How to decorate a bedroom with slanted walls: 17 stunning ideas.

Because of the rising cost of real estate and the shrinking available living space, many of us are finding it increasingly difficult to decorate the slanted walls in our homes. Trust us when we say that despite its difficulty, it is just as enjoyable.

The slanted walls in our house gave us a chance to express our individuality through the decor. You may be wondering, "How do I decorate my bedroom with slanted walls?" Here are 17 possible explanations.

We can't get started until you stop treating it like a problem and start treating it like a fun challenge. Then, and only then, can you do anything productive about it.

If you're looking to spruce up your bedroom, you're going to love these ideas. Fasten your seatbelts, because we're about to get started

Tips for Adorning an Upside-Down Bed 17 Ideas

Embrace It Simple

boho room with slanted ceiling Inspirational Quotes to Start Your Day Advertisements

Decorating a bedroom with slanted walls involves, among other things, emphasizing the fact that the walls are slanted. As a bonus, it also improves the aesthetics of your room by adding sharp angles.

That can be accomplished by painting the walls a light cream or another color of your choice and the ceiling a lighter shade of the same color. That would reveal the gradation of colors and give the impression of depth.

This is a fantastic option to think about if you want to paint your bedroom.

Put that spare inch to good use

It's not your fault that you're working with a slanted wall and less square footage, but it is your fault that you aren't making the most of the situation.

The most efficient method for doing so is by installing some shelves. The addition of a bookshelf, a nightstand, or a dresser with sufficient storage space could help with this.

One other option is to try out a bed (like the one depicted) that is ingeniously made to fit under a slanted wall. Whatever you decide, make the most of the available area. That's the optimal decision, actually.

Put Up Some Horizontal Slats

The primary focus when designing a pattern for a bedroom with a vaulted ceiling is to create an upward visual movement. That makes it seem like the ceiling is higher than it actually is.

Today, there are a plethora of options for doing just that. This could be accomplished in a number of ways, including the use of vertical lines on the walls (as shown in the image) or even canopy beds. )

It also serves to divide the room's walls, creating a chic and highly desirable effect in the bedroom.

Display Tapestries Vertically

decorating a bedroom with slanted walls with a tapestry Etsy is the place where this all came from.

Tapestries provide a unique and beautiful solution for decorating slanted walls.

It would be a bad idea to simply nail the tapestry to the wall in two random places. Nailing all four corners to the slanted wall will keep it looking neat and tidy.

If it features a portrait or other artwork, keep it flat and mount it on the wall. If the fabric has designs on it, you can nail the four corners and then cut it loose in the middle. The end goal, regardless of aesthetic choice, is beauty.

Get the Scales in Balance

This slanted-wall attic bedroom is one of the best options if you need to house two children in a single space.

The trick is to use the angle as a visual partition between the two sides of the room, where the decor will be completed first. And in the center The time has come for you to either come up with something original or mimic the examples given. Simple as can be in Japanese...

Build a Picture Wall

seating arrangement and a gallery wall underneath a sloped wall Home is where Julie is | Julie Loves Home

You should make an effort to come up with a layout for that awkward nook in your room, whether it's purely cosmetic or not.

And in today's aesthetic, nothing beats a gallery wall. That being the case, why not install one in your own room?

It would look so intentional and pleasing once the pictures were in the right places. It will be too much for it, and voila! You get to sleep in a lovely room.

Or Cave In

Slanted walls, it has been reported here, there, and everywhere online, can give the impression that your bedroom is underground. After all, what's the problem with that?

Every once in a while, we all need a place to hide out and refuse to interact with the outside world; a cave where we can eat pizza, watch Netflix, and do nothing. And THIS is the grotto in question

How do you go about making it? Timber, timber, timber The trick is to furnish the space with items that look like wood. Wood-look plastic wall panels, wooden furniture, and other wood-related items are all fair game.

Don't forget the string lights and fake vines! It'll be a nice addition to your bedroom's decor.

Put the bed in the area under the high ceiling.

a simple bedroom with slanted wall Pinterest was our inspiration.

Perhaps you should move your bed under your slanted roof if it is not so low that you constantly bump your head on it.

It will free up some floor space that the bed would have taken up and give the bedroom a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

The slated roof can be painted a darker color for added visual interest, but keep in mind that this will create the optical illusion of a lower ceiling height. That corner's height could be reduced if you painted it a dark color, so avoid doing that. You should go with a lighter shade.

Pure, Luminous, and White

To reiterate, the primary objective of a bedroom with slanted walls is to give the impression of greater height.

Instead of using vertical lines in the room, you can achieve the same effect by decorating with light colors, white being the best option. It makes the room seem larger and the ceiling seem higher than it is. If white isn't your thing, any other pale hue will do.

Once you've accomplished that, you'll feel a tangible shift.

Make Your Attic Bedroom Look More Stylish By Redecorating the Ceiling

Such steeply sloping roofs are typical of attic bedrooms. Currently, if you're stuck with it, decorating it is the next best thing.


It's smart to take inspiration from the ceiling's designer touches and implement them yourself.

In addition, if your bedroom is white, it will look absolutely gorgeous with colorful photos or artwork displayed around the room. Put it to the test if you like.

Cover the slant with some ornamentation

decorating a grey bedroom with slanted ceiling and some flowers Inspiration: The Sweetest Things Advertisements

If the sloped ceiling doesn't take up too much room but still leaves some empty space, you might want to put something there, like a flower pot, a figurine, an indoor plant, or a bedside table.

It's fine if you don't fill that tiny nook. Assess how each option affects the room as a whole before making a final decision.

Installation of a Sloped Window

While this may be out of your price range if you can afford a window on the slanted wall, consider the alternative:

If you want to see the stars from bed, it basically doubles the amount of light in your room. What's more, it's the latest in interior design, right?

So, girls Just don't say it; we know you don't want that.

Put in Wall Coverings

When dealing with a small bedroom and a slanted ceiling, as seen in the image, it may be a good idea to use wall panels of contrasting colors on both walls.

Plus, don't miss the wall window that lets in light and adds to the white angle's allure.

Maintain a Minimum of Complexity

You won't always have to get creative when furnishing a bedroom with slanted walls. What's the big deal if you can get away with it?

See the image above as an example. This room could be made by anyone with slanted or straight walls; it just looks like a basic bedroom.

The only limitation is that the vaulted ceiling or slanted wall shouldn't be colored in a way that makes it look too big or out of place. Rest assured, however, that love, war, and home furnishings are all fair game.

Just keep it short, simple, and sweet.

Again, if your bedroom is on the small side and has a sloped ceiling, this might be the layout you need to consider.

Light paint on the ceiling makes it seem higher than it is, and the exposed woodwork adds to the room's overall aesthetic and sense of style.

In addition to that, there is just a bed, a nightstand, and a lamp in here. For what else could one ask? How else would you like to add to your creations?

Make a stunning focal wall.

If you really want to go against the grain of traditional interior design, you can even make your angled wall look bigger, rather than smaller.

A good use for it is as part of an accent wall. If desired, the wall may be painted a shade that contrasts with the rest of the space. Moreover, why not add some neon signs to it so that it stands out even more? That's a challenging game, but why not give it a shot if you get the chance?

Mix in Some Boho Elements for a Nordic Mood

scandi boho room with slanted walls Authored by: sw20_nest

As long as the angle of the ceiling is not too extreme, decorating a bedroom with a sloped ceiling is no different than decorating a bedroom without a sloped ceiling.

Then, what could be better than this scandi-boho bedroom we have here if you're interested in minimal boho style? The room looks even more relaxing and welcoming thanks to the pink details.

A white wall, some pink accessories, an informal rug, some wooden frames, and some pampas grass are all that is required to create a stunning display. Easy peasy Actually, that's the case.

The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Light colors can always make a room look bigger, regardless of whether the walls are slanted or straight. Only the ceiling can be painted to make the room seem taller by choosing a light and cool color scheme. All of the walls need to be treated the same way.

Vertical lines are essential for creating the optical illusion of a higher ceiling. Vertically oriented pieces of furniture, such as a canopy bed or a long cupboard, need not be mounted to the wall.

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