How to Use Garland in 34 Different Ways

Garlands, which are long chains of leaves or flowers, have been used for hundreds of years. They were first employed in sacred rituals, but later became standard festival decorations. People wore them on special occasions, like weddings and festivals, and even used them to decorate statues.

There are now more than a dozen different ways to decorate a home for the holidays using garland made from a wide range of materials.

Decorations for Garland-Eligible Areas

Garlands can be used in a wide variety of ways to add flair to any interior. Traditional and nontraditional garlands can be used to decorate many different surfaces inside the home.

Christmas Banister Garland

Staircases provide a unique opportunity for dual design. The handrail is the first place garland can be draped or wrapped, depending on the taste of the decorator.

  1. Garland stairs bottom

The spindles are an alternative to the handrail for those who want to protect the stair railing from scratches but still have easy access to it.

  1. Mantel Garland

One of the more conventional features is a garland draping over the top and cascading down the sides of the fireplace mantel.

Front Door Garland

Decorate the entryway with a garlands and offer a friendly decorative welcome to visitors.

Window Garland

Make sure to add some window trim when you're doing the door. The addition of a few lights and stockings will invite anyone passing by to join in the festivities.

Framework Christmas decor

Garlands can be hung in abundance on the room-dividing framework of the house, which keeps them out of the way of visitors.

Garland on Piano

To celebrate the season, you can also adorn your furniture. The addition of a leafy chain draped over a piano can create a festive atmosphere that calls out for a group of carolers to gather around.

Christmas Garland on cabinets

Multiple areas in the kitchen are perfect for stringing garlands. Add some seasonal cheer to any meal by decorating a tall cabinet with greenery and twinkling lights.

Dining Table Garland

Don't bother with a boring centerpiece. While munching on turkey and stuffing, the sight of a lush green vine will be a welcome distraction.

Chandeliers decor

Garland looks especially lovely when hung from light fixtures and chandeliers, which are out of the reach of curious toddlers but still attractive to adults.

Hallway Decor

Hanging decorative mirrors around the house can add to the holiday cheer by reflecting the decorations from the garland below.

Putting Finishing Touches on the House's Exterior

Decorations need not be limited to the interior of the home. There is plenty of space outside to display your prized possessions.

Porch Garland

Garlands can be hung from the porch railings in the same way they are from the stair railings inside to welcome guests and spread holiday cheer.

Mailbox Garland

The mailbox on the sidewalk should not be forgotten. Wrap the garland around this short pole and finish it off with a pretty bow.

Fence Garland

To finish off the exterior's holiday look, plant evergreens along any fences that border the property.

Outdoor Garland

Garlands can be hung from the outside windows and doors as well. Why should we confine the excitement to the interior?

Playhouse Christmas Garland

A decorator's first thought when breaking out the ornaments is usually the mansion. However, if your backyard features a playhouse, you should decorate it with garland as well. The kids will be thrilled to have their own special area to decorate.

Christmas Garland on Stables

When venturing outdoors, remember to leave pets at home. Garland can be used to decorate the doghouse or stable of a much-loved horse to show how much the family values these pets.

A Different Kind of Garlands

Traditional garland is made of greenery like pine or evergreen boughs, while modern garland is often made of the same metallic material as the tinsel used to decorate Christmas trees. However, for those interested in breaking with custom, a variety of materials can be used as stand-ins to create a fresh holiday appearance.

Star Garland

One can drape a silvery homemade star garland over a beautiful tree, a window, or anywhere there is light to make the stars shine like diamonds in the sky.

DIY Ornament Garland

No longer are multicolored orbs reserved for solitary tree suspension. You can hang them over a couch, in front of a window, or even in between two bookcases for a unique take on a gallery wall.

Bead Garland

If a trip to New Orleans has resulted in an overabundance of love beads, the astute decorator can divide them up into shorter strands and use them in a variety of creative ways to spread the love.

Ribbon Garland

Take down the long strands of metallic garland and replace them with a beautiful ribbon for a fresh new look and a new purpose for all those extra ribbons you received with your presents last year.

Snowflake Garland

Flake-sized snowfalls aren't limited to the great outdoors. Snowflakes, both handmade and store-bought, can be hung to add a touch of beauty to any room.

Sheet Music Garland

If you play an instrument, you can make a garland out of sheet music in no time. Simply by slicing it into strips, pasting the ends together to form rings, and then stringing the rings together, a lovely musical garland can be created.

Colored Paper decor

Many other ornaments can be made out of colored paper as well. Use it to embellish a staircase by, say, cutting it into holly shapes and adding paper berries.

Lighted Burlap Garland

While most people wouldn't think to use burlap as a decorative element, a long piece of the material and some string can create a stunning garland.

Seashell Garland

Anyone who has done any beach combing around the world probably has a collection of seashells on hand. Less conventional, but beautiful all the same, is to string them along a thick rope to give off a nautical vibe for the holidays.

Magnolia Leave Decor

If you're tired of using pine and cedar leaves, try switching to magnolia leaves for something new. And if you'd like to spice things up a bit, you can always hang up a string of colored lights or some bows.

Berries Garland

For a more natural garland, try using berries instead. These bright red flowers look lovely whether they are wrapped around a tree or simply displayed on a mantle.

Pinecone decor

Pinecones are another eco-friendly garland option that can be strung together from natural materials.

Gingerbread Decore

All of your guests' mouths will water at the sight of this garland of gingerbread ornaments, but sadly it is not edible. If you give them three coats of varnish to prevent decay, these decorative treats will last for decades.

Complete with Garnishings

If conventional foliage is more your style, some sprucing up may be in order. Using a combination of classic and non-classic pieces, any interior designer can realize their wildest dreams.

Lit Garland

Both warm white and vibrantly colored lights can transform a garland shine As you relax in your favorite chair and watch the snow fall outside the window, turn off the bright overhead lights and let them set the mood for the season.

flowers garland

A natural garland can be created by scattering flowers among the foliage in place of colored bows.

fruit garland

Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons not only add a splash of color to a garland of leaves, but also a pleasant aroma.

Burlap and Berries Garland

If a garland made entirely of one of the aforementioned items, such as burlap or berries, is not ideal, consider incorporating a variety of these with more conventional elements, such as natural branches and leaves, to create a look that is the best of both worlds.

As the holidays draw near, most people's thoughts turn to decorating their homes. Each decorator is sure to find a garland style and design that speaks to them and their home among the many available options.

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