely on wall art to do so.

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In this contemporary family room, symmetry is thrown out the window. A single painting hangs above a sofa, and a sculpture decorates the wall to the left. The right Nothing is filled in at all Not everyone appreciates asymmetrical designs, but those who are willing to take a chance on them often end up with something fresh and contemporary.

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You can save time and money by painting only a small section of a wall instead of the whole thing. The walls in this living room are white, and the fireplace is a sage green. It's the perfect way to add personality to a plain space without going overboard.

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The hanging plants from this bookcase are a lovely touch. The open floor plan gets a bohemian, well-loved vibe as a result. When you're out of books or decorations, it can also be used to spruce up a bookcase.

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When it comes to brightening up a space, one piece of art like this can do the trick. The artwork juxtaposed with the patterned chair adds just enough visual interest to the otherwise spare space.

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Wall-paper phobic To make an impression, it need not cover every inch of your living room wall. Wallpapering the ceiling is a much simpler alternative. The effect will be warm and inviting without being overbearing.

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We adore the cozy, antique vibe that a tapestry provides. Tapestries not only add color and pattern to a space, but also a new dimension of texture. They can cover a lot of wall space because they tend to be quite big.

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Paint built-ins a bold hue to draw attention to them. The built-ins in this room are a refreshing shade of green. They have a simple aesthetic, but a powerful effect. Candlesticks placed on either side increase the visual appeal.

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It's not just the ceiling where exposed beams look great. Extend them lower on the walls for a country cottage vibe. Depending on your preferred style of decoration, you can either leave them natural or paint them.

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With thanks to Norse Interiors

Framed artwork isn't necessary to make a gallery wall. When time and money are of the essence, polaroids can do the job just as well. Displaying a collection of them gives a room a warm, individualized, and retro look.

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This wallpaper is perhaps too daring for a whole room, but it makes a striking focal point when used on an accent wall. This living room has plenty of visual interest thanks to the wallpaper, gallery wall, and orange accent wall.

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Mount a set of antlers for a rustic look. Above a contemporary, minimalist fireplace like the one shown, especially when paired with two sconces on either side, they make quite a statement. Sheepskin rugs accentuate the atmosphere.

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Wood paneling is a great way to spruce up your walls. It's a quick fix that makes a room look better without the addition of any ostentatious or massive wall art. You can blend your paneling in with the walls, as shown, or draw attention to it by using a contrasting color.

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