Ideas for using fairy lights to decorate your home or bedroom

You can use string lights all year round, not just at Christmastime. If you use them properly, they can serve as a lovely source of ambient lighting throughout your home without coming off as too juvenile or garish. All of your rooms will be illuminated with our creative fairy light concepts. Obviously, we have lots of ideas for children's bedrooms, but we also have some lovely methods of lighting up kitchens, hallways, and even adult living rooms.

Ways to illuminate your living space to create an atmosphere conducive to unwinding

We've tied them to the posts of our beds, draped them over tables, and wound them around the handrail. Read on to learn some of the many creative uses for fairy lights.

First, make believe there's a fire when there isn't one.

room with blue wall and fireplace and light cord and table with chairs

(Photo by Matt Antrobus courtesy of Future PLC)

While the warm glow of a real fire can be aesthetically pleasing, there are many reasons why it is not a viable heating option. It's possible that you don't already have a flue and that constructing one would be difficult or prohibitively expensive. Perhaps you don't want to risk your pets or children's safety by placing them in front of a real fire.

A fantastic fireplace plan is exactly what we need right now. Without the danger and cleanup of real fire, a cluster of fairy lights can create the same effect. Put some artificial tea lights in holders around the room to make it seem taller.

kitchen area with grey wall and shelf and lighting cord

Photograph by Future PLC/Sussie Bell

Fairy lights are a cheap and easy retrofit alternative to high-quality kitchen lighting that can save you hundreds of dollars and still illuminate your countertops. A string of these hung from below a shelf or the base of a wall cabinet can provide an extra boost of light for chopping vegetables and other tasks. Or to set the mood once dinner is served

3. Bring some life to a dull nook

white wall with lighting cord and pots

Photograph by Future PLC/Colin Poole.

Have a dull or dark nook you're not sure how to brighten up? String some fairy lights from a hook that you've secured to the ceiling with a screw. Attach some macrame baskets with houseplants to the wall while you're at it. Be careful not to overwork your lighting. Avoid bringing the plaster down.

Add some vibrancy to a child's bedroom

room with lighting cord and shelfs and white and grey wall

(Photo by: The Future)

The purpose of string lights extends beyond merely illuminating a space. They're a fantastic option for adding color, whether they're on or off. This is one of our favorite low-effort concepts for kids' bedrooms.

You can skip out on buying the glitzy holiday lights altogether. You can create your own by cutting and folding paper and affixing the shapes to a standard set of fairy lights with glue. In this manner, you can achieve the desired aesthetic and color scheme.

5-Deck the halls with tassel garlands

seating area with white wall and lighting cord and wooden floor and coffee table

(Future is responsible for the image.)

The owner of this chic black-and-white home has hung festoons from the ceiling to illuminate the passageway between the living room and the dining room. They are a great addition to the eccentric "industrial country" motif.

6 - Emphasize a recurring theme

bedroom with white wall and wooden panels and metal star with lighting cord

(Future is credited for the image)

Hang a metal heart or star from the ceiling or a wall to create a unique lighting fixture. The star motif is featured prominently in this coastal bedroom.

Utilize furniture as a focal point.

room with white wardrobe and wooden floor and white wall and lighting cord

(Future used as an image source)

Do you want more people to notice your newly upcycled treasure or your family's cherished heirloom? To draw attention to your furniture, drape it in fairy lights.

bedroom with white wall and headboard and lighting cord

Photos courtesy of Future PLC/Brent Darby.

Fairy lights are a great option for a more subtle illumination of a bedroom. A late-night read or an early-morning cup of tea in bed will be made more comfortable by their soft glow. You can drape them over your bedposts or prop them up on your upholstered headboard to create a cozy atmosphere.

Hanging lights from the ceiling 9

hallway with white wall and ceiling lights

(Future used as image source)

Wrap your own home in a blanket of stars to simulate stargazing outside. Icy decorations can make even a regular Tuesday night feel like something out of a fairy tale.

An entrance like this would be perfect for a hallway.

Ten. Spruce up a boring box

box with lighting cord and woods

(Photo by Dominic Blackmore / Future PLC)

Put some fairy lights in your crate of odds and ends, whether it's filled with logs, candles, or whatever else you have lying around. Suddenly, your everyday wood furniture or dusty old collectibles take on a new, enchanted look.

11 Get the fire going with some wood

wood stacks with lighting cord

This picture was taken by TBC, but the credit goes to them.

Keeping with the motif, we've strung tiny lights between the cracks of a massive stack of firewood. In addition to making the firewood look more presentable, it also adds visual appeal to your living room.

Simply place a string of fairy lights in a clear glass jar.

glass jar with lighting cord

Image by TBC (Used with permission).

In lieu of stringing them over mirrors or doorways, you can create a contemporary lamp or candle feature by placing them in a lovely vase or large jar.

Drape the string up the stairwell.

stair case with lighting cord and white door

(Photo by TBC)

Wrap the string of lights around the rail of your staircase to make it look like a forest of fireflies is illuminating the path to bed. And if you want more stairwell inspiration, we've got loads more where that came from.

Exhibit on the desk

dinner table with candles and lighting cords

(Photo by: The Future)

Candles are unsafe to use when there are children present or when the table is likely to be in constant use. You can make them in a variety of colors to complement your table decor.

15 Lights piercing the nighttime canopy

trees with lighting cords

(Photo courtesy of Still To Be Determined)

While it's not always appropriate to decorate an indoor tree with lights, the same cannot be said for outdoor trees. With the help of fairy lights, a canopy of trees or bushes can take on a mystical quality.

16 - Illuminate the plants

glass jar with lighting cord

(Photo by: The Futurist)

These solar-powered candles in a Kilner jar are both functional and charming. Nestle them in among your preferred vegetation so you can enjoy the sights of your blossoms as you unwind in the garden after work.

Amplify the beauty of a gazebo

garden area with gazebo and lighting cord and sofa with cushions

(Photo by: The Future)

Put up some weather-resistant festoons around a gazebo, and you'll have an outdoor living space you can use day and night.

Wrap the hallway table in a cloth.

stair case with table and painting and lighting cord

(Photo by TBC)

Put a sheet of fairy lights atop your hallway table to liven it up. They will brighten up the foyer and put a smile on every visitor's face as soon as they enter the building.

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Adore our innovative thoughts In the meantime, here are some ideas to get you started.

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