How to Style Your Kitchen Island in 6 Easy Steps

Whether it be a console table, coffee table, buffet, or kitchen island, I'm often asked to write a post detailing my best practices for decorating that particular surface. In a nutshell, I experiment until I find a style I like. For a more in-depth explanation, keep reading: Through trial and error, I've developed a framework for my work that serves as a sort of formula. My thought process and best advice for decorating a kitchen island are what I'm going to be dishing out today, especially in regards to giving the kitchen a spring cleaning and sprucing up the decor by rearranging the furniture and adding new accessories.

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One of my primary objectives is to minimize the visual as well as the actual mess in the kitchen. While I would love to have a sprawling island to fill, even if I did, I wouldn't feel the need to. The first piece of advice for kitchen island decoration is simple: whether it's a bowl of fruit or a flower arrangement, sometimes it's best not to overthink it and stick to one item.

This round vase is one of my top three favorites from the collection of decorative accents and lovely serving pieces I'm showing off in this post. She's perfect and substantial enough for hordes of eucalyptus or long, leggy spring branches from the yard, and I wish you could jump through the photo and into my kitchen to see how big she really is. Nothing else is necessary when something this bold already exists. Because of its central location, it draws all eyes in the kitchen. Yes, please; I'm totally down with that True, I have had this centerpiece on my kitchen island all the time for the past 12 months.

Eucalyptus (artificial) Stems, Round Eva Vase

However, you can scale back and stick to something a little more simple if you don't have enough foliage on hand or if your outdoor blooms are still in hibernation. This large, green-hued glass bowl was made by hand, and it can be used independently of any table or counter surface.

Currently unavailable: Stellan Hand-Blown Footed Bowl | Runner | Cabinet Pulls

Minimalist, stripped-down essentials

If you've been reading for any length of time, you know that I am a huge fan of investing in pieces that can be used in a variety of settings year round. As a result, I try to bring in seasonal feels through produce and plants rather than going season-specific on a lot of items I'll have to find storage space for. When I switch out the fruit and flowers in my regularly rotated neutral vessels, I can use them all year long.

Plates (or something similar) | Bela Cereal Bowl (set of 4) | Woven Long-Handle Planter (which isn't available)

One of my favorite planters is a small cement basket that I move between the kitchen, the living room, and the breakfast nook.

You've probably heard that things look better when grouped in odd numbers, as in the "rule of threes." (P.S. : there are always exceptions, and there are times when I completely disregard this "rule" ) Equally applicable to vignettes atop kitchen counters and islands I like to visualize myself nesting objects of different sizes, shapes, and textures together. I prefer a gradual rollout of plans. But I don't want to make the island countertops so ugly that nobody will ever want to use them. As a result, I try to keep my actual countertop clear of more than three items at a time.

Including: Eva Tall Vase, Eva Bud Vase, Bela Cereal Bowl (set of 4), and Fake Eucalyptus Stems

These three vases—a tall one, a shorter one, and a bud vase—are all from the same set as the large round vase shown earlier in the post. They go so well together, but I also use them separately to quickly and easily style my living room console table and my breakfast sideboard.

Plates (similar to the Eva Tall and Eva Bud Vases)

It's fine to stack and layer if the scene requires it, but any more than three primary objects on the actual counter surface can look a bit cluttered.

Not available: woven long-handle planter, Wild Fig Tree hand-blown scented candle, Eva Bud vase, and plates in a similar style.

The space on my kitchen counters and in my cabinets is limited, so I make use of my sideboards, bar cart, and other counter areas to showcase some of my prized dinnerware and other kitchen accessories. For the same reason that I'm not keen on bringing in a lot of random decor that would be better served being displayed in a different room, I think it's important to keep things as clutter-free as possible. Here's the time to break out the unique shapes and patterns that normally only see the light of day at special events.

The Woven Long-Handle Planter is currently unavailable. The Bela Cereal Bowls in a set of four are.

This set of organic-shaped cereal bowls has a wide range of colors, so they go well with my quartz countertops and other kitchen fixtures.

Plates (similar) | Tall Vase (Eva) | Bud Vase (Eva) | Cereal Bowls (Set of 4) | Plates (Eva)

Put on display your blue and white porcelain, ginger jars, hand-blown glassware, or your weekly grocery haul. Similar groupings in the heart of the kitchen can make a strong visual impact, especially if you use coordinating vessels to hold your collection or if the vessels themselves are your collection.

Not available: Bela 4-piece Cereal Bowl Set with Bowl and Cylinder.

There is a lack of the Bela Cereal Bowl (set of 4) | Bowl & Cylinder.

A shared color may be what makes your assortment cohesive.

No Woven Long-Handle Planter | No Wild Fig Tree Scented Hand-Blown Candle | No Bowl

Find commonalities, and organize things accordingly

Moreover, if the items you've gathered for your kitchen island have little in common, you may want to reconsider the way you've No problem Putting them in a neat little pile on a tray will make everything clear. Underneath, the tulip and apple combination shares some colors and a sense of spring, but there's a lot going on with the matte black lantern, bowls, and shiny candle. Having them contained in a tray prevents them from looking like they're just cluttering the kitchen island. Furthermore, if your pieces lack height or look slightly puny when grouped together, placing them in a tray will make the space look and feel instantly bigger. Also, I'm a huge fan of using lanterns as vases; for examples of my other lantern flower arrangements, check out THIS POST.

Black lantern, rattan serving tray, four Bela cereal bowls, wild fig tree scented candle

Do you feel ready for spring now that it has arrived? I still have a long way to go (the front door is still winter and the urns are empty), but next week I'll show you how I've brought spring into my workplace.

Cabinet Pulls | Runner | Eucalyptus (fake) Stems | Eva Round Vase

You can check out my kitchen reveal post HERE to learn more about the colors, finishes, materials, and sources that went into the room's makeover.

For more upcoming projects like these, including seasonal decorations, summer recipes, baby "things," organization, some entertaining, and more, subscribe to my emails at the bottom of this post.

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